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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Asking the hive: anyone recommend someone to help with packing for a move? like a high school kid looking for a few extra bucks? also, any good long distance mover recs? My Gentle Giant quote was very steep so I want to compare. We’re also trying to see if taking a uhaul up the weekend before we formally move makes sense (will reduce our moving cost or not).
    Rave: Plopping – my hair looked great. Until…
    Rant: I walked outside and it stopped looking great. Oh well, maybe in November!

    • Allison

      For long distance, don’t use Mayflower. They were the wooooorst!

    • I think Accountering and Andie recently hired someone to help them unpack/organize — perhaps the same person would be up for the reverse of that job?

      • Accountering

        We hired “Sarah” from here. She was an absolute lifesaver, and worth every penny. Definitely not a broke high school student, so you will pay a bit more, but, you don’t have to deal with a high school student, and instead, a competent, organized, amazing person who will come in and handle stuff. I couldn’t recommend her more strongly.

        • Aww, thanks! Happy to help anyone else pack/unpack if they’d like.

          • wow – Sarah can I email you?! or have Dan give you my email address? I know Accountering has high standards so that’s a ringing endorsement!

          • Sure! I’ll send Dan an email.

          • Accountering

            She was so good, I was happy to look past the whole Philadelphia connection 🙂 (kidding haha, it sounds like an amazing opportunity!!)
            We literally accomplished more in 2.5 hours than we had in the previous 2 weeks. Andie and I are not great unpackers. Great at many things, but not unpacking.

    • We recently moved and used Great Scott. We were quite pleased with them. Our move was local, but they do long distance too. The crew was prompt, attentive, and everything went off without a hitch. We also learned that several of our movers had been with the firm for 20+ years, which I think reflects positively on the company.

    • I used Flat Rate Movers for a cross country move and was happy with the service and thought the price was very reasonable, less than half what a pod would have cost and the movers loaded and unloaded everything.

  • Rave: East Dumpling House in Rockville. $43 for dinner for 3, and that included a 30% tip. No booze, but still.
    Rant: Have to get used to driving to get good, cheap ethnic food.
    Rave: Bethesda Farmer’s Market. Holy cow. So, so many great stands. Almost too big – too many choices. Tough problems, I know.
    Rant: Having to drive to the farmer’s market, when I used to be able to walk to two of them.
    Rant: Bethesda Farmer’s Market appears to have $0.50 upcharge per item/pound from the MtP market (which itself often has a $0.50 upcharge from the CH market).

    • justinbc

      At least you’re not too far of a drive to Ren’s or Bob’s.

      • I don’t know either of them! Where are they? What type of food?
        Other recommendations are welcome!

        • justinbc

          Ren’s Ramen in Wheaton
          Bob’s Shanghai 66 in Rockville
          A & J Restaurant in Rockville
          Taipei Cafe in Rockville
          Asia Taste in Rockville
          All really solid spots.

        • jim_ed

          For Chinese in Rockville, I’m partial to the dan dan noodles at Joe’s Noodle House. Also, the pan fried dumplings at A&J Restaurant are probably the best I’ve ever had anywhere, with good noodle soups too. Just keep in mind that it’s cash only. Lighthouse Tofu in Twinbrook is one of my favorite area Korean restaurants, with its relatively hard to find specialty of soondobu tofu stew. Also, Pizza CS serves really good neapolitan style pizza from an unremarkable strip mall location.

          • jim_ed

            Christ, I forgot El Pollo Rico in Wheaton, which is hands down the best peruvian chicken in the metro area. The new taco place that opened up immediately next door to it is pretty decent as well.

          • Well, I’ve worked across the street from a great Vietnamese place for 8 years and never known it. Thanks for helping me crawl out from under my rock!
            I second China Bistro for dumplings, they’re great.

    • And Dupont farmer’s market has a $1 surcharge over the MtP market. So it goes.
      I’ve heard that the Palisades market can be a good deal. My GF’s family shops there (they live in Bethesda, just over the border). You might want to try that next time, depending on how far you live.

      • the dupont market is like NYC – you show up with a bunch of cash and like 40 minutes later you have no idea where it went. Don’t get me wrong, i LOVE the dupont market, but it’s so expensive. U Street used to be much better but the prices have gone up.

        • The best and cheapest market by far in the region is the Baltimore Farmer’s Market under the highway overpass. Three times as big as the Dupont market and easily 50% cheaper. It’s amazing.

      • Really? And I thought the MtP market was pricey!

  • justinbc

    Reminder: Happy hour tomorrow at City Tap House for all PoPville readers. If the weather is nice I’ll try to score a spot on their newly opened patio space.

  • skj84

    Rant: A hair stylist messed my hair cut up yesterday. I agreed to hair model for a local salons training class. I’ve hair modeled before without any issue and they recruited me so I wasn’t worried going in. However once the cut started it became obvious that the stylist didn’t know how to handle curly hair. The result: poodle like. Thr only positive is I can still pull my hair back. I keep reminding myself that hair grows back. Otherwise I would be in full meltdown mode. I think it may look ok if I straighten it, but i generally don’t blow out my hair in the summer. Sigh. Looks like it’s topknots all summer.

    Rant: I’m missing a job fair I really wanted to attend today because I can’t get out of work. I generally don’t have much faith in job fairs but there are two companies I wanted to get a face to face with.

