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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Mug of Glop

    Rave: That awesome squirrel picture from yesterday! Still chuckling about it.
    Rave: Pretty okay run last night. Went fast and almost didn’t die trying!
    Rant: That almost part. Feeling kind of dehydrated and woozy this morning. Yay ibuprofen and water!
    Rave: Weekend is almost here!
    Rant: Have to go to Columbus next week. Ick.
    Rave: Homemade tuna salad sandwiches.

    • YES to your first rave. That was priceless!

      • Mug of Glop

        For the longest time, I read your name as Mount President (or Mountain president?). It took me like six months to figure out that it might be Mt. Pleasant Resident. Still trips me up sometimes!

        • lol–I’ve also gotten “Montana President”. I failed to capitalize when I first registered my user name, and can’t change it unless I register under a new email address. Oops.

  • Rant: Church shooting in Charleston. Sending them prayers for peace and healing this morning.
    Rant: George Huguely V appealing his conviction on the grounds that he wasn’t allowed competent defense because ONE of his TWO lawyers missed part of his trial because of an illness and the judge wouldn’t delay the proceedings.
    Rave: Started the morning with a walk with my lovely wife. We really need to get back into the habit of doing that more regularly. Thank you roomie for being on call with the kiddo!
    Rant: “Wait and see” sounds like it’s turning into chemo for my father in law. Sh!t. Hoping my wife can convince her dad to let her come out for the next oncology appointment so we can get a clearer idea of what to expect and what his needs will be. Thank goodness my parents should be available if I need help with toddler+infant so that my wife can be with her dad during treatment if needed.
    Feeling the need to end with a rave: grateful for my lovely daughter who brings many smiles to my face daily.

    • Sadly, George Huguely will appeal his conviction as many times as the law will allow because he can afford it. As someone who is personally close to this case, it hurts my heart to see this being dragged out but the things that Yeardley’s family has done in creating One Love to spread the anti-domestic violence message and let her legacy live on will overshadow anything Huguely will try to do.

      • Its sad that we have due process in this country?

        • Accountering

          It is sad that he is subverting the legal process to these ends, and to stay in the news. This guy is guilty. His peers said so, beyond a reasonable doubt. Yes, it is a bit sad that he gets to waste so much more time and emotion over what isn’t even really a technicality.

          • The same thing happened with my accident. Guy caught running from the scene, seen by multiple witnesses, didn’t get convicted for a year because he was able to delay and change venue. I love the law, but it gets ridiculous at times.

          • Look, he’s guilty as sin, and deserves to rot in prison. But you can’t say that taking advantage of constitutionally permitted appeals constitutes “subverting the legal process” – that IS the legal process.

          • Accountering

            Agree with dcd, my choice of wording was wrong. I hate that he is able to utilize our criminal justice system (which I think is top notch) to simply waste time and money, and get out of prison for the day, when doubt no longer exists about his guilt, or the fairness of his trial. Well, doubt in my mind at least. I suppose that is why the SC exists, to ensure there is NO doubt. Either way, guy is a douche, and deserves to rot in prison.

          • Our criminal justice system is top notch?? LOL! Google Bronx courts as a starter on how messed up it is in some places…

        • I’m all for due process and thats why I said he will appeal his conviction as many times as the law allows it because he can. Do I find it ridiculous that he is appealing (to the Supreme Court) his murder conviction because one of his two extremely well paid criminal defense lawyers was sick during the trial, leaving just one to defend him for part of it? Yes, yes I do. To me, there is a major difference between having an awful lawyer who did not do their job and having one (of two… from a well reputed firm) be out for a few days. There has never been a question of whether he committed the murder or not, he abused his girlfriend for years before killing her; now he is just appealing because he can.

          • But the only way the law is able to define “the awful” lawyer you speak about, so people can know when representations falls below the threshold required by the constitution, is for people to appeal. Then the appeals process can rule that no, this type of circumstance where one lawyer was absent still counts as representation. Your feelings on what a good or bad lawyer is cannot be used as the yardstick to measure adequate representation, only court opinions can. And we only get opinions through the appeal process.

          • Accountering

            Oh… my feels can CERTAINLY be used as a yardstick to measure adequate representation. Sure, he is legally allowed to do what he is doing, and court opinions are the recourse, but I am more than fair to judge and say that it is bogus.

