Reader Reports: “rose’s luxury unexpectedly closed last night, said that they were concerned the food wasn’t fit to be served”

717 8th Street, SE

Update another reader says:

“I was in line. They told us the basement was flooded. Handed out $20 gift cards to those seated and those in line.”

Wild report from a reader:

“@PoPville rose’s luxury unexpectedly closed after seating all tables tonight, said that they were concerned the food wasn’t fit to be served”

“called us back later (since we were on the list) confirming they were closed for the night and told us not to come”

“woman who let us know was extremely distraught when telling us. those at tables and in line got handed gift cards”

Anyone else happen to be there last night?

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  • Related to the recent closings of Tandoor and Banana Cafe for rodents, perhaps?

    • SusanRH

      I was thinking the same thing. The rats from those two places decided to move to Rose’s

    • that’s speculative, but if so kudos to Rose’s for closing rather than waiting for the health department to do it for them. Barracks Row has major infestations up and down 8th St. and beyond This is shocking to no one who lives around here.

      • There’s NO WAY I’m giving Roses “kudos” for shutting down. Assuming this speculation is accurate…Rose’s would have got a heads up and shutdown before they got there? This would lead me to believe Roses’s knew they had something wrong….and therefore should have taken care of it LONG before they caught wind of a looming inspection…I say shame on them, again, if this is true.

        But, I’ll hold my actual judgment, until the facts come out (if they ever do.)

    • Probably. Can’t speak for the rest of 8th St, but Zest is overrun with rats. Remember when one died in the wall by the bar and the whole place stank for a week? Gross!

  • Much respect. Most other restaurants would stay open and serve food they were not 100% happy about.

  • I think there’s an explosion in the rodent population happening citywide, for whatever reason. My building has been basically pest free for the 20 years I’ve lived here, until now.

    • Is there construction going on near your building? Or have a bunch of new restaurants come in nearby?
      I don’t think there’s been an explosion in the city’s rat population — I remember a City Paper article from circa 1999 about SWARMS of rats in backyards in Logan Circle — but every time there’s major digging, like for a new building, a good number of rats get displaced and try to find new homes nearby. And when restaurants don’t store their food waste securely and have it picked up frequently, that gives rats a convenient new food source.

      • I wonder if the Hine construction has something to do with the infestations on upper Barracks Row.

        • Good call! I bet it does! There had to have been gobs of creatures living in there.

        • doubt it — it hasn’t been fully razed — just asbestos removed and mostly gutted. Much of the structure is still standing for now

          • Yes it has. There is rubble where the back of the building once stood. The part of the building facing Penn Ave is still up, but on 8th St. is a pile of rubble. This is probably the best call, but also likely means that Eastern Market and its surrounds is even more likely to have problems.

          • I’d say only half the structure is still standing as of today. That said, I live on an adjacent block and haven’t seen a rat yet…

  • The tweet on the street is:

    “RosesLuxury [email protected] 15h15 hours ago
    @shaneseaver so sorry!!!! Leak and then flood. Had to close. So sorry :(“

  • I was wondering why the neon sign was off last night.

  • Agree about the mass rat issues over the city. Lately t seems like the building managers are doing something. So many poisoned dead rats out around the DuPont area. Perhaps management companies were tired of all their business closing down because of the rats (5 guys, cosi, fuel custom pizza, smash burger and more shut down in the past year) glad they’re stepping up the rat death game!

  • There is more to the story then they are sharing.

    You don’t open your doors, fully seat your restaurant and THEN decide the food you bought is poor. Kitchen and management staff in restaurants show up hours before opening. so it is hardly plausible that they “discovered” something so last minute that their tables were already full.

    Sounds like they had a rodent problem and got a heads up they had an inspection on the way.

  • For God’s sakes, give the people who waited reservations for another night. Seriously, a gift card to come wait in line again?

    • Well, it’s not that different than waiting in line for an hour and getting turned away (with no gift card) because it’s full. I don’t think anyone goes to Rose’s without realizing they might end up wasting their time for nothing.

    • I’d rather wait in line for a free meal than just get a reservation.

  • Wow, there’s a lot of unfounded speculation here especially in light of Rose’s tweet that they had a leak/flooding issue. I’ll take them at their word. Based on the interviews I’ve read with Rose’s chef, I am not surprised that they would close if they had concerns about the restaurant or the product they were serving.

  • Anyone who’s never actually experienced a leak and a flood can’t imagine how quickly thinks go from bad to worse. I worked in a restaurant once where we heard light dripping in a storage room one moment that turned into a cascade of water within moments. We had to shut the place down immediately, too. I can totally believe that this was the cause for closing up last night. It seems to be a point of pride for some of these newly opened places that they run tight, clean ships. I’m not saying it’s not possible that there were rodents, etc., I’m saying as someone who witnessed this happen once first-hand, don’t assume they’re lying. Problem is, too, that once that happens, EVERYTHING has to be sanitized again, and that is a ridiculously labor-intensive process.

  • The Hine construction makes sense. I live on the 200 block of 12th Street SE and have never seen mice or rats near my house. After 10 years, I saw two tiny mice on my front porch the other night.

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