    • Oh I am so sorry about that first rant. That’s what happened to me the first time I got my hair done in DC (by someone who came recommended to me as a stylist who knew how to cut curly hair). The stylist took a razor blade to the ends of my very curly hair. One week and several meltdowns later, I found a stylist who could fix the terrible cut. He had to cut off 4 extra inches of hair but at least he got rid of the intense split ends caused by the razor.

    • Not the poodle! I feel for you skj, that’s awful.

  • I feel assaulted by the current trend of bad busy patterns. I thought we learned our lesson wrt clashing colors in quasi-geometric arrangement back in the 70s. What’s next, orange crochet jumpsuits?

  • That One Guy

    Maybe look at getting a POD thing to pack stuff into and have them deliver it to your new destination.

    As far as Uhaul goes price out how much they charge for the smallest van versus a full blown truck because they may have different pricing schemes.

    • yeah – we are considering a POD. So the one problem is that the street we are moving to is very narrow. I don’t know how easy it will be to get a POD or even a uhaul can be tricky.

      • That One Guy

        What if you rented a storage unit where you’re moving to and use that as a jump point. You can dump all your stuff there and figure out how to get the stuff into your new place over a longer time horizon.

        • well, we’ll own the house already so loading a bedroom up with boxes and stuff isn’t difficult once we’re up there – I’m sure we could hire a high school kid to help. So no need to pay for storage. A mover is coming to look at our place to give an estimate and will tell us if they think moving anything in advance is worth it. They actually seemed honest

  • Rant: The big move is tomorrow and I’m only about 3/4 packed. I ran out of boxes. And I have to work late tonight. Why do I do this to myself?
    Rave: Wonderful bf and his roomie and brother are moving all my stuff while I’m at work.
    Rave: Already thinking of fun weekend plans and week long vacation starting next week!

    • Fwiw, I often get moving boxes from grocery stores – apple and banana boxes are great. Good luck!

      • Thanks! I’ll probably get off work too late to do this tonight, but I’ll keep this in mind if I still have to move some smaller things this weekend.

  • Rave for me: Bad employees being cut means more work for people like me.
    Rant: Another dirty dish surprise.
    Rave: Weekend fun already planned.
    Rave: Dog isn’t feeling the heat, so he’s happy to forego some outdoors time for indoor playing.

  • Online dating: Npr had a piece on online dating rich surmised the abundance of options makes it much harder to find someone. I’ll call it the grass is always greener syndrome. Makes perfect sense.

    • Anonynon

      do you have a link?

    • justinbc

      I disagree that it makes it harder to find someone. It makes it infinitely easier. What it does make harder is accepting that the person you found is the right one for you, instead of dumping him / her because there are more options which “might” be better.

      • You said the same thing I said. We all know online dating opens up a large pool of people, so finding one to stick is obviously the issue I referenced not simply finding anyone.

    • binpetworth

      I think that makes sense; I’ve been guilty of it as much as also being the recipient of such behavior. I think too that it’s hard to differentiate between people online when you have 40-50 options of people who say pretty much the same thing (“I like to travel. I like to laugh.”), a characteristic I tried to avoid when writing my online profile.

  • Rant: Missed out on a (admittedly long-) shot at what I assume was a fabulous job for an umbrella firm that runs the investments, philanthropic efforts and projects of an “iconic individual” — that is, a very cool billionaire whose name we all know — because I wait weeks between checking my linked in page and the headhunter had moved on.
    Rave: No need to change my humdrum life or leave my comfortable rut as I drift amiably towards retirement, death and a sparsely-attended memorial service.

    • Sorry to hear that you missed out on the job. At first, I thought “ooh, umbrella company, interesting.” Then I realized you wouldn’t be pursuing the parasol industry.

      FWIW, I’m hoping my funeral is the best damn party my friends have ever been to. I’m hoping to have enough saved that everyone gets a bottle of their favorite booze. I want it to be so great, people will say “WHY COULDN’T HE HAVE DIED YEARS AGO!”

      • I’ve always wanted to be at some swell Washington Party and, when some Deputy Assistant Secretary for Sub-Equatorial Information Collaboration Engagement introduces himself, reply: “Streete here, I’m in bumbershoots.”
        Son’t take this the wrong way, but I want to go to your funeral.

    • How many people went to check their linked in page upon reading it? How many were disappointed that there were no messages from headhunters offering glamorous (or glamorous by proxy) new jobs?

      • I don’t get messages there they’re so I’d be inclined to check it if I had one. Hopefully something cool will come again.

      • justinbc

        Mine go straight to Gmail! I get the messages quite frequently, but certainly none would qualify as glamorous. Although if anyone works in venture capital please talk to me tomorrow at the HH because I just got one that I’m considering…

        • I’ll have to investigate getting gmail to send linked in to my primary box, as opposed to wherever that stuff goes now, where I never check.
          So far the glamorous stuff — the job where I would have had to split time between Paris and Tokyo, for example — hasn;t panned out. Half the time I feel like the Rolling Stones the month before “Satisfaction” was released — one great song from having my genius recognized. The other half of the time I feel like Kevin Costner in Bull Durham — doomed to spend my career in Triple A. Although, he did find his zen and get Susan Sarandon, so there are worse fates.

          • I did the glamor life when I was much younger. I know I’m supposed to say that the travel was tiring and that even l’Arpege gets old if you eat there often enough and that the glossy mag types were obnoxious… but it was kind of awesome, for a young person. I don’t think I’d return to it at this stage in my life.

