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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: was asked to leave my firm about a year ago – didn’t matter ’cause didn’t like their brand of racist/sexist humor – just as I was about to tender my resignation.
    Rave: Waiting a week to tender said resignation and being asked to leave resulted in a very, very generous pay out.
    Rave: found a new job within hours that paid 20% more
    Rave: asked to join a rival firm of my old original job with a 20% raise, an equity stake, and a commission on cases I bring.
    Rave: the luxury hotel in Adams Morgan is finally happening.

  • Does anyone have a small business banking set up they like? Capital One is The Absolute Worst Ever. I need online wire/ACH capability and a system that plays nicely with quickbooks.
    (Seriously stay far away from Capital One. If I do one good thing in my life, it will be to convince people of the the horror that is Capital One for small businesses.)

    • justinbc

      I use BofA and they’re fine for that. They do charge a monthly fee though, which we’re switching to Navy Federal to get away from.

      • I’m ok with a monthly fee if it balances on the fees for services. And often you can negotiate based on account balance.
        Does Navy Federal have a good online interface? And dual authorization capability?

        • While I can’t answer those questions specifically, I have always been happy with Navy Feds customer service for a variety of banking/loan needs. so while I can’t speak to their business side, their general customer service is very good. Hopefully that’s somewhat useful info!

      • I have BOA checking for small business and I don’t pay a monthly fee as long as I keep a balance of x in the account.

    • Aglets

      National Capitol Bank on the hill is only 1 or 2 branches but I love them. A lot.

      At my other job we use washington first and they’ve been good. prior to that we were using SunTrust and they were an absolute nightmare- including letting over $8000 get stolen out of our account because 4-5 people cashed ‘pay checks’ that they had created using (we are assuming) images on line of our logo and boss’ signature. The money was fairly quickly returned but I really can’t believe that it didn’t trigger some kind of flag or investigation as we have a staff of 4 and all use direct deposit.

      • You’re totally being pushy. If you wanted to be helpful, you would have addressed my concerns.

        • Unfair, wdc. He’s just offering you additional info. if you want to call. If you don’t, then don’t.

          • He’s saying “call me instead of calling someone else, even though I haven’t given you any reason to think I’m better than the rando you’d get on the 800 number.” Now, if he had been helpful (I gave specific issues that he could have addressed), I might have called him. Instead, I’ll dismiss him as opportunistic and kinda lazy. Them’s the breaks of plastering your name all over the internet in the hopes that it might stick somewhere.

          • It’s true that he wasn’t particularly forthcoming on the information front — he could have at least said “Yes, we have online wire/ACH capability and a system that plays nicely with Quickbooks,” And the “I’m not being pushy” disclaimer seems like a “Why do you even need to say it, if it’s not the case?” kind of thing.
            Nonetheless… your response was unnecessarily rude, IMO.

          • Except Victoria gave you a reason he might be better than some other rando. She’s happy with his services. And sorry but he is a salesman and that’s what you have to do sometimes to get business. No reason to be nasty and rude.

          • Everyone piling on about how rude it was certainly makes it appear worse than it was, I’ll grant you that.
            I’m really sick and tired of bankers expecting me to do all the work. Posted here looking for a better bank, and got ANOTHER banker trying to get me to do it his way instead of paying attention to my actual question and then actually answering it.

          • The only question you asked was if people had banks they like. You stated some issues which while he didn’t say they could handle them I imagine they can otherwise why bother posting? He gave as much info as several other posters who failed to answer your statements (that you call questions). Since most people don’t have your biz situation you’re going to have to call/email anyway to find out if they can handle it. What’s the difference?

        • I disagree and think your response is a bit rude.

        • Whoa wdc! Unreasonable comment. He reached out with an email so that you can address all your concerns in a prompt effective manner, rather than through a series of posts on a blog.

          And this particular TD banker actually reached out to me years ago, through Popville, when I was having trouble getting a HELOC. Got it all done very effectively – (200K at 2.75%)

        • And today’s Horse’s Ass award goes to you my friend.

        • Yikes. Everyone has bad days, but this seems pretty rude.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I don’t find it rude, you are using the same words he used. I also wouldn’t call if I were in your position b/c he gave no reason to.

          • Accountering

            I agree with this. The guy gave no reason to deserve a call.

          • I disagree. He gave every reason to call. What did you expect him to upload his power point presentation?
            Business banking is a bit more complex than your typical savings/checking account and it is best to speak to the bank in person to make sure you are getting the best for your business. Seems like the TD banker was just trying to respect wdc’s privacy rather than discussing their banking over a public forum.

