Shooting Homicide in Shaw just before Midnight

From MPD:

“The Third District is investigating a shooting that occurred in the area of 5th and M St, NW.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Metropolitan Police Department on 202-727-9099.”

ANC Commissioner for 6E04 Rachelle Nigro posts on her facebook page:

“Update: last night’s victim shot in the 2nd NW Cooperative Complex (1300 block of 5th St.) has died. It is now a homicide investigation. I will be speaking to the Commander again today. Last night the detectives on the scene were working with the leaders of the Cooperative gathering information.”

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  • I would be really interested to see a summary of the violent and drug-related crimes that have happened in the past year or two in the area of 5th-7th and N-O. And then also like a legit explanation of what the situation is–is this related to the shooting at 7th and O last month? Is this like a rival gang situation? Anyone have a clearer sense of what is driving all of this, other than “drugs”?

    • This might help with at least answering number of crimes:

      • Thanks. But I don’t think this tool captures some of the drug-related, non-violent crimes. I am thinking about the store owner arrested for the sale of synthetic marijuana on 5th, and the arrest of a drug kingpin in 2nd HW Cooperative. I am sure there are others. I think those are important for painting the picture about this particular small section of the neighborhood (which is surrounded by churches, development up on 7th and nearby on 9th, quiet rowhouses on the other sides, a dog park to the north, etc.) seems to be plagued by issues.

        • You can use that link to search for a variety of different crimes, not just violent ones. You’ll need to create a number of overlays in another tool if you want to bring in social or economic data points.

    • Try 3 years. I lived there back in 2012 and it was just as bad as it is now.

      • Try 20 years. This area used to have notorious open air drug markets and gang activity. It has slowly gotten WAY better, but a lot of that historical nefarious activity is still just under the surface or on the edges.

  • Things were actually relatively quiet in this corridor from 2012 (maybe even 2011) to 2014. Not sure what’s going on this summer, but the shootings have definitely increased. Or the criminals have become better shots.

    I don’t have data on how other types of crime in the neighborhood stacks up over time, but my sense is that there hasn’t been much change, which is somewhat remarkable given the number of new residents and influx of money in the past couple of years.

    • Has the new construction pushed some drug dealers/gangs out of “their territory” into another’s?

      • Piggybacking on Eleven’s comment above, I think it’s more likely that with the arrest of the “heroin kingpin” last fall, control of the territory is somewhat up in the air and we are seeing the fallout. But that is really just idle speculation.

  • Agree that it was relatively quiet until recently. I moved to the area in early 2013 and was surprised that things seemed better than I expected. Seemed like things started to go downhill about 8 months ago. Can think of so many shootings around the area.

    • Hmmm…let’s see what happened about 8 months ago in the Wilson Building? Oh right, wasn’t that around the time we got our much lauded new mayor who promised how she would improve the city in so many different yet unspecified ways? Stop crime? And make “affordable housing” a top priority? And fix the homeless problem? Gee, I’m so glad she’s been so hard at work since then.

  • Props at least to Rachelle Nigro, who seems way more engaged in this than any other local officials. I remember a few months ago, she said she was working to close down the corner store at 5th&O (the one that was briefly closed for selling synthetic weed) because it’s been such a hotspot for crime.

    • +1. She’s really good at her job (and by that I mean volunteer position, which makes her good work even more impressive).

  • What is insane is there is a police station a block and a half south of this. But I think the reality is this has probably been going on for years and we only hear about it because that neighborhood is the one many of us now live in.

    • You mean the traffic cops? Completely different jurisdiction.

      • They are all still MPD. All the vehicles parked there are MPD vehicles. We aren’t talking about parking enforcement folks in Honda Civics here.

    • I think this is dead on. 10 years ago, if you saw a homicide at 5th and M NW, it would mean very little – if it weren’t for the naming scheme, many people wouldn’t have been able to even place where that was. Now, many more people can, so it gets more attention.

  • Even if it has been going on for years, it does not mean that it should continue. So, more attention can only help? However I attended a neighborhood meeting a couple weeks back and the city officials and the police department did not seem to have any real solutions or actions to take. Both groups also said, “It’s been going on for years” but I am not sure why that makes the violence acceptable?

  • I was walking my dogs up 5th last night between M and N street when I heard this happen. 10 shots. I continued walking up towards 5th and N and did not see/hear any commotion, We walked past 2nd NW Co-op and there were a few people milling about outside but that’s it. Cops came within 3 minutes and didn’t seem to have any sense of urgency, so I figured noone was shot. I did not see or hear any victims leaving the scene either – so strange.

    I’ve been in this neighborhood for 10 years. It was definitely way worse when I moved here, and has gotten a lot better in the last few years. I have seen an uptick in graffiti and people loitering on corners though… 🙁

  • Was this the Patrick Shaw arrested in a big drug bust at an open air drug market at a school in Shaw in 2007 ?
    with this rap sheet:

    After filming his arrest, and after his release, he confronted me on the street and was remarkably pleasant and polite, for a person involved in the drug trade. He said he had at least one child and was trying to turn his life around to provide for his family. I hope the child will grow up and lead a productive life despite not having a father around.

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