          • justinbc

            I miss the travel of my previous job greatly. My ex however was not a fan of it, and it was definitely a contentious matter for us.

    • Is it Richard Branson by chance? If so, I’m very excited.

  • Rant: I’ve been so busy with work I haven’t been on PoP!
    Rave: Pride weekend and we made every event!
    Rave: Our house appraised!!! Hello refi and much smaller mortgage! The appreciation is pretty crazy. I might be a little worried, but then again we plan to stay in the house for awhile, if not forever.

    • justinbc

      Nice, hard work paid off!

      • Thanks! BTW, responded to your A/C post yesterday, but it was after 7pm so not sure you saw it. We used Polar Bear and they were actually a deal compared to other estimates we received. Our A/C is working great and it really cools the house. I keep it set around 75 and it feels very comfortable in the house. Plus Joe is super responsive and provides great customer service.

        • justinbc

          Nice, yeah Joe is who I’ve been working with. I kept trying to get our previous A/C guys to give me a quote (CoolBreeze out of MD), but they were just horribly responsive to multiple requests, so I decided to drop them. I almost never get work done off a single quote, but I got a good impression from them + the recommendations here helped a lot. Our current A/C won’t go much lower than 77-80 on the hot days, and that’s after having fresh Freon added, so it’s definitely time for an overhaul.

  • Rant: Stones on highway
    Rave: Safelite. Seriously, so quick and easy.
    GO CAVS.

  • Anyone have any CSA recommendations? Other than not the Jefferson Davis CSA?
    Rant: life in the swamp

    • emvee

      It’s not a CSA per say, but Hungry Harvest has been treating me well the past two months or so. They take disfigured or surplus food from farmers and stores and sell it to you at a discount. As an added bonus, they deliver to your door! Tons of fruit and lots of greens.

      • SouthwestDC

        I’ve been doing Hungry Harvest for a few months as well. Only $13 a week, and for every order you buy they donate another to a family in need.

        • Wow, this looks so cool! I’m nervous to have deliveries to our stoop in Columbia Heights, but I think this is worth a try. Thanks!

          • emvee

            My SO and I take turns on who will be home on Sunday for veggie drop off because I know those veggies would be gone in an instant otherwise.

    • GiantSquid

      It depends on where you’re located. If you’re near Rockville or the Hill, check out One Acre Farm.

    • saf

      I know it’s late, but in case you check back, check out from the farmer. I love them!

  • Rave: My morning off today will be spent rehabbing old furniture. I get way too excited over silly projects like this.
    Rave: My wife and I have gotten back into the habit of going for a walk together in the evening. We used to do this all the time when we were first dating as a way to set aside time to talk to get to know each other (way easier to have a conversation than in loud restaurants and bars). I really missed this.
    Rant: My to-do list isn’t getting any shorter. In fact, it seems to grow daily. Sigh. I guess this weekend will be a “get ‘er done” weekend since everything needs to be completed by next Wed.

    • My wife and I used to go for early morning walks every Friday morning, which I miss. Now that my roommate isn’t leaving for work super early and would be home with kiddo, we keep talking about restarting the habit but I’m always so darn tired. Maybe soon.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: the virulence of the Internet. I think I caught whatever bug people have been complaining about with sinuses issues and generally feeling crappy. Ugh…

    • Me too. Was out yesterday; in today and slogging through. Fever will not break. Ugh.

    • You have my sympathies. It was brutal, and it was two full weeks. Even after the malaise eased up, I had blinding headaches (not sinus, felt more like tension) for another several days. I wondered if I hadn’t gotten two separate bugs back to back, because no cold should be that severe for that long.
      Stock up on decongestants (the behind the counter ones with pseudoephedrine) and if your doctor is easy to reach, get some flonase or similar, to prevent sinus infection.

  • Anonynon

    Rave: Holding my first open house tonight to find a new roomie, excited but a little nervous. Any tips?
    Rave: Hockey is over!!!! So glad we don’t need to hear about it anymore.
    Rant: Nats got whooped last night

    • Curious why you prefer open house to 1-1 time. I’ve never done an open house.

    • Just try to make sure to get at least a couple minutes to talk to each person individually. Give everyone an opportunity to shine, even those who aren’t the type to jump out and talk over/interrupt someone else.

    • Why does it bother you to hear about hockey? Caps dropped from playoffs ages ago, so it’s not like local sports news has been covering it.

    • Anonynon

      I got a lot of messages, and I would like to not have to sacrifice every night during the week to show someone the place. There will be some one off showings, but id rather get it done in batches at first. I don’t think its going to be overwhelming, I will make sure to chat with everyone for a few minutes before they leave. And about the hockey thing….its not a huge rant but its almost july and hockey season just ended? The playoffs is literally a 3 months sh*t show and in the end it came down to the 6th game (shocking not the 7th like every other series), I feel like the difference between teams is so marginal that its like wow you all are world champs because some guy barely tipped a puck (lucky shot). I just don’t like hockey i guess, i said i wouldn’t watch the caps playoff run, that was a mistake lol

      • Makes sense. I normally just do several people in one night to minimize the time wasted, but maybe open house for the next one.

      • Anonynon

        I will let you know how it goes, I really have no clue how many people will show up or anything, should be interesting.

    • Accountering

      Im happy that hockey is over too. I am still quite bitter that the caps got dumped. Hockey isn’t fun for me in the least if the Caps aren’t a going concern.