      • Wow Popville Banker, you just dodged a bullet. You do not want this person as a client!

        • Perhaps he suggested emailing him directly and didn’t provide answers so that he could discuss her PERSONAL banking situation PRIVATELY. Jesus Christmas. I’ve had a stomach bug for the last eight days and even I don’t need to be that rude.

          • Accountering

            Its not a personal banking situation, if someone is simply asking for a bank that has some very straightforward functions available under their small business umbrella.

          • I was thinking the same thing.
            I interpreted Popville Banker’s comment as: “Hey, if you’ve been looking at TD Bank, feel free to shoot me some questions and I’ll give you some personalized answers.” He definitely was not putting the hard sell on wdc, sheesh.

  • Rant: Stopped taking the prescription PPI, had major attack last night (am okay now), so guess I will take for another month and see what happens.

    Rave: Looking very forward to meeting a potential receptionist candidate later this morning – she seems like she would really work out well here.

    Rave: My cat is awesome, and did not leave my side at all last night when I was sick. She can stay.

    • Awww… nice that your cat stayed by your side when you were sick! Glad you are feeling better now.
      In case anyone else was wondering what a PPI was: “Proton-pump inhibitors (PPIs) are a group of drugs whose main action is a pronounced and long-lasting reduction of gastric acid production.”

      • I am struggling with this decision myself (I assume made after the recent articles regarding the correlation between PPIs and heart attacks?). As a first step, I suppose I should use that referral for the gastroenterologist my PC provided me in March – this is the kick in the pants I need.

        • I think talking to your doctor is best. They still do not know if the PPIs are causing heart attacks or if people who use PPIs are at greater risk in general. My thoughts are that based on the evidence thus far, PPIs may not be causal. The one thing to remember with discontinuing PPIs is that your gut simply does not have the same function as it did before the use of PPIs. The very unfortunate thing about long term PPI usage is that it cause your system to be dependent upon them. PPIs should only be used for serious medical conditions that can not be controlled by change of diet and other non-medical intervention. I say this because there is a trend of overuse of PPIs, particularly during/following hospitalizations, and in people who are prone to stomach issues due to stress. PPIs are particularly overused in long-term care settings where there has been a significant push to lower usage. Not saying that this is true in your case, but just stating what I have seen.

          • “They still do not know if the PPIs are causing heart attacks or if people who use PPIs are at greater risk in general.”
            Neither one of those is particularly desirable. Unless you mean (and I think you did) that people who have conditions for which PPIs are commonly prescribed are at greater risk in general. That’s not terribly desirable either, but at least while I go about trying to decrease my risk level I wouldn’t have to stop my PPI and suffer through truly vicious reflux. Aargh. This is what happens when you get old(er), I guess – things start to not work correctly, and you have to pay attention to more things, health-wise.

          • Yes, that is what I meant, sorry for not communicating it clearly enough. None of it is desirable at all. The really unfortunate thing is that when PPIs first started being used they were massively over-used. PPIs really should be used sparingly for acid reflux, though for some people (especially with GERD), they are seemingly the only option – besides major lifestyle change. But the way that they work, overtime, does change your system. It can “rewire” itself but it takes time. Good luck, dcd, I know you aren’t the only one in this boat, but hopefully you and your doctor can come up with some good ways to wean you off if that’s what you want to do.

          • Anon, thanks for the encouragement. I confess, I haven’t paid enough attention to the side effects of PPIs – I’ve been on them for about 18 months, and they have made a huge difference with my GERD. But the issue re changing my body chemistry makes sense. Part of me is just sticking my head in the sand, because the list of foods that trigger reflux is like looking at my grocery list. I am going to be really unhappy if I have to avoid coffee, chocolate, tomatoes, high-fat foods, alcohol, spicy foods, etc., (I hate WebMD sometimes), and it was just easier to let medication keep it (sort of) under control. But now I feel like I should explore other options. Aargh.

    • Yes, my stomach issues (heartburn, whatever) started in February, and after a few months of random attacks that made no sense, my primary care doctor put me on prescription strength prilosec in April. I had a month’s worth, and had no issues, then I went off of it for two weeks (mostly because I hadn’t picked my refill back up yet) and last night I had another issue. I wasn’t planning on continuing the PPI (because of those articles, you’re right, and also because I don’t like taking things unnecessarily) as I hadn’t had any issues for two weeks but apparently something is going on. Once I finish this round, if another attack happens, my next step is go to see a gastro doctor to find out what is happening. I just hate it. I’ve seen more doctors in the last 6 months than I’ve seen in the last 3 years, probably. Getting older is not fun!

