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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: husband’s bike was stolen.
    Rant: From our “secure” back yard – very tall fence, garage gate you can’t access without remote.
    Rant: this is the second time it’s happened.
    Rant: In two months.
    Rave: The cop who responded took it seriously.
    Meh: This explains why the dog has been a little odd the last few days – following us around, wanting to be upstairs with us. That’s not like her.
    Rave: Lovely drink with a girlfriend at Room 11 while our kids were with their dads at Bloombar. I need to visit Room 11 more before moving, but it seemed like they either don’t have A/C or it was busted, so not very comfortable.

    • I’m curious why you’d put the bike back there if it was stolen only a month ago from the same area. That does suck in either case.

      • It’s like asking why someone keeps parking their car on the street even though windows get smashed in – because it’s the only place we have to store a bike. It’s not unreasonable to think a back yard with a wooden fence with no visibility to the back and a controlled gate would be secure.

        • except that the street is the only place to park a car, but you can usually bring a bike inside?

        • Not really the same thing, and you knew it wasn’t secure already. If your house is too small to accommodate a bike, so be it, but I don’t think my question was out of sorts. It made no sense to me.

          • If it could have gone somewhere else, it would have. Because we’re not morons no matter how hard you try to portray us that way.

          • If you feel like a moron because I asked a question, that says a lot. I could have certainly said why were you so stupid if I felt as such. I thought you’d say after the first theft we locked it up, so we thought we’d me fine for the next few months. You didn’t lock up a bike in a known unsecure area after a theft…? You’re more trusting than me for sure. I’d bet the same thieves did both.

          • It was locked. You constantly blame other people when anything bad happens to them – like it’s their fault. Give it a rest. And I’m finished responding to you – please give me the same courtesy this Monday morning.

      • +1 We have a secure backyard and still lock our bike up. Hope they find his bike.

        • It was locked. He has a new locking system in mind. But I don’t want to spend money on it because….leaving. but I know he’ll want a bike when we’re home anyway, so i’m just letting him do what he needs to do.

    • Any way to make bikes look less visible in future? Or to lock it to itself/something? Those might help….

    • We keep a bike inside our fenced/locked back patio. We secure it to a bike anchor and haven’t had any issues. Check out this one from Kryptonite:


      • very cool. I think we’re going to put it closer to the back door on the porch with the light on it. And when we are out of town, we’ll bring it inside (note, we were in town and it happened between 4:30 and 7:30PM yesterday evening)

    • Sorry your bike was stolen. Maybe some advice on locking up a bike in a high-theft area would be good for us to share. I just bought a newer more expensive bike, and I’ve been on the lookout for possibly a better u-lock. I currently use a onguard mini u lock with a cable for my wheels but lock up my bike in my apt at night. Anyone have better advice on a solid bike lock for locking up a bike outdoors overnight of for extending periods of time in high-theft areas? Oddly enough, I saw a bike this morning locked frame only with a heavy-duty abus lock with the wheels stolen because they didn’t secure the wheels.

      • Some great advice on how to lock your bike from Hal Ruzal (take out spaces in link)
        http:// http://www.treehugger.com/ bikes/hal-ruzal-bicycle-habitat-grades-your-bike-locking-abilities-video.html

        • Yeah, I’ve seen those videos, but alas, the best way to lock your bike overnight even according to Hal is in your home. I do the ulock back tire inside rear triangle with cable through the front tire attached to ulock. Locks the frame and the both tires. My saddle is not a quick release and is cheap. If I had a brooks, I would lock that too.

  • Rant: I was so cranky last night – work was stressing me out, family health issues bumming me out, friend’s chemo starting and me feeling like I’m not supporting enough, packed schedule meaning little time with the husband making me pissy, etc.
    Rave: McDonald’s hot fudge sundae helped a little.
    Rave: Best friend’s engagement announcement helped A TON!! I’m so incredibly excited for him and I love the man he is engaged to and they’re visiting soon so it’s all around good, happy feelings!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Great weekend, and I got a lot accomplished. Like finally replacing the hideous brass and porcelain knobs/handles in our kitchen.
    Rant: I did not accomplish a nap.

  • Rave: Saw my first no-hitter this weekend!
    Rant: Should have seen my first perfect game.
    Rant: Jose Tabata
    Rant – MLB hitters wearing body armor.
    Rave: Dinner at Osteria Moroni after the game.
    Rave: Great Father’s Day/Twelfth Anniversary. My wife and kid are the best. Life is good.
    Rant: Renovation cost overruns. Aargh.

  • Objection: The kitty in the pic is launching a person attack against the hand.

  • Rave: Finally cleaned up my iTunes library after more than a decade of disorganization and cruft. Triplicate files and crazy labeling issues fixed. So nice to be able to find songs and albums again, and it freed up a bunch of space on my phone.
    Rave: Little used second car sold after 14 years of faithful service. I barely drove it a few hundred miles a year, way overdue to go. Extremely happy with the price I got for it, too.
    Rave: First time in a long time I didn’t have to stress about moving it for street cleaning!
    Rave: Listened to Marc Maron’s WTF podcast with President Obama this morning on my run. Superb interview, don’t miss it!

  • Rave: Great day racing Saturday — took home two medals including one for beating a boat rowed by kids younger than my son.

    Rave: My son. Had Father’s Day dinner with him and the girlfriends at their new place. What a spectacular kid, and what a competent adult as we gathered around the table he made from reclaimed wood, for homemade Thai on the cement patio he’s rendered verdant. I guess he got it from his mother.

  • Rave: My computer at work was acting up, so I got IE 11 and hopefully that means more popville in my future.
    Rave: I haven’t had much time for it anyway with my productivity being pretty high at work. That feels good!
    Rave: Friday my (stylish minimalist) friend came over and helped cull my wardrobe: by reducing it by about 80%! It feels good to know that stuff in the closet is the stuff that fits and that I use.
    Rant: I do have a little residual anxiety that I’ll need something and haven’t gotten around to replacing it yet,
    Rave: but not as worried as I thought I would be.
    Rave: Productive, fun, fulfilling weekend – Great celebrating with two wonderful dad’s. I think they both appreciated the effort of visiting!

    • Man, I could use a stylish minimalist friend to help me go through my wardrobe!

      • Same here. Trying to sort clothes recently, I used the “does it bring you joy?” question from The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. But that didn’t result in a significant pile of joy-less clothing.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I have so much clothing that brings me joy that I no longer wear. Decluttering techniques battling for supremacy in my closet.

          • I would never have had the discipline to do this myself. She was brutal! First, we were having drinks…so I guess that helped her be more honest and me be less resistant? She was like “this has pills on it, you need to replace it”; “you’re too old for a skirt this short”; “no one wears this anymore”; “ugh this material is terrible”. Admittedly I was overdue for this, so I didn’t fight anything too hard…but there was a little pain involved.

        • I haven’t attempted to get rid of clothing recently, but I suspect for any/most items where I asked myself “Does this bring me joy?”, my answer would be “Yes! The POSSIBILITY that I might wear this brings me joy!”