    • You hear about hockey without trying to? That’s a mighty feat considering no one covers it. The Sharks best demonstrated this by owning the ESPN twitter account (I never tire of this)- http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1702457-espn-tries-to-get-in-on-sharknado-fun-and-fails-with-san-jose-sharks-tweet
      Imagine how those of us feel during hockey season when we *want* to hear about it. And how we feel ALL YEAR ROUND when we have our senses assaulted by NFL coverage. Why no, I don’t need three stories about the suits the players wear at the draft.

      • Anonynon

        I guess I just don’t understand hockey, when every series comes down to a 7th game its just annoying. Maybe I’m a little bitter since the girl i was seeing last was a hockey fan, and she was more interested in the playoffs then seeing me 🙂

          • Anonynon

            Is it? I am not so sure. I am sure the skill level of players is different from team to team but for some reason when you get out there and play by NHL rules the result is a boring 2-1 win. I don’t think that parity i just think the rules of hockey prevent a clear winning from being established. I have the same problem with soccer also, its a personal problem. I don’t have it with other sports such as basketball, football or baseball.

          • Accountering

            I will simply say that I disagree with virtually the entire paragraph you just wrote.

          • There is a clear winner…whoever scores more, the beauty of hockey and soccer is that unlike rally scoring in football or basketball a team can have a good possession and not score, they can out shoot the puck or ball, but because the underdog makes the strong defensive plays they can pull off the upset even against the run of play. Golden State went 39-2 at home this year, how is that more entertaining to go watch when you know the outcome at tip-off?

          • justinbc

            If you think that all games end in 2-1 outcomes then it’s clear you didn’t see much of the finals or conference finals this year.

      • Accountering

        Even just THINKING about it right now is getting my blood pressure up. I am still quite quite bitter about the end of the Caps season.

      • I’m totally stealing your line about senses being assaulted by the NFL. I hate football.

  • Rant – Day 2 of no A/C in the house, and no sleep for any of us last night. The dog could not settle down and kept staring at me with a face that said, “human, I am uncomfortable please make it better.”
    Rave – I have a doctor’s appointment today which means I get to spend more time in the A/C! I have never been so excited to go to the doctor’s office.

    • As long as you have a doctor’s appointment, make up some plausible excuse for insomnia and beg him or her for enough ambien to last until the a/c comes back. Won’t help the dog, but….

      • I love playoff hockey, but their season is too damn long. I don’t want to be thinking about the Stanley Cup in mid-June. They need to shorten the season or have them play more games per week. There’s no reason for the season to last over 8 months.

        • Accountering

          I know this is posted in the wrong spot, but I agree. I would much prefer they lop off 10 games of the regular season. Mid-November Tuesday games are terrible.

          Make it 72, chop off the first couple of weeks of October (start in late October) and then get rid of a few more week night games throughout the year.

          • Yes, I posted this in the wrong place. I <3 hockey, but it's hard to be excited for a winter sport when it's 90+ degrees across the country 😡

      • That is a very tempting idea

    • That One Guy

      They sell these cooling towel things that you soak with water and ring out and they magically stay cool for a while. They are relatively cheap and may help the dog. Also, get a fan and a bag of ice or block of it,if nothing else.

      • We tried to make a cooling pad for her with ice packs and a blanket but she hated it. We bought a huge fan which helps. And we’ve been giving her frozen kongs and frozen yogurt ice cubes to play with it. She’s doing ok but is clearly not happy with the situation.

        • Can you board her until it’s back on? It sounds miserable for all parties involved, but I imagine the dog is the least happy.

        • I didn’t have AC when I first moved here (AND waited tables at an outdoor restaurant), and I found that spraying the sheets with water was an incredibly effective way to cool off. You don’t have to soak them so that it’s a problem for your mattress, but just get them a little wet and point a low fan at yourself, and the evaporation will cool you off enough to get to sleep. Small comfort, but a comfort nonetheless.

  • Rave: Summer days ahead full of grilling and exploring DC and surrounding areas, and the freedom a new car brings.

    Rave: Living right behind the zoo, and waking up to hearing the lions roar.

    Rant: Parking in the Lanier Heights/Adams Morgan area after 8 PM, and all the people who leave excessive amounts of space between the cars. Holding my breath that the city paints individual parking spots in order to make the area more efficient as more and more apartments open up and the nightly circling looking for a legal spot eats more of my soul.

    • “Holding my breath that the city paints individual parking spots in order to make the area more efficient” — When the city allots room for individual street-parking spots (like with individual meters), it tends to allow more space than is really necessary. Usually the “no spaces marked” system is more efficient. In areas that are competitive for parking, like Lanier Heights or the 1400 block of Columbia Road NW, I usually don’t see people leaving excessive space between cars.

    • I lived on Lanier for a year right before that big development broke where the old gas station used to be at lanier and Adams Mill. The parking will never ever get easier. I found once I resigned to that fact, it didn’t bother me to drive around looking for a spot.

    • I feel like it’s been especially bad lately (I’m in Adams Morgan, but further south). Maybe it’s because of all the roped off “emergency no parking” areas for moving trucks, once the signs are removed it messes up the line? Around me there’s been at least one a week, hopefully it’ll end soon. On Saturday morning I passed 3 or 4 half-spots before finally finding a small space I could squeeze myself into, normally it’s no problem to find a spot at that time. Thankfully I have a small car!
      On a side note, I looked at a condo by the zoo several years and wondered if you could see or hear any of the animals. That’s so cool about the lions!