  • justinbc

    Reminder: Happy hour today at City Tap House! I confirmed with the GM last night that they reserved the communal table by the bar for us, so look for the big table to your right as you walk in. If you’ve never been before just look for this guy justinbc.yelp.com
    Rave: I forgot to rave about how awesome Jurassic World was. Holy cow. I remember vividly sitting on the front row in the old style theaters as a kid and being in awe of the first movie. This one will surely have a similar effect on many kids out there (maybe not as much now that special effects are the norm), and the climax scene is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in a movie. they did a great job of paying homage to the original without being cheesy. I just loved everything about it.

  • Rant: my dog’s anxiety has gotten out of control since we moved into a temporary living arrangement before the big move to Philly. She’s started hiding under furniture and obsessively licking everything.
    Rant: she’s a tripod and her remaining front leg is not holding up well. I’m worried about her quality of life.
    Rave: Three more weeks and I have the rest of July off to enjoy Philadelphia.

    • Maybe you know about this already, but the Bastille Day celebration at Eastern State Penitentiary is the coolest thing I’ve ever done in Philly and I highly recommend it.
      Poor dog, hopefully it’s just a transition thing.

    • Poor pooch — hope she’s better soon.

    • hope your dog is OK – can you get temporary meds for her? i’m sorry the packing help won’t work out – but Accountering’s reference was amazing! If you want to do similar in Philly, let me know – I can share your info on the “community network” in the are we are moving! YAY Philly!

      • We put her on Prozac in April, anticipating this reaction. It helped and she was doing well up until now, but maybe it’s time to up the dose.

        • Poor pup! I know Prozac takes a few weeks to work (my dog is on it too) so if you’re not seeing results by now then definitely talk to your vet about dosage or switching to another med like clomipramine. There’s also the Thundershirt and Rescue Remedy if you don’t’ want to change her meds.

        • The cone is not fun but might keep her from getting under furniture and licking, herself at least. Have you tried one?

      • emvee

        Also try getting her a Thundershirt. I’ve moved pretty much once a year for the past five years and the dog always gets a little anxious. He spends the week before the move and the week after in the Thundershirt and it keeps him pretty calm. (Even if it does look like sausage casing on him because there’s so much extra dog flub)

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: formulas
    Rave: some of my plants are finally blooming

  • Rant: Fell while walking the dog on Monday and dislocated my shoulder for the second time. It’s not as bad as the first time, but the damage may be enough to require arthoscopy. Phooey.
    Rave: Multiple people stopped and asked if I needed a ride anywhere or for them to call someone. I was too dazed and the dog was being to protective/barky to take anyone up on it.
    Rave/Rant: I have a job interview next week (been out of work four months now!!) and now I get to go in with my arm in a sling. Hopefully they don’t realize just how accident prone I am!!!

    • GiantSquid

      Break a leg with the interview!

    • Ugh – I’m so sorry about the dislocation. That’s rough and painful. Hope the reduction was quick! I went through a round of five before they gave up and did surgery to shorten my joint capsule. Boy do I not miss the dislocations! Best of luck with the fix.

    • Allison

      When they ask what happened to your arm at the interview, just say “you should see the other guy!!” Job. Acquired. (I’m kidding don’t do that.)

  • Rave: Book of Mormon was awesome.
    Rant: this week I forgot about a doctors appointment and street cleaning. I usually never forget things like that, but now that I’m shelling out some cash for it, I doubt I will again.
    Rave: this dress is so comfy I feel like I’m cheating and wearing pajamas to work.

    • Does the dress feel more like pajamas than the jumpsuit? I’d envision a jumpsuit more pajama-like, but haven’t worn one recently enough to know.

      • The jumpsuit is really breezy because it’s crepe with wide legs, but it doesn’t have any stretch content, so it doesn’t really feel like pajamas. The soft, stretchy, but somewhat dense fabric of this dress is really pajama like for some reason, though it doesn’t look like pajamas at all.
        I now want to buy every Betsey Johnson pencil dress I can find, which will not be good for my wallet.

        • I have two of those and they really are like pajamas!

        • I recently took the dive and bought myself a “work uniform” — one style of shirt in different colors and the best versatile skirt I could find. I still wear my dresses, but I’m never going back to how I used to dress. Maybe consider with BJ dresses? Life’s too short to worry about clothing / not be comfortable.

          • I really like getting dressed for work and mixing it up. I have a work outfit equation type thing that I follow and that works out well. A number of my coworkers have complimented me on the work style, so I think I’m doing it right.
            Also, I could never abandon my colorful pencil skirts and blazers. Most of which are comfortable, this dress is just above and beyond comfortable.
            I do see the benefit of the interchangeable work wardrobe, or capsule wardrobe if you’d like, but it’s not for me.

