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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Is it Friday yet?
    Rant: People seem to be jerks today
    Rave: But my new coworker is awesome and we’re on the same page.
    Random Question: There was that feud recently about sunbathing in parks. If you were a female (or sympathetic male) who enjoys the sun on your skin, where would you go to bask in the rays in the city?

    • In response to your last question: A D.C. public pool.

      • That One Guy

        As long as people lock up their valuables, right? There was a posting on the site yesterday about a purse theft at a pool.

        • If you’re hanging out sunbathing and not actually going into the water, you wouldn’t need to use a locker for your valuables (as long as you kept an eye on them).

    • YES, how is it only Wednesday!
      Do you have a friend who lives in a building with a rooftop or a private courtyard? That seems like a better more private option.

      • Need to work on screening new friends better….

        • We have a back deck attached to our second floor…. but we also have a 2yo with another on the way, so that might make us less attractive. Do you like to babysit? kidding…. 😉

          • I don’t mind babysitting! haha, though I am typically more called on for petsitting duty!

        • Hey we could be friends! I live near Meridian Hill Park and my building has a private courtyard but no rooftop deck. People sunbathe in our courtyard all the time.

    • What about the Mall? I’ve seen a lot of people sunbathing there.

    • Is P Street Beach still a scene?

    • What’s wrong with the park? Go to any park in NYC and people are sunbathing.

      • I think you missed the thread where a large number of people suggested that if sunbathe in public, you should just accept that creepy people will photograph you and leer at you. Because freedom.

    • Mug of Glop

      Seems like everyone’s doing that on Logan Circle these days. The crowd gets bigger by the day.

    • P Street Beach (the park located at the intersection of P and 23rd, next to Rock Creek Parkway) is a great place to sunbathe.

    • I was thinking after the posting the other day that if I wanted to go to a place to swim and sunbathe and not have to watch stuff as much as at a crowded pool, that I should look into getting a day pass at a hotel with an outdoor pool.

      I had a winter guest come visit who wanted to go swimming, so I called a couple of hotels (in that hotel area, south of Dupont) and asked, and found one that let us use the indoor pool and fitness center (area, really) for $15 each for the day. It was nice to get into a heated pool on a cold winter day. (I once went swimming at the Marie Reed pool and found that the amount of chlorine was many times stronger than any pool I’d ever been in – my eyes were red, raw and sore for three days. I was told I should have worn goggles – but I never had worn them before anywhere, and never had an issue. Which is why I looked for a private pool.

      I’m sure some hotels with outdoor pools probably let you swim by the day, too. A bit expensive for multiple trips per week, but for a nice treat once in awhile, I’ll pay.

  • Rave: officially on summer vacation
    Rant: up all night worried about the DC water thing. LL said he’d call but I just got a letter saying they’re denying my dispute because “leaks don’t fix themselves”. We have 10 days but I don’t know if the LL will go to the hearing or not. I’m afraid of getting stuck with with the entire bill but such a high bill must indicate there’s an issue with the house, right? I never made any repairs other than shutting off a running toilet which would only use 2,000 gallons a day.
    Rave: excited to see friends and family in West Bloomfield Michigan.

    • The only thing I can think of that would put DC Water on the hook is a malfunctioning water meter, i.e. the meter recorded high usage that didn’t actually happen. I don’t know how the meters work, if they can malfunction in that way, and how one would prove that’s what happened.
      Otherwise, it almost has to be something on the house-side of the meter. Do you have an outside spigot that someone was using for something? Construction, yardwork, etc.? Any neighbors doing such work that might have used your spigot without asking? Only other thing I can think of is a malfunctioning fixture or appliance – but as with the toilet, I think you would have noticed something like that but who knows. If it was a leak, it seems unlikely (as DC Water said) that it would fix itself or that you would not see signs of water somewhere it shouldn’t be.

      • It does seem unlikely… I’d guess someone stole water from us for a 10 day period or that it’s a malfunctioning meter. But in that case, shouldn’t the landlord be responsible for a leak that’s using 10,000 gallons a day? And I most certainly didn’t notice that much water going going through the house OR make any repairs. I can’t imagine why reason why it wouldn’t be his fault but he’s still trying to pin it on us.

        • And now I’m hearing from two different roommates that there are guys coming into the house for I don’t even know what reason without notifying me. So I’m wondering if he had sent guys in to repair something in the past and hoped it would slip under the radar?
          Do you think OTA would be able to help me with this?