    • I lived in Lanier Heights 4 years ago and the parking sucked then too. But I loved living there!

  • Rave: finally got landlord to deal with DC water.
    Rave: 5 more days!
    Rave: excited to be able to make hh tomorrow
    Rant: after I drop off my school issued Chromebook in Lanham

    • Great news on the landlord and DC Water!

      • It took a lot of pushing. I probably would have cried over this, but what it boils down to is that we have been using all the appliances appropriately. If we had such an insanely high bill from that, some of the equipment must not be properly maintained. My roommate called him and there was quite a bit of back and forth but ultimately he agreed to call them.

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Still no luck in apartment search. Large managed buildings are definitely not our cup of tea. Bumping up our money amount a smidge to see what else opens up.
    Rant: Landlord who really has no clue. Because he didn’t clean gutters earlier, there’s now water damage in ceiling of dining room. Please smile down upon us rental gods!
    Rant: Still no luck in job search and DC Unemployment may not approve my claim. SIGH.
    Revel: Friend from far away in town for conference. Been really nice to chat face-to-face.
    Revel: My family and friends are relatively healthy, my dogs are good, we have food on the table and a roof over our head. It will be ok.

  • Rave: Excited for a friend’s DC wedding this weekend! Also excited about the new dress I got for it at Redeem, which I can imagine wearing forever and ever for all kinds of occasions.
    Rant: I feel like I’m getting sick. All I want to do is sleep. Will I be a wedding party pooper?
    Rant: I am trying to thinking of a fun weekend getaway for sometime in July but am sort of overwhelmed by all of the good options.
    Emilie, this one’s for you: http://www.vulture.com/2015/06/lifetime-unauthorized-90210-tell-all.html

  • Rave: Rhubarb sour cream pie* with homemade vanilla ice cream** and rhubarb puree – and leftovers for breakfast!
    Rave: Spotted an oriole, a quail and a bevy (?) of bluebirds this weekend
    Rave-ish: 33% success rate with grafting tomatoes (down from what initially seemed like 85% success). Still greater than 0%, and lessons learned for next time around
    * Spendid Table Recipe
    ** Food.com French vanilla recipe

    • Oh thank you for that recipe, rhubarb pie is my favorite and that looks like a great variation! Pie for breakfast is the best. It’s fruit so it’s ok!

    • Rhubarb sour cream pie sounds absolutely delicious! Especially with homemade vanilla ice cream and rhubarb puree.

    • Next time I’ll try a graham cracker crust instead of a pastry crust — for extra decadence 🙂

  • skj84

    Rant: I’m about to go into full meltdown mode. I lost my phone charger so my battery is dying. Metro was a clustersfuck this morning so I’m late for work. And the haircut. Today needs to turn around.

  • Mug of Glop

    Rave: Got my car all inspected this morning on the way to work. Barely took any time at all (waited in line behind one car) and I was at work with time to spare.
    Rave: Made some pretty great spaghetti carbonara with octupus, shrimp, and bacon last night. Yum! And I’mma om nom nom my way through it for lunch today and tomorrow.
    Rant: Hot and humid makes my running not so fast. Or so long.
    Rave: Running’s already terrible, so it doesn’t make it any less enjoyable.
    Rant: Applied for my first job through USAJobs. That site is one hot mess.

  • Rave: First sonogram is tomorrow and I’m feeling good, other than being tiiiiiiiired.
    Question: Has anyone here done the GW midwife diet? I want to do everything “right” but all I want to eat right now is bread, cheese, eggs, ice cream and fruit. Vegetables smell like rotten garbage. I know they say it’s okay to eat only white foods in the first trimester, but am I “cheating” if I live on pizza and ice cream for a little while?

    • Lol, eat what you can, add veggies where possible and don’t stress. I’m following it less well the second time around and mostly don’t get asked about it. And when I do, I just say it’s going fine. The diet seems a little more intense than it needs to be, but that’s my non clinical opinion. Especially in the first trimester, do what you need to do to get through. Good luck!

    • yeah I’m pretty sure they say “eat what you can keep down”. I didn’t like the GW midwives attitudes, but know plenty of people who have used them and followed their diet. I only wanted cereal for a good portion of my pregnancy. And thai food. but nothing made me sick except my heartburn. So eat what you can keep down and drink lots of water. Don’t let them make you feel bad about what you’re eating!

    • Never been pregnant, but could you sneak veggies into something else? Smoothie? Tomato sauce?

      • My nose knows. I LOVE smoothies any almost cried when I smelled my usual green smoothie last week. My husband loved it but I had to pitch it after taking two sips. I swear my taste in food right now is just like the taste of picky children.

        • i couldn’t eat any chicken all pregnancy and after delivery for a number of months. But, my doc beat me up every visit over weight – I ate well and was active. the lectures got to me and still bother me because her treatment of me caused a terrible L&D. So listen to yourself and instincts. They do their diet and all that to minimize risks and especially minimize liabilities. Eat what you can and take a good vitamin – you’ll be great!

    • Especially during the first trimester, eat what you can. And furthermore, throughout your whole pregnancy, definitely eat healthy but also don’t beat yourself up for having that extra cookie. I tried really hard to eat right and get enough nutrients, but confession time: I also ate ice cream nearly every night. And my kid is perfectly fine! Long story short: as long as you avoid things that are dangerous, you don’t have to follow a rigid diet to the letter. Just try to make good choices, and enjoy yourself: you’ve been working hard for this pregnancy, you can treat yo’ self a little!