    • Hasa diga eebowai.

    • Try setting reminders through your phone’s calendar. You can set recurring ones for street cleaning.

      • That’s not a bad idea. I usually drive, but between metroing to the Kennedy Center yesterday, HH today, and having to have my car at work for an appointment today, I was thinking so much about my schedule that I forgot to factor in street cleaning.

    • Additional Rave: the most short term benefit of refinancing is that I get a month off from paying my mortgage. July is my mortgage vacation and it’s a three paycheck month! Maybe I will add to my Betsey Johnson dress collection 🙂

      • I support that endeavor, I broke out one of my vintage Betsey Johnson dresses last weekend and rocked it.

  • palisades

    Rave: Citizen Burger Bar in Claredon. Amazing burger! Brought me back to my visits to UVA and C-Ville.

  • Very random ranting and raving today:
    Rave: Justin’s movie rave reminded me that I wanted to rave about Spy. I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard at a movie in a long time.
    Rant: Lack of job certainty when I move to SF. I have several irons in the fire, though.
    Rave: CANNOT WAIT to visit the new Wegmans.
    ?: I thought that my SIL blocked me on Facebook yesterday and was disappointed, but not surprised. We don’t have the best relationship. I mentioned it to my mom, who told me she didn’t block me, but she went off Facebook completely because she was getting bullied by other moms at her kids’ school. I don’t know any details, but the situation makes me really sad for SIL even though she’s tricky.

    • I’m SO glad Spy was funny – I was worried all the funny bits were in the commercial. I love Melissa Mccarthy! And sorry to hear about your SIL having some issues.

    • Spy was so great. Hilarious, great action scenes, and so naughty. (“I’m the person who’s going to cut your dick off and glue it to your forehead so you look like a limp-dick unicorn.”) Also, not one fat joke or threat of sexual violence, even though it’s a woman spy dealing with bad men.
      SIL bullied by other moms on FB? Weird. Everyone I know is SO careful about their public persona. They wouldn’t want something like bullying be attached to their online self. I wonder if that’s a DC thing? An age thing?

      • How is that quote not a threat of sexual violence?? Or do you mean no threat of sexual violence against women?

        • Right, none of our women protagonists are ever threatened with sexual violence. This is how moviemakers generally demonstrate that our girls have stumbled into a seriously manly and dangerous situation. And so it is notable in Spy that they put the women in danger without going the route of “you played the boys game and lost, so now I shall rape you.”

      • I’m not sure if she was bullied on FB or if she just didn’t want to engage with people there … the details are really spotty. TBH, this sister in law almost always perceives herself as a victim when she’s involved in any conflict, so I’m almost more sad that this is the way she engages with the world than sad about her being bullied (“bullied”?). Btw this isn’t in DC.

    • Yes! Spy was so hilarious – I wanted to sit in the theater and watch it again!

      • Me too! As we were walking out of the theater I asked my husband if he’d come back and see it with me again 🙂

    • Allison

      Agree that Spy was great! I love how the plot of the movie allows them to showcase all the “sides” of Melissa McCarthy– shy wallflower, funny, sexy, all the way to dangerous action hero. She’s my new favorite actress!

  • Rave: Was able to join my wife on a trip to Richmond for a last minute appointment. I spent the entire time reading the USCIS naturalization interview review booklet out loud. I think we both feel much better about the interview now.
    Rave: Most of tonight’s dinner will be sourced from our garden.
    Rant: I wish I hadn’t scheduled our vacation for September. I really could use a day at the beach right now.

  • emvee

    Rave: Today is BOGO Chipotle for Zipcar users after 5pm.
    Rave: Chipotle in NoMA in next to 5th St Ace Hardware, so I can get a SodaStream refill with my half priced burrito bowl tonight.
    Rant: I spilled coffee all over my white blouse this morning.
    Rant: My online impulse-purchase delivery was stolen. You win, universe. I don’t need more crap. Except maybe a back up white blouse.

  • Rave: excited for hh
    Rave: visited my new school for next year. I’ll be teaching 2nd grade in a large school in Mt Rainier. I’m happy that I’ll be one of 7 2nd grade teachers because it’s been isolating being the only 3rd grade reading teacher.
    Rave: 4 days left. They’re all mostly fun days.
    Rave: thinking about strawberry/tart cherry picking this weekend. Anybody want to go with me?

  • Rave: Sonogram this morning was a-okay and everything is in the right place and developing nicely!
    Rave: Maternity pants. Baby may only be the size of an orange seed right now, but the extra space in the waist of these pants is very welcome.