        • I don’t really see how it would be the landlord’s fault. What’s your reasoning for saying that?

          • Because we moved into a house with all new appliances. If there’s something going on where we’re using 10,000 gallons of water in a day, something must be broken or not maintained well. How would it be our responsibility if we’re using everything as we’re supposed to?

          • I see what you mean. That only works though if you can figure out that it was an appliance causing the problem. Not to state the obvious, but since it’s totally unclear what used so much water it is also totally unclear who’s responsible. At the end of the day it’s probably going to either be you or your landlord – if you can’t figure out what happened you may end up arranging to split the cost with your landlord somehow.

          • How on earth could we possibly be responsible for so much water though? I don’t see any possible explanation. Plus the daily usage shows it going from normal one day to 10,000 gallons the next day to 4,500 to back to 10,000 and then 7500 for a few days before normal usage

          • I don’t know. But if the landlord genuinely has no idea what used (and then stopped using) so much water I don’t see how it’s his either, at least until someone figures out what is (or was) busted. Now if he does know and he’s not telling you, then that’s a whole other issue.

          • I’m not siding with landlord, btw, just providing a view from outside. I’d be very frustrated if I were you, at the possibility of having to pay such a high water bill but also that landlord wasn’t pursuing it more aggressively.

          • Maybe you said this before — you were residing in the house the days the water volume was so high?

  • What is that picture of? A bagel with melted cheese? Whatever it is it looks super yummy!

    • If you click into the pic on Flickr it says “cherry donut,” but I’m skeptical!

      • It might be a homemade baked donut covered with glaze. I had a donut pan and they always came out looking like that- smooth on the pan side and lighter and bumpy on the top.

    • Accountering

      I agree. Haven’t had breakfast yet and it looks wonderful!

    • TBH, I think it kinda looks gross. It looks like my cat barfed on a bagel.

    • It’s a baked cherry donut. It may look gross, but it tasted awesome 🙂

      • This looks and sounds -amazing- to me. It’s making me do a serious cost-benefit analysis of walking to Astro Donuts at lunchtime.

  • Rant: The storms! The leak that was “fixed” before we bought the house looks like it’s leaking again! The ceiling is soft and damp.
    Rave: We found the receipt and apparently there’s a two year warranty on the labor and all leaks!!
    Rant: I cannot get this freaking roofing company on the phone! MY GOD!!! Pick up your phone KC ROOFING!

    • Rant: video ad on this page keeps making the page jump back to the top where the ad is. Happened four times as I typed this comment.

      • Ooops, supposed to be a standalone rant. Couldn’t tell what I was replying to because the page keeps jumping around.
        But ParkViewRes, good luck with the roof. My experience has been that roofers aren’t very interested in honoring warranties.

      • Same thing keeps happening to me!! So annoying!

        • PoP is on the case!

        • That’s why it is important to hire a roofing company who you get good reviews from in the area – not just for initial work, but for honoring their warranties. They usually aren’t the cheapest ones, but they come highly recommended. Because there will always be a leak at some point.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: my garden is failing.
    Rant: having a combo bad hair day and fat day.
    Rave? I think a security guard at work hit on me this morning. So maybe I don’t looks as bad I feel.

    • I love compliments on bad hair/skin/clothes/fat days. Takes me off guard, but makes me feel better. Oddly enough, that seems to be when I get the most compliments, which makes me wonder why I bother making any effort…

  • Rave: Better mood today than yesterday
    Rave: A friend is probably flying in next Wednesday night to stay the night with her fiancé and then riding to DE Thursday. This is great motivation to get as much done as possible on the home front, and I’m really looking forward to spending some time with them both.
    Question: Anyone have a suggest for where to buy roman shades? I just want pretty basic ones, and all I’m seeing are custom fabric options that are super expensive. I just want either a natural or white fabric with blackout lining.

    • Check ikea and Bed Bath & Beyond. Nate Berkus did roman shades for BB&B.

      • IKEA doesn’t carry Roman shades anymore.
        Try the websites for Home Depot and Lowe’s; my recollection is that there’s a lot more available online than in the stores. However, I don’t think any of their Roman shades have blackout lining. (Caveat: It’s been a while since I looked.)