          • anon, I see your point and understand that my opinion on what constitutes good and bad representation doesn’t really matter because that is for the law to decide. When I say “awful” lawyer, I mean the cases where lawyers have clearly done something to violate their clients 6th amendment rights (not showing up, leaving out relevant information in the defense, etc). I personally do not think that having one of two completely competent lawyers being sick for a few days during his trial violated his rights. As you rightly say, that is up for the Supreme Court to decide. However, I can still have my opinion that his appeal is a frivolous last ditch attempt to avoid jail time for the horrible crime he committed and he got more than a fair trial with better than average representation (based on the facts that have been shared with the public).

          • You can FEEL whatever you want. But what you feel really bears no relation to any legal definition.

          • And I might agree with you SPshaw. But the point is, unless people are making what, as you describe frivolous last ditch attempts, then the law doesn’t get made. I would also point out that you said clearly done something to violate sixth amendment rights. And my point is nothing is clear violation until a court says so. SO unless he appeals, and until a court decides, there is no clarity. His appeal, and the system that allows it, serves a greater purpose than just his individual case.

          • Accountering

            Thanks for sharing your legal opinion, but frankly, this is rants and raves. How you feel, or what you think is all that is important here. I think it is bogus, and at some point a court will decide. I don’t much care that he has the right to do it, I think it is a garbage appeal, and I am annoyed that he gets to do that.
            Please do not disagree with my opinions, as they are just that, my (and SPShaw’s) opinion.

          • You’re annoyed he gets to do it, but you think our criminal justice system is top notch, which is it exactly?

          • HaileUnlikely

            I 100% agree with Accountering. I am only posting that because it doesn’t happen too often.
            Of course the guy has a legal right to appeal. No argument there. My opinion is that there are times when people should decline to exercise rights certain legal rights that they indisputably have. I think when you kill your girlfriend, get convicted, appeal, have the appeal denied, appeal again, and have it denied again, is about as good of a time as any to decline to exercise the right to keep appealing again and again and again.

          • So sorry that my opinions on this make you feel the need to show everyone that you are smarter than them. I understand our legal system and for that reason appreciate his right to appeal but that doesn’t mean I am skipping for joy that a convicted murderer is doing so. The world lost a wonderful human because of his actions so my OPINION is that his appeal is frivolous, unnecessary, and overall a waste of time. This is place for opinions, not a legal debate.

            Thank you Accountering for stating this much more clearly than I am able to.

          • Accountering

            Your basically trolling at this point, but yes, someone can appreciate our legal system, and the protections it provides us all, but also be annoyed about the functions of said system, and the ability of convicted criminals to abuse it. This is one of those times.

    • The good news about Huguely is that he’s not really appealing in the true sense and the chances of his petition getting beyond the initial stages are extremely slim. The Supremes don’t have to take every case that comes along, and in fact reject the vast majority of them — especially individual criminal petitions that don’t raise novel Constitutional questions or those over which there is a split among the various Circuit Courts. There’s nothing novel about his argument, nor is there a current split in the interpretation of the Constitution. The courts have pretty much settled on the idea that a certain amount of competence is required of attorneys (no sleeping during the trial), but no one is Constitutionally entitled to OJ’s Dream Team, especially all at the same time.

  • Rants: 1. Got Maced on the way home from work yesterday aboard the 39.
    2. NBC misreported the incident.
    3. WTF is going on that someone in their 20’s bombs a church?
    4. Have to haul a boatload of work into work today on the bus…

    Rave:1. It’s my FRIDAY!!!
    2. Part time job tomorrow

    • Maced on the 39?

      • Over 75 cents!!! News would have you believe he didn’t pay anything, the police identified themselves, he was peppered after they cleared the bus. All untrue.

        • Reports said .75 cents which is ridiculous. I’m all for getting fare jumpers, but that’s ridiculous.

          • Luckily there were no children or visibly pregnant woman aboard. Feel bad for the Seniors who were seated up front. Overzealous Transit cops are going to cost WMATA more than the 8 million they lost last year in fare jumping (supposedly what prompted these sting-like activities) at this rate. Wonder if the broken fare boxes were calculated.

        • I just read the article, which said he resisted arrest and was subsequently pepper-sprayed. Is that not the case?

          • Accountering

            Resist arrest=get pepper sprayed. Seems reasonable to me. Sorry for all the innocent bystanders… That sucks, but it sounds like everything was above board here. Pay your fare dude!

