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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: I walk to work and rarely take the metro, today I’m working from home so I took the metro to a fitness class I had been wanting to try. The Columbia Heights metro is such a dump! I honestly don’t understand with so many trashcans why I have to watch people drop their trash on the ground FEET from a trashcan. This seems like the easiest thing to do, makes me so angry. I love when I ask people to throw stuff away or I pick it up and do it I’m called a tree hugger or a hippie, oh yeah, I’m so crazy for not wanting my neighborhood to look like a sh*t hole.
    Rave: Friday.
    Rant: Why are Nats tickets so expensive for the game tomorrow, just because it’s a summer Saturday game?
    Rave: See Rave above.

    • the litter in that area (and other parts of the city) make me really sad and angry.

    • People litter on my street LIKE CRAZY even though there are 2 large dumpsters in two alleys. I don’t understand it at all. Every time I pull weeds or water my flowers I pick up trash too. On Wednesday I picked up a McD bag full of crap, cups, candy wrappers, trash bags, etc. I wish I could go drop trash inside their house and see how they like it!

    • palisades

      Where are you looking at tickets? On their website? They have a lot of ticket packages that are more than just a ticket. I recommend going on seatgreek. It’s an aggregate for every third-party ticket seller. Also, yes, it’s a Saturday. It’s Father’s Day weekend. Just gotta live with it.

  • Rant: having to move again. Feels like last week I was posting here asking for mover recommendations (I feel like that’s asked every month though). I don’t qualify anymore for my current place with my craigslist roommate so its time to start looking again. I feel like moving on a regular basis is reducing my lifespan out of stress.
    Rave: marathoned sense8 on netflix. Can’t believe the whole thing was shot on location (korea, india, mexico, kenya, england, germany, iceland, us). Unfortunately as a result I stayed up too late and now I’m
    Rant: tired

    • I assume it’s income related, so can you get a different roommate rather than you moving? Like someone on the hill or in school?

      • That’s going to be my next step if I can’t figure out a way to move somewhere with my partner (who is still looking for a job in their field). The downside is my income changed fairly significantly (for the better, mostly) so its harder to fit under the adu program.

        • it was my understanding that once you’re in an ADU, you’re allowed to stay even if you have an increase in income — you just need to qualify on your way in. the affordable housing policy goal is not to kick people out if they start doing better! did your landlord give you notice or are you assuming this is the case?

          • My tenants moved into my unit for that reason. Wonder if that’s the case?
            Yoyo- is moving your partner in an option? Seems like it would solve all the issues.

          • I got a notice from our management. The covenant my building made with city govt is that tenants in these units have to recertify every year, within 90 days of the lease end.

          • yes– you would still have to recertify and submit income documentation, but i think the income limit doesn’t apply after the first certification.

          • If true Maria, what are you recertifying every year?

          • @maria
            The units in my building for the program are all held for income at 80%AMI, if tenants exceed that when recertifying, lease can’t be renewed. Its not the same for all buildings as they have different terms in the covenant with DC.

  • jack5

    Rave: It’s Friday!!

    Rave: Deftones are playing here next month! It’s been a great summer for concerts, I’m enjoying them much more than club nights or anything else… The Prince concert was amazing, I sold my extra ticket for 2x face value when my date dropped out and met some really cool new people with similar music interests. I’m really enjoying the area concert-wise now. Also I got a bonus show from Steevie Wonder at the prince show.

    Rant” Random people hanging out in my neighborhood… Still no police foot patrols, not even police cars driving through neighborhoods. It’s like someone is paying them to hang out and drive property values down in Petworth. This is getting ridiculous now, what the hell am I paying taxes for?

    Rant: The media catapulting stupid criminals to fame… We reward people by doing this and it’s a sign of a sick society. I think most of these degenerates are actually driven by the ideal that they will become a household name and the media eats it up without any sense of responsibility for their actions.

    Sorry for all the topics, I haven’t had a rant/rave in a while… 😛

  • Went for a site visit for a wedding venue yesterday, and the relief I felt after we left. I’ve been really stressed out to the point of breaking out b/c we had liked some locations but either it was over budget, too far, etc. This one had a combination of everything that we’re looking for, it’s probably our top choice but we still have like 4 or 5 other locations to look at. Anxiety sucks.

      • I wish! We’re trying to make it work locally first, and then go from there. My biggest gripe is having to take some hours off work to visit places. I fully understand weekends may not work b/c of weddings, but I don’t see how a visit at say 9 AM on a Saturday would have any affect on a wedding that may take place at 6 PM.

        • that’s ridiculous! I visited everywhere in one weekend my mom was in town. The W was the worst – so rude. We ended up doing it at the Palomar – couldn’t have been happier. Great service, amazing food. But I wanted Vegas.

        • FtLincolnLove

          That made me so frustrated while I was planning my wedding! I literally do not understand why vendors ONLY wanted to meet from 9-4, Monday through Friday, and then made it a huge deal if you wanted to meet in the morning on a weekend. It makes NO sense whatsoever! Best of luck with your planning and congrats on your upcoming marriage 🙂

          • We lucked out and went with the first place we saw! I thought it was going to be out of budget and was so happy when I realized it would work. Some I was able to write off easily though because they never responded to my multiple inquiries.