    • I’m considering launching a business in this. People hate throwing out clothes and it’s so easy to throw up a mental block to getting rid of stuff. One thing that helps me is taking off any piece that no longer works (because of wear and tear, weight changes, laundering woes, etc.) and putting it in a giveaway bag in a different room. Eventually, you’ll get down to clothing that makes you feel great even if you’re having a sucky body day – which I have alllll the time.

  • Rave: Should have a date next week.
    Rant: Made the cut on the project, but we still don’t have overtime.
    Rave: Last week with sloppy roomie.
    Rant: Too damn hot!

    • Missed it, are you expecting a clean roomie now? If so, woo! And also, woo on date. Boo on heat!

      • Well, at least someone who is willing to use the dishwasher if they can’t handle fully cleaning a dish. This is the first person I’ve gotten to know beforehand (easily 30+ min conversation) & we went over all that stuff. I’m pleasantly optimistic.

  • Good weekend overall. Site visit on Saturday with our moms went really well, worse case scenario we use their venue. Best case is using them as the caterers for another location, which they have catered before. So we’re very optimistic, this stage should be over soon.
    Father’s Day was yesterday and I lost my dad last November so while I was out and about, I couldn’t help but notice the Facebook posts about their dads and I was just there sitting and thinking about what I would be doing with my dad if he were alive.
    True Detective is off to an interesting start…think it’s going to take a few episodes to straighten everything out. Ballers is good though!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: my posture is atrocious. I may need to get one of those posture/fitness devices. Esp since Donna stole my Shine.
    Rave: Great weekend that went by too quickly.

    • Take a look at NPR article called Lost Posture – sidebar lists a few ways to improve your posture (whether or not you have back pain connected to posture).
      I’m seeing how long I”ll last sitting at my computer with a book on my head 🙂

      • Emmaleigh504

        I saw that, it’s what made me realize how bad my posture is. And a couple of months ago I saw on PBS News Hour device you can wear on your clothes that alerts you when your posture is bad.

        • I read about some of the products that give you feedback about your posture. One low tech way to keep your shoulders back is by using a yoga strap – google yoga strap good posture to see how.
          Now I’m going to see how long I can use the computer while balancing a book on my head and using a yoga strap to keep my shoulders back and down 🙂

  • Rave: Going to Florida later today for a week of no work and lounging in the sun!
    Rant: BF wants to go paddle boarding or tubing. Which sounded like fun until he asked “are you ok with gators?” What? No.
    Rant: My boss’s wife who I saw over the weekend who said “I didn’t recognize you. You look very different – you look so nice today.” Thank…you..?

    • I Dont Get It

      First rant made me laugh!

    • You may want to stick to Shenandoah tubing – no gators 🙂 Have a great trip!

    • Who is okay about swimming with gators??
      My grandparents used to live on a golf course in Tampa, and we frequently saw alligators in the ponds on the golf course… At least they were pretty small and not very aggressive, but still! Also, watch out for cottonmouths. Maybe stick to the rivers up here. Or the beach!

      • Apparently his family is ok with it… :-/ He swears they’re small and stay on the bank. “We go swimming with them all the time!”
        Omg, I just googled cottonmouths. Those are in the water?! Gah.

        • @_@ The American alligator is pretty mild-tempered, but still… I don’t think I’d want to do that either!
          Yep, they are frequently found in freshwater rivers/lakes/ponds/etc.

    • Argh – I had a colleague once say “You *actually* look nice today” – why thanks for that honest compliment!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Bonus Rave: corgi puppies!!!

    • Mug of Glop

      The corgis I’ve been seeing on my runs this summer have really been bringing their A-game.

  • Rave: Spent the weekend at the pool. Weekend win!
    Rave: Have been getting lots of compliments on my work outfits. It makes me feel good.
    Note to self: Remember how nice it is when someone compliments you, and try to pay it forward in thoughtful and genuine ways.

  • Rant: Woke up at 3 AM bleeding heavily, positive I had a miscarriage
    Rave: GW’s RE clinic saw me right when they opened.
    Rave: Little one is still intact and seems to still be growing. Cautiously hopeful this was a false alarm.

    • Oh man – keeping you in my thoughts. Best of luck!

    • I Dont Get It

      Wow…continuing to send positive thoughts!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Sending virtual hugs

    • oh my goodness I’m so glad everything was ok – take it easy. GW’s L&D is GREAT if you come in for monitoring. I went in for reduced fetal movement at like week 32 or so and they were excellent. Sending hugs.

    • Big hug. Keeping y’all in my thoughts!

    • Oh mama, take it easy and remember to be gentle with yourself. I have a friend who bled several times during her pregnancy, and had a perfectly healthy baby. Don’t panic, just listen to your body! And hugs!

    • Thinking of you and so glad about your last rave

    • Quotia Zelda

      I had a heavy bleeding episode like that when I was pregnant with Eldest Zelda. It’s terrifying! Good luck!

    • I had a few episodes of heavy bleeding and lots of spotting throughout my daughter’s pregnancy. She is a happy and healthy 6 year old now – please take heart that while absolutely terrifying, it could be nothing. Good on your medical team for getting you in. When it happened to me my doctor and I had a frank discussion that if it was a MC, there was nothing that could be done and to see him in a week.

      • Ugh, really? That’s not helpful or sympathetic in the slightest. Boo on your doctor 🙁

        • In fairness to him, he was right, and he and I have that “don’t sugar coat with me” relationship. But, it was incredibly scary and honestly, I have probably never been so sad in my life. I was very relieved to hear the HB at my next appointment.

          • He was absolutely correct–but I’m not sure why it’s prudent to have a patient sit tight and wait for a week to come in and get things checked out rather than seeing the patient that day. That’s a long time for that kind of anxiety.

          • Totally agreed!!! It was not an easy few days.

    • Oh my goodness so scary–glad to hear your peanut is still growing. Perhaps a subchorionic thing? Either way, also so glad that the docs were able to get you in right away to check things out. Sending love and hugs! 🙂

    • Glad to hear that everything is OK — that must’ve been really, really scary for you.

    • Oh damn, so scary! 🙁 Really hope it’s a false alarm and everything goes well from here!

    • Did your doctor mention a SCH? I think this happens more for women that have done IVF. Hope everything is okay!

      • Yes, she mentioned it, but oddly there was no evidence of one, or of anything else that could have caused the bleeding. It’s still a big mystery. I might have pushed it a bit this weekend by staying up late, exercising and walking for far too long in 90 degree heat, so I’m just going to try to take it very easy for a while.

    • Oh thank goodness!!! Keeping you in my prayers.

    • Hope the little one (and mama) continue to do well!

  • Rant: Columbia Heights, sorry this is long but this has been building…

    In less than ONE hour of sitting on my front porch yesterday just reading the paper from 2:00-3:00, I watched the following: (disclaimer, the way my porch is built and my front yard is landscaped you can’t really see me from the sidewalk when I sit on my front porch.

    3 separate people walk by my house at three separate times and throw trash they were carrying down on the ground. There is a street trash can at both ends of my block. I confronted all 3. All were shocked someone would say anything, 2 picked up their trash (probably just to throw it down again down the block) and the 3rd gave me the finger.

