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“Dear PoPville,

I already filled out formal commendations for three officers (1 MPD and 2 Transit Police) but wanted to pass along my appreciation of these three outstanding officers.

My wallet was stolen right from my bag on the Petworth metro escalator at around 8:05am Friday morning. I saw the person who did it but he must have been working as a team and he got away.

I saw MPD Officer Anthony Christian walk into the CVS across the street from metro and followed him and explained the situation. He took down my information and even told me to get in his car and we canvassed the neighborhood looking for the suspect! I tried my best to explain what he looked like. I would have recognized him if I saw him, but what I learned this morning is that it’s important to notice clothing and details such as facial hair and haircut if anything like this ever happens again.

Officer Christian and I then reported what happened to the two transit police officers at the station (M. Garcia and M. Broadnax) who also took my information and filed a report. I was very shaken up and had no money,credit cards, or metro card. They walked around the station with me looking for my wallet in the hopes that the thief just threw it somewhere. We didn’t find it but they did give me a metro pass so I could get to work.

Under three hours later, both Officers Christian and Broadnax called me to say that a good samaritan had found my wallet by the CVS and turned it in. Not only was everything still in my wallet minus the $10 in cash, but Officer Christian even told me to keep his number because he works in ward 4 where I live and I can call him directly if I ever run into any issues in the future. Officer Broadnax even DROVE to Dupont to return my wallet to me. I’m so appreciative of these three officers that I want the community to know that the 4th district has some great police serving us.”

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  • That’s great to hear.

    I think that there are always poor performers in any group. There are lousy reporters, indifferent sales people, mediocre doctors, and even some not-good cops.

    But there are also outstanding people in these jobs. You found one.

  • Follow up with an email to the police department and the district station with your praise. Feedback like this is always positive, and having higher-ups hear about your experience is a great way to reinforce the notion that community interaction can have good outcomes for both sides.

    • Accountering

      I agree with this. MPD gets a bad rap a lot of the time, but these guys deserve some recognition for good police work and helping you out on a relatively minor thing.

  • This is so fantastic. They recovered your stolen property, which is great, but they also seem to be trying to build a relationship with the community, which is so critical to effective policing. Thanks for sharing this great story!

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