    • A plug for our spot – Wood End, the Audubon Society preserve in Silver Spring, ius beautiful is you want an outdoor ceremony/reception.

    • Ugh, venue searching was the worst part of wedding planning for me (so far)! It was such a relief to get that over with.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: After a week crammed full of meetings and work events and stress, I have nothing on my plate today but catching up on paperwork.
    Rave: Puppy playtime this weekend with Emilie and a friend.
    Rave: Gorgeous ribeye for supper last night. Sometimes, you just need a great big steak.

    • Quotia Zelda

      Query: Speaking of steaks, Mr. Zelda and I are looking for suggestions for an anniversary dinner. Mr. Zelda is all about the steak (and wagyu is a plus). I like a good steak, but I’m also interested in creative desserts and cocktails.

      Right now, we’re looking at Bourbon Steak or BLT Steak – haven’t been to either. Thoughts?

      • FtLincolnLove

        I’ve never been to either of those restaurants, but one of my favorite steak restaurants is Medium Rare in Cleveland Park! Great steaks (you get TWO servings of steak!!), and great cocktails from my experience.

        • If Mr. Zelda is into good steaks and Waygu beef, Medium Rare is not really what they’re looking for. I like it fine for a casual dinner, but it’s not in the same universe as Bourbon Steak and BLT.

      • gertie_wickler

        Mr. Wickler and I have been to both, and we both think that Bourbon Steak is a much nicer dining experience. Much more intimate and “upscale” environment. The prices are higher for sure, but for a special occasion I think it’s worth it. Plus they have a HUGE cocktail menu and the prices for those are pretty reasonable. As for dessert…we got the rootbeer float (with sassafras ice cream!) and it was amazing. It was over two years ago and I still remember it – probably the highest compliment!

      • It’s been a while since I was at BLT (I do remember liking it), but I’ve been to Bourbon Steak a half dozen times in the last year or so (either drinks, lunch or dinner). It’s a very good combination of good steaks and other alternatives (hint: Lobster Pot Pie). Some other places around town have been getting good reviews, such as Del Campo (I’ve not been there), though it’s not as upscale as your other two choices.

      • I haven’t been to BLT, but I really like Bourbon Steak. It’s a great place to celebrate a special occasion. They have a good cocktail menu too!

      • Quotia Zelda

        Thanks everyone! We now have a reservation at Bourbon Steak. I think Mr. Zelda is going to love it.

  • Is anyone going to the cosmetic/cookbook swap that I can give some stuff to? If so, Dan can put us in touch. I’d love to purge – i can get you stuff at some point in the week!
    Rant: too busy. I really don’t like it. Makes it difficult to enjoy things when it’s all going a mile a minute.
    Rant: The weather – rainy evenings and weekends make it hard to workout with my trainer since we meet outdoors. Frustrating.
    Hope you all have a nice weekend!

  • Rave: I am so glad it’s Friday – heading out for a weekend on Lake Anna.
    Rant: I need sleep. I am so tired.
    Rant: Debating leaving Wagtime from all that’s going on, but am not sure. Any other clients have thoughts?

    • Your question is the same as if you went to a restaurant for years loved the food then saw someone else got food poisoning…would you stop going for that reason? I’m still a daycare/short boarding client, but I may consider another place once my package is up. I’ve been there for 5+ years without anything serious (my dog got a scrape & pink eye once in this time). My dog loves it there. I wouldn’t use them for walking though as my dog is wild.

      • I don’t think that’s an apt parallel… food poisoning is unpleasant but (except in rare cases) not something that results in expensive medical bills or death.
        I have no, ahem, dog in this fight, as I have no dog… but I can certainly understand current Wagtime customers wondering if they should go elsewhere.

        • I wasn’t questioning the question simply putting it into analogous terms. The issue is obviously ppl think it’ll happen to them or they leave because they don’t want to support a “bad” business. Both are perfectly fine reasons, but I’m assuming anon is looking toward the former. Since nothing has been decided in court, and I’ve had a positive experience for years, I’m waiting a bit to jump ship.

          • I can also understand wanting to wait until your package is up, rather than jumping ship immediately.

    • I’ve been taking my dog there regularly for 3 years without any problem. She’s a basket-case when I’m not around and Wagtime has worked really well for her. I’ve continued taking her since I heard about Pip because I’m moving and it wasn’t worth building a new relationship for such a short time, but I definitely would have changed strategy had I not been moving. I don’t trust Lisa and Ofer enough to get in contact with me or make good decisions should something go wrong.

      • We’re also thinking about quitting once our package is up (assuming they don’t automatically charge our credit card again once package is up, which they do on a regular basis without consulting us, then refuse to credit back the money). Our pup has been going there for about 6 years now, and while she has never had a problem with their care, we’ve had a number of terrible interactions with the owners regarding foster dogs in their care. I was upset, but not terribly surprised by the allegations in the court document posted yesterday. If we leave, it will be out of principle. How could we, in good conscience, support a business that is run by dishonest folks. If there is any comparison to a restaurant giving you food poisoning, it would only be if you got food poisoning, then the owner of the restaurant lied to you (knowing that the food was bad), blamed you for the food poisoning and then tried to sue you when you said you were going to tell others that said restaurant got you sick. There really is not comparison between the two things.