    • I don’t know what the GW midwives recommend, but it’s probably not goldfish crackers and lemon-lime gatorade, which is all I consumed during my first first trimester. (Oddly, lemon-lime is the flavor I normally loathe, but it was all I could stand then.)
      Feed yourself, the baby will get what she needs. Calories are calories, at least for a while, and assuming you’re taking the nasty vitamins. The rest is just noise.

    • The idea of the midwives’ diet (if I understand it correctly) is to help avoid gestational diabetes and to limit weight gain to the right amount that’s healthy for mom and baby. So I want to do it right, not just because they say so but because I like their approach and want to be healthy. That said, I think I might stick with the ice cream a bit because otherwise I’m not sure I can eat enough, period. Maybe I can find a brand that has a lot less sugar?

      • GD isn’t overwhelmingly caused by diet and weight. It CAN be a factor, but a lot of it is predetermined. I know a number of very fit and trim ladies who had GD. In my “moms group”, 2 had GD, one was heavy and one was tiny. Some ethnicities are more likely than others, too. I know there’s a lot on DCUM about the midwives diet and also some of the midwives being more realistic than others. And ultimately most posts there say that they want you to eat even if it isn’t the best stuff if you’re unable to keep things down. I read up on that site because I thought about using them – some useful posts on there.

        • For sure. There’s a huge genetic component to GD. Diet helps some, but if you’ve got the mark of the beast it won’t help you that much. I had scorching GD (meds required) in both pregnancies and gained only 20 pounds each time. Started out at a healthy weight too. And I know plenty of women who gained 50 or 60 pounds and never had GD. Sometimes you just gotta eat what stays down!

          • As an (extremely) new member of the midwifery practice, I shouldn’t even try to speak on behalf of the midwives or the reasons behind their dietary rules. All I know is that I have at least a half dozen friends who have delivered with them, all with excellent outcomes, so I think they’re doing something right!

          • Fwiw, I delivered my daughter with them two years ago. I followed the diet pretty closely but still ended up with an emergency c-section because my daughter wasn’t tolerating labor well. You never know. I think the diet is also intended to help ensure that babies aren’t too big and are therefore better able to fit through the pelvic area. I appreciate their low intervention approach and make choices about food that seem reasonable and doable in light of the dietary recommendations and am happy to be working with them again. For real, though, all bets are off if you’re feeling sick. Eating is better than not eating. Stress is bad for you too 🙂

    • Eat what you can–whatever doesn’t give you nausea, make you sick, send your super sensitive nose into a fit of ughh, that used to smell good but it’s seriously nasty now. Seriously, in the first tri, if you survive on pizza and ice cream, so be it…good luck.

    • Ug, the GW midwife diet is my rant today too. I’m struggling mightily to stick to it (I’m 9w pregnant), but it is hard. I seriously fantasize about cereal. My approach has been to try to make conscientious decisions when I can and to forgive myself when I absolutely have to eat something white to feel not pukey. I’m hoping it gets better in the 2nd trimester.

      • It sounds like you’re almost out of the woods! I’m jealous. I feel like I have the worst ahead of me!

      • By the way, I’m pretty sure that “purely elizabeth” brand cereal would be midwife approved. It’s not cheap, but it could be a nice treat if you really need cereal.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Shawess brings the best news

  • Rant: Interns that have more degrees than me. The rant isn’t that they’re more educated, it’s that they have to intern to hope to get a job…
    Rave: At least we have really awesome interns and really great people sheparding a mentorship program.
    Rant: Freezing office, sweltering outdoors.
    Rave: New baked and wired coming near my office – woohoo!
    Rave: Been teaching myself new skills in sports I’ve done for a while (flip turns while swimming, riding in a double bridle) – it’s been great for forcing me to slow down and think through stuff I do out of muscle memory. But man it’s hard!

    • Had someone recommend taking any job on the hill even front desk intern because even people with Oxford degrees or phds had to do it. Um, that’s terribly sad.

      • Sad – yes.
        There’s something to be said about paying your dues, being humble, and making connections. But can’t we at least call them fellows or something? At least our organization does pay and/or offers school credit but still.

        • the hill intern program (and the low pay in general on the Hill) drives me crazy. Unpaid Hill interns living in a crazy expensive city are generally subsidized by parents, meaning that folks who can’t afford to have their parents subsidize their cost of living while they intern or work as an SA/LA don’t get a chance, which means economic diversity on the Hill suffers. I worked two jobs when I was on the Hill and my chief of staff acted like that was the worst thing ever. It’s ridiculous. All that free and very low cost labor of highly skilled people. smh

          • I’d love to see the numbers on people being helped by parents and people working multiple jobs. I think the second is higher than most people realize.

          • Regardless, you shouldn’t HAVE to work two jobs when you do that job because it’s not an easy job and is seriously time consuming for a number of months. I knew of plenty of folks when I was there who were totally open about using their parent’s credit cards. But I also knew people who were broke. Just seems unnecessarily ridiculous to pay your hardworking employees so poorly. And yes, I know they’ve CHOSEN THE JOB but it’s still a terrible wage that is hard to live on.

          • You realize I already agree with you, right? I appreciate you finding a tie in to something I said about babies what 2 months ago, but no need to beat the dead horse in either case. It’s a stupid system.

