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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Grew up watching wrestling with my dad so I was saddened to hear about the passing of Dusty Rhodes yesterday.
    At least its Friday and its the first weekend since being back from Europe that we’re not running around looking at wedding venues. We have so much free time this weekend we’re not even sure what to do with ourselves.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Why yes, I am in the office today rather than working in my study at home. Bah.
    Rant: Scratchy throat. If I am coming down with something, I will be mighty put out.
    Rant: Fell asleep by 9 last night, but I’m still so tired.

  • Question: Can anyone points me to some resources that describe the DC public and charter school system? I am relatively new to the country/city so I am not sure how things works here. We are looking for a house and we want to see what the schools around look like. For example what does In-bound school means and how do you know what schools are in-bound? Thanks

    • Start at myschooldc.

      For DCPS schools, you will have one assigned in-boundary school/feeder pattern and then can lottery to other schools out of boundary, depending on how much space they have. You can attend your in boundary school by right beginning in kindergarten. Before kindergarten (preschool and pre-k) you apply through the lottery – some schools do not have space for all in boundary kids at the preschool and pre-k level.

      For charter schools, there are no neighborhood preferences and it is a true lottery, with preference given to siblings of current students and (often) children of school staff.

      • Great suggestions/info. You could also check out DC Urban Moms, but keep in mind that those people are crazy and mean and a lot of nice people live in DC too.
        One more thing- a lot of the west of the park schools do not have prek 3 (or preschool, not sure what it’s officially called). They start at pk4.

        • +1. They ARE crazy, and no school is good enough for their snowflakes aside from the so-called “big three” private schools. Good info, but take everything there with a BLOCK of salt! There are a lot of decent (even great) public schools in the District that happen to have a larger-than-average share of needy students (and therefore lower test scores than the ‘burbs/west of the park) but may still work for you if you’re open to that.
          WaPo also has an article with a map showing recent in-bounds border changes. That will be helpful.

    • Join one of the many neighborhood list serves – tons of info. You also have a number of years to wait to worry about that!

    • Agreed with mmm, check into mychooldc. They have school profiles for all DCPS and Charter Schools. They will also show boundaries by address and feeder patterns. I would actually suggest staying away from listservs and DCUM until you are educated. You should really form your own opinion before getting the opinions of others. .
      As far as the process goes, children in K-12 have right of attendance at their in-bounds DCPS school. It is VERY important to note that although there is universal PK3/PK4, there is no right of attendance. In-boundary children do get preference, as do children who have siblings enrolled, however, there is no guarantee. Each year, students may enroll in the lottery to chose a new school. You can pick 12 schools in descending order of preference and are matched randomly; students with preferences (in boundary, sibling enrolled) will get higher places in the lottery for school at which they have preference. Charter schools only have sibling enrolled preference (some used to have native language preference – not sure if this is still the case?). Once your child is enrolled, you do not have to do the lottery any more and they are guaranteed a spot through the end of the schooling years (whether it be 5th grade for Elementary Schools or 8th grade for Education Campuses, and even 12th grade at some charters).
      Also, the popular/”it” schools really vary from year to year. For example, the year I enrolled my kids at Powell, it was just another Title I DCPS school and they were easily enrolled as OOB kids not too long before the school year started. Fast forward a few years of good press with a visit from the President and the principal winning DCPS principal of the year and its a highly sought after “it” school where in-boundary kids go on the wait list for PK3 and PK4.
      Good luck!

    • This is very useful, thanks everyone!

  • Mug of Glop

    Rave: That sign is awesome. So much implied contempt in it.
    Rave: Not feeling like I’m going to pass out all the time, so maybe I can run in the morning.
    Rave: Friend coming to town tomorrow, so it’s an all day oyster and wine party tomorrow at Union Market!
    Rant: So hot..
    Rant: Office is just hotter than jacket temperature, but just colder than t-shirt temperature.

    • Hold up…is there some kind of oyster event at Union Market, or are you and your friend just making it an occasion?