        • I had the opposite experience. They emailed me to let me know I was low (easily 5 visits before it should have expired) then let me decide if I wanted to renew.

          • That’s great for you, but has not been our experience at all. They’ve renewed $1000 packages before without our permission. And if you read the reviews on Yelp, we’re not the only ones this has happened to.

        • If they do charge you again without your authorization, dispute the charge through your credit card company.

      • I’m in the exact same position, Sarah. I hate giving them my money, but it’s just for another six weeks or so. And even though I don’t trust the owners, I adore the staff (and know they adore my dog).

    • We’re struggling with that question too. Our pups has been happy there for more than two years, but the way that they’ve reportedly handled emergencies makes me sick to my stomach. Terrible accidents happen (as do mis-communications in the chaos that follows), but it seems like there are some disturbing trends emerging…

  • Rave: It’s Friday!
    Rave: The little tickle in my throat has not (yet?) turned into a sore throat.
    Rant: Turns out the mason who repaired some deteriorating mortarwork on my house four years ago screwed it up. Not only did he do just a patch job rather than properly repointing, it turns out he used concrete rather than the proper lime or mortar or whatever it’s supposed to be.

    • Bonus rant: My subconscious really outdid itself last night and managed to merge about five recurring nightmare themes into one. Suddenly and inexplicably returning to graduate school? Check. Relocating to Atlanta? Check. (I liked Atlanta when I lived there, but now that I’ve gotten used to D.C., I prefer D.C.) Getting back together with ex from college? Check. Being re-enrolled in high school in North Carolina while still working at my current job in D.C.? Check. My cat being left unattended and possibly getting lost? Check.

      • I Dont Get It

        Hmm…are you under stress about something?

        • Hmm… not particularly (well, a little bit — about my job), but it seems my subconscious is.
          Maybe I need to invite WDS over for a house smudging? 😉

          • Blithe

            Do you keep a journal/dream diary? Sometimes it might take a few repetitions before your conscious self can get useful insights and/or information from your dreams. What stands out to me from what you’ve written is that in each of the themes, you’re re-visiting an experience that you’ve already had, and presumably resolved and grown beyond. Might there be other areas of your life that you could benefit from re-visiting? I say go with the smudging — just in case! 😉

    • Oh no on your rant! Have you started to get cracking elsewhere? When we bought our house, we had to repoint the back and have some of the arches over the windows rebuilt because it had been “patched” with concrete. We knew that would be the case going into it, though, at least.

      • Yeah, in the process of getting estimates. I have Pointing Plus on my list (because of your recommendation), and just had Renaissance out.

        • Good luck!

          • If you feel comfortable, what’s the approximate cost of having some repointing done? Not a ton, maybe quarter of the back of a row home?

          • It depends a lot on the amount of scaffolding they need to put up. Maybe in the vicinity of $7-10k? But that’s a REALLY rough guess. It also probably depends a bit on the age of your home and therefore what type of mortar is used. More recent homes have more conrete in their mortar and there might be more companies that can do the work. Older homes are a little trickier because you need to figure out the composition of the mortar used and match it to make sure that the whole house moves together from settling/absorbing & shedding water/etc.

        • Call Edgar’s Masonry. They are a bit on the high side but do truly excellent work that will last. They repointed our whole house, and we couldn’t be happier.

          • Thanks — they’re already on my list (perhaps because of your rec — I knew someone on PoPville had recommended them).

  • Rave/rant: Job had 2 days with pastries or cake. The devil!
    Rant: Fox surmising the church shooting was religious rather than racial when the guy said it was racial. Stop making yourself the victims.
    Rave: Got weekend doctor’s appt after lots of calls.
    Question: Any dermatologist recommendations? Prefer experience with ethnic skin & downtown, but open.

    • No ethnic skin here but I like Dr. Koch at Integrated Dermatology of 19th Street (they’re on 19th between L and M so super convenient). They’ve gotten me in quickly for everything from skin checks to getting a mole removed.

      • How was mole removal with scarring? I’m leery of stuff being done to my face, but this whatever is has gotta go.

      • Anon Spock I went to Dr. Yoanda Holmes for several years. The majority of the people in the waiting room were African American though I am Caucasian. I had three moles removed and several years later the scarring in minimal (on my chest and back, not face, though).

  • Rant: Subway poop emoji guy gets WaPo story, makes the front page of Jezebel this morning as some sort of folk hero. Bonus, Columbia Heights is described as “just over the border” from MtP, probably not the best choice of words. I normally love the Kitchenette blog, but that was a misfire.
    Rave: Was craving some sort of stir-fried Asian noodle dish last night, went full on “Chopped” style re-purposing some udon soup bowls from Trader Joe’s with a bunch of veggies and thin-sliced beef, turned out really tasty.
    Rave: Taking the leap the weekend and selling the second car we never use. I’ve calculated that it’s cost me about $1.50 a day to keep on the road for the last couple of years, but I’ve decided even that’s not worth it for the couple of times a month it gets driven (if that). I hope it has a happy second life.

