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  • Ha! That reminds me, I saw a car parked at about a 45-degree angle from the curb in front of the National Portrait Gallery/American Art Museum when I went there on Sunday for the cosmetics/cookbook swap. It was so outrageous I took photos.

    • Probably a leftover car from the Baptist church that is half a block away.

    • If I recall, the signage there indicates that on sundays, you *must* park diagonally. As the previous poster indicates, this is to facilitate more parking for the church.

      • Is there an end time limit? This was past 3 p.m., and the cars in front/behind were parked parallel to the curb.

        • Tsar of Truxton

          I would assume there is an end time, but I see cars parked diagonally every Monday on my way to work (leftover from the previous day). People seem too lazy to move the cars after the time ends.

  • This is so Maryland churchgoer.

    • Ie… someone who most likely lived in dc far longer than most people complaining about the double parking etc.
      making them way more dc than newbees to the city

      • Call me crazy, but somebody who lives in DC is more of a DC person than somebody who lives in MD.

        • I think That Man A was implying the angle parker’s were/are probably displaced former DC residents. They moved but still attend the same church.

          I still go to the same dentist even though I’ve moved a few times.

          • And if a restaurant moved in next door to your dentist and got a valet zone right where you always used to park. Are you exempt from that no-parking area? Since you were there first and your parking was “displaced”?

          • “Displaced” by what? Dislike of the new neighbors? Frustration over falling crime rates? Disgust with city services that now more-or-less work? Last time I checked DC has ample opportunities for low-income people to receive assistance to stay in their homes. We’re not talking about West Bank settlements going in with the new condos along H Street. Most people up and moving away from DC are making a choice to leave, and their membership card in the entitled club expires when the door hits their ass on the way out.
            I am so bored and tired of the implication that anyone from suburban MD who drives into DC has a “right” to do whatever they please. The city fell into the ditch when people stopped caring about things like rules, laws, etc., and it’s well past time to reverse that disregard of common civil courtesy and social contract. Unless this parker was having a heart attack and drove into the curb to avoid running over a parade of baby carriages, there’s no reason why they should be parking like this on H Street. There’s no special Sunday diagonal parking on H Street, and whoever parked like this deserved to have their car towed.

        • Crazy…
          id rather not assume you really don’t understand what i was saying

          • I got the impression that Anonymous Coward understood what you were saying, but disagreed with it.

      • I understand this perspective. I also understand how annoying it is that church events supersede state parking restrictions to the inconvenience of neighboring residents.

        • i do wish that DC would start to enforce parking laws 7 days a week (all over DC, not just downtown.)

      • That still doesn’t make it right to ignore parking rules.

        • It’s actually legal on Sundays on certain streets so it’s not against parking rules.

          Blame the church/city not the parker.

        • I think it would be preferable if there were signage that clearly sets out “No parking except on Sundays” or “Double parking permitted on Sundays.” If the city refuses to enforce the existing signage, then it seems like the signage ought to change to match the enforcement reality. That way everyone would have the same expectations.

      • So you’re saying that people should not have the right to be upset with insanely negligent behavior because they were not born and raised here? That’s illogical. Hey I’m new here so I have no right to want anything to improve.
        The double parking in the city is ridiculous. blocking an entire lane during rush hour forcing two to merge in to once? Parking in front of open spots because you don’t feel like parallel parking? This is what I see more than anything. It’s unnecessary and it’s selfish. We don’t need to continue this practice. I’ve lived here for 10 years and have never had to double park. I sort of get it in New York or another city that’s more crowded and bustling than here but this city just isn’t like that.

        • Tsar of Truxton

          I HATE the double parking during rush hour. I swear, if people did not double park or block the box, traffic in this city would be cut in half. Tour buses also really annoy me because they seem to think it is fair game to park anywhere.

          • What keeps surprising me is the number of drivers who double-park in the middle of a traffic lane without even turning on their hazard lights.

        • to answer your question…. No, I am not saying ANY of that

          • Tsar of Truxton

            So you are just taking offense to someone calling a person who lives in Maryland a “Marylander” instead of a DCer? Just because one lived here for a long time or goes to church is DC does not make them “more DC” than residents. What does that even mean?

          • i didnt take offense to anything actually
            & none of this is at all that serious
            its just funny the attitude some people take with the “Maryland churchgoers” who have lived in DC longer than the complainer has been alive but moved a year ago for whatever reason
            & its just a saying i suppose.. again nothing serious at all

          • Tsar of Truxton

            I don’t think people would take any offense to Maryland churchgoers if they metroed or parked legally (and I am not talking about diagonal parking where that is posted). I live near a church and every week they come and park wherever they feel like it (i.e., outside of the posted signs blocking visibility at intersections, in places marked no parking for moving, etc.). It has nothing to do with where they come from and everything to do with what they are doing.

      • I’ve lived here for 16 years. How many more do I have to be here before I can complain about double parking? I’d like to set a reminder on my phone so I can do so vociferously once the waiting period has expired 😉

        • Apparently you have to move out of the city, but come in once a week to worship. Only then are you a true DCer, or something.

  • no way someone actually parked like that… Right?
    im hoping it was a mechanical issue or something
    looks like the gave up halfway through a u turn

  • justinbc

    I was disappointed to find that this was the only story in the PoPville database using the tag “entitled”.

    • palisades

      If you could apply tags to pop users you would probably find a lot more instances of that word.

  • It must be fun to go through life giving absolutely no fucks.

    • Part of me wanted to bathe in the outrage of this, but sometimes you just put your headphones on and cue up “Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta.” [/guilt]

  • How can this be left over Sunday Parking when it clearly is blocking a street car track. I can’t imagine that this will be allowed in 2029 when the street car is eventually operating.

  • there is no diagonal parking on h st- ever.

  • This is not diagonal parking. They are not pulled up to the curb. In fact they stopped so far away from the curb that they are blocking part of the left most lane.

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