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  • FINALLY. This is walking distance from me, and I will be there a lot. A whole lot. Too much.

  • Awesome! Loved their truck and look forward to trying the brick and mortar set up. Cheers!

  • So then it’ll open a week from Tuesday? Just kidding. Welcome. Looking forward to checking it out.

  • Anyone know how much a burrito will run ya?

  • I know what I am having for dinner tomorrow night. if it is really open.

  • Emmaleigh504

    that owl is super judgey

  • If they’re selling burritos, why does it say Taco Bar in the picture above?

    • Are you this pedantic in real life or do you just play one on The Internet?
      …..who cares? I will eat both.

  • 🙁 I used to get my haircut here in this black owned barbershop every week. I guess tacos and burritos were more important to this wave of gentrifiers.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Ah such an easy narrative… The barbershop (that was already closed) was called Reese’s – for the record.

    • Come on man, choose your villains more intelligently.
      There are several conspiracies that actually hold water that have to do with gentrification. The villains are banks targeting minorities for bad loans and possibly developers who look are percent of home ownership and median age in a neighborhood and pick a hood for gentrification because they can clear it out.
      Individual gentrifiers and gentrifying businesses do benefit from these shady practices but they are not the driving force behind it. I think gentrifiers would do well to know about the plight of the people they are replacing, but they are not responsible anymore than any individual is responsible for other market forces.

    • Where else within a 1 mile radius could you ever possibly find another barbershop?

    • We have spoken to Mr. Reese and will be honoring his long standing reputation in the community by naming a burrito after him. Mr. Reese wanted to sell his investment and has and right to do so after 30 years of serve to the community. A friend of ours happend to purchase the spot and we feel very fortunate to have opened our first store here.


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