“Shredding truck spills contents on street” Near MLK Library

shredding spill 1

A reader reports late yesterday afternoon:

“I couldn’t get a good shot of the guy shoveling shredded papers off the street, but here’s one next to MLK Library, at the corner of 9th and G St. NW. I was walking to get lunch and it looked like a parade had just gone through.”

Ed. Note: Good thing it was wet and the papers stuck so they were able to clean up a bit. And, yes it’s a slow news day today…

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  • Thank goodness they were already shredded. That’d be a heck of a privacy issue.

    • Too bad you didn’t get a picture of the guy shoveling – would have made for a good caption contest.

      • Rockandroar

        Yeah, as the person who took the photo, I’m sorry I didn’t. I was carrying my purse and take out food, making it difficult to take a quick shot. Plus, that cab in the right side of the photo was honking at me like crazy as I took this photo. I”m just lucky I didn’t drop my phone.

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