      • Mug of Glop

        There’s not an oyster event as far as I know. But we like to occasionally head to Union Market and spend all day eating oysters from Rappahannock, wine from the wine place, bread from the bread place, and fish spreads from the deli place. It’s an expensive day, but you’ll never be sad afterword.

    • Mug of Glop

      Oh, and I forgot the *most important* rave: Game of Thrones finale!!!

      • I feel like that’s a rant, though, because then I have to wait til next year for the next installment! But at least there will be a new season of True Detective to hold GoT’s place…. 🙂

        • Mug of Glop

          I feel ya. What I really need to do is figure out what I’ll be obsessing over between True Detective ending in August and The X-Files starting in January.

          • Fear the Walking Dead? That’s supposed to start in August.
            If you haven’t, watch Doctor Who on Netflix (the new ones, starting in 2005). That’s a time suck for sure.

    • There’s another handmade zoo sign in Cleveland Park: https://www.flickr.com/photos/beaufinley/18556531820/

      It has a lot less implied contempt.

  • So I may be posting a bit on ID theft since I was one of the ones whose data was hacked in the huge OPM hacking debacle. This has been occupying a lot of my time since it was first revealed, and especially after I got the notification.
    Question for PoPville: Last night I was trying to set up a fraud alert and credit freeze on Equifax. Apparently, you can set up a 90-day fraud alert without documentation, and you can place a freeze but it costs money without “documentation.” When I looked at DC resident rights that were outlined on the Equifax site, it said you could set up an alert that would last up to 7 years provided you had a police report. Does this mean I have to go and file a ID theft report with the local police? Isn’t that email I received identifying me as one of the 4 million sufficient?
    Any advice on what you would do or are doing to protect yourself is appreciated. I called my bank, set up crazy hard passwords on my retirement accounts, etc last night. I plan to do the free credit report and sign up for the free 18 month monitoring (which I’ll likely end up paying for after my free subscription ends in 18 months). I’ve been instructed to closely monitor all of my accounts (IRA, TSP, etc.) For someone who barely pays attention to money, this is my new normal, I guess!
    Side rant: AGFE is in the news saying that the government should relax the rules that restrict an employee from using government time/resources for non-work use. Guess what? My data wouldn’t be out there had the government not screwed up. We should not only be free to start calling credit bureaus and filing credit reports online at work- we should be able to visit the police station if we do need to file a report during the workday. This shouldn’t even be an issue. Chalk that up the price the gov’t has to pay for being loosey goosey with our data!!

    • So they contacted you that you were hacked? i don’t even know where to start – both my husband and I are feds….

      • Vice news said all feds were affected.

        • Ok, but I don’t know where to begin – our agency is pretty useless with this. Glad we charge them with war.

          • Have you searched online? Maybe a major news outlet had some sort of if you’re affected contact x thing out there. Or opm directly.
            Putting fraud alerts with major credit bureaus seems like a good first step if nothing else.

          • well, we received ‘guidance’ telling us that if we’ve been contacted, click here. But no one has been contacted. I’m sitting tight but this is a weird time with all our mortgage stuff going on. I don’t want to totally have that be F’d up. We’ll do the fraud alerts but if they’re temporary, I fail to see the purpose. It’s like in 90 days, I’ll have to do it again but I can barely remember what day it is today.

          • In 90 days, I hope you’d have a more clear idea of what and who was affected to make a more permanent decision, and those things will be much longer.

          • in 90 days I won’t be a fed employee anymore but will still be vulnerable because of this problem but without access to info because I won’t have a work email. But, whatever.

      • Hi jindc, I was the one who posted yesterday. Yes, we got it in our junk mail box. Not everyone at the agency has received notification. I believe they are sending them out in a staggered manner due to the large volume and will continue to do so until 18 June. I have a feeling you’re affected, though, since it now appears pretty much all Feds are. So frustrated that OPM is dragging their feet on revealing the exact nature of what was exposed due to its “investigation,” but we have a pretty good idea now. Also annoyed that no one really is responsible; therefore, there really isn’t a lot of incentive to get it right going forward. If no heads roll, who cares?