    An adult woman walking her dog, walk their dog into my neighbors (neighbor on the left), look around and let the dog crap. This actually takes effort because all our front yards are ~3 feet above grade behind a retaining wall, and you have to walk up steps to get to the yard. The dog didn’t just “pick” the yard, the women lead the dog up there. I confronted her when it was clear she wasn’t going to pick it up and started to walk away. You could tell she had no idea she was being watched. She got all shrill and “screamy”, claiming she knew the person who lived there and it was ok. I knocked on their door and Kevin “the neighbor” came out and of course didn’t know the woman from Eve and was furious. She tried to pull her dog away but I told her I had her on camera and if she left I would call the police which seemed to root her in place. Kevin went inside, got her a plastic bag and she picked it up the poop and left, yelling obscenities the entire way. I am sure she dropped it on the ground just down the street.

    The best for last, a husband, wife and two young kids, probably 4-ish twins (running around, having normal conversations with their parents). The house on the other side of me is a row house that was converted into two condos, there is a basement entry and a first floor entry to the different condos. They were walking down the sidewalk, looking at every house. The father ran up to house condo and disappeared down a couple steps. His wife and two kids were waiting on the sidewalk. He reappeared a second later, saying to the wife “they have a gate, you can’t get in down here, so just have her go right there. The mother looked around quickly, and not 3 feet off the sidewalk pulled her daughters pants down and the daughter started taking a crap in the landscaping buffer (that I pay to maintain) between the walkways for both my house and the condo. I couldn’t believe my eyes, and it struck me then what the father meant by “they have a gate, you can’t get down there”. He was going to take his kid into someone’s front door entry area and let them crap there. Unbelievable!

    I came running down from the porch, yelling at the woman asking her what the hell she thought she was doing. Again, being surprised that someone was there, you could tell both parents were shocked and didn’t know what to say. The mother grabbed her daughter who wasn’t done and ended up getting poop on her daughters pants (which I felt kinda bad about) and mothers hands (didn’t feel bad at all). I made some remark about being born in a barn, the father, having regained a little of his composure asked me what he was supposed to do when his kid had to go. I said, teaching them to not act like common animals would be a good start and I live a block from DCUSA, there are a couple dozen stores where you could either walk in and use the bathroom for free, or buy a pack of gum and use the bathroom.

    I held up my phone, told them I had them on video (I didn’t, I was too shocked to think about it at first) and would call the police if they didn’t clean it up. The mother found something in her purse, picked it up and they walked away.

    I am not kidding when I am saying all of this happened yesterday in a one hour period.

    I’ve lived in a couple less civilized places in the world…I lived in a small town in India for a year, where everyone’s toilets fed directly onto the street and feces was running through the gutter 24/7, and even there, people kept their neighborhood cleaner, had more self-respect and common courteousy than does the average person in Columbia Heights.

    I’m done with the 3rd world country of Columbia Heights. I’ve lived here for 7 years and the neighborhood has actually gotten worse since I moved here, not better. I am done with the trash, the crime, the 3rd world mentality. My house is worth more than twice what I paid for it (or so say the comps), and I know of no other place in the world where you have a million dollar + house and have it be in the middle of such an awful neighborhood. I’m taking my money and am out.

    • oh my god – I’m so sorry this happened. Good for you for confronting.

    • Sadly, being a CH resident as well, none of this surprises me. The last one is just plain disgusting. We need good people like you to stay and to help improve the neighborhood.

    • I have seen some of the same behavior and wonder if we’re neighbors (I also live 1 block from DC USA). But the story about the parents is actually shocking! Glad you spoke up. It makes me feel like there’s no point in keeping up my front garden when I have to harvest trash from it daily.

    • I Dont Get It

      Wow! Stunned but not surprised, I guess.

    • Not surprised at all. None of my friends who bought in Columbia Heights had lived there prior to buying, and their experiences have been similar. In addition, none of my friends who first rented in Columbia Heights and subsequently bought their own home chose to buy there, even though several of them could have.

      • Allison

        Yeah, I lived in CH for two years. (14th and Fairmont). Thinking about buying a house or condo in the next year, and on my search map, CH will unfortunately have a giant X through it. Too loud, too much litter, too much crime.

    • Accountering

      Columbia Heights is such a strange neighborhood to me. Like you said, insane valuations, but the place to me is a dump (14th st specifically.) I would not invest there.

      • Anonynon

        Yeah i have been here 2.5 years, I think its actually declines slightly…at best stayed stagnant where other places have seen a big change. There are fancy new buildings, but the actually people who live in the neighborhood….you’re just not sure. I am more towards the southern end so its pretty nice down here, I would much rather walk to U street metro than columbia heights.

    • “I’ve lived here for 7 years and the neighborhood has actually gotten worse since I moved here, not better.”
      As a recently former Columbia Heights residence, I (sadly) have to agree with this. As Accountering said, it’s a strange bird – unbelievably convenient (proximity to other neighborhoods, transit, nearby amenities) and beautiful housing stock, but just can’t seen to turn the corner with respect to crime, trash, and the like repeated antisocial behavior. (We can leave the discussion of the reasons for that for another day.) The good news is, property values are still high. I’m sure part of this is rationalization, but I can’t help but feel like we got out at the top, and any day now people are going to realize that prices are hugely inflated. (I hope I have to eat those words in 3 years.)

      • I posted about all the trash on Friday, it’s so gross. We just bought here a year ago, so I’m not getting out and am still in the please please please turn the corner phase. Not just for housing prices but I honestly believe some good people live here and it’s got some great perks. I pick up trash, I deal with insanely rude teenagers, and the constant crime reports. But it is such an odd bird. Just how people even act at the metro, I walked by this weekend and this woman was yelling as this man over and over and over as a cop stood between them. Has everyone gone mad?!

        • Accountering

          The only time it turns is when the concentrated poverty is dispersed somewhat. There is such an extreme amount of this in Columbia Heights, and it is only changing slowly. There is a significant amount of affordable housing units with expiring tax credits in the next several years, so you should see some of these buildings continue to transition to mixed use or mixed income.
          In the meantime, you will see slow progress, but buildings with 406 all affordable units (Columbia Heights Village) simply don’t work.

          • “buildings with 406 all affordable units (Columbia Heights Village) simply don’t work.” Which is why they’re doing the 100%-affordable thing all over again with the former Hebrew Home. 🙁

          • HaileUnlikely

            Huh? The last version of the plan that I had seen for the Old Hebrew Home (and old Robeson School) was for 200 units total with 40 units at 30% of AMI, 90 at 60% AMI, 50 for seniors, and 20 market rate. Unless plans have changed and they’re talking 200 units at 30% AMI, I don’t see any cause for alarm. 60% of AMI isn’t exactly extreme poverty – that’s basically workforce housing – and I’m not too worried about the seniors running around wreaking havoc either.

          • You might’ve seen more a more recent version than I have, but my recollection was that the last plan I saw had no market-rate units — just 30% AMI, 60% AMI, and 80% AMI, and some allotment of units for seniors.