    • For roman shades, I’d recommend The Shade Store. They won’t be as affordable as the other options, but they will be exactly what you want them to be. We have roller shades from them and I love them so much it’s a little bit embarrassing.

      • Also, I’m intrigued by Smith & Noble, which seems to offer similar services at a lower price. They advertise on a bunch of podcasts and give discount codes, and I could give you a code if you can’t find one yourself. It’s smithandnoble.com

      • Accountering

        We are looking into some custom options, and it is looking like somewhere around $300/shade. Fun thing with only having three front windows is that that is actually doable. Wierd situation where I (the dude) am actually in favor of the more expensive shades!
        I think living on a super busy street, even with brand new windows, because our room is at the front of the house, buying some super nice, room darkening, insulated shades is probably solid.
        RE: Smith and Noble. Very timely. We were looking through a catalog for that company last night!

        • Ours ended up costing about the same, per shade, and since we only had two windows and a very similar setup, we decided to just get the ones we really, really wanted. I haven’t regretted it for a second.
          As for Smith & Noble, it’s worth looking into the coupon codes that may be out there. The one I tried offered 20% off your order and a free in-home consultation. If I knew about them when we were looking, I probably would have gone with them instead of the Shade Store.(http://www.smithandnoble.com/Happier )

          • thanks for sharing this – I’ll need new blinds when we move and I’ll pin this – if you have a discount code I’m all ears!

          • The link in my post just above this is one of the discount codes — the only one I know off the top of my head. I know they have other codes (for the various radio shows and podcasts that they sponsor), and my guess is that you could find more codes with some simple Googling.

          • oh duhh ok thanks! I didn’t know if it was a specific code they told you over the radio.

    • Blithe

      Next Day Blinds?

    • Country Curtains

    • Overstock may have some, I got nice bamboo shades there. I added my own blackout fabric, but that’s because I’m way cheaper than Accountering.

    • gertie_wickler

      We ordered custom roman shade blinds from Select Blinds online. No blackout shades though they do offer that, but with the sale they were running (buy three, get one free which they have right now) they ended up being $100 each. Fortunately we needed four! They turned out great and they fit the windows perfectly since we provided measurements.

  • Rave: at my layover en route to Hawaii!
    Rant: the security line at National took – not exaggerating – a full hour to go through this morning. Never seen it anywhere near that long, even around the holidays. It’s a good thing I’m eternally early and left lots of time. Apparently it’s because of all the flights that got canceled after the storm last night were re-booked for first thing the next morning… So heads up if anyone else flies the morning after bad weather!
    Rave: made flight, which ended up delayed, but still making my connection flight just fine. Whew. Far too much stress before 7 am.

  • Rant: Not sleeping well this week. Cranky.
    Rant: Need to stop trying to help get my daughter ready to go for my wife in the morning (beyond getting her dressed & started on breakfast which is part of our usual routine). It’s just turning into me doing everything and then I end up late for work. I take care of everything kid-related in the evening as it is since she doesn’t get until nearly bedtime or later.
    Rant: Did I mention that I’m grumpy? Bah.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Dealing with a minor but extremely annoying medical issue, and I don’t have time for this right now.

    Rave: Working at home today. Quiet, and sweet cuddly pets.

    Rant: We finished the blueberry pie.

  • Rant: Joys of homeownership; AC on the fritz.
    Rave: Good tenants & cooler days.
    Rave: Melatonin helping me feel less sleepy even though I am waking up through the night.

    • I love melatonin – I’m a terrible sleeper, but I find it helps me get back to sleep quicker if I do wake up in the night.

  • skj84

    Rant: lost power at home due to the storms. Thanks above ground power lines!

    Rave: Friend who let me stay overnight last minute.

    Rant: I think I slept wrong on my left arm. It was numb and I couldn’t lift it above my head when I woke up.

  • Rave: someone’s gonna get good cookbooks from me! Donna Hay, Nigella, some beautiful soup cookbooks.
    Rave: Great thunderstorms and now my son goes, “BOOM BOOM BOOM” when it thunders
    Rave: Sellers finally got their crap together for the final reply to inspection and we’re ready to go to buy a new place.
    Rant: Having to return items purchased online via UPS. Such an inconvenience!

  • Rant: Being an unpaid summer intern smarts a little after working for a decade. Guess that’s inevitable when you go back to law school in your 30s.
    Rave: I found what I want to do, it just took me a bit longer than most folks.
    Rave: Being older has helped in every other way so far.