          • Yeah, that was the case if the officers have “abrasions” to their bodies. I’m a lot more inclined to think the guy was up to no good and willing to pick a physical fight with the transit cops. And this isn’t just over a measly 75 cents. It’s about law and order, and deterring theft, period. Repeated fare jumping, which is not uncommon on both the Metro and busses, is a significant cost to the system. Guess who pays for it? All of us who are paying our fares and taxes- yay!

          • How can you resist if you don’t know that the two dudes attacking you are the police?
            Why I am so pissed. The POLICE were undercover (dressed in plain clothes), never pulled out a badge. The bus driver didn’t even know, he and I were the last off the bus. I was all the way in the back reading with my headphones on. Once I got off the bus, I asked the ladies who got on the bus with me what was going on. They said he paid $1.00, next thing they knew he was upside down in the seat with the two men I saw restraining him.
            I am all for paying your fare, however, how prudent is it that we ALL were maced, deboarded, then had to find alternative ways home. I am extra pissed that the news didn’t listen to the dude who sent in the video. How could he feel nauseous if he was not exposed to the pepper spray? I was exposed at the very end of the bus, the only reason I deboarded. NEVER saw a badge. So from the back it looked like a simple fight.

  • Anonynon

    Rave: Justin Vernon taking jabs at Apple Music, supports spotify. Thats why he is the best.
    Rave: Met a good potential roommate last night, and then skyped with someone who i don’t think was a good fit. Not sure if i want to keep doing Skype interviews its like just come see the place and meet me!
    Rant: This is going to be hard to make a decision, what if the person I like the most doesn’t even want the place?!!?
    Rave: Stuff usually works out for me so I’m not too worried
    Rave: almost friday, very relaxing weekend ahead

    • Are you skyping local people?
      Rant seems like an easy decision because if #1 doesn’t want the place you just get to go to the next person. Much harder if multiple people want it.
      Good luck. So happy my top pick took the place at the viewing.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Cold sweats at work this morning. Not fun!
    Rave: Totally bizarre dream last night about going to this really cool bar in Baltimore and many of the women were wearing navy blue and orange. Has this become a thing?
    Rave: I love this time of year when you see almost daily and sometimes several times a day crowds of graduates in cap and gown with their proud parents outside DAR Constitution Hall. So fun!

    • I’m looking for throw pillows for my new place and I keep gravitating toward navy blue and orange color schemes now even though I don’t actually like it that much. I blame Popville!!

    • “and many of the women were wearing navy blue and orange” — You should have come to the PoPville happy hour last night, where Allison was rocking said color combination.

        • I’m not sure I would advocate the navy/orange combination in general, but the particular shades/pieces you were wearing worked well.

          • Allison

            I think it’s different when it’s two separate pieces of clothing (one navy, and one orange) as opposed to a pattern on a single piece that is both navy and orange. Depending on the proportions of the pattern, I could see how that might be aggravating to the eyes. Color blocking might be fine, but zigzag stripes maybe not.

    • I Dont Get It

      Rant: Is it too early for bonus rants? I came in early today because I had a teleconference at 9:30 and wanted to be extra early (See also: Red Line).
      Somehow I spaced through the meeting which I never do and usually if I’m a little late my boss or other team members email me or sends me message just like I do for them. I get that this was completely my fault but geez team, help a guy out. I was the only person on my team in the gold fish bowl today so I’m sure my boss just thinks I was late. Grr!

  • Rant: Overslept but
    Rave: Still off work tomorrow at 1.
    Rave: Friends keeping me in the loop before jobs are posted.
    Rant: No time to pack a lunch.
    Neither: Overpriced places in dc. $1300 for a basement room (Not apartment since no kitchen) in edgewood?? Is that the new normal?
    Rave: If so, it means I’ll have no problem getting higher rent at my condo.

  • Help? I’m trying to do something that may be impossible, but maybe you can help me make it possible. A friend and I are trying to throw a baby shower for a third friend on August 1 and for a variety of reasons none of us can throw this party at our own houses. We are looking for some kind of party space that could accommodate maybe 15-20 people for $20-$35 per person -max-. We can bring our own food or not as long as we stay in that budget. The other major concern is that the venue needs to be wheelchair accessible (so a picnic/party at a park wouldn’t work, sadly). Any brilliant ideas out there?

    • Accountering

      What about the party room at some new condo building? I am sure you can rent them out, especially if you are willing to pay?
      I know I went to an event at the Park Plaza at Petworth Metro, and it was a nice spot. I think they just had to pay $50/hour to rent it.