          • Accountering

            I would argue that even under the plan you mentioned, that simply won’t work. These things need to be 50/50 market rate/affordable, or it doesn’t work.
            60% of AMI is still an issue. You can call it work-force housing and think that it is teachers and firefighters that get these units, but that isn’t how it works. That is just a cap, that still means plenty of people will be living in those units that make well under that amount..
            How well are the market rate units in a 200 unit building with concentrated poverty and elderly residents, going to rent. Those 20 market rate units may as well be affordable too.

          • HaileUnlikely

            What is your definition of “work” (as in “that simply won’t work”)? Whatever it is, do you have data to support it? I’ll freely admit that I don’t – if you can back up your assertion with some data, you win. Until then, you have your opinion and I have mine.

          • HaileUnlikely

            p.s. I know of several 100% buildings that “work” quite nicely under any sensible notion of “work.” They admittedly are not this large and are situated in neighborhoods that are generally more residential and tranquil than Columbia Heights Village. I get your point in the abstract, but I am not aware of any research that has sought to quantify the optimal ratio of market rate units to affordable units and has concluded scientifically that 50/50 = it. If there is research on the matter, I’d seriously love to see it.

          • Accountering

            Yes, there is plenty of data that says warehousing poor people in large buildings doesn’t work. Troves of it to be honest. They are creating a building with 90% affordable, and 10% market rate, and I think it is fair to extrapolate that that won’t work.
            My definition of work is a safe building that doesn’t turn into a ghetto, and cause problems for the surrounding neighborhood.
            This isn’t opinion vs opinion. This is warehousing poor people in a building with a token amount of housing for non-poor people. Much like it hasn’t worked in the past, it won’t work here.

          • HaileUnlikely

            It seems to me that you are playing fast and loose with terminology here. “Affordable” is relative to the market conditions. This market is insane. Lots of people can’t afford market rate and yet are in no danger of turning their building into a ghetto. I’ll concede that having a 400 unit building with 397 units reserved for individuals with incomes <20% of AMI and 3 market rate units wouldn't work so great, but that's obviously not what this is. Again, I know of lots of buildings that are (or used to be) 100% affordable, in good repair, distinctly non-ghetto-like, and had no more visits from the police than any other. I'll stipulate that there is good data showing that "warehousing the poor" yields bad outcomes, but you skipped a few steps between there and how a family making $40K a year is poor and is being warehoused.

    • In before obligatory…”you live in a city!! If you don’t like people crapping on the sidewalk, move to Bethesda” comment.

      • “Some people aren’t cut out for city life.” Yeah, I can take pride in being “not cut out for” humans crapping in my yard. No sidewalk crapping in Bethesda? Where do I sign up?

        • I don’t think anon 12:00 pm was actually espousing the “If you don’t like _____, move to [insert suburb name here]” mentality. At least, I hope he/she wasn’t.

          • Agree with textdoc. Although, in all honesty, I don’t like [insert distasteful aspect of CH living here, including but certainly not limited to crapping on the sidewalk], so I moved to Bethesda.

    • This post from Jake perfectly captures that very real and uncomfortable reality that people from diametrically opposed backgrounds living together is oftentimes less than ideal. You can be a frontiersman and try to make things better, but that road is going to be super hard and there are no guarantees you’re going to make a difference when a dysfunctional culture is deeply rooted around you. It reminds me of that unfortunate post from last Friday about the person whose neighbor with the violent pit bull attacked her little dog, while the two men attending the pit thwarted the OP’s efforts to hit their dog and protect her own dog (and then ran away after taking the dog back inside the house). The OP is likely very different from the losers who were letting a known, dangerous fighting dog to go around unleashed. You’re living around and dealing with people who are just on another planet when it comes to education, background, socialization, etc. Personally, I’d be leaving CH, too. This description of your neighborhood sounds like a nightmare, not a place you call home.

      • HaileUnlikely

        Based on the OP’s recounting of the responses that he received when he confronted the people in question, I suspect that at between the three trash-throwers, the dog-pooper, and the kid-pooper, at least one was what you might term a fellow frontiersman. (to be a lot more blunt than you were, I see plenty of antisocial behavior from well dressed white people)

        • My money of on the dog-pooper and the kid-pooper.

          • Yeah, the dog walked was a white girl, late 20’s early 30’s. The couple with kids was mixed race, black mother, white father. The trash throwers were a mix of black and hispanic.

            Although I will say that without fail, the drunk passed out guys I find on my lawn, or neighbors lawns a couple times a month in the mornings are without fail, always hispanic.

            Like I said, I am out. I am meeting with my realtor on Wednesday. This has been building for a couple years and I think yesterday was the final straw. If people want to live like animals, I can’t stop them, but I don’t have to live among them.

            Bethesda/Arlington/Chevy Chase/Cleveland Park, here I come. Any of you want a row home with a legal basement rental a block from DCUSA, keep your eyes peeled. It should be listed within a couple weeks.

    • It’s not just CH; it’s neighborhoods all over the city. My house has doubled in value since purchase, and I’m thinking we’ll be out of here in a couple of years. I don’t have the stomach to be a trailblazer. I just want to go a few hours without seeing low-class, dysfunctional behavior and having to explain it to my kids.

      • With kids, I’m amazed you’d last more than a minute in this town. I’ve lived here for over 12 years, and I would never recommend that my brother (with two small children) live in the District. From the literal filth to the figurative filth, there is just too much stuff here that isn’t ideal for children (and a lot of adults, depending on what neighborhood you’re in!). I always give that caveat when I talk to people outside DC. It’s fine for me as a single person in my Capitol Hill place with my sweet bike commute, but I’d be worried about my brother’s kids all the time if they lived here. With that said, we all have different tolerance levels for crap. Some are ok with the bizarre juxtapositions that make my head spin sometimes.

        • agreed! My brother and his three children are coming into DC (from NoVa) for July 4th fireworks on the mall and talked about stopping by our house in CH. I know I sound paranoid but CH is always nuts around the 4th due to lots of fireworks and people out and they just don’t deal with that where they live. honestly I’d be more worried about them navigating around then enjoying their company.

          • And this is the other extreme. It’s not Beirut, for cryin’ out loud. They’ll be fine.

          • To be fair, ever since I’ve been in Park View for the Fourth of July, the noise always sounds like the invasion of Baghdad.

        • In the entirety of the city? Really? I have a 2yo and another on the way and I have no plans to leave DC for the suburbs or elsewhere. We love our house and the local amenities. We have unpleasant people who hang out in our driveway off an alley, drinking and pissing on our fence, but we mostly know that because of the remnants of those activities rather than witnessing it ourselves. Gross, but largely harmless. Everything has its benefits and its costs, and to me, living where we do has benefits that greatly outweigh the costs.

          • I think you and I might feel the same in regards to never leaving the city. I grew up in the suburbs and every time I visit I enjoy the quietness, but I am also reminded why I don’t live there and don’t want to any time soon. On Sunday, my parents neighbors came over and my fiancee was out back doing work. The husband neighbor noticed her and said “Who’s the Asian lady outside?” I said ugh my fiancee and then he asked what she was doing and I said work and he asked what she does and when I told him he goes outside to ask her questions. When she said she was from Canada he acted surprised and said “Oh really, you were born there?” Then he proceed to complain about Chinese students at his daughter’s private school and all this stuff…to a CHINESE PERSON! So ignorant. Granted, not everyone in the city is open-minded, but I much prefer LGBT life in the city as opposed to the ‘burbs. As mentioned above, everyone has their tolerance level too.