    • Accountering

      I mean this in a friendly way, but as an accountant, there is virtually no chance your car only cost you $1.50/day.
      Even if your insurance is $200/6 months, and you throw in a bit of repair (things break down) as well as a couple oil changes, some sort of registration/inspection cost, and then some depreciation (even a 10 year old car worth $2500 last year is now an 11 year old car worth $2200 this year) and you are likely looking at a bare minimum of at least $1000 in cost, best case scenario. Granted that is only $3/day. Regardless, very cool on getting rid of it. Andie and I are pretty excited to dump one of our cars and get down to just 1.

      • You’re not getting rid of the Element, are you?

      • I hear you, but it really is close to $1.50, believe it or not. It’s 14 years old, paid off more than 11 years ago. Insurance is about $420/year and registration/RPP was $72/year. For the last two years, there’s been one self-done oil change and the only repair needed was an $8 low beam bulb. As to recent depreciation, it’s worth so little at this point and was paid off so long ago that it’s almost trivial to consider it an asset. However, if you factor that in, the cost is probably barely over $2. Still, happy just to not even have to think about it sitting for weeks on end, moving only for street cleaning and taking up a spot someone else needs much more than I do.

        • Accountering

          Depreciation is real! (The accountant in me screams!) Also, your self don
          Totally agree with you on getting rid of it though. Good for you. Even $2/day is a silly waste, and the hassle and inconvenience of it outweighs the cost. Your neighbors will thank you for the extra parking spot as well!

    • The bit about CH being just over the border from MtP reminds me of one of my favorite DC boners from Bones. Booth lives over Sportsman Liquor on Mt Pleasant street, right? So a crime occurs “in Columbia Heights” and it’s determined from security footage that the suspect is a white male. Booth says “A white guy would really stand out in THAT neighborhood.” We laughed like loons. Bad enough that they got the demographics so wrong. But it’s mere blocks from where Booth himself is shown to live! I loved that show in large part for its DC boners.

      • Quotia Zelda

        I love the dumb DC things on Bones, too. I also loved the time on Criminal Minds when the Red Line went to Fort Detrick.

      • I can’t remember which crime-solving show it was (I usually watch them only when I’m traveling for work), but I remember seeing some episode in which a character was supposedly in Dupont Circle… in an area which looked nothing like Dupont Circle.
        I watched only the opening episode of “The Blacklist,” but I had to snicker at “the D.C. Zoo” and “D.C. General Hospital.” (Or some hospital name along those lines.)

        • “I remember seeing some episode in which a character was supposedly in Dupont Circle… in an area which looked nothing like Dupont Circle.” Was it Homeland? I’m pretty sure this happened in Homeland.

          • “Homeland” is the acclaimed show with Claire Danes and Damian Lewis, right? I’ve never seen “Homeland,” so at least TWO shows must be doing poor substitutes for Dupont Circle.

          • there was a scene in homeland where carrie was supposedly meeting someone in farragut square…..which looked more like clarendon.

          • Ah yes, anon, that sounds right. I just knew it was a part of DC that I see regularly … that looked nothing like DC at all.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Carrie’s apartment in Adams Morgan is ginormous, she must get paid loads.

    • skj84

      agree on your first rant. The whole story reeks of privilege in my opinion. Really rubs me the wrong way that Jezebel and Washington Post are giving him positive attention.

      • That whole Jezebel/Gawker crowd are pretty disgusting anyway, so I’m not surprised. Rather than actually bring anything to the conversation, the commenters in that site will just tell you to eat crap and kill yourself.

    • emvee

      Wooooo car downsizing! I fully support you in this endeavor!

  • Rant: broke my coffee mug lid & spilled coffee down my side.
    Rave: Contigo sells replacement lids separately & now has stainless steel water bottles with a straw!
    Rave: Holy moly, all of a sudden my kid can largely do her alphabet puzzle on her own–telling us which letters go with which pictures on the puzzle board. Amazing 🙂
    Rave: Actually got 7.5+ hours of sleep last night. Awesome!
    Rave: My father in law is not putting up an argument about my wife coming out for his next oncology visit to discuss likely upcoming chemo treatments.
    Rant: A little anxious about FIL needing my wife’s help (across the country) at the same time new baby is due/newborn but we have plenty of family support on the East Coast to help me as needed so I’m trying to not worry until there’s an issue.

    • Keeping my fingers crossed that your FIL responds well to treatment and that you have lots of support for both you and your wife. The sandwich years are hard, hard, hard.

      • Thanks muchly. We’ve been super lucky so far that he’s been in excellent health, and I dread the time when he needs more help since his whole life and social structure is in the pacific NW (so moving here wouldn’t be a great option) and we’re here. Fortunately, my parents are moving here, they’re 10 years younger than my FIL (also currently in excellent health) and can therefore likely help out as needed with kids/etc if my wife (or both of us) need to travel out there for things. Hopefully I’m thinking way ahead of myself, though! Internet research tells me that it’s reasonably common for non-hodgkins lymphoma to go into remission for a few years after treatment, so hopefully that will be the case here.

