About that Awesome New Building at 5th and V St, NE

Photos courtesy of Carlos Rosario School

It’s the Carlos Rosario School’s Sonia Gutierrez Campus! From an email:

“On Friday, June 5th we’ll be having a street naming celebration at the Sonia Gutierrez Campus at 5th and V street NE. I think a lot of people (especially those walking on the Metropolitan Branch Trail) might not know what the building is and what we do. It would be great to spread the word through Popville.

On Friday, in addition to remarks from the mayor and city councilmembers, the event will also include the unveiling of the street sign, food prepared by culinary arts students, student performances and student-led tours. It should be a good party complete with a Mariachi band, traditional Ethiopian dancers and good food prepared by our students.”

On June 5th the Carlos Rosario School will host a street naming ceremony and celebration to honor the national award-winning Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School that has transformed the lives of over 70,000 Latinos and other immigrants for the past four decades.

The D.C. Council unanimously voted to commemoratively name the 500 block of V Street NE as Sonia Gutierrez Campus Way. The naming ceremony will take place in front of the Sonia Gutierrez Campus in recognition of the legacy and impact of Sonia Gutierrez, the Carlos Rosario School’s founder and innovative educator, for her 43 years of service to the Latino and immigrant communities of Washington, DC.

This is the first time in Washington, DC history that a street is named in honor of a Latina!

What: Street Naming Ceremony and Reception to include student-led entertainment and tours as well as food prepared by Carlos Rosario culinary arts career training students

Who: Key attendees include city councilmembers, key community leaders, school leaders, and members of the greater DC region’s immigrant communities including adult immigrant students and graduates
When: June 5, 2015 from 10:30am to 1pm
Where: Sonia Gutierrez Campus, 514 V Street NE



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  • I HAVE always wondered what that building is as i’m riding along the trail. It looks like a great space and welcome addition to the neighborhood. That whole area has such untapped potential for redevelopment in my opinion.

  • I’ve always wondered what it was, from my view on the Metro. It’s a very cool looking building. Thank you for posting this!

  • Is this a high school? I’m confused as to what actually happens here….
    But yes, cool building!

  • What an honor for Sonia Gutiérrez, my former boss, when Carlos Rosario Center was @ its old location off Wisconsin Avenue, also an adult education center. Thousands of immigrants passed through its doors then and now in its beautiful new locations on Harvard and in NE, under Sonia’s faithful & dedicated leadership. And now a street named for her.

  • In addition to being a cool building, this increases foot traffic on the MBT (especially between here and the new RIA Metro foot bridge). Great addition to the area.

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