        • yeah no one in my shop was notified….so we don’t get any of the monitoring until they admit it was everyone, I guess? the general public thinks feds are useless anyway – Sony gets hacked OMG!!! actual people….who cares?

        • I work in an office full of feds. Only a handful seem to have been notified. E-mails stuck in junk folders, as well as misdirected to old addresses (the system here changed a couple years back) seem to be the most common problems.
          Heck, if it’s all feds, they probably should have just used the OPM Alert tool and it would have been much more efficient.

    • I think the easiest solution (which also happens to be completely free) is to download the CreditKarma app and sign up.

      It is unbelievably user friendly. They check your credit twice a month for completely free, and they present the results on the app. It shows you all your credit lines (credit cards, loans, mortgages etc) and updated balances. When new accounts or credit lines are added, it notifies you. Again, all of this is free.

      I’ve been using it for a couple of years and discovered a credit card had been opened in my name at a different address via Credit Karma the instant it happened about 6 months ago, including the issuing Bank and associated credit lines which let me get it shut down immediately.

      I had paid for credit monitoring services from Experian before, and it was so unwieldy and un transparent to be worthless to me. Good luck

      • never thought of the CK app – I use the site and it’s great.

      • Blithe

        Genuine – if somewhat paranoid — question: CreditKarma sounds great. One of the reasons I’ve avoided doing credit monitoring is that I’ve assumed that in order to activate a credit monitoring service I’ll need to provide the kind of personal information that I’m carefully trying to protect. Is there a way to get a sense of the types of safeguards that legit monitoring services have in place to protect personal information? I guess my real question is Who’s monitoring the safety of the monitoring services?

        • That’s a legitimate and good question, Blithe. I have signed up for CSID, the one OPM has contracted with to do the monitoring. I’m putting my faith in that org to keep my data safe, but there are no guarantees. We are in a brave new world when it comes to protecting our data. Not to be an alarmist, but I think things are only going to get worse when it comes to privacy/data protection. A lifetime of monitoring is in store for me.

        • HaileUnlikely

          I use a credit monitoring service offered by one of the major credit bureaus. They obviously already have the personal information that I am trying to protect. I pay too much for it, but I actually had my identity stolen a few years ago, and while I came out unscathed from a financial standpoint, clearing everything up took me several hours of work every week for several months and is not something I want to do again.

          • So, HaileUnlikely, does this mean that the monitoring you have allows you to catch something fast before it escalates? I’m trying to figure out what the point is of monitoring vs. freezing? If I’m monitoring, aren’t I just watching to see WHEN I have to go through what you went through? A friend’s colleague also had his identity stolen, and his experience was similar to yours. The fraudsters even filed taxes in his name, etc. It was a nightmare- both time-consuming and stressful.

          • He has resigned himself to a lifetime of monitoring and recommended that others do the same based on his experience…

          • HaileUnlikely

            Reply to both anons above: basically, yeah.
            I wasn’t in a good spot to freeze my credit at the time – I was trying to buy a house. I literally became aware of the theft *while* I was in the process of applying for my mortgage. I still succeeded in doing so, but the timing sucked about as much as it could possibly have sucked.
            Fortunately (I guess), the one who stole mine was part of an organized group that was quite large and stole lots of people’s identities, enough to get feds’ attention, and they got busted a couple months after I became aware that my identity had been stolen.
            I don’t have a strong opinion regarding use of something like CreditKarma vs one of the bureaus – given how ridiculously easy it is for criminals to get your personal information, I don’t know if fear of giving it to one more business (i.e., CreditKarma) warrants the expense of paying one of the bureaus instead. Back when this happened to me, CreditKarma was new enough that I wasn’t ready to trust it. It’s better established now and I might re-evaluate.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Regarding security of CreditKarma: https://www.ftc.gov/system/files/documents/cases/140328creditkarmacmpt.pdf
            Ouch. I trust that they have remedied these things by now, but as a general matter, this is why I’d rather pay one of the credit bureaus than use a freebie developed by a newbie.

          • Thanks, HaileUnlikely.

    • The real irony at my agency is that our Security Awareness training and PII training are all due today. Apparently OPM does not take this training?