  • Accountering

    Rave: We FINALLY got our gas connected. 20 days after moving in, we finally were able to take a hot shower this morning. It was glorious. This also means our gas stove and clothes dryer now work as well. Big step forward!
    Rave2: Friday! Getting out for another run today, and ready to get back at it!

  • Rave: Had a different commute this morning so got to chat with the awesome crossing guard at 17th and New Hampshire.
    Rant: He’s off on summer vacation! Who will brighten our morning now? 😉
    Rave: Hanging with a good friend this evening to celebrate some good news amongst lots of bad.
    Rant: Lots of work, lots of potential change, trying to embrace it but uncertainty is tough for me.
    Rave: Best friend and his partner visiting soon! I’m so excited.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: I’ve been assigned a new project at work that has some actual deliverables besides snark.
    Rave: My Oriental lilies are blooming!
    Rave: Jurassic world on Sunday!
    Rant: Carpet beetles.

    • Yay on your Oriental lilies!

    • If you have to have a pest, carpet beetles are the best one to get. Just lots of vaccuming in all the corners and crevices, for several weeks. I’ve heard of people spending literal thousands of dollars to dry clean every scrap of fabric, but they’re not that resilient. Our house came with them, and we got rid of them in less than a month, once we figured out what to do.

  • emvee

    Rave: Got a super flattering offer for an interview from my biggest crush of an organization.
    Rave: Liking my current job enough to say thanks but no thanks!
    Rave: Getting into Amy Poehler’s book and remembering how wonderful she is.
    Rave: Friday!
    Rant: No rants today! Not even rude, ignoring neighbors shall bring me down.

  • Mug of Glop

    Rave: Yay it’s Friday!
    Rant: I’ve been super-tired most evenings for the past couple weeks. I think I need to sleep more to keep up this horrible running habit…
    Rave: Party on Saturday and party on Sunday! Planning on making some shrimp and tilapia ceviche for the Saturday party. Haven’t made it in a while because it’s a huge pain, but my new hand juicer should help out.
    Rant: I don’t think it’s actually called a hand juicer. Citrus press? Lemon squeezer?
    Unknown: 15 mile run commitment for tomorrow morning. Let’s see if I’m actually up for it…

    • Mug of Glop

      Oh, and Super-Rave: Just secured my transfer registration for the Marine Corps Marathon! Woot!
      Consolation Rant: I have to run the thing now…

      • That’s great! You can do it!

        • Mug of Glop

          Thanks! This’ll be marathon number three! Third time’s a charm, right? (Hopefully the weather will be much better than that abysmal RnR:DC earlier this year…)

  • Rant: Came in to a really messy kitchen at work this morning (cleaned it up, while our temp receptionist not only brought me another thing to wash, she just sat at her desk)…
    Rave: she’s being replaced next week.
    Rave: a coworker brought in cinnamon rolls and a vendor brought in doughnuts. And I had both, and I feel zero guilt.
    Rave: Heading to Beer, Bourbon & BBQ tonight with a bunch of friends!

  • Rant: I’ve gone from only wanting to eat white foods to wanting to eat nothing and feeling dizzy and queasy all the time. Craving whole cheese pizzas was way better.
    Rant: I have a very social weekend planned just as morning sickness is starting to really kick in. I really want to be able to to enjoy my time with my friends.
    Rave: Still pregnant! Everything is right on track and that’s really all that matters.

    • I think you need a new handle! 😀

    • Have you tried ginger tea or ginger chews? Both options really helped some of my friends during the queasy morning sickness phase.

      • I’ve actually been drinking lemon-ginger tea all morning. And spicy iced chai. The spiciness is helping!

    • Dizzy doesn’t sound great. If it continues, consider getting in touch with the midwives. They should be able to fit you in today if needed. Have you tried ginger candies? I also love Celestial Seasoning’s ginger-lemon tea. That helps calm my stomach. The dizziness sounds like it could be lack of food/hydration–so try to get in at least a little bit of food/liquid regularly. Sending hugs!

      • yes, or blood pressure related. definitely doesn’t hurt and they should welcome increased monitoring.

      • I think you’re both right — I definitely need more sustenance. I didn’t have a proper dinner last night and am realizing that’s just not an option anymore. I think I need to go to a grocery store and see if I can find anything that’s appealing.

        • That sounds like a good idea. (Good point on the blood pressure, jindc–that could also be hydration related or an issue on its own if you’re well-hydrated) But yeah, it’s nuts how much more regularly I need to eat these days. There were definitely times that the only thing I could stomach were cheetos–and then sometimes after I ate those, I was able to at least pick at my salad or veggies. I usually found that I could eat anything that sounded good/appealed to me, so hopefully that works for you as well!

          • I’ve always had -really- low blood pressure, so I’m sure this has something to do with it. And wow, do cheetos sound good! The vegetables … not so much 🙂 By the way, Pret a Manger has a salad right now that it rocking my world. The “egg and veggie power lunch” has quinoa with lentils, an egg, edamame, pickled cabbage and cilantro. Is it lunchtime yet?