    • So happy for the good news – great news, even. And maternity pants are amazing. I hope once you get the OK to stop meds, you’ll start to feel a bit more “yourself”!

    • YAY! So happy to hear that. Btw–I didn’t mean to dismiss your concerns about the wisdom diet yesterday. I think that the diet has benefits. But like anything else, the benefits must outweigh the costs. And if you’re having trouble stomaching vegetables (or whatever), it’s better to eat something–even if it’s not on the diet–than to not eat. Do your best with what you’ve got and you’ll be fine. {HUGS}

      • I though you gave really excellent, practical advice and that’s exactly what I plan to do! I even managed to sneak some tomatoes and peas into my dinner last night. It’s not kale, but it will do for now 🙂

    • I’m thrilled to hear everything is going well!

  • Rant: Was partway through typing a Rant/Revel and lost it somewhere.
    Rant: Woke up really early and couldn’t get back to sleep.
    Rave: Used insomnia to my advantage by getting to work early, which means I can leave earlier, which means more time at the PoPville unofficial happy hour.
    Rave: The plants in my front yard are doing well.
    Rant: I want to plant some more summer bulbs, but it’s been so hot and sticky out recently that I haven’t. Will have to get up at the breaka-breaka dawn sometime soon and do so. (In retrospect this morning might have been good for that, but I didn’t think of it at the time.)

  • Emmaleigh504

    Bonus Rant: I forgot today was moving day at the office. be careful what you wish for.

  • Rave: Planning on attending HH at City Tap House! 🙂
    Rant: Still too hot out for my liking. 🙁

  • Rant: The run around to try and get a mri.
    Rant: Shocked at one medical customer service. After taking lots of time to figure out what I needed to get the script, the guy basically refused to make me an appt this week because he didn’t believe I could get records quickly (I can). After lots of conjoling, he said ok and made it for tomorrow, but he didn’t tell me about earlier appointments which I saw online. Appointments can easily be rescheduled, so I didn’t see the point of making the process that much more difficult.
    Rave: This should hopefully get me on a solid course of treatment.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Deep dive meetings for very shallow pools.
    Rant: Being called a George Zimmerman at CVS. WTF?
    Rant: Move planning meetings where HR spouts nonsense such as “We are moving from Me Space to We Space.” Gag!
    Rant: Too many rants today!

    • I want to hear more about the Gayskimos. We know Gayskimo #2 is a no-go, thanks to his blocking you on the dating site, but have you met up with Gayskimo #1 yet?

      • I Dont Get It

        Although I’m sure it could lead to a great PoPville story, I’m not interested on my part.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Come on! You are supposed to sacrifice yourself for the amusement of the group!

        • Oh, too bad.
          I’ll just hope for more WDS stories, then — possibly WDS stories involving Gayskimo #2.

          • I Dont Get It

            Am I really that boring? Or I could tell about the time I was doing acid and saw Connie Francis’s face on my dog. I’ve never been able to listen to “Where the Boys Are” the same way again.

    • “Being called a George Zimmerman at CVS. WTF?”
      You should stop murdering people at the drug store. Just sayin’.

  • Rave: Excellent end of the year parent/teacher conference this morning. Not that we didn’t know/suspect already, but it’s nice to be told that your kid is exceeding benchmarks, and even more important, that she is kind and, quote, “a delight to have in class.” Nice job, kid!
    Rant: Truly going to miss her charter school. It has been great, and she has thrived there.
    Rave/Rant: Vendor dinner this evening. Always nice to have an excellent free meal, though the location wouldn’t be my first choice for a vendor dinner (more of a special occasion with spouse place than business dinner).
    Rant: Contractors who need hand holding. It is your job to make my life easier, not the other way around.

    • PDleftMtP

      YES on the last rant. No, it’s not convenient for me to take half a day off work so you don’t have to spend time evenings or weekends. For a contract for a boatload of money, one or two meetings a month not between 9 and 5 doesn’t seem excessive.

  • Rave – A/C was fixed yesterday afternoon!! Yay for climate control!
    Rant – Dream job in Ohio did not work out. My timing was bad and they already offered the position to someone else. But they actually contacted me to say they were impressed with my CV and they told me to stay in touch. Oh well.

  • Rant: Embarrassed myself at a work meeting – showed my stress and frustration (near tears, voice breaking) and sounded pretty desperate.
    Rant: Told I had a fully funded position and now confronted with management decisions that have reduced that to a 6 month position and no tools to handle this change.
    Rave: Treating my colleagues with respect and hoping I get to continue working with them. Have a few action items I can take forward but again – wasn’t what I was hired for, not my strong suit.
    Rave: Caramel tea. And my own office with a door to shut myself into.