    • Everyone at my agency received a mass email stating that our info was leaked and blah blah credit reporting.
      From what I understand, 4 million folks’ info was gathered, including SSNs.

    • gotryit

      How un-awesome would it be if my security clearance was held up because of identity theft that occurred because of the security clearance process? “un-awesome” is my word of the week now.

    • This is the FIFTH time the government/my agency has lost my PII in 12 years. So. Much. Fun.

    • I work in privacy for the government (many many apologies in advance, though I had absolutely nothing to do with OPM or this breach in general) and I just want to agree with the many posters before me who said that it’s eventually just a matter of time before your identity is stolen in some way. The best thing you can do is freeze your credit, but as you’ve seen, it can be difficult and annoying. Paying for the companies that monitor your identity isn’t always that useful either, it just speeds up when you notice things, it doesn’t actually help with making it all right again. Pulling your free credit report from each of the three bureaus yearly is the cheapest and easiest way to stay on top of your credit – space them out so you get them throughout the year. It’s always a good idea (in these situations) to call your banks and line-of-credit providers and notify them, they can flag your accounts for anything suspicious too, which I saw you said you did. Any free credit monitoring the government offers, take it.
      Maybe this will be the event that the government needed to step up and better protect our privacy, instead of treating it like a once-a-year training and nuisance.

  • Rave/Rant: Decorating decisions. I don’t know if it’s normal for a couple to spend this much time discussing shower curtains.
    Rave: Jurassic World tonight! And tubing/camping tomorrow. So excited!
    Geeky Rave: Bf got me the Attack on Titan manga series for my bday and I can’t wait to sit down and read them!
    Rant: Still procrastinating. I really should be packing instead of doing fun things. Sigh.
    Rave: OITNB!! Rant: Can’t watch it until bf and his roomie catch up.

  • RANT: People who have their car radios so loud that they can be heard 1/2 block away.

  • Rave: New roomie passed application and provided deposit on the spot.
    Rave: Not working for the Fed. Sorry folks!
    Rave: Doing my hair in record time. Sleep is great motivation.
    Rave: No rants!

  • Rant: F’ing hot! I feel like the matzo ball in a bowl of chicken soup!
    Rave: Sellers accepted a change to a VA loan! We’re thrilled. Who’s coming to visit us first? I know Anon Spock will be high on the list!
    Rant: I definitely think people wonder if we’re fugitives given how often we’ve been moving lately.
    ….Tip: We’ll be vacating our place in August – if anyone is looking for a 2b/2.5ba in logan/shaw, let me know. We haven’t seen any mice in a long time, but i know it can be hard to find a decent place.
    QUESTION: Would it be weird if we wanted to take our nanny and her lovely boyfriend to dinner as a “thank you” before we leave town? I have a gift I want to give her, and I thought it would be nicer than just “here ya go, thanks!” on my way out the door that last day….

    • If I had a reason to be there, sure if only to confirm I’ve encountered you already.

    • laduvet

      love the matzo ball soup reference – some of my friends would appreciate that humor!

      Taking someone to dinner is always a nice gesture… and shows you care.. establishes a connection 🙂

      • I’m just wondering if it is creepy since it’s in the evening and all that. I mentioned the name of a nice restaurant and she said they hadn’t been (for her birthday, she got a large gift card to Le Diplomat, so it’s not that), but they love the type of food it is – so I thought it could be a nice way to say share our appreciation. But maybe creepy….lol

    • Blithe

      I don’t think that it would be weird to take your nanny and her boyfriend to dinner. I think it would be nice to treat her as your guest, and a sweet way of acknowledging your appreciation.

    • I think it’s lovely. Do it.

  • Rave: It’s Friday, it’s jeans day and I’m going to the Weird Al show tonight with a bunch of friends.

    Rave: I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow (thank goodness) and having taco night with other friends on Sunday night.

    Rave: Hotel booked in the town where my dad lives, so I’ll get to spend a bit of extra time with just him when I visit in 2 weeks. So important.

    • have fun at Weird Al!