          • Good to know on the salad! I don’t work by a pret, but am occasionally in the vicinity of one–so I’ll keep that in mind. Hope you find something you can eat 🙂 And lol on the cheetos–I so know how that feels 🙂
            It’s lunchtime if you’re hungry! Or at the minimum snack time. I’m usually a grazer when it comes to eating, particularly during the week, but especially more so while pregnant. Smallish quantities of food nearly constantly…

          • If your body says it’s time for lunch, then it’s lunchtime! And now I want to try that salad 🙂

          • Yes on the small quantities of food constantly. I had dizziness problems in the first trimester if I didn’t eat every few hours, and I while I never really got bad morning sickness, I was able to stave off any nausea by constantly eating.

    • Sea-Bands really help with nausea!! I get migraines and deal frequently with nausea, and those sea-bands have been life-savers. I like the ones that are stretchy bands with the plastic button. the ones that are all plastic with the dial to tighten don’t work as well, IMO.

      • Thanks! Are they conspicuous? Meaning, if I show up to work wearing one, will it be a telltale sign to colleagues?

        • This is the first I’ve heard of Sea-Bands being used for anything rather than regular motion sickness. Sounds from what anongardener says that if anyone asks, you could claim migraines.
          So (IMO, anyway), not a telltale sign.

          • For what it’s worth, some colleagues may figure it out because it is relatively common. It’s how I figured out my sister was pregnant before she officially told me.

  • Rave: Friday! I’m trying to make it to a coworker’s birthday happy hour on U St, the free concert at Yards Park, and another coworker’s get-together on 14th, all in one night!
    Rave: Leaving for Lake Tahoe (home) tomorrow evening.
    Rave: almost done packing up my apartment to move on June 30th (a day after I get back from CA)
    Rave: double birthday brunch tomorrow morning!
    Rave: call from Allstate telling me they’re covering my $500 deductible to get my car fixed after someone hit and ran it while it was street-parked.
    Revel: stress levels are oddly low for all of the above. I am looking forward to a relaxing week. 🙂

  • Rave: Korean BBQ with my coworkers last night as a farewell to my supervisor who is leaving. So good!
    Rant: Weather isn’t looking too great for our Event of Doom tomorrow. It will be held regardless, it’ll just be even more of a headache if the weather is bad…
    Rave?: If the weather is bad, maybe fewer people will attend and I’ll actually be able to get some food.
    Rant: Office building is moving at a snail’s pace in fixing the leak in the pipes in our wall. They still haven’t even started work on my roommate’s wall. I really doubt it will be finished by the time I leave next week, even though they said it would be. It’s looking a mess and only having temp AC units (my roommate and I have to alternate using them because if both are on they blow the fuse since they’re on the same circuit grid) is a pain. Grrr.

    • palisades

      Korean BBQ is effing delicious. It’s a great deal too. You went to Annandale I assume?

      • Yes! Yechon, which I’d never been to before. 🙂

        • That One Guy

          There are better places to go to.
          One day, perhaps there’ll be a PoPville Korean food run.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I don’t think I’ve ever had Korean food; I must rectify this situation!

          • Emilie – gasp, you should!! It’s pretty good. Mandu has some good happy hours and good food, I don’t think there are any KBBQ places that are metro accessible. It’s worth a try though, fun experience. 🙂

  • Rave: I slept so hard last night: no dreams, no nightmares, no waking up.
    Rant: I did not get to the gym this morning. This week has been a complete fail on the work out front.
    Rave: It is Friday! I need this weekend so very much.
    Rant/Rave?: My niece’s graduation party is this weekend. My sister and her husband are co-hosting the party with my BIL’s ex-wife. I hope all the adults act like it. This should be interesting.

  • Rant: why is it that it’s the pain in the ass kids who have the best attendance records?
    Revel: I have lots of little elves to help me organize

  • Rave: Friday! No plans, just hopefully relaxing, catching up on some much needed sleep, and basking in the longest day of the year, if possible!
    Rant: Feeling a bit hopeless that humanity will ever get their shit together.

  • skj84

    Rave: I got a job offer!

    Rant: it’s not my first choice. Which I’m still waiting to hear back from.

  • Revel: I met someone recently through a friend. It’s super rare for me but I think I’m actually interested in her. I heard through the friend the feeling is mutual. We didn’t exchange info when we met but we’ll be crossing paths in the near future.
    Rant: Someone from my past who lives abroad wants to visit me. It’s kind of a big deal for her seeing as though she hasn’t visited me in the states before. Although I’m sure we would have ‘fun time’ I’m not sure I feel like going down that road with her.

    • “Someone from my past who lives abroad wants to visit me. [. . .] Although I’m sure we would have ‘fun time’ I’m not sure I feel like going down that road with her.”
      You mean this is an ex who you think wants to do a combination D.C. visit/booty call? Are you sure she actually has the latter in mind?

  • Does anyone by chance have the link for the bagel recipe that was posted on RRR a while back? I’m hoping to make some tonight/tomorrow morning and remembered thinking that I wanted to try that recipe out. I tried searching my browser history to no avail.

    • It was the sophisticated gourmet NY style bagel recipe — I made these bagels and they were delicious!!