    • Oh no. I’m sorry about your first two rants – losing your cool in meetings happens and hopefully they understand that, especially with all the stress you’re dealing with right now!

  • Rave: phone interview on Friday for a good – albeit lowpaying – job at a university.
    Rave: If I get it, and stick with it, we can relax on the college savings because of the excellent tuition savings program. Hopefully the benefits balance the crap pay, which seems to be the case in many good universities.
    Rant: Moving. I’ll keep ranting on this but a long distance move when we have no days off before the movers come is a pain in the ass. considering taking my son and dog up the day we finish work and then letting my husband finish packing with us all out of the way. He just doesn’t want to get to our new place the following day for some ridiculous reason.
    Rave: so many POPvillians have great things going on – pregnancies, promotions, travel. It’s nice!

  • Oh, Rant: If you live in Logan Circle and became familiar with Harold, the friendly ‘feral’ cat at P between the Circle and 12th – she died a few weeks ago. Our son still runs to their house a says “Hi Harld”. The ‘owners’ are sad, but happy to see so many people enjoyed her friendly presence.

  • jim_ed

    Rant: The regressive, NIMBYist people who get elected as ANC commissioners and the intellectually dishonest horseshit they foist upon the community.
    Rave: Reminding myself that at the end of the day, no one in the DC Government really cares what they think, especially when they’re well known as complete loons.
    Rant: 18 month old has entered full toddler destructo mode. Anything that can be pulled apart or climbedand jumped off of will be attempted.
    Rave: Wouldn’t trade her for the world.
    Rave: Maybe one day I’ll stop enjoying watching LeBron lose, but that day is NOT today. Fun times in Cleveland again!

    • You wouldn’t be in ANC 4C, would you?

      • jim_ed

        Close! just to the north in 4D. I’m pretty sure the issues are almost identical between the two however.

        • That was an educated guess on my part based on your comments on the EL Haynes discussion last week.
          By the way, I was offline yesterday for most of the afternoon and forgot to mention that a Peruvian friend swears by La Limena in Rockville. It’s definitely not a cheap ethnic food place, but it does look delicious.

          • jim_ed

            La Limena is terrific, and it’s a nice change of pace to go to a more upscale version of Peruvian from the typical pollo a la brasa joint. Ceviche there is excellent, as is the lomo saltado. My only issue with it is that it’s too small, and ALWAYS has a wait, at all times of day. Another hidden gem is just a short hop away down the pike, Pho Nom Nom, which is probably my favorite Pho joint outside of Northern Virginia.

  • Textdoc, I need you (and others with well-supported thoughts on language). I keep seeing “step foot,” as in “I would never step foot in that place.” This is dumb and wrong, like “for all intensive purposes, right?”

    • I don’t think “step foot” is anywhere near as grievous as “for all intensive purposes,” but yes, it should be “set foot.”

      • Agree with textdoc. Step foot is incorrect, but still makes sense – in that particular context, set and step are nearly interchangeable. “Intensive purposes,” on the other hand, is an assault upon humanity.
        For those with the remotest interest in this topic (aka, grammar nudges), I highly recommend “Eats, Shoots and Leaves.” An oldie but a goodie.

        • I always wonder with expressions like that whether people can use them correctly in context and they just don’t understand the origin of the phrase, or whether they’re using them incorrectly AND not understanding the origin.
          Like, what would an “intensive purpose” be?
          And if you thought you were “towing the line” rather than “toeing the line,” what would you be imagining — someone leading a barge along a canal?

          • I can sort of see what people are thinking with “intensive purposes.” Intensive is serious, focused. Of course it’s still wrong, but it’s just-slightly logical. Like when Joey defined a “moo point.” 😀
            As for towing the line, ehn, homonyms. Bad spellers, untie!

          • Also, it’s a tough “row” to hoe, not “road.”

  • Seeking advice from the PoPvillage.
    Craigslist: I have a few things I’d like to sell on Craigslist (like shoes I wore once). Suggestions for good hand-off procedures?
    T-shirts: Any leads on “dress” t-shirts for women? Loft has always been my go-to but they have nothing this season. Gap, Old Navy just have the cheap-o t-shirts that stretch out, I’m looking for something a it more polished.

    • Banana Republic would be a good place to look. I would also try browsing through H&M and Nordstrom.

    • I’ve bought and sold stuff on craigslist. I meet usually during the day in a public place like a metro station. Get the money then hand over the goods. Never had an issue.