          • To be fair, though… you live in Mount Pleasant, which is a “nicer” neighborhood than many other PoPvillagers’ neighborhoods.

          • My girlfriend grew up in Fairfax County. It sounds like the kids there were running wild, while their parents spent all their free time and energy commuting. I couldn’t believe how many of her classmates ended up in jail or dead from drug overdoses. I also couldn’t believe how many things they missed out on that I consider normal childhood experiences. I’d rather pick up and move to another part of the country than raise kids in the suburbs of DC.

          • What textdoc said. If we’d purchased in Mt. Pleasant 11 years ago, I can say with 99% certainty that we would still be there, and would figure out what to do about schooling. But staying in CH became a non-starter – there is a material difference between the two neighborhoods.

          • @dcd Then why didn’t you move to another nicer neighborhood in DC? I could understand if it was price, but Bethesda is not cheap either.

          • @ParkviewRes: We thought about it, and it was a tough decision. First, many of the “nicer” neighborhoods in DC are just as expensive, if not more so, than Bethesda, and are functionally identical (from a suburban v. urban standpoint) to living in the area of Bethesda in which we bought – AU Park, Palisades, etc. Second, many of the neighborhoods that are more urban in character (which we would prefer, all things being equal) but still “nicer” than CH are also extremely expensive, and require parents to play education roulette through high school. We’re tired of that. Realistically, there were only 2 neighborhoods we considered – Mt. Pleasant and Crestwood. Both are as or nearly as expensive as Bethesda, and (I don’t want to ruffle any feathers, but you asked), I’m not certain that Deal and Wilson are good long-term options. The best that DC has to offer, certainly, but that’s not the same thing.
            So, we’d have been paying a ton for a house, but still be required to go through the agony of “school choice,” run the risk that a future redistricting plan would screw us, or pay for private school. This way provides a lot more certainty (though not complete certainty, obviously), with the added bonus that my daughter will be able to walk to elementary and middle school, and we can live in a neighborhood where we already have good friends, have already made several new ones (before we even move in!) and that has a reputation for being extraordinarily welcoming and fun. (We just went to Pig Pong – a combination pig roast and pig pong tournament, complete with live music, good bourbon and beer, that was a fundraiser for the elementary school, and is held 2 doors down from our house.)

        • I have two kids, and I’m still living in the city. Why is that so hard to imagine? My daughter is a lot savvier than most about not leaving stuff in a parked car, and she’s only 5. I have no problem talking to her about the “bad choices” people make.

          I did, however, move out of Columbia Heights before they hit school age.

          • Yeah, I don’t know how that could be hard to imagine, since you can’t go two blocks in any direction without encountering children. And they usually look a hell of a lot happier than the kids I see in the suburbs.

        • I have three kids and happily live in Brightwood. In fact, I moved to the city from the ‘burbs, and have zero intention of leaving any time soon. Personally, I love that my kids are exposed to so much diversity. I much prefer the downsides of the city (for me, there aren’t many – but then I have no one shitting in my stairwell), and far out weigh the downsides of the suburbs, which are largely cultural/socio-economic superiority and thinly veiled racism and bigotry. Now, we still get some of the former, but I am hoping those folks move out before 2nd grade like most of them seem to do. For those of you not wanting to raise your precious little snowflakes in the city, I say go ahead, please move on.

          • HaileUnlikely

            There’s an old Yiddish saying that goes something like, “To a worm in horseradish, the world is horseradish.” I suspect that similarly, to many a worm in Columbia Heights, the city is Columbia Heights, i.e., that they would have no objection to raising their kids in Brightwood/Takoma/Shepherd Park/Crestwood, but have little or no experience with these places and when they say they can’t imagine raising their kids in DC, they basically mean they can’t imagine raising their kid in Columbia Heights.

          • HaileUnlikely

            p.s. Many here are conflating all suburbs in the same manner as others here are conflating all DC neighborhoods. I live in Takoma DC, and previously lived in Brightwood. I’m very happy here. I’d sooner light my hair on fire than move to Fairfax, but I’d love to live just across the DC border in Takoma Park, and I also find parts of Alexandria quite desirable.

          • Agreed Haile! We moved from the Maryland ‘burbs. I have live in various areas of the DMV since I was a child and I can honestly say I would never live in NOVA.

    • Ugh. Litter and other antisocial behavior is so dispiriting.

    • If you can stomach the red line, come to Brookland! Almost no one gives you the finger and we only crap in our own yards.

  • Rave: Two 2-cent bottles of wine delivered to my door (via Klink and their one day special) on Saturday
    Rave: Sunday’s Pupusaria fest at All Souls
    Rave: More experimentation in lactofermentation – making kale-chi
    Rave: Bonus extra dog for a few days while his family is on vacation

    • And rants:
      Bonus dog peed inside during the night 🙁 I took away his water before going to bed but I think he drank out of the toilet
      Landscaping company spraying herbicide on public space (strip between sidewalk and street) when people and pups were walking by..spray was very misty and I could feel it on my skin and the smell was also strong. I’m going to go back and see if they left signs indicating the area was sprayed.

  • Rave: friend crush. saturday night fun despite the storm. somewhat smitten.
    Rave: date with low match tonight. fun times.
    Rant: low match is way too inquisitive about my dating life. we know that we date other people but why does he insist on asking me how my dates with others went? idc about his other dates and don’t ask. has this happened to other casual daters?

    • Haven’t had that experience, but I take it as he likes you more than he’s letting on I.e. Checking out the competition. You could simply say I’m not interested in discussing anyone else I date. If he asks you, ignore him.

    • Yuck – I had a casual dater who would do this. It went from “ok, this is interesting…” to creepy REALLY quick. He got super jealous, and then just got super nasty. Be careful.

      • Casual daters who really aren’t capable of being casual are the worst.

        • Agreed!!! If I recall correctly, it was even him who wanted to do the casual, see other people thing. He was very over-sharey with his dates, and I was just kind of like, I guess we are friends who hang out and have bad sex every now and then? Terrible, terrible decisions on my part!! I should have turned tail and ran when I first thought it was weird.

          • How did you manage? Isn’t a tenet of casual dating good sex?

          • Bad sex can always be managed… He was a great conversationalist, so that somewhat made up for the mediocre sex. To be fair, I really don’t think it was that great for him either, we just weren’t well matched and should have left things as friends from the beginning. Instead, it dragged on far, far too long. Though the way things ended, I know I am better off without that person as a friend at all! And yes, after that, I made sure that good sex was a part of any casual dating I did.

          • I imagine bad sex for a guy is like pizza: when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.

          • Certainly not speaking for all guys, but, no Spock, definitely not true.

          • You know… I’m not trying toot my own horn or anything, but I’ve never had complaints. I am pretty sure that this particular guy just liked to criticize. Let’s just say I am not nor have I ever lost any sleep over it!

          • @Anon Spock: also not speaking for all guys, but I find that comment somewhat offensive, even though I assume it was meant as a joke. Also, it’s not true, for pizza or for sex.