      • Can you rent condo party rooms if you don’t live in the building? I always assumed they were for tenants only.

        • Accountering

          That would be one of the constraints. I agree with anonima below, perhaps check with the other guests. I wouldn’t be surprised if you can do a party room if you are willing to pay. May be worth making a couple of calls.

    • I threw one at a friends ‘party room’ in their apartment complex. Maybe a guest of yours lives in a apt that is in a good location. Was $100 total to rent and with that option, we could bring in everything we wanted. good luck!

    • Have you looked in to high tea at the Willard? I don’t know the price but seems lovely. Or the Greenhouse at the Jefferson Hotel? Accountering’s idea for a condo party room is nice if you have friends with access. Or an accessible roof deck. This is a tough one!

    • That One Guy

      Does it have to be in DC proper? If not perhaps somewhere over the bridge in Arlington (Cheesecake Factory in Clarendon, Carlyle in Shirlington, The dim sum place in Rosslyn).

    • GiantSquid

      What about the North Hall at Eastern Market or one of the rooms at the Hill Center? Both are wheelchair accessible.

    • What about Hillwood Estate? Afternoon tea on Sundays is affordable and The cafe space is large enough, I think.

    • Allison

      I don’t know how they feel about people having “parties” there per se, but the Kogod Courtyard at the American Art Museum comes to mind as somewhere free where you could maybe bring your own food in, provided they don’t have another event scheduled there that day.

      • Allison, are you coming to the cosmetics/cookbook swap (Sun. 6/28, 3 p.m., Kogod Courtyard)?

        • Allison

          Hmm, I hadn’t planned on it, but now I am contemplating it. Perhaps someone would be interested in a NY Times Cookbook from the 60’s that a coworker once pawned off on me.

    • Thanks for the suggestions, guys! Quick update: One of the other good friends may be hosting at her house now. We’re also looking at Cake Room (any reviews?) — we’re going to see if the stairs may be manageable — and maybe even Room 11 if we can get the budget right. I probably should have also mentioned that we’re bound to central/NW DC or -maybe- Old Town Alexandria.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Outstanding PoP happy hour last night at City Tap House. Not only did they hook us up with a VIP private section but they kept bringing out free food all night. Thanks to everyone who came out, and if you didn’t then you really missed out on a good one!
    Rant: Today and tomorrow is AC / water heater replacement day, so no cold air or hot water for the next 2 days. Cats are freaking out at all the noise.

    • Accountering

      Damnit. We missed this one. Had to take the dogs to dog training. We will be at the next one!

    • Justin – I sent you a note about the happy hour…..did you have to pay for a reserved space? Or did the happy hour “coordinator” on the web site just block off an area for you and give you deals for the POP happy hour? I am trying to plan our adios gathering and I think this spot would work for good beer and food but don’t want to pay for space or necessarily have an open tab

      • justinbc

        I did not pay, we got lucky that a group who previously booked the space had cancelled so she gave it to us. Their management team is pretty awesome, I’m sure whatever you have in mind they could work something out with you.

        • Yeah, it definitely is one of the best run restaurants in DC. The one time I went there with a semi big group (10-12 people), the manager checked on us a couple times to make sure everything was going smoothly, and gave us free dessert too.

      • Pablo Raw

        And thanks again for organizing Justin! we got a really nice spot!

    • skj84

      AW! I had rehearsal last night. So bummed I missed.

  • Rant: Charleston. WTF? My heart hurts for the community there.
    Rant: Humidity. I’m over it and it’s not even summer yet.
    Rant: working in a stressful environment. As soon i walk in the office, blood pressure rises. It’s nonstop. People are so stressed out here
    Rave: Not much longer!
    Rave: Watching Amy Schumer clips makes it better

  • Rant: I still have that little tickle in my throat that makes me think I’m coming down with something. (It first made its appearance yesterday.)
    Rave: Nice to see PoPville regulars and to meet a few new folks at last night’s unofficial happy hour.
    Rave: It looks like the lily bulbs I planted a few weeks ago are starting to sprout.
    Rant: No sign of sprouting from the triteleia and crocosmia bulbs I planted. I’m wondering if I missed the window for the triteleia (which are supposed to bloom in “early summer”), and maybe if the crocosmia aren’t sprouting because the soil I planted them in (clay-ey soil around a streetlight) is crappy soil.
    Rave: Getting closer to the weekend.