      • Thanks! I only know a few of his songs, but I got a ticket for my BFF’s birthday (later this month) because he looooooves Weird Al. And the other people I’m going with are huge fans, too – so I am sure I will be deeply, deeply amused.

        Additional rant: The Boy complimented me today. (oh look, there’s Hope, sticking its little head out again…)

  • Rant: I slept so terribly last night, spending from two am until seven on the couch. The lack of sleep also meant that I missed my favorite class at the gym this morning. Lots of coffee to power through this day.
    Rave: I’m somehow having a very productive morning at the office. I will take it.
    Rave: I am so grateful for the upcoming weekend. I need time to decompress and enjoy the quiet of my own house.

  • Rave: working in a nearly empty office on Friday.
    Rant: The weather this afternoon . It’s gonna be a sauna outside. I hated this kind of weather when I grew up in Alabama and I still hate it.
    Rave: Wearing my new Lands End shirt to work with my new dark blue Levis. Yay for casual Friday!
    Rant: My jeans have some residue of the size sticker (the one that goes down the leg) on it and I didn’t notice it until a few minutes ago.
    Rave: Picking up my new glasses tomorrow.

  • Blithe

    Rave: Really enjoyed my swim yesterday. The water is almost, almost warm enough.
    Rave: Today’s Friday Question of the Day. I’ve been jonesing for some new reads — especially fiction. And I’ll be wandering by Kramerbooks today.
    Rant: Practicing restraint. (See second Rave.)
    Rave-ish: In trying to support some friends having major relationship issues, I’ve been able to look a little bit more closely at my own priorities and values.
    Rave: Remembering the guy who used to greet me in the morning with a matter-of-fact: “Hi Goddess!” Given the option, I think I’d like to be the Goddess of Laughter.

    • I like second story books if you are in on that area. They have new books for half off.

      • Blithe

        Thanks for the recommendation! I will definitely stop by there. I’ll be the one with the bulging PoPville tote bag muttering:”Restraint. Must Practice Restraint”. lol

    • for a less serious read, I read “Heads in Beds”, a book a guy who used to work in hotels at every level wrote. It’s not fiction, but it’s funny and interesting. someone recommended it to me – I needed a book that I could put down and pick up a few days later if necessary. Would be good for a poolside read!

  • Garden Rave: Most of my grafted tomatoes are still looking good, I picked my first pepper yesterday and have lots more growing.
    Rave (?): Finished today’s sudoku in five minutes – are they getting easier?
    Rave: PoPville summer reading list; I have the Roadside Geology book on hold at the library
    Rant: Too hot already!

    • Why bother *just* growing tomatoes when you could grow a TomTato plant!? (google it, it’s real)

      • Ha- I’ve seen these advertised – french fries and ketchup plant!
        By the same token, grafting an eggplant (also a member of nightshade family) and a tomato = eggplant parmesan

  • What is a good bar near Union Stations to meet someone while he’s killing time waiting for a train?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Irish Times or the Dubliner depending on how upscale you want to be (right next door to each other.)

      • Allison

        Blegh, I had the worst experience at Kelly’s Irish Times recently. We were the only customers in there at dinner time on a Thursday, and they were blaring the music so loud we couldn’t hear each other talking. We asked the waiter twice politely if they could turn it down, and he said “well, I asked” but nothing changed. The food wasn’t bad, but husband ordered no cheese on his burger, and they still melted cheese all over it. Given that we were literally the only customers eating food, it shouldn’t have been a difficult instruction to remember.

        • If it were me I’d do the wine bar or patio at Bistro Cacao. Or if it’s after 5, the pool bar the Capitol Liason. Send him off with class!

    • Billy Goat. It’s a bizarre little place.

  • Rave: 3rd date tonight with the low match. He’s really fun and interesting. Happy y’all on PoP told me to take a chance. Your collective wisdom is useful sometimes.
    Rave: got my hair fixed at Eastern Confederate. Highly recommend that shop for a low-key vibe and hip styles. MtP is my favorite neighborhood, I swear.
    Rant: stiff neck and back problems. doesn’t help that my dog chewed up the wire for my neck/back massager. Is this what BF’s are for, back massages, right?