          • I’d like to see the numbers, too, but I knew a lot of colleagues on the Hill who were being helped by the parental units. Not me. As an LA, I didn’t have time to work another job, but I lived very humbly- i.e., in basement apartments with roommates and very little in the way of “luxuries.” Rarely ate out and sometimes ate potatoes for dinner to save money. Found out towards the end of my stay on the Hill that I was being paid about $10K less than some of my LA colleagues who were similarly aged (probably so the member could pay for two chiefs of staff and the crazy amount of mailers he did for his district). I didn’t realize how bad it was until I began working downtown at a “real” job. I won’t knock it entirely: you can’t beat the experience, and it’s great on the resume!

          • LA = legislative assistant?

          • Yes, text doc.

          • Yes, LA= legislative assistant, and SA= staff assistant. Slightly off topic, but the Post had an interesting story about the difficulties of being a woman working for a male member on the Hill. I totally agree with this! The guys in our leg. shop could watch football games and be really chummy with my married, male boss. I, on the other hand, had to watch my step because you always have to be concerned about appearances. I was always very careful about that. I never forged the tight bond with my member that some of the guys did, and I think that is partly (maybe mostly?) why I hit that ceiling as an LA.

          • you realize it’s a broader conversation than just with you, right? Lord help me.

          • anonymous – I saw colleagues with your experience as well. Not enough time to work a second job when you’re pushing 80 hr weeks during high season. It’s not fun. Nevermind that constituents take their hate out on you. I used to have meetings and come out of them like wanting to poke my eyes out at how ignorant some constituent orgs are. But alas, I didn’t. It was good experience, but I think students/new grads should focus on paid internships which can be just as impressive/valuable.

    • One particularly annoying thing is that salaries are low because Congress cuts their staff budgets to show voters how frugal they are and look good during their campaigns. It’s a completely artificial situation.

      • some also hold on to the MRAs until the every end and then give big bonuses. which is annoying if you want to look for a new job, you have to wait for compensation

    • Your first rant about interns. Got my start in DC after undergrad as a paid FT intern. My parents had to help me out because I could not afford to live in DC on that law hourly wage. Interestingly enough, the interns at my old workplace (internship) organized the first non-medical union. Good.

      • I moved to DC for an unpaid 40-hour/week internship. As soon as I arrived, I got a 40-hour/week job waiting tables. It sucked, but I managed, possibly in part because when you’re working 80 hours a week you don’t have much time to spend money and the restaurant fed me dinner.

  • Rant: Picked up my bridesmaid dress yesterday which I needed to have altered (too big). I tried it on there, and it was so tight I can’t draw in a deep breath. I tried to tell the tailor that, he kept insisting it was fine and strapless dresses need to be tight… He doesn’t speak much English either so eventually I gave up and took it. I’ve never had anything tailored before so I wasn’t sure how much I could push it.
    Rant: How much I’ve spent on this damn dress.

    • And it’s not that I’ve put on weight since getting measured – I haven’t and it’s mostly tight around the ribs (hard to close the hook in the back). Leaving in a week for the wedding though so I’ll just have to deal with it. At least there won’t be a lot of dancing at this one since it’s a morning wedding!

      • GiantSquid

        Is there any seam allowance on the inside of the bodice? You could rip out the sides and sew them back together with a little more wiggle room for your lungs. No one sees the inside of your dress.

        • I am not sure, I have no experience with sewing anything beyond hemming (and I keep forgetting how to do the stitches for that). I’ll see if I can figure it out though, thank you.

      • Is there a way to add an extra hook to the hook (to make it longer? Sewing one hook to the “extender” hook somehow? Or look for a bra extender (they also make corset extenders — look on amazon for both (and there may be other gizmos that serve similar functions)

        • Thank you, I’ll look into those! The zipper is really tight as well but maybe that will give me a bit more breathing room.

  • jim_ed

    Rave: Ordered new car tires off of Amazon and the shipping was free with Prime. Shipped directly to my mechanic, saving some serious cash this way.
    Rant: Probably shouldn’t have waited until the tread started separating from my current tires to replace them. If anyone asks, I was being eco-friendly by using the tires to their maximum extent and not being a lazy cheapass.
    Rave: The Bachelor’s Buttons I planted this spring are starting to bloom. For a low maintenance plant, they look pretty nice. Maybe I’ll figure out the gardening thing yet.
    Rant: Picked up some dropcams for security after a rash of daytime burglaries in the neighborhood. Supposed to be simple to set up, but they’ve been a giant pain in the ass. Dropcam tech support has to call me back tonight to figure it out.

  • Rave: love my anker! Keeps my phone charged while using it frequently during my conference.
    Rave: wife and kiddo largely doing just fine in my first time traveling on my own since kiddo was born. Can’t wait to see them tonight, though!

    • External phone chargers are totally life changing — I keep a charged on in my bag and it’s saved me so many times! I have the Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation and love it.

  • topscallop

    Question: what are people getting their dads for Father’s Day? I have cards I’m sending to my dad and my stepdad, but they’re both hard to shop for and always say they don’t want anything. I was thinking of gift certificates to local breweries/restaurants/music halls. I’d love to hear other ideas though!
    Rant: jet lag. It seems to get worse the older I get. I was up this morning at 3:30 but instead of doing something useful I read the Internet on my phone until I fell back asleep.
    Rant: it’s hot and soupy out, ugh!
    Rave: plans to see Jurassic world with friends this week, and maybe treat myself to a solo movie date to see Inside Out this weekend. My introvert side needs some quality alone time.