    • I’m a Jess, I usually say Jessica because people mishear “Jess” all the time and I’ve had a lot of “Jeff” and “Jen” cups. My favorite Jessica misspelling was Jasika.

  • That One Guy

    Question: For those who frequent Starbucks, how have they butchered your name or written down an incorrect one?

    (Today I am Frank.)

    • Emmaleigh504

      My Starbucks doesn’t do names, so I am nameless 🙁

    • I’m always amused at the different ways my name is spelled when I order Starbucks, I started taking photos of all the different spellings. Some of them make sense, because to be fair there are many different ways to spell my name, but some of the just really strange. Like some versions have no vowels or don’t even start the with correct letter.

    • emvee

      “Marnie,” “Amarie.”(I give them the name “Maria” even though that is not technically my name)

    • Hahahaha, my friend documents this weekly on her Facebook feed. Her name is Chandra and the names the baristas write down are AMAZING.

    • I have a girlfriend who has a facebook photo album of all the ways starbucks barista’s have butchered her name on cups. It’s hilarious.

    • valentina

      I’ve Trice, Tacee, Trinae, and various other weird misspellings of my name. I have a very simple late 70’s baby name . I’m mystified at how it can be constantly chopped and screwed by Starbucks,

    • I love this about Starbucks… My real name is Jean. So far, I’ve gotten: Gene, Jene, Gia, Jee, Ji, and something that looked like the person was trying to write a G and J simultaneously (“I don’t know if she said J or G, so I’ll use both just in case”?). I’m almost disappointed when they spell it right.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: love/hate relationship with teleworking. I love having the option on snow days so I don’t have to use up PTO, but I sort of hate the regular “practice” days.
    Rant: Missed happy hour b/c of work.
    Rave: this blog. When I’m in a funk there’s always a cool house, pretty garden, or adorable pets to cheer me up. Plus all the cool people who frequent it. Hard to stay blue for long.

  • Rave: Wonderful time at unofficial PoPville HH! It was so nice to meet so many of you and discover you’re even more interesting and fun in person! Thanks for welcoming me into the fold!
    Rant: I can’t read popville on Chrome anymore because some video ad app is making it go berserk and making it impossible to scroll or hold my spot while reading. I can’t install adblocker on my work computer because I can’t install anything on my work computer!
    Rave: awesome boss
    Rant: The humidity. I know I complain about it every day but holy hell, it’s out of control.
    Rave: almost the weekend! Solstice and cinnamon buns are around the corner!
    Rant: I always get depressed after the summer solstice because I know the days start getting shorter and shorter from thereon out until midwinter. I do not handle the lack of sunlight well.

  • Rave: after all that drama over the past few weeks, friend crush asked me out last night. I was not so subtle with my comment to all my single guy friends (him included) who were complaining about dating in DC last night. “You’re single because you don’t try. If you like someone, ask them out, get their number. It’s not that hard.” Literally 15 minutes later he asked me to go out this weekend. Can’t make this up. Wasn’t aiming for that but not gonna complain. Wonder if we actually get along as more than friends…
    Rave: PoP commenters, even though I sometimes get short with y’all, you keep it real. Thanks for all the advice. ILY!

    • I wish my dating issues were as simple as: guy says he likes me, isn’t overly pushy, and I like him, but I can’t make a move because “It’s complicated”. Then when I complain about passive men he steps up immediately. Tough life LA lol

      • I know, right! Well I can now share that complication had something to do with his personal life so didn’t want to pursue on my own unless it was very clear that it’s okay.

  • emvee

    Rant: Neighbors who, for reasons unbeknownst to me, ignore us. We initially got along well and were cordial, and over the past few months, they straight up ignore us. We’ve entered the building front door at the exact same moment and I’ve said, “Hi [neighbor]!” and I got the cold shoulder. The same has happened on the bus. Had we not had such positive initial interactions, I’d chalk it up to them being introverts (fellow introvert here. I get it!). But we got along so seemingly well! I know, I know, I need to let this one go, but the rant had to happen.

    • Same here. We’ve been living next to our neighbors for four years and it seems like they don’t really say hi to us anymore. I didn’t think much of it but then my partner pointed it out and I’m worried we pissed them off somehow.

    • Weird. All I can guess is that they have some unknown beef with you, and instead of talking to you about it, they’re being passive-aggressive and deliberately ignoring you instead.

