Save the Trees (and our parking spots)!


A reader writes:

“A pet peeve. Security Moving and Storage’s office is only three blocks away, but instead they take up parking on a residential street (Lanier Place) AND break branches off of a beautiful shade tree in the process!


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  • IIRC, commercial vehicles aren’t supposed to be parked on residential streets. Call 311 and ask for parking enforcement to get on their case.

  • It’s in Title 18 of the regs, commercial trucks aren’t allowed to park in residential neighborhoods (in front of a dwelling) unless they’re engaged in something having to do with the place. Comcast would be fine if they’re working on something in the area. If Security Moving and Storage’s is loading or unloading at a dwelling they’re fine, if they aren’t, they’re not… Again, I’m not a lawyer, I just love code.

    2405.3 No person shall park a vehicle, whether occupied or not, otherwise than temporarily for the purpose of and while actually engaged in loading or unloading of passengers or freight in any of the following places:
    e. Any commercial vehicle on any public thoroughfare in front of, alongside, or in the rear of any private dwelling or apartment, church, school, playground, or hospital; or alongside or around any public park except on stands established in accordance with this chapter; Provided, that mechanics may park trucks in front of, alongside, or in the rear of such property while engaged in work at such place for which the truck is reasonably necessary. For the purpose of this paragraph, the term “commercial vehicle” shall include buses and sightseeing vehicles;

  • OP, what did the company say when you complained to them?

  • Karmic payback for the pop-up zoning changes.

  • Such a shame. Broken branches weaken more than just the part that’s broken and leave the tree open to pests and rot.

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