          • Emmaleigh504

            On the other hand, Sweden has the best pizza in the world.

        • Thanks for the advice. I’m fairly certain we’ll check-in today to figure out what’s up. He’s the one who brought up casually dating. Ideally, I would date one person seriously and exclusively. He said that if I found someone else I would rather date exclusively he would be okay with it and not to worry about him. That doesn’t sound like a jealous person, right?

          • No, doesn’t sound jealous-y….low self-esteem or insecurity? In my weaker moments I’ve said stuff like that, but not really meant it (thinking, “please choose me!”). A check-in sounds like a good idea, we’re all just guessing.

          • Sounds like the dude is trying to be cool with it, but really isn’t. Lots of people say that but don’t really mean it.

    • I agree that it probably means he’s interested more than you are. I’ve only been in a couple casual situations, but in all cases we never talked about it aside from a periodic check-in to make sure we were on the same page (even then there were no details). He could be getting jealous or using the information to try to build an emotional barrier and not get his hopes up. I agree that you just refuse to discuss other dates, but be careful.

      • I think you’re right about the emotional barrier. Seems like his way of not being too invested since he said he does not want a long-term relationship.

        • If he doesn’t want one, then why does he need to convince himself of such? I’m sure you’re right, but it seems so silly to me. Like just have fun; why is that so hard? I know he’s done mostly long-term, so it makes sense he wants to take it easy, but the extra hoops to get there don’t make sense to me.

    • Anonynon

      sounds like casual is turning to ‘complicated’ very quickly. Funny how cool people can be…for a few dates, and then it all unravels! Good luck but yeah sounds like this dude is very curious where he stands. Maybe you should just be upfront with him and say “yes I’m dating a bunch of other people’ or ‘no, i really like seeing you and just see him’. Or ignore everything.

      • I think she already did the former, and he is dating others too. When you initiate casual dating, you really can’t get mad someone decides to do it. The guy is a serial monogamist, so I’m not really surprised he’s acting like that. He probably hasn’t dated much. Hopefully in time, he’ll get over it.

        • Anon Spock: serial monogamist. yup. he’s still figuring out how to be single and dating. i cut him some slack for missteps he’s making in keeping it casual for obvious reasons.

  • jim_ed

    Rave: Hit the Kennedy Street Festival on Saturday, got to try Timber Pizza – not Moroni, but pretty good! This is a smaller event, but it’s well run and seems to be growing at the correct pace every year.
    Rant: Went to Pupusafest on Sunday. The distribution of pupusas was disorganized and they were clearly swamped by the amount of people there. Also, the pupusas revueltas were outright terrible.
    Rant: Baby with a fever meant spending a lot of this hot ass weekend indoors
    Rave: Gave me the opportunity to watch two of the more statisfying Nats games of the year.

  • Rave – Had a great weekend in NY visiting family and spending time with my dad on father’s day. We took the dog with us (her first road trip!) and she did great. She had a backyard for the first time and LOVED it!
    Rant – My sister and maid of honor is acting like my wedding is a huge problem for her. All she does is complain about it and criticize every single thing about my wedding. Never asks me how planning is going, never even pretends to be a little bit excited or happy. All I’m asking from her is to show up on my wedding day and stand up with us. This is why I wanted to elope, because this really sucks.

    Rant – This is so immature of me, but my coworker is getting married the week after me and is constantly blabbing about all the awesome bachelorette parties and awesome bridal showers (yes she’s had more than one) her awesome friends are throwing her and it’s really getting on my nerves. Because my own sister and maid of honor can’t get her sh*t together to even say one nice thing to me. Wonderful. I want leave work early and spend the rest of the day in the cat cafe.

    • Oh man – should you email her and say “hey listen, I don’t want this to be an inconvenience for you. I chose you as my maid of honor because I wanted you to stand up with us on our wedding day. It seems as if the responsibility is overwhelming you based on some of the feedback I’ve gotten lately, and if you want to bow out there will be no hard feelings.”? Of course that’s only if you mean that. Weddings are so difficult, even in families that normally function well. I have a close friend going through the tough decision of whether to have her sister be the matron of honor because the sister is selfish and will almost undoubtedly turn the wedding day into something about her. I have another close friend that was planning a big wedding the following June and called me in early November to see if I could come to Charleston the Saturday before Christmas. They just decided it was too much and did family and wedding party only at a restaurant, and then met friends out afterwards to celebrate at a low key local bar that was a favorite of theirs. Sorry you’re going through all this, and I hope you’re able to find a compromise that works for you all…or at least something that prompts your sister into reacting more positively!!!

      • +1 to Andie’s suggestion — offering the sister an “out” sounds like a good idea.

      • I second Andie’s suggestion – I also had this identical issue with my sister. We both got engaged a few weeks apart, so as the younger sibling, I waited two years to get married to space out our weddings for our parents. At the end of the day, I spent a fortune on her last minute destination wedding and put a ton of energy into planning the things I needed to plan (very quickly) as maid of honor. When it came to my wedding, she did absolutely nothing and acted like everything was a major inconvenience to her. We finally had a long talk and decided that she would remain my maid of honor, but the other bridesmaids/my mother would split up the other kinds of planning/parties. It was a tough conversation, but she revealed a lot about her inability to be organized (hence her last minute destination wedding) which I never really knew anything about. It helped me a lot as I was then able to focus more on her strengths (such as food and drink suggestions, rather than any formal planning responsibilities) and not hold onto any resentment. I would chat with your sis, there may be some other things at work.

        • Thanks for comments. I just don’t know how to approach the subject without her getting defensive. And I’m not even asking her to do or plan anything, really I just want her be at my wedding and be happy for me, and even that is like asking too much from her.

          • You can’t get her to be happy for you if she isn’t actually happy for you. Maybe all you can hope/ask for is her to be present at your wedding and to keep her comments/negativity to herself?

    • Not to excuse your sister’s behavior AT ALL, but could it be she’s unhappy in her own life? If that’s the case, I’m sorry she’s not rallying for you and giving you the support you deserve, but maybe a frank (compassionate) conversation is in order. Good luck! And congratulations!

  • Question: Any suggestions where to watch the US vs Colombia game today? I’ve caught games at the drafting table and laughing man but wonder if there are any other cool spots people like.

  • Rant: Fabric that doesn’t breathe.
    Rave: A/C working at Columbia Heights metro station AND on the train car I was on
    Rave: DC really does a good job on splash parks, playgrounds, and pools. Spent Saturday morning at a shaded playground, Sunday morning at a splash park, and Sunday afternoon at the Upshur pool. It was awesome.
    Rave: I think we’ve finally sorted out travel plans for visiting my father-in-law. We’ll travel as a family in mid-August and my wife will go back three weeks after our return for the oncology appointment. This time I will come prepared with recipes, and possibly even a thorough meal plan for the week so that I don’t have to figure it out on the fly.

    • they definitely do – the splash parks are amazing in DC. They are starting discussions to add one in a playground where we are moving so my dad took pictures (they were off, so no kids in the pictures!) to share at the council meeting about great splash park design.

      • Allison

        I’m so impressed by the splash park/fountain/wading pool thingy at Yards Park in Navy Yard.