      • emvee

        That’s what I figure, too. I want to slide a form under their door that says, “Please rank the following in order of the egregiousness to you: A) vacuuming on Sunday mornings before noon. B) Sometimes using a blender at 7AM. C) Dog sometimes barks at doorbell. D) __________________”

        • Can you hear your neighbors using the blender? I always worry about this when I use mine at 7 am. My apartment had two elderly people on either side and I never heard anything, except for Sunday afternoon choir music, which I loved.

          • emvee

            I can hear their kitchen being used (not necessarily a blender, but unloading the dishwasher, etc), but I also feel like 7AM isn’t too horribly early for a weekday? Damn you, thin floors.

          • You can hear them unloading the dishwasher? That doesn’t sound good. Maybe seek them out and say, “Hey, I know the soundproofing in our building isn’t very good — we just wanted to check if there are noises you’re hearing from us that perhaps we can mitigate,” or something like that.

          • emvee

            I’ve thought about it, and I know that’s the Rational and Adult thing to do, but at this point the effort of seeking them out doesn’t seem worth it. They won’t even acknowledge my saying hello, so I’d have to corner them to ask, “WHAT IS WRONG AND HOW CAN I FIX IT?!” I’m not sure it’s worth it. 🙁

        • That One Guy

          ^E) All of the above, and you forgot to mention that one time you played music too loud and laughed too much.

        • Vacuuming before noon is a potential issue? Surely anytime after, say, 10 or 10:30 a.m. should be OK (unless your neighbors are college undergrads)?

    • Long shot: I get along with all my neighbors well, but I am really bad at recognizing faces. I have no problem with some people, but others, for no reason, I just never realize I know them until after we’ve passed each other and it seems like I’ve ignored them. After five years, I STILL have this problem with one particular neighbor, and I see her a few times a month. It’s kind of mortifying. (Gene Weingarten wrote something about this recently; I’m not as bad as he, but it’s still a problem.)

      • Oddly enough Gene Weingarten is one of the few people I consistently recognize in my neighborhood. Something about his appearance is very distinctive. 🙂

        • Heh heh!
          That’s great that you’re a neighbor of his — I envy you!

          • Although IIRC, he has a rather New York approach to parallel parking, so maybe it’s just as well that I’m not his neighbor. (“Gene, I love your column, but STOP BUMPING MY CAR!!”)

      • emvee

        I wish I could say this were the case. 🙁 We’re in a two-unit building. There’s no mistaking one person at the door for someone else.

    • Maybe they just went “from nods to nothing” like in Seinfeld? They just didn’t want to say hi anymore!

  • Revel: Falling in love. It’s delightful and…
    Rant: …terrifying.
    Rant: Stupid anxiety. Enjoy the moment, kid!
    Revel: He’s one of the good ones.

  • binpetworth

    Rant: Missed another PoP HH last night because…
    Rant: I was at the Nats game. The crappy, no-run, rained out Nats game in which our former player (Souza) got 2 runs for Tampa.
    Rave: Zimmermann pitched well, nonetheless.
    Rave: Ice cream at work.

  • Rant: The Columbia Heights Giant. It’s never been great, but I know that and accept it. It’s not particularly clean, and it takes forever to checkout, because I live a block away so I just get my staples there and go elsewhere for good stuff. But last night… A stock guy in produce walked by the bell peppers and one fell splat on the ground and rolled across the aisle; he accidentally kicked it, then he picked it up and threw it — from a distance of like eight feet — back onto the pile. Which explains the state of their produce. Then I head down to the dairy aisle, open the cooler door to get some milk. And the containers are sweating, and — oh, okay, the fridge is warm. And you know they’ll just fix it and turn it back on and beware anyone buying milk for the next week. Then it took 20 minutes for me to check out despite my being the second person in line. DAMMIT GIANT.
    Rave: I don’t have to go back there for at least another week.

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Best friend left town for her home.
    Revel: Had a lovely evening at The Partisan’s bar last night and learned that there are scotches I like.
    Rant: Ear hurts and throat is sore. It keeps coming and going.
    Rant: Feeling lately like everything’s broken and I can’t fix it. Very tough to stay positive.
    Revel: People you’ve never met reaching out to help. Every little bit makes a difference. Thank you!
    Revel: Coffee.