    • I like the J. Crew “stretch suiting” tank and tee. I have each of them in a few colors and they’re perfect under suits and blazers. They’re not cheap, but there’s always a sale. Right now they’re 30% off.

    • For light worn clothing/shoes, it would probably be more practical to do either eBay, Etsy, or a consignment shop.

    • For what it’s worth… I have had zero success trying to sell clothes on Craigslist. You might have better luck if the stuff you’re selling is designer/high-end — I was trying to unload some dresses I’d bought from Target, felt iffy about, never wore, and missed the return deadline for — but I get the feeling that overall Craigslist is not a good place to sell clothes.
      I’ve successfully sold furniture, home goods, etc. on Craigslist. I’ve always given the buyer my street address and met them on the front porch, except in cases where the item was too big/heavy to move out to the porch.
      From an article my (rather paranoid) dad sent me about Craigslist transactions and safety, I got the impression that the main risk was if you were selling/buying something small and expensive, like a fancy camera — there were stories of people having been mugged for either the object or the money.

    • Saw a thing on the news last night where police stations were offering themselves as safe places for craigslist exchanges.

  • Rant: Have been having a tremendously sh*tty couple of days and weeks, and my BF has been less than supportive through it all. I don’t know if it’s because he’s dealing with his own messes and just can’t be what I need him to be right now, or if this is just a sign of future things.
    Rave? I’m smart and independent enough to fix my own problems without having to rely on a man – which is awesome, but…
    Rant: it would just be nice to have someone take care of my problems.
    Adulthood sucks sometimes.

    • “Adulthood sucks sometimes.”
      Yes, it does. And, spoiler alert – it gets worse.
      Sorry, I’m engaged in a brief bout of self-pity today.

    • I hear you on that! I will say that I’m always surprised at how willing people are to help when I ask; as someone raised by and who identifies as a strong feminist, it never occurred to me to ask for help until recently.
      Additionally it seems to really solidify friendships, so maybe reach out to people you’d like to know better for support? I get if you BF is busy and stressed, so maybe reducing pressure on the relationship will lead to smoother sailing, for the week anyhow.
      Good luck!

  • Question: It’s my 10-year DC anniversary and I’d like to finally get a DC flag shirt (ideally a tank top because I’m not a t-shirt person), anyone know where I can find one?

  • Rave: low match date is stepping up his game nicely. not confused about where we stand in our casual dating agreement either. thank you to PoP for suggesting I go on the low match date in the first place.
    Rave: made a new girl friend after she invited me to hangout. she’s my friend crush’s bff too. every time we talk she randomly mentions how my friend crush is single and how she would like to find him a girl that she gets along with too. Not sure if her sudden interest in hanging out with me is her subtle way of telling me that I should get with friend crush. I don’t get hints that well just tell me what to do!

  • Pablo Raw

    Rant: My sandals fell apart on my way to work
    Rant: Had to walk barefoot half of the way
    Rave: Having an extra pair of shoes at the office
    Rave: New shoes arriving today
    Rave: I’ll be a bit late to the HH but I’ll be there

  • Rant: I should have been more upfront with my new basement tenant about the fact that I have a fragrance sensitivity — I’m now going to have to tell her that I need her to change her fabric softener and possibly her detergent too. I don’t understand why people use such strong-smelling laundry products (and cleaning products, which sometimes give me migraines)… but I guess the products must not smell as strong to them as they do to me.

    • I’m sure she’ll be receptive esp. if you offer an initial replacement.

      • Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking about doing. I did give her a printout beforehand of how-to’s for the laundry, trash/recycling, etc., and I mentioned the fragrance-free thing in the printout… but I didn’t explain why. I know she didn’t read the printout, though, because she put her trash in the wrong bin and put a pizza box in the recycling bin. So I’d already said I’d e-mail her a copy of the how-to’s, even before the scent issue came up.

    • “I’m now going to have to tell her that I need her to change her fabric softener and possibly her detergent too.”
      Just a suggestion, but maybe you want to phrase that as a request, rather than a directive? Perhaps I’m feeling particularly ornery today, but my reaction to someone telling me to change detergent and fabric softener would likely be, “no.” I’d react a lot more favorably if you asked.

      • I do need for her to change it, though — I haven’t gotten a migraine from it yet, but I think my own clothes are picking up some of the scent from the machine. If I buy her a first bottle of detergent and a first box of fabric softener sheets, do you think that would be sufficiently placating?