        • That one is very cool. There’s another one a few blocks away right by the CVS near the DOT metro entrance. They’re also all over–we were at the one at 15th & Girard NW yesterday and had a blast.

        • oh definitely – my kid LOVES that place. We haven’t taken him (nanny does), but it’s on our to-do list. We like Kennedy, Westminster, and the problem with Stead is the hot pavement. I will say that the playgrounds need more cover – there’s a LOT of sun exposure, making for hot pavement and also UV rays with no shade.

          • Walter Pierce in Adams Morgan has phenomenal shade. Most of the playground was shaded, even at high noon. And the splash park at 15th & Girard had a bit of shade to sit in while watching the kids play in the water. Shade is definitely key!

          • The spray park on 14th and V is somewhat shaded too. It’s awesome!

          • Good to know, thanks!

  • Rave: Huge Event of Doom is over with and went smoothly!
    Rave: The rain and storms held off on Saturday until literally the exact time we wanted guests to leave. It was scheduled from 4 to 7, and at 7 on the dot it started thundering and raining. Thank you, Mother Nature, for letting us leave on time and not hang around waiting for people who take forever to leave.
    Rave: We actually had enough food this year so I got to eat, yaay! Also SKT came to the event and got me food. (Last year I worked from 1-8 and didn’t get any).
    Rave: We actually caught up to the 21st century and used a check-in app instead of (70+ page) paper guest lists, and it worked so well! Hooray for slowly catching up to modern times…
    Rave: Now I can focus on Hawaii!
    Rant: Forgot that my flight is at 7 am. I told my friend she knows I really love her because I am getting up at 4 am twice in a week for her – once for my flight, and once for the wedding since it’s a morning ceremony and our hair and makeup starts at 5 am…

    • Yay for Event of Doom being over. Everyone looked like they were having a great time so good job!! 🙂
      5am hair and makeup? Good luck! Have so much fun in Hawaii!!

      • So glad to hear it!! I’m relieved we had a more manageable size than the last couple years – only ~200-300 less but I think made a difference!
        Yeah, so earlyyy – the wedding is at 10 am. At least we are all crashing in the bride’s hotel room that night so we don’t have travel to meet her, we can just roll out of bed and let them do their thing.

        • In the actual hotel room? Won’t it be hard to get any sleep? Or is it a multi-room suite kind of thing?

          • It’s a hotel suite – there will be the bride and three bridesmaids (I think 2 beds), we shared a hotel room with double beds after her bachelorette party and that worked out fine. We’re all determined to get some sleep that night!

    • Ugh I had a 5am hair and makeup time for my wedding too – I felt so badly for my bridesmaids but made sure we had food and mimosas and coffee to help make it better!

      • The bride’s MIL will be bringing breakfast and coffee (although I don’t drink coffee, going to bring some tea with me!). I doubt there will be mimosas though, as nice as that would be!

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Cab driver this morning who was spouting nonsense about the Affordable Care Act and
    Rave: Each bit of misinformation got deducted from the tip.
    Rant: The gardening I planned to do over this weekend didn’t get done.
    Rant: Three hours of power cleaning the kitchen on Saturday. How does that room get so darn dirty????

    • I’m with you on Rant #2. All I got done was weeding (which was mainly pulling volunteer seedlings from the golden raintree that’s a nearby street tree — I think I’ve pulled at least a thousand since March or so). I wanted to do some major digging/planting but it was just too hot, even earlyish in the morning.

  • Rant: Father’s Day weekend. I have a crappy, non-existent relationship with my father, and my kids’ father is just this side of deadbeat dad, so Father’s Day is always a hard one for me. I read an article about how Father’s Day impacts kids without dads/with non-present dads, and a quote at the end really resonated for me “You end up being somebody who leaves too soon, stays too long or puts up with too much, because you’re afraid you’ll get left.” So, so true, and it terrifies me that my kids will face the same issues as adults. I don’t think I will ever get over the guilt of choosing such a crappy person to be their dad.
    Rave: Spent the day with my BF, who despite having lost his dad at the age of 8, is an amazing father. He gives me a lot of hope.

  • Rant: In a terrible mood today.
    Rant: Remember the inadequate pants pockets I mentioned in Friday’s RRRR ( http://www.popville.com/2015/06/random-reader-rant-andor-revel-1342/#comment-980306 )? Well, on Friday when I was heading home, I had a sudden “Oww!” moment with one of my contact lenses. I took off my sunglasses and without thinking, put them in… one of said inadequate pockets. On Saturday morning I realized that I didn’t have them and that they must’ve fallen out of the pocket. I retraced my steps, to no avail.
    There’s still a possibility that the sunglasses could turn up at Metro’s lost and found (they probably came out of my pocket either on the way to Metro, within the Metro station, or — most likely — once I sat down on the train), but I’m trying to prepare myself for disappointment. The sunglasses had major sentimental value, as I bought them when I was living in Japan and had been using them the whole time I’ve been living in the D.C. area.

    • Also cranky about job stuff, visiting family member who overthinks everything, and expensive home repairs. And I forgot my caffeinated soda this morning.

    • Contributing rant: It looks like someone is sabotaging some of the daylilies I planted in in my treebox area. Not all of them (thank God), but I keep spotting damage that looks like it couldn’t have been accidental — an entire flower stalk ripped off, a flower bud that appears to have been cut in the middle with something sharp, etc. This is why we can’t have nice things?

    • 🙁 I’m sorry about the sunglasses, hope they turn up!

      • Thanks! They were only 1,000 yen (at the time, a little less than $10), so it’s not like they were expensive, but they were superbly badass. And a great souvenir of Japan that I’d been using daily for most of my adult life. 🙁

  • Rave: Kittycat in today’s RRRR photo. And the paw-to-hand touching makes me think of Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam.”

  • skj84

    Rave: fun, crazy weekend. Good times with friends.

    Rant: I burned myself cleaning the expresso machine at work. I removed the portafilter after the machine indicated the rinse cycle was finished. It was not and the machine sprayed my leg with scalding hot water. Luckily the burn didn’t require a hospital visit, but it hurt like hell. And the shock of getting sprayed freaked me out. Going to be more careful around the machine from now on.

  • Rant: So. Many. Mosquito. Bites.

    • I agree with your rant so much. It’s awful! I’m carrying bug spray around in my purse all the time.

      • These bionic, hate-filled, signs of the apocalypse this year completely ignore the 1inch thick layer of deep woods Off I’ve had to resort to. Lil f—ers.

        • Although my wife can get away with the “all natural, child friendly” bug spray, we’ve concluded that for my daughter and I, (i) we need as much DEET as we can get, and (ii) we’ll live with the consequences.

          • Yes ^ this. I’ve tried to keep toxins out of my body. But I consider West-Nile a bit more dangerous than a little DEET every now and again. Also, I’m super allergic to these little peckers bites. I look like I have pox. And I itch like I do too.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Those little day time tiger f*ckers are the worst! I swell up so badly from their bites that my high school gym teacher thought I was being abused.

          • If it was socially acceptable (and legal) to use 100% DEET (on myself), I would. Maybe even DDT.