  • Rave: Tremendously sh*tty day did not end being as tremendously sh*tty as it could have been, and I adulted the hell out of that situation.
    ?: BF at least trying to be more supportive. I guess as long as he is trying, it’s ok? A friend reminded me that I’m such a strong woman that I can be really hard to support since I don’t want anyone fixing my problems. Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing?

  • Rant: A friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer and scheduled for surgery tomorrow. What could I bring his wife to distract her while she waits during surgery? Any other tips for helping out?

    • Having been in that situation, there isn’t much you can do to distract her while waiting. I would recommend getting her some trashy magazines, and if she is into word games or something, a book of crosswords. I didn’t have the mental capacity to focus on much during the hours I had to wait, so whatever you choose to bring, make sure it is relatively easy. Depending on the time and length of the surgery, you may want to consider bringing her lunch from outside of the hospital.

      • That One Guy

        Also a hug. Don’t forget that.

        • Eh, that really depends on the friend. Me personally, I was too emotionally spent and didn’t really want anyone to touch me. The absolute only person I would have wanted a hug from was my now husband (fiance at the time), who couldn’t fulfill that as he was the one having surgery. Obviously, I know that not every is like that, but that is something only the OP can judge.

      • +1. That was what I was going to suggest. Light reading and food. She might not be hungry during the surgery due to anxiety and whatnot, but she’ll need food at some point and will appreciate having something immediately available to eat…

        • I was completely uninterested in eating during my mom’s surgeries but was fine with drinking. Smoothies (and milkshakes..) were great.

    • Very sorry about your friend. I hope all goes well tomorrow and during his recovery. Maybe you could bring her some light reading like a book you really enjoyed or a magazine. Other ideas: one of those adult coloring books and a set of colored pencils; a Yes or Know book; or suggest a good podcast, if she listens to those.

  • Rant: both adult bathrooms are out of order because people are flushing pads and tampons. Gross
    Revel: watching lilo and stitch with the kids. 3 days left of school.

    • Does that mean you have to use a tiny toilet?

      • Allison

        Haha, I laughed so hard the few times I had to use those damn tiny toilets at schools. I feel like a giiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaant!! Good to see you last night, iindsay.

      • It means I have to walk across the school to use the bathroom in the office. I’m not above the tiny toilets but I feel weird being in there when kids are in school.

    • At least tampons are flushable in theory (if perhaps not in actuality). But who flushes pads?!?

      • My first job was a janitor, and I pulled an unused pad out of a toilet. I can’t even fathom why it ended up there.

  • Random somewhat gross question, but the rats discussion in the Barracks Row post made me wonder – do you all frequently see rodents in the Metro?

    I’d (surprisingly?) never seen one on the DC metro (New York is another story)…until last night at Gallery Place when there were three baby ones running all over the place on the tracks/walls.

    • Couple years ago, I saw 2-3 of them at the U St station. That’s the only time I can remember seeing rodents in a Metro station.

    • I see mice fairly often in the Metro – just stare at the tracks, let your eyes go relaxed, as if you were going to read one of those Magic 3-D books, and you’ll start seeing them scurry around, darting back and forth. It’s not all the time, but if there are tracks with food trash around, keep your eyes peeled, they’re there.

      • Allison

        Yes, I couldn’t think of it, but that is precisely the key to seeing them! They’re the same color as the cement, so you have to look for the movement, not the mouse.

    • Allison

      I do see them frequently. I think people would see them more if they paid attention in the metro system, but most people waiting for a train are on their phone, or reading or something. They skimper in the ambient lighting strips that run along the sides of the tracks all the time.

    • I’ve been in DC ten years (and live 2 block from Barracks Row) but have only seen a rat once. That was on the streets of Chinatown. Used to see them all the time in Annandale though.

  • Rant: I had a meeting scheduled with boss’ boss – so that meant suit and tie and now it got canceled. I am a sweaty mess for nothing today
    Rant: They want to reschedule it when I was planning on teleworking next Friday before heading to airport
    Rave: I kinda wanna wear shorts and flip flops to the meeting.
    Rave: Only 5 more work days till vacation and seeing boyfriend!

  • Rant: Crazy, crazy week at work. Ginormous Event of Doom is this weekend. I really hope it doesn’t rain on Saturday…
    Rant: One of my favorite supervisors is also leaving this weekend. Very sad about that.
    Rave: Less than a week now until Hawaii for my friend’s wedding!
    Rave: Booked tour of Kualoa (where Jurassic Park was filmed). So pretty. If I get eaten by dinosaurs, it was nice knowing you all.

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