        • If you provide (one time) replacements, that will help a lot. But . . . tone matters. Compare:
          “Hey – I know I mentioned this up front, but strong scents really bother me. Unfortunately, the detergent and fabric softener you use fall into that category – would you mind switching to this? Please don’t take it personally – it’s not that particular scent, but all strong scents.”
          “It’s obvious you didn’t read the rules of the house. You need to change your detergent and fabric softener. Here’s what you should use from now on, and please read the how to list I gave you.”
          Again, maybe it’s just me, but my reaction would be very different to those two interactions.
          Plus, and I hesitate to bring this up, but what will you do if her back gets up at your tone and she refuses? In addition to making for a terribly uncomfortable living arrangement, I’m not sure you have the power to compel her compliance, previously provided how-to list notwithstanding.

          • Will keep the tone issue in mind. (And I wasn’t planning to chastise her for not reading the how-to’s.) Thanks!

        • You should just be responsible for buying the detergent and fabric softener. Buy it for both of you – then there’s no way she can screw it up. Problem solved and everyone is happy.
          Also, I strongly with dcd’s advice. Tone matters more than content. Seriously.

      • For what it’s worth… I phrased it more as a request in the “how-to’s” guide. However, she didn’t read the guide.

      • It appears it was mentioned upfront, but the woman didn’t read it. I’d still offer a replacement for now, but I would definitely tell her whatever she may have missed.

        • Yeah, I think that’s what I’m going to do — provide replacements, and call her attention to the how-to’s for the future. Thanks for the advice!

    • My room mate and I have this issue, and honestly, I can tell you, she smells things that I simply do not smell. I enjoy fragrances and try to limit my use of things such as scented candles, and don’t even put perfume on in the house anymore, but honestly, I do not smell things as strongly as she does.

  • Just a quick question: anyone here a cyclist and can say whether a 3 speed bike is suitable enough for me to take on hills like Sherman Ave and 11th street? I want to sell my 21 speed commuter (don’t even need all those speeds) and get a simpler bike with 3 speeds (willing to look at 7 speeds).

    • It all depends on your physical condition. I know people who can do it on a fixie.

    • gotryit

      I do the 15th street hill on a single speed (ok – on a good day). 11th / Sherman should be doable.

    • I feel like I only use 3 speeds on my current commuter bike anyway. I’m a short lady but leg power isn’t a problem for me. I see people on fixies do it, but I’m not that fit. I’m fit enough.

      • Why do you want to sell your current bike? Does it really matter that you have too many gears?
        It’s not like a 3 gear bike is going to be drastically cheaper.

    • I have a single speed and ride down and back up 11th daily (like from Co Hi down to Pennsylvania Ave and back up). It took some adjustment from my previous bike which was a ten speed, but once you start doing it frequently you won’t even notice that you have fewer gears. I also find Sherman to be a much gentler grade than 11th if you find 11th to be too difficult at first.

  • Rave: Lower humidity today
    Rave: Finished applying for a couple of positions on USA Jobs. Here’s to hoping that they’re actually postings where they’re looking to hire someone vs. someone has already been hand picked for the job!

  • Rave: Super productive so far this week
    Rant: Seems to be ending today
    Rave: Played softball for the first time last night. Apparently I can kind of throw?!
    FOMO Rant: What if I have natural athletic ability and just never knew because I was too busy with ballet and language classes to even try any sports? WHAT COULD MY LIFE HAVE BEEN?
    Rave: Still like my life a lot so not really that bad.
    See y’all tonight!

  • YES!! http://fusion.net/story/151884/taco-emoji
    cc: Emilie and Jeslett. UNICORN FACE! And my personal favorite, face with rolling eyes.

    • emvee

      I was JUST talking to a friend yesterday about the tragic lack of a taco emoji! And a few days ago I lamented not being able to send a crab emoji. It’s the little things that get me through the day.

  • Rave: We are supposedly getting gas service turned on (and therefore hot water and a functioning kitchen) today. I’ll believe it when I have a hot shower!
    Rave: I’m filling in for my boss while he’s on vacation and it really feels like I’ve learned a lot since December and that I can handle taking on more once he gets back.
    Rant: In the interim, I’m in powerpoint hell with an SES that knows what he wants but has a hard time articulating it. Sometimes he provides scratches in ink that are suposed to be words/diagrams.
    Rave: The dogs didn’t (really) wake us up in the middle of the night last night. At least not as much as they have been.
    Forgotten Rave: Sarah and the organizing was AMAZING. I don’t know if Accountering raved, but it was awesome!

  • Rant – too many migraines, this weather is terrible for it. Unsure if I should head to HH since then I’ll be tempted to have a drink and that would be bad for said migraine.

    Rave – friend who took foster cat in while I was away is likely to keep him! And he needs a buddy so eventually she’ll take on another one.

    Rave 2- had a great meal at Ghibellina last night, best swordfish I can remember.

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