    • here you are! (w/o spaces, of course)
      http ://www.sophisticatedgourmet. com/2009/10/new-york-style-bagel-recipe/

      • Thank you so much!! Looking forward to trying it out.

        • My pleasure–enjoy! I will say that they didn’t come out as well the second time around. I paid less attention to how much water I added, so had to add extra flour to get the right consistency. I also misread the sugar amount. And possibly boiled a little too long? Hard to say. So try to follow closely. I’m hoping to make them again in the next few weeks and replicate my initial success.

  • Rave: I’m being super productive on my work from home day.
    Rave: baseball game tomorrow.
    Rave: yoga at lunch.
    Rave: I broke my “no projects” rule at the thrift store and picked up a vintage Pendleton two piece outfit that is going to become something awesome. I couldn’t resist the travel theme print and full, tea length skirt. And I got a set of 4 silver rimmed tumblers. Because I love vintage glassware and refuse to admit I have a problem and no space for it.
    Rants: ain’t got time for those.

    • That Pendelton suit sounds amazing

      • Ah, it posted too soon!
        Your Pendleton suit sounds amazing – which thrift shop? And there’s always room for just a few more glasses, right?
        I have the same challenge with plants – no room for more, but still I buy more….

    • Emmaleigh504

      I have a problem with vintage glassware too. Maybe we should start a support group.

      • This is why I’m not allowed to go back to Wagging Tails Thrift Shop. It’s endless displays of glassware. They even had a set, it must have been like 5 or 6 styles of glass, lots of each, all in the same color, all with the same etching of my last initial. I held back.

  • Rant: software that only runs on Explorer. Why would a company just exclude such a swath of the market? And it’s not like the developers were taken by surprise. IE hasn’t been an option on macs since 2005. They’ve had ten years to tweak things to run on other browsers. What gives??

  • Bear

    Rave: Working from home. Having a hard time getting motivated to get things done, but it’s nice after an annoying week to be able to mostly avoid coworkers.
    Rant: The waiting game after a proposal is submitted. We should be hearing any day now (hopefully). The decision on this one determines if I will try to stay at my current organization or move on.
    Rave: If I decide to move on, I think I have a good shot at a position open at a competitor. I don’t have a huge network in DC, but I do have a couple of strong contacts, and it really does help.
    Rave: Low-key weekend ahead. I need some down time!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: new work situation is cutting down on my blog reading, but it’s not work that is interrupting my blog time. grrr
    Rave: Puppy jailbreak!

  • Rant: In trying to “turn a new page”, become healthier and lose some weight I gave up alcohol 2 months ago. It worked, I feel great, lost 13 lbs etc.

    I decided to ease back into social drinking last night at the two month anniversary of no drinking and had 1, I repeat ONE beer last night after work and I woke up pretty hungover this morning. My body is reacting as though I drank a bottle of rubbing alcohol or something…geez.

    • Very encouraging to see this in particular today: my best friend and I have been on the fence about cutting out alcohol, and social drinking especially…seems that it’s been working wonders for you? Great!

    • I Dont Get It

      Good for you on your new page!

    • I’ve been restricting myself to 1200 calories a day in order to lose a few pounds, and I’ve found that I can either have a drink or a small portion of dessert, but not both. Or if I do plan on having multiple drinks I have to limit myself to one meal. The alcohol calories can really add up!

  • Blithe

    Rave: Jon Stewart’s monologue. He gets it. He really gets it. It’s great to see someone in his position — particularly with the audience that he draws — using his powers for Good.
    Beyond Rant: The need for Jon Stewart’s monologue in the first place.
    Observation.: Juneteenth and “Independence Day” celebrations provide opportunities for teachable moments, healing, and growth — if we choose to use them.

  • This week has been so busy I haven’t even been able to read PoPville.
    Rave! Wednesday’s HH. Sorry I could only stay a minute, but it was great meeting Justin and AliceinDC.
    Rave: That event I went to afterwards went swimmingly, and we walked away with a ton of loot
    Rant: My partner for that event isn’t much of a texter, so I have trouble gauging expectations here.
    Rave: Boss seems to trust me more lately
    Rave: Lindsey Stirling Concert was really cool (I didn’t know what to expect but is was so entertaining!
    Rave: RomCom continues to be amazing and darling (and takes me to such concerts)
    Rave: Friday.
    General happiness!

    • Your date for Wednesday post-HH wasn’t RomCom Guy and wasn’t Main Squeeze either? You’ve got a few irons in the fire there!

      • Not all my humans are romantic interests, dear textdoc. Also, Main Squeeze has all but disappeared, so I’m guessing we can cross him off. :/

    • Oh no! I must have somehow missed meeting you! (Unless I did meet you and just forgot, which is extremely possible!) – hopefully some other time!

      • I left pretty early… Next time! Unless I’m abroad. (well, I’m always a -broad). If so, then the time after that!

  • Crowdsourcing a plant-finding question: Anyone have any suggestions for getting lantana? A patch of our front yard was used as staging for the repointing in front, and it killed all the plants we had there. We’re planning on replacing plants this fall when it’s a little easier for them to get established, but want some summer color in the meantime. Lantana has worked out well for us in the past, but I’m not sure where we can get it without schlepping out to the burbs. Any ideas? Thanks muchly!

