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  • This would be amazing.

  • BRING BACK THE 4Ps!!!!

  • Wow, that’s so great! A franchise restaurant that use to only be in Arlington will now be in Cleveland Park! Sweet?

  • If so, then someone bought the rights to franchise World of Beer (singular) in DC.

  • I hope this is true!

  • this would be perfect for summer!! they have a great outdoor patio!!

  • This is awesome news as a CP resident. Final a breakfast option other than Fire Hook.

  • Anonomnom

    I want this to be true so bad…

  • maxwell smart

    This does seem to be a step in the right direction for this area, although the menu doesn’t seem that different from CP Bar & Grill (other then the 550+ beers on tap).

    • My recent experiences at Cleveland Park Bar & Grill have been terrible (bad food and laughably terrible service), so it’d be good to have another option.

      • maxwell smart

        Hmmm.. I haven’t been there in a while. For a sports bar, I usually felt like the food options were pretty decent. I wonder if Pete’s has the owner’s stretched to thin and are more focused on making sure Pete’s stays in business (since the space they are in I am convinced is cursed).

      • Anonomnom

        Just to throw out another opinion, I have actually only had positive experiences at CPBG. Maybe I am only ordering the right things, but the food has always been good and I’ve had friendly staff. Also I love their rooftop deck.

        Also hoping that this beer world happens, because… Beer.

        • I agree about CPBG – I find it to be one of the more welcoming places to drink in the area. And if you’re not in the mood for hundreds of TVs of sports, the roof deck is slightly more relaxed.

  • I’m hoping this means that it’s getting a thorough gut job renovation this time. That last place just kind of painted over everything and it didn’t look good.

  • World of Beer has a food menu in Arlington because of the requirements to maintain a liquor license (there is actually no such thing as a bar in Virginia, only restaurants). Most/all of the other locations work like a place like Iron Horse in which food can be delivered from other places. Given the laws in DC that allows this, this would seem more likely. But this is all speculation.

    • I’m wondering if they’ll have to serve food due to the type of liquor license that is attached to this property.

    • All new World of Beer locations now have the same core food menu, with some local variety added in. Corporate stepped in a couple years ago and that was one of the changes. You’re correct in that Arlington had to do it due to VA laws (and was actually one of the first to have food), but I’d assume that this hypothetical DC location would have a full menu also. Not sure if they’re requiring the older locations to have food or if it’s just the new ones that are opening though.

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