    • can I ask why you’re choosing an unpaid internship? My husband’s going back to school in the fall, but I thought most summer gigs paid? either way, glad you’ve found something you want to do – my husband is worried he’ll be the old guy. But i keep reminding him that he has perspective – war, work, family. Hopefully it’s to his advantage!

      • Some summer gigs pay, but lots do not. There are many unpaid post grad positions as well. I find much of the unpaid work is government/non profit.
        At my law school, they had a decent amount of current and former military that tends to be older, and in my class the old guy was in his 60s.

      • Most of the government internships are unpaid after your 1L year. The second summer there are paid fellowships, honors programs and internships. Soms classmates who arent interested in government work have paid internships.

        Best of luck to your husband!

        • oy that stinks, but maybe if you did well on the LSATs or whatnot you could tutor to bring in some money if you’re hurting? I’m sort of forcing my husband to tutor when we move since he does really well on tests. Good luck!!

          • LSAT tutoring (or any type of math, hard sciences, or econ/financing tutoring) can easily pay big bucks, if you find the right wealthy patron. My buddy was making $1000 per week by tutoring a wealthy girl at Georgetown for a few years while he was doing his PhD in hard sciences (she took 6 years to graduate, FYI)

    • Been there, done that. Unpaid internships, or ones paying a really low wage. Worth it if you are doing work where you learn a lot. The kicker was choosing to clerk after law school – fed courts paid way less than I was earning before law school, only now I had a much, much larger loan debt, that I had to capitalize the interest on until after I was done clerking and earning more so I could make payments. So, I had prestige, but prestige couldn’t pay my rent and loans. And when I was making enough to pay those, it wasn’t enough to pay for childcare, so no kids were possible. If I had to do it again, I wouldn’t go back to law school at 30. And this was a long time ago, before the financial crisis killed the jobs, and I’ve paid all the debts, when I sold a home at a profit.
      Being older will help you until you are about 5 years out of law school – you’ll be quicker to learn stuff than others, because you are used to working. After that, it won’t help. Not because people know your age (people just assumed I went to law school at 22, and I look younger than I am – and at some point, you start leaving your pre-law school work off your resume, because no one cares about it.) It will be because the sweet spot when you are in demand for any sort of hiring is 3-5 years out of law school. After that, it gets much, much harder to find work. After 8 years, really hard. It is a really stupid profession that way about hiring. Kinda like finance. Doing corporate law, you get the worst hiring practices of both professions. I really wish I’d have gotten out of law and into something else by a decade out – pre-financial crash days. I now have too much experience and cannot get a job to save my life, perhaps literally.

  • Blithe

    Reminder: The PoPville cosmetic and cookbook swap will be this coming Sunday, June 28th at 3pm at the Kogod Courtyard (National Portrait Gallery). If I get there first, I’ll try to commandeer a space with a table or two, and wave around my PoPville tote. I’ll be clutching hair conditioner instead of a latte. If I don’t get there first (highly likely), I’ll be scoping for folks with cookbooks and cosmetics. Please come if you have cosmetics and cookbooks that you’d like to share or sample — or if you just want to meet up with congenial PoPvillagers in a cool space. As an incentive — I might even bring some cookies. 🙂
    * I’ll check back later in the day to make sure that this is reasonably coherent — and reasonably accurate. If anyone has corrections or additions to make — please don’t hesitate to jump in.:-)

    • cookies AND conditioner? MAN I’m sad I’m missing it! hope my cookbooks go to a good home!

      • Blithe

        Well, if people are interested, we can always do a Round Two — with a slightly different theme. Mysteries and muffins? Kitchen gadgets Only Used Once? Snacks and Sunscreens? lol

        • you know, I should just let people tell me if they’re looking for anything – odds are I’m trying to get rid of it! LOL I think cookbooks and cosmetics is a good mix. If I can get back from Pittsburgh by 3, i’ll come by, but it’s a long drive!