    • I always make and send cookies, though I might do bagels this year.

    • Emmaleigh504

      For my dad’s birthday (we don’t do Father’s/Mother’s day) my sister gave him a gift certificate to his favorite eatery. I gave him an Quaker oatmeal cookie jar filled with raw oatmeal b/c the man is obsessed with OATS! And since the man loves baseball, one year I gave him a framed picutre of a little league team with my faced glued on.
      Does your dad have any intrests or hobbies that can be turned into a fun present?

    • I Dont Get It

      I said this last week but I’m buying him a one week membership at Hello Fresh. Three meals!

    • I got him DC coffee and BBQ sauce. Already gave it to him. But generally we just do cards. It starts to be difficult when you have someone who buys himself everything!

      • topscallop

        That’s a good idea, DC coffee would be welcomed, especially from Zeke’s since that’s our dog’s name. Maybe they have shirts or mugs, too. I’ll have to remember that for the next gift-giving holiday. I just spent more money than I intended to on book ends in the shape of a brain (he’s a neuroscientist).

    • justinbc

      I don’t give gifts for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. My parents both think it’s ridiculous and unnecessary as well, which makes it a lot easier.

  • GiantSquid

    Popville question: what is it about not feeling like you have any control over the events in your life that makes you feel like a tattoo or piercing or major haircut would be a good idea right now?

    • Guilty of this. For me, making drastic personal changes is something that I can control unlike all the other things that can happen in life.

    • I think you answered your own question. Not feeling like you have control makes you seek out choices that are entirely within your control, so you can feel like you’re in control of something. Physical changes are obvious choices because they feel “big” even if they’re not (e.g. haircuts are far from permanent, some tattoos can be covered up).

  • Emmaleigh504

    Quandary: How does Tupac have a verified Twitter account? Did I miss something?
    Maybe Tupac is alive is the conspiracy theory I can believe. I so badly want to believe in one.

  • justinbc

    Not really a rant or rave, but a friend who lives down the street from that terribly named Romeo and Juliet place said they were just having a pre-opening party recently, so get ready to be disappointed by that Hill folks.

  • I Dont Get It

    Long rant: After a couple of years on break I decided to activate my online dating apps. The results from those who have contacted me so far:

    1. Men my age who look like me. OMG, why are you on here? LOSER!
    2. Men my age who are really buff. OMG, why are you on here? Loser!
    3. Guys in their 20s. Yeah, maybe nice arm candy but I’ve learned that most have daddy issues and not in the fun way.
    4. Eskimos. Yes, Eskimos! Both of what must be the only gay native Alaskans in DC hit me up. Through Wikipedia I learned that Eskimo might be a pejorative but since they self-identified in their profile using that term I’m going with it. Or maybe Gayskimo.
    So on Saturday I noticed that Gayskimo #2 was in the hood–no biggie since it was Pride, right? A few minutes later Wiccan Dog Sitter arrived with a friend—Gayskimo #2! WDS went up for a costume change so I was left in the kitchen with Gayskimo # 2–awkward conversation and 0% chemistry so we both retreated into our phones. A few minutes later WDS returned and they left much to my relief. Checking my online dating app, I noticed that Gayskimo #2 had disappeared. OMG he BLOCKED me while sitting in my kitchen! Gayskimos are RUDE!

    • Get yourself to Hollywood. Your life is a sitcom waiting to happen.
      Also, I’d like to hear more about WDS’s costumes. Plural!

    • Yes, Eskimo is a pejorative. What a story though! Quite a rude welcome back to the online dating world.

    • Yeah — Eskimo _can_ be a pejorative, but I wonder if it’s like with the term “Native American” — many Native Americans identify themselves as American Indians, not as Native Americans.
      Great story — “OMG he BLOCKED me while sitting in my kitchen!” 🙂

    • That One Guy

      #2 was a ninja. Haha…

  • Rant: Officemates who wear waaaaayyy too much perfume/cologne etc. If I can follow the scent trail you leave behind like a damn bloodhound, without the whole “being a dog” part, please for the love of pete go easy on the spritzer!
    Rave: Uh….it’s not Monday anymore?

    • I was sitting next to a woman on public transportation the other day who pulled out a big tube of highly-scented lotion, and slathered every bit of exposed skin from earlobes to kneecaps. Even if it had been a nice scent (it wasn’t) it would have been rendered offensive by the sheer amount of it. I could smell it on myself for hours after.

  • Rave: The wonderful people that invented air conditioning
    Rant: Slogged through a very humid morning run
    Rant: This is one of those very long weeks following a work trip and before a vacation…heaven help me
    Rave: Getting my haircut today and then roasting a chicken for a week of yummy leftovers.

  • Neither: an acquaintance/sorta friend reminded me that she met her fiance on OKC. Story gets better: she meant for it to be a one night stand when she was on vacation all the way across the globe. They kept in touch, and he moved to DC to be with her. Now they’re getting married. That’s a love story prime for advertising.

    • I should have added this to the setting up convo yesterday, but my parents were set up on a blind date by one of my mom’s teachers. My mom needed a date to a formal event, my dad was taller, so she agreed and said she didn’t care about much else because she would never see him again.
      Their 40th anniversary is coming up in November.

      • AH, that’s such a cute how we met story! Goes to show that you never know when or how you’ll meet your partner.

  • Rave: The yard/allergy factory I was kvetching about just yesterday has been mowed! It’s a PoPville miracle! God bless us, every one.

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