UPDATE: Open for Business! Reader Reports Trouble at Table in Shaw “water was leaking through the windows”

903 N Street, NW

Update: “@PoPville For all those wondering, we are open for service as usual today! Come on in and see us!”

A reader reports:

“Don’t know if you heard about this already, but I called 911 this a.m. because Table’s fire alarms were going off (on 9th and N St NW) and water was leaking through the windows.

Turns out someone left the tap running and the restaurant flooded. This was at 6:45 a.m. or so — the fire department showed up promptly and were super cooperative. Don’t know if they’re going to be closed for a while…”

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  • Probably won’t slow them down much. Most restaurants have water alarms because of the high likelihood of an equipment malfunction, and code requires that the floors (at least in the food prep area) be non-permeable, and that nothing be stored directly on the floor.

    • phl2dc


    • I hope you’re right that it shouldn’t slow them down much. It would be a shame if Table were out of commission for too long.

      • I thought Popville had panned Table recently?

        • To each her own, but I’m a fan!

        • they don’t need PoP to do the panning.

        • Interesting. We were just there on Friday and had a very nice dinner.

        • Was this panning -really- universal? Reviews online seem pretty solid, with the exception of some concerns about the portions being too small for their cost. (This is a complaint I don’t share, by the way, because the portions seem just right to me and I consider it a special occasion restaurant only.)

          • My opinion is that you shouldn’t be so full that you have roll out of a restaurant. I guess those panning should stick to somewhere with all you can eat breadsticks or fries in the future.

        • Poville is dead wrong, but if it opens up some reservations then pan away.

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