        • Yes, round two please! I’m away this weekend

  • Rave – Amazing sunset last night. My neighborhood was glowing orange.
    Rant – Did not have a great time at dog class yesterday. My dog was so overly excited about being in a new environment she jumped all over the trainer like a fool. And then it started pouring rain and class was cut short (it’s held outside). I hope we don’t get kicked out of class.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Your dog is in good company if he get’s kicked out. My sister kicked her Montessori school teacher and was booted from class. (she was 3)

      • Quotia Zelda

        Ahem, I believe it was a mutual decision that the school was not a good fit. 😉

      • She’s already been kicked out class once for being too distracted to learn! I don’t want her to be a repeat failure 🙁

        • That One Guy

          what kind of class is this that they kick out dogs?!? Isn’t the point of class to help teach dogs how to behave themselves? To me, it sounds like the instructor isn’t up to task.

          • Our dog got kicked out of regular class and then out of reactive dog class. We did a few private lessons and worked pretty hard with him (he just got too over excited/couldn’t control himself when on a leash) and now he can greet other dogs while on leash and is a regular at the dog park (plus a good big brother to his 7 month old human brother).

          • AP – thank you so much for your comment, it gives me hope! Would you mind sharing where did you go for private lessons? My dog sounds like she has similar issues. She got kicked out of regular class because it she was too distracted to learn, so going to class was doing more harm than good. Then she was too reactive for reactive dog class. So we did private lessons, which went great, and the trainer said she was ready for advanced reactive dog class. But based on last night’s performance, I have my doubts.

          • That One Guy

            One suggestion is to make sure your dog goes for a walk (assuming you drive) or decompressed a little before class at that location. You don’t want them to arrive to a new location and face sensory overload (in the form of other dogs).

        • Is your dog still young? During training classes my dog stole treats right out of other owner’s hands, much to my mortification. Turns out I should have waited for her to be a bit older for group obedience classes because she just wasn’t ready to focus in the group environment. Also, have you tried different training treats to find the one that is irresistible? My dog loved processed meats like cut-up hotdogs, probably b/c I normally wouldn’t give her that type of treat. If it helps, my dog is now so well-behaved we both receive compliments (yes, I’m bragging).

      • binpetworth

        Wait, I thought Montessori schools had an anything-goes sort of philosophy of child development. What was she wearing, steel toed boots?!

  • Farragut

    RAVE: I just found out about WashingCon – a tabletop (board) gaming convention that will happen in SW in September! Apparently seats are limited, so I bought my tickets right away: http://www.washingcon.com
    RAVE: Getting a free pizza tonight, courtesy of Max Scherzer (I was one of 20,000 to get a free coupon for the “Domi-No-No” deal for Scherzer’s no-hitter).

  • RANT: moody and cranky. can i go home and lay in bed and sleep all day?
    RAVE: ordered a new 3 speed bike from Brooklyn Bike Co. love how they send it to your local bike shop to be assembled for you too!
    RAVE: planning one last date with low match before he leaves for a few weeks. his absence should give me time to figure out how i really feel about everything.
    RAVE: shutting down online dating profile. last straw was a guy who messaged back and forth the faded away but then kept messaging me every time he saw me out in public e.g. were you just at 9:30 club? did I just see you leave the S bus on 16th street? creepy af. i really can’t tell him a part from every tall dorky white dude in this town but he can spot me in a packed club and a crowded bus. ah!

  • Rave: The weather today after yesterday.
    Rant: Some of you were cranky on here yesterday. I hope you are nicer today!

  • Forgotten rave: Kiddo and I totally got caught in the storm last night–though at least our walk is only 1/2 block from the bus stop. And she spent the entire time shrieking in delight at my ridiculous singing, getting rained on, and thunder. JinDC–she also says “boom boom boom!” about the thunder. Totally adorable 🙂

    • I felt so bad for people getting caught in the rain! I looked out of the window from my kitchen and saw people just get soaked as they knew they weren’t going to make it to shelter in time. Ouch!

      • Sometimes you just have to accept the reality and have fun with it. Perhaps easier with a child in tow? I might not have the same opinon had it resulted in a tantrum instead of delighted shrieks, though.

  • Rant: WTH? Did anyone else just have an ad on their popville sidebar start talking at them without any option for muting/changing volume/stopping? That’ll be an obnoxious addition if it continues.

    • No, my Popville bug is that there is some automatic function where it scrolls back to the top often and without warning. Extremely annoying.

      • palisades

        Yeah I get the same one. Pretty big bug too. I also get the sidebar video ad. Pretty unacceptable

        • Obnoxious ads are what cause folks to install ad-blockers. they block ads, but also PoPs funds.