          • When doing work in the yard, I always wear long pants and a (lightweight) long-sleeved shirt, because I hate mosquitos and I also hate wearing mosquito repellent. (Same with sunburn and sunscreen.)
            My gardening pants have recently torn at the knees and I haven’t found a suitable replacement pair. I think I got a few bites on Sunday as a result — I even caught one of the b*stards in the act!

  • Rant: Learned Friday night that I have to leave tomorrow for a six week work trip.
    Rant: Planned to propose to my girlfriend the day the Supreme Court ruled on gay marriage (assuming it was a favorable ruling); now I have to do it early.
    Rant: For some reason there are no hotels with availability where I’m going. Might be sleeping in my rental car.

  • Bear

    Rant: News that a dear friend had a miscarriage last week. So sad for her and her husband.
    Rant: My dad’s breathing issues have gotten worse in the last few days. If the worries about his health issues aren’t enough to deal with on their own, my sister is in freight train mode, making arrangements for my parents to take to realtors about selling their house…which they have specifically said they do not want to do. It’s a big house and as they age, yes, it is harder for them to take care of…but the decision to sell it is theirs. And they are still perfectly capable of making their own decisions.
    Add-on rant: My sister is planning my wedding shower and making things more complicated than they need to be. And making comments about how our friends are clearly in a different stage in our lives since we don’t want to start brunch until after 12:00. Um…I have a stepson. At least 75% of our friends also have kids. We just don’t want to have to get up early to get our place ready to host a bunch of people at 10:30 in the morning.
    Rave: I do love my sister. And she means well. She’s just…a lot to take sometimes.

    • I could be totally off on this, but I think your sister might be in freight train mode over the parents’ house because that is one thing she can control. Maybe she is feeling so stressed out about your dad’s health, so she is investing a lot of time and energy into something she thinks can ultimately help them out- and it is something she can control.

  • Rave: more day of school
    Rant: trying to get my room in order to leave
    Rant: allergies
    Rave: Michigan in 3 days

    • Accountering

      To your rave: O-H!
      Hehe, kidding of course, but football season is coming, and I am quite excited to show the team from up north who is boss again! Congrats on making it through the year!

      • Oh Accountering, and I thought you were one of the good ones! 😉
        And lindsay, to your final rave: where abouts? We’ll be up at my folks’ place in Caseville next Friday for 10 glorious beach filled, no connectivity needed, restful days.

  • Rant: Today started off so horribly. I guess the good news is that the week can only go up from here.
    Rave: Falling for someone. Haven’t felt like this in a while. It’s somewhat mitigating all the other crap that was dumped on me this morning.

  • Rant: Change and uncertainty back home. The house I grew up in has finally been foreclosed on, so Mom will be getting out in the next 40 days. She’s been out of work for over a year, and no job prospects looming on the horizon. All the stuff that weighs constantly at the back of my mind just hit right between the eyes.
    Rave: Fortunate to have my own personal stability, and worst case scenario has her moving in to share my one-bedroom apartment.

    • Oh no, so sorry to hear that. She can’t do a short sale or anything?

      • Thank you, thank you. It’s a bit complicated, basically she’s been underwater for about 4 years, it’s just that the bank finally offered her money to pull up stakes. It’s a good house, but the Florida housing bubble just destroyed house values, even for our modest little unassuming place. She feels relieved, but I feel scared to death. But, I just keep reminding myself, it is what it is.

    • Sorry to hear about your mom’s house. This is probably a very stressful time for you, as well as your mom. Hopefully, she can find a place that works out. Maybe a move up north would produce more job opportunities? Best of luck to you and your mom during this transition time.

  • Revel: PoPville! Because I can get good advice on things like… I want to join a car-sharing service. What are the pros and cons of ZipCar v. Car2Go? (Except that apparently some people seem to get really cheesed off when you park a smartcar on their street…)

  • Rant/Rave: Anyone have experience with installing a w/d? I am moving to a new (old) condo that does not have one currently and I want to install one. Already have approval. Anyone have idea of cost? Hooking up to water line, electric etc? Lastly, anyone have good/bad experience with combo washer/dryer units?


    • I think Jeslett has one of those combined units (the compact kind, not the “laundry center” upright kind).

      • Yes I am looking at the all in one washer and dryers (that wash and dry) since I’m reeeeeallllly limited on space.

        • I have one of those! Mine has been discontinued, but it’s by Samsung and I really like it. It’s not only great to save on space, but you don’t need an external vent (i.e. no cutting a hole in your wall) and you only need a 120 outlet.
          I will say that there are definitely trade offs and switching from a conventional washer/dryer takes some getting used to. I read a lot of Amazon reviews of my model to learn from people who had already made the switch. Basically, read the manually and watch the videos on the website, they are both extremely helpful. I think Samsungs are acknowledged as the best combo machines, but of course you can do your own research.
          The best thing about the combo machines is that you can put in your load in the morning, delay the start a few hours, and it’ll be finishing up when you get home. Not having to switch it from one machine to the next gives you some freedom. On the other hand, it does take a long time to do one load, about 4-5 hours for the full wash/dry cycle.
          The crazy high efficiency spin gets a bit loud and I’m not a heavy sleeper, so I don’t run mine overnight and I’m not always thrilled when my upstairs neighbor does. If it’s not near your bedroom this might be moot for you.
          The only other things you might want to be prepared for are fuzz and wrinkles. It’s just not as good at removing fuzz and hair as a vented dryer. As a woman with long-ish hair who sheds profusely, this is an annoyance for me. It’s also not as great about getting out wrinkles, even if you’re there, pulling the load out as soon as it’s done. Overcoming decades of doing laundry “normally” is an adjustment, and maybe I’m just thrilled to have my first in unit machine, but overall I’m quite happy. If you live alone it’ll be a breeze, I think two people can manage it if they are somewhat diligent about staying on top on their laundry, but I wouldn’t recommend it for a larger family, especially one with young kids.

          • Thank you!! Yes I’ve been reading about the longer drying times. It is just me and a small dog so not totally worried about time but dog hair yes. What Samsung model? All I’m finding are LG and a couplle others. Didn’t see Samsung. Also did you have to get hookups for this installed such as plumbing , electric etc?

          • Jeslett, are you sure it was Samsung and not LG? I was thinking it was an LG because you mentioned that it sang a little song when it was finished and I said something like, “I have an LG washer and dryer and they do the same thing!”
            Annonn, I think the developer of Jeslett’s building installed these machines from the get-go (esp. since she mentions an upstairs neighbor having the same machine), so she didn’t have to arrange for plumbing or electrical hookups.

      • I know you just have a ridiculous memory, but now every time I hear a strange noise in my house I’m going to think you’re in there, snooping around, spying on me.

        • That would be freaky!
          It’s just because you mentioned it, here on PoPville.
          Perhaps I need to become a ninja and embark on a side career doing something like the character Calum does in the British TV show “The Fixer,” i.e., breaking into people’s apartments/houses and gathering useful information. 😉

  • Rave: I sold my china cabinet after thinking it would never sell on Craiglist Go figure.
    Rant: The floor guys haven’t call about installation and it’s been 2 weeks already. I’ve already put down a deposit. WTF?
    Rave: I DISLIKE work.

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