    • I Dont Get It

      Rhode Island Home Depot had some. Last time I was a 14th and U Farmer’s market (it’s been couple of weeks) they had some.

    • Columbia Heights farmers market had a vendor selling potted plants last week, and I’m sure I saw some lantana in there, already in bloom.

    • I got some “Lantana — Chapel Hill Series” at the Home Depot on Rhode Island Avenue NW last summer. It didn’t survive, so I’ve been checking there periodically in the hopes of replacing it. I hadn’t seen any lantana there yet, but IDGI says he has, so maybe it’s come in since my last visit.

    • I like American Plant Nursery and Johnson’s – they both have good varieties and healthy plants

    • Thanks everyone! We’ll definitely check out the Columbia Heights farmers market & branch out from there as needed.

  • When I talk to my basement tenant about the detergent scent issue, I should (if possible) do it in person rather than by email, right? (Since tone in email can be so easily misread?) She’s been out of town. I was originally going to bring it up by email, then thought it might be better to talk in person once she’s back.

  • Rave: plans with work crush this weekend
    Rant: we’re just friends
    Probably rave: pretty sure we’re not allowed to date, so it’s all for the best.
    Neutral for now: date with someone else tentatively planned for Saturday. Still trying to feel this person out.

    • Hang in there. My boss had a crush on me for years, and obviously wasn’t allowed to act on it (or even let on to me), but once I retired a couple of years ago, she was free to make a move, and we’re very happy together now.

  • Rave: my life is a circus of fun thanks to my new friends.
    Rant: former flame stood right beside me with his date at a show. literally why?
    Rave: watched former flame get told by people to GTFO after trying to start an argument with strangers over nothing. he literally started yelling at people in front of him. his poor date looked unamused and he LEFT HER standing alone when he walked away! After show saw her arms crossed pissed staring at him as he was talking to his friends. been there. RAVE because I’m not dating him anymore!

  • Rant: As I was dressing myself at the gym, I realized that I had my wife’s khakis.
    Rave: They fit (sort of), so I didn’t have to go all the way home before going to work.
    Rave: No meetings today, so I can hide in my office, and no one will know that my pants fit me funny.
    Rant/question: All the pockets are either fake or useless. What’s up with that?
    Rave: When I launch my future drag career, I will know that I wear a size 8.

    • I love this entire series of rants/raves. 🙂
      “All the pockets are either fake or useless. What’s up with that?” Ahh, a question I have oft asked. Not only do some pants for women lack pockets completely, some have the worst of both worlds: they have pockets, but the pockets are so small they can’t hold anything properly.
      My cell phone is a small, ancient phone, and fits in any self-respecting pants pocket (though I usually keep it in my purse unless I’m expecting a call or have just received one). However, the pants I’m wearing today have such narrow pockets that my phone fell out. (Fortunately, I was sitting at my desk.)

    • I’ve heard of “boyfriend jeans” and “mom jeans” but now we have “wife khakis.” PoP exclusive.

    • “All the pockets are either fake or useless. What’s up with that?”
      I think it’s the patriarchy’s way of keeping us down. Can’t mount a decent revolution if you don’t have a place to stash your grenades and whatnot. The vamps from noir films tried to get around it by keeping their derringers down their decolletage, but what kind of damage are you going to do with a tiny little gun like that? Proves my point.

      • Because most women have curves, which cause the pockets to pucker out unattractively. And if you do put something in a pocket, your hips/butt will either bend it or cause it to get pushed out. It’s better to not have them.

      • Private detective Miss Fisher does pretty well with the revolver she keeps on her garter.

      • I Dont Get It

        Geez give me a good pair of cargo pants and I can shoplift a Thanksgiving dinner for 10. Guys have it so easy when it comes to clothing.

      • Sisters gotta rise up! My rear pockets are about an inch deep, so no place for a wallet. I have front pockets, but the opening is only 2 inches wide–two small for my hands or my derringer. Forget about my iphone.

    • I Dont Get It


    • Blithe

      lol! Thanks for posting this — it gave me my first genuine laugh of the day! I’m with textdoc — the main reason that I regretted moving from my Krzr to an iphone is that I can no longer fit my phone in my front jeans pocket, or even some of my jacket pockets, so I now often have to carry a bag if I want to have my phone with me. And I really get ranty about the lack of inside pockets in women’s jackets. grrrrr

  • Late to ranting and raving, but so be it!
    Rave: At long last, I think we’ve set our move date.
    Rave: Which means that we can schedule our farewell party. I’ll share details once that’s final. Please come!
    Rant: Still not much movement on the job front, but everyone I’ve talked to seems to think I’ll be just fine, if not better off than I am in DC. I need to get better at the whole patience thing. And probably the networking and perseverance things too.

  • Rant : Yulin Dog Meat Festival. I don’t understand how such a practice is allowed to go on. Signed a few petitions, but it’s made me so sick I can’t concentrate.
    Rave: All the other people who signed and all the people doing animal rescue work that make me feel somewhat better about the world.

  • That One Guy

    Two caffeine runs and still soooo soooo sleepy. *yawn*
    Where is the yawning emoticon when you need it.

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