          • Unless you know how PoP’s advertising rates are set up, that sounds like speculation. (Can the advertisers even tell how many readers are using adblocking software?)

          • Yes, it is speculation in this case. But ads that don’t load (due to blockers) don’t count for ad views, and are therefore not paid. Just google it. you’ll see how nervous advertising sites (and the websites that are partially funded by ads) are with the rise in blocking software.

  • Rant-yesterdays report on the WMATA smoke in the tunnel catastrophe? can anything be fixed? is it just about the money? it actually makes me thinks twice about taking metro some days.
    Rant20 Failure of DC Fire/EMS to fully implement needed changes. How can we have fewer first responders and ambulances when we have added another 30k people to the City since the Rosenbuam case? Is this an issue due to the union? I hope it changes but given the time they have had to make changes and failed, I don’t have high hopes.
    Rave-slightly less disgustingly hot today.

    • That was a really discouraging report — I was reading the Washington Post’s article on it yesterday. What a sad story of bungled communications and missed opportunities.

  • Rant/Rave: Going through a major pie and ice cream phase right now thanks to pie sales. I don’t normally like vanilla ice cream but when it’s combined with pie… yikes.

    • I rarely post but now all of my comments go through moderation. Did I do something to trigger that? Use too many anon names and emails?

      • It could be that you’re posting from an ISP that the Prince moderates all posts from because it’s an ISP used by an extreme troll.

        • Prince Of Petworth

          You guys should see all the lovely confederate flag trolls I’ve had to delete 🙁

          • Blithe

            PoP: Thank you SO much for all that you do to keep PoPville as congenial as possible! I’ve held back from responding to some posts that seem to me to be gratuitously racist. And the main thing that held me back was realizing that you were probably spending a LOT of time screening out a lot of nastiness. Since I can’t imagine some of the stuff you have to read — I really do want to thank you for making sure that we don’t have to read it too.

          • Blithe

            Unrelated Question: I love the Petworth Tree — but I miss the frog. Is the frog gone for good?

          • Accountering

            I make a point of not responding to trolls, but whenever I do, and then find the whole thread deleted, I do feel a bit of vindication haha!

          • Prince Of Petworth

            Thanks Blithe – I wish folks didn’t respond to the trolls – and if I ever miss one please email me!! I’m pretty sure the frog is gone for good but I haven’t decided 100% yet 🙂

            And thank you for the kind words! 🙂

          • justinbc

            Responding to trolls is an Internet rite of passage. I honestly wish less was moderated. My eyes aren’t so sensitive that words on a screen will hurt them, and sometimes it’s fun to see how far down the rabbit hole the troll will go.

          • Prince Of Petworth

            Justin – trolls would make this a very unpleasant environment. hahaha the fact that your eyes aren’t so sensitive and you don’t mind debating/arguing is clear. Personally I prefer a more congenial environment when possible. People take trolls very seriously – and the rabbit hole, though fun to watch for some, gets very very ugly, very very fast.

          • justinbc

            Yeah I know. It’s better for the whole to have them not around. I just wish there was a happy medium for heated AND respectful discussion. WaPo / DCist / etc are overrun with trolls and it’s impossible to wade through.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I want to find out who at my work is causing my posts to be moderated. I don’t think I cuss enough to trigger it. Or maybe I do……. 🙂

          • Prince Of Petworth

            It is a dream of mine to one day meet all the trolls in one room face to face and have a little chat in real life!!

          • “It is a dream of mine to one day meet all the trolls in one room face to face and have a little chat in real life!!” Although this sort of sounds like a nightmare to me, I am definitely curious about how that interaction would go down. I imagine that trolls’ social skills would be even worse IRL than on screen, but maybe actually seeing that they’re speaking to other humans would soften the interactions a bit.

          • justinbc

            A true troll, versus someone who’s just ignorant / stubborn / racist / etc is doing it with the goal of causing a reaction, not necessarily because they believe what they’re saying. Thus I would imagine they understand human interaction quite a bit more than the average person who takes their bait.

      • The PoP usually auto-moderates when you use a new handle on an already-used email address.

  • Blithe

    Rant: There seem to be a LOT of cranky people out lately. Maybe it’s the weather?
    Rave: I’ve been enjoying the summer thunderstorms — which I just happened to spend chattering deeply with people that I truly enjoy spending time with.
    Rave: My recent small cooking adventures have been successful. Yay!
    Rave: David Richo books.

