Signage Up for Bab Korean Fusion coming to H Street – Check Out Their Menu

14th and H Street, NE

Thanks to a reader for sending word about the new signage for Bab Korean Fusion. Been waiting a while on this spot – hopefully not too much longer. Check out their menu here. “Bowls come with an organic cage-free egg, toasted sesame seeds and house made Korean kochujang sauce.”

Stay tuned.


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  • Looking forward to this place, although I have wondered if the terrible construction quality of the building renovation will set them back considerably. Look closely next time you walk by. It started falling apart the moment it was finished.

  • Makes me miss Adams Express and their bibimbap.

  • justinbc

    Cool, nice to see more stuff opening down there.

  • palisades

    Does anyone know why no actual korean bbqs are in DC? Is it the open grill thing in the middle of the table?

    • No hibachi either, am I right?

    • Probably the same reason we don’t have a great ethnic food culture, and what does exist is mostly in the non-transit-accessible burbs – high rents, high cost of living near your place if you open one, etc.

    • justinbc

      Almost all of them are independently owned, and it’s just so much cheaper to open in the suburbs where the majority of the clientele already lives (and the owners as well). Thip Khao faced a similar dilemma when deciding to open in DC.

  • These guys are going to need to fix their hours. Closed Sundays? Closed at 8pm during the week? That’s the exact opposite of what a new business needs to do in the H Street corridor. Most of their business will be evenings and weekends, and they probably won’t have much of a lunch crowd.

  • FREE Korean Chips-Snack Bags?!? I’m there!

  • Thank God! I hate it when I order Korean food and the egg arrives at the table in a cage. It’s so hard to eat that way.

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