  • All raves today. Book of Mormon tonight, an excuse to wear a great dress (not quite work appropriate, but a cardigan helps), harvested some snap peas from my balcony garden, and got the vacation pet sitting taken care of. I have a lot of unused cookbooks so I may stop by the swap sunday too.

    Anyone have suggestions of where to consign decorative items (pottery, vases, etc.)? They’re nicer than standard yard sale items.

  • Rave: Therapist said the letter I’m going to send The Boy is very well written, and I need to do it. So this weekend…here goes nothing. Or everything. Depending on how you look at it.

    Rant: woke up around 3 with a bad headache, took stuff, woke up at my regular time still with a headache, and am now using Advil, coffee, water and sugar (my boss brought us donuts) in an attempt to knock it out. So far, it’s refusing to leave and it’s like a little foosball dude is attempting to kick my eyeball out from the back of my head. Not a migraine, but I can’t figure out what it is.

    Rave: Free donuts. And knowing that people in positions of power here have my back and I don’t even have to say anything (they observe more than I thought they did).

    Rave: Less surface-of-the-sun hot out today means I can wander outside at lunch!

    • Additional rant: The candidate we were supposed to have start as our receptionist today accepted a different position. The hunt is on!

    • Hrm–not sure where my post went, but try some strong black tea for the headache. There’s something in the tea leaves beyond the caffeine that helps my headaches immensely–particularly those that are resistant to painkillers.

    • Caffeine helps me a ton too, but it sounds like that is more sinus pressure than anything if it’s behind/around your eyes. Get some Mucinex!

      • Does mucinex help when you have a headache? I’ve only ever taken it when there’s crap running down my throat. Still, I’ll try it (black tea didn’t help, I tried spicy food to see if maybe that might work, I’ll go with this now). Thank you all for your suggestions – next stop, CVS.

        • SinSA — Also try decongestant (like Sudafed), even if you don’t feel congested, and antihistamine, even if you’re not feeling allergic/sneezy.
          I wonder if Eggs is thinking of a Mucinex-brand product that combines guaifenesin (expectorant, brand name Mucinex) with some other congestion/cold-related product. I’m not clear either how guaifenesin on its own would help in this situation.

          • I just took a Tylonol Cold pill that one of my coworkers had. We’ll see if that helps me get through the rest of the day. 🙂 I take the Costco brand of Zyrtec every morning but I’ll stop at CVS on my way home to see if Sudafed or something may help. I have to be on a plane on Friday morning, so if this is sinuses, it needs to stop now.

  • RANT: I feel like my girlfriend is considering breaking up with me. She’s oddly distant and short in our recent text message conversations, doesn’t say “I love you too” in response to me, and has pulled back from moving forward with some plans we discussed (apartment hunting, upcoming travel, etc). Hopefully I’m just being paranoid? 🙁

    • That sounds worthy of a conversation.

    • I don’t know what its in her mind but this doesn’t sound too promising. As a woman I have pulled this trick before. My only advice is let her go if she wants to go. You can’t and shouldn’t convince someone to be with you, love you or marry you. Life is too short.

    • Agreed that this doesn’t sound promising, and merits initiating a Conversation.
      I hope it’s not as bad as you think, but if it is, better to get it out in the open and know what’s going on.

  • Rant: I moved two and a half months ago and USPS has still not figured out how to forward my mail. I’ve been sending test letters to my old address, all of which are dutifully delivered despite dozens of calls to my post office and complaints to USPS. I’ve gotten to the point at which I just cry during every phone call because they’ve lost legal documents and bills that have been a pain to find out about and get resent to my new address.

    • If you can swing the extra expense, I would recommend a po box until you get it figured out. I’ve never lost anything there, and my mail forwarding had no issues. I got it for similar reasons.

  • Rave: Celebrated my uncle’s birthday over lunch yesterday. I’m really going to miss my family when I move.
    Rave/Rant: Only 7 weekends left in D.C.
    Rant: Retractable leashes and skim milk. Unrelated things that bothered me this morning.
    Rave: The camping-induced bug bites from this weekend seem to be improving. I can now say I tried camping and still am not a fan.

  • Rave: Met up last night with a friend from grad school who was in town, and had a great time catching up.
    Rant: Cranky today, and I’m not even sure why.

  • Rant: I wish the Pete Holmes Show was on forever

  • That One Guy

    Rant: dog has developed a fear of going up the entrance stairs because he doesn’t have traction on the wood surface. Not sure if it’s his paw pads or joints causing him problems. I carried him up the stairs twice last night. He seems fine walking up the stairs with shoes. It’s sad to see him whimper.

    • HaileUnlikely

      I hate carpet but have put some little carpet squares (Flor squares, cut in half, stapled down) on my hardwood stairs for my aged little kitty.

  • Rant: Next door neighbor who maybe lives there, maybe doesn’t (not really sure) is quickly turning their yard into a landfill. It was bad before but this is a whole new level. Any thoughts on how to remediate? Call 311 for illegal dumping or not much recourse because it’s private property?

    • There are rules against having trash, debris, etc. all over one’s yard. DCRA is the agency for enforcement. The 311 web app rather annoyingly doesn’t include any DCRA-related options, but you could try calling 311 and seeing if they can log it (or if they just give you DCRA’s phone number).

    • we have one too. just in the recent past couple of weeks. they had a flood/leak (I assume) in teh basement, and lots of stuff came out to the yard. Waiting for it to get returned, or dumped.

      It’s rat and mosquito habitat for sure.

      • I’m thinking the same sitch. Last look there was a cooler, some insulation (probably with asbestos for all I know), trashcan and the most recent edition was a toilet. I’d consider the later to be a haven for rats and mosquitos and who knows what else.

        Thanks for the rec to call DCRA – will be doing so if this isn’t taken care of by the next trash day.

  • Mug of Glop

    Rave: Out of DC’s horrifying muggy heat.
    Rant: On a work trip…
    Double-rant: …in Columbus…
    Quadruple-rant: …on Ohio State’s campus.

    • binpetworth

      Not to rain on your rave, but it’s actually relatively nice here today. Storms brought down the temps and humidity; it was a nice morning for a run!

    • Accountering

      What a beautiful campus and a wonderful place. If only you could be there on a fall football Saturday!

      • Mug of Glop

        Eh, I think I’m happy to pass that. We haven’t been that good at football lately, anyway. My otherwise poor little car is just lucky that I can’t get Block M alumni plates from DDOT.

    • justinbc

      If you want a great dinner check out Basi Italia. We stopped there on the way from DC to Indy and it’s some of the best / most inventive Italian I’ve had.

      • justinbc

        Oh and avoid the tourist trap Thurman Cafe, it’s horrible.

      • Mug of Glop

        Thanks for the tip! It’s a little off the beaten path for me, but I’ll try to make a point of hitting it up at some point. Looks like I could just make out under GSA rates…

  • Update: Thanks to everyone from yesterday who suggested responding to my neighbor with an email and a suggestion to get a white noise machine. I sent something to that effect on Sunday, offering to split one. She responded back with the fact that her AC serves as a bit of a white noise machine but it doesn’t cover the sound completely. And it’s the motor noise coming through to her apartment, two floors up. They all sound like that, it’s just that her unit is the only one over the garages. I don’t think she was expecting push back, which is what it is.
    Rave: The weather today.

    • Her problem for buying a unit over a garage. That was very nice of you to offer to split. I wouldn’t worry about it anymore!

  • Rant: the manner in which DHS is handling the OPM leak is effing abysmal. If you have ever worked for the government or helped a friend with security clearance you should purchase monthly credit/identity monitoring immediately. The administration is more concerned with saving face than protecting government employees.

    • Really? If I talked to the background checkers as a reference for a friend, then I’m at risk, too, from the hacking? Even if I don’t work for the government?

      • That claim seems odd to me too. When I was filling out the applications for my background investigations, I don’t remember having to give my friends’ birthdates (although it’s been a while, so I could be wrong) — just their names and street addresses.
        I think I did have to give family members’ birthdates, though, so that might put them at risk.

  • Rant: Birds pooped all over my car.
    Rant: No reasonably priced car washes in the city.

    • palisades

      There’s been a free car wash seemingly once a day for the past month.

    • I go to Flagship in Rockville. Flagship on Wisconsin in DC is way too expensive. Can also use a self-serve bay up there when something really needs scrubbing. And, being the burbs, there’s plenty of room around to dry off afterwards, touch up stuff.

  • The video advertisement on Popville today keeps forcing my page to jump around and it’s driving me batty! I really hope it goes away soon!

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