    • Anonynon

      I am going to eastern confederate today! Kate is great, but hard to get an appointment haha. I feel so much more confident now that i get my hair cut their instead of that horrible place called Deigo’s

      • I was lucky and got an appointment with Meg the same week of my consultation. It appears that the stylists are always booked, so when you hear of an opening, snag it up. I found my new hair place, and it’s affordable and walkable for me.

      • Diego’s sucks so hard. Gah.
        I now use Max at Fusion Salon, near Farragut. He was originally in the barber shop in my office building. Really nice guy from Greece and cuts are $25 for men (I don’t think he does women). He’s got great Yelp reviews, but his schedule is packed. Gotta book at least 3 or 4 weeks in advance.

      • Weren’t you going to change your username and avatar?

    • LOVE Eastern Confederate but shh don’t make it any harder to get an appt. Coffee at Flying Fish, cookies from Each Peach and haircut from Eastern Confederate = perfect Thursday every 4 weeks.

    • I need to follow my own advice. I feel like I never check out many low % matches.

      • Low matches are based on your answers to certain questions. I looked at the questions that matter to me, and we matched up well. all about details.

        • I do that for everyone, so it’s more about having to skip a lot of people to get to the bottom which I never do. Random mix going forward.

  • jim_ed

    Rave: I attended a special meeting on crime hosted by our ANC Commissioner on Wednesday, and to my complete surprise, MPD was actually very open discussing recent crimes in the neighborhood, how they’re addressing them, and the current challenges they’re facing. Totally different than the typical “We’re working on it” response from MPD. Also pleasantly surprised to see Councilmember Todd show up and promise to address some of the concerns WITHOUT forming a study group or taskforce like his predecessor.
    Rant: The humidity. I’ve lived in this area the majority of my life now, and I’m still not used to it. Also, wearing jeans to walk to dinner last night may have been a mistake.
    Rave: Rachel Doldezal. I haven’t stopped laughing at this since last night. As someone who is mixed race but looks pretty white, the photos of her that keep coming out are just slaying me that people believed she was black. I mean, come on – really?

    • your last rave: I LOVE that it was her parents who “turned her in”

    • I couldn’t believe this was real either. Although, have you heard of Sandra Laing? Rachel was just straight blackface though. Terrible.

    • Is there a tl/dr version of the Doldezal thing? I’m sure I missed the critical pieces, and what I saw being discussed on Twitter had me scratching my head.

    • This is the first I’ve heard of Rachel Dolezal, and wow, that’s weird. I mean, I guess it’s fine to choose an identity other than your birth identity (like trans individuals), but all the… ahem… dramatic storytelling! Born in a teepee, abused as a child, raised in Africa, victim of multiple hate crimes, her son/brother/son… She seems quite deranged, and I’m sure that being “outed” will damage her further. I wonder what he parents stand to gain from this attack on her obviously fragile stability?

      • The girl is cray-cray.
        Apparently she did her MFA at Howard, so she has some ties to DC. Gawker commenters from HU had some pretty interesting encounters with her when she was living in the District. Apparently, she was still passing as a white woman when she was at Howard. That all changed once she moved west.

        • That’s interesting that she was still “white” while at Howard. Apparently, she received a full ride scholarship to that school in order to study art that was exclusively African American. There was some speculation that she might have received that scholarship because Howard assumed she was black. Hmmm. Regardless, this lady is troubled and apparently anti-white. Oh, a psychiatrist would have a field day with this one!

          • According to Gawker commenters (again….take with a grain of salt), she was thoroughly SHUT DOWN in many conversations and debates while at HU. People didn’t appreciate the fact that she was trying to make Black struggles all about her.
            Her parents are crazy Creationist evangelical missionaries, hence the ties to Africa. If I had to guess, she’s very damaged from her upbringing.

    • wow! crazy story. I would go ahead and call her a con artist, but I honestly think she’s mentally ill.
      Maybe it’s a good thing her parents called her out – she will be able to get the help she needs.

    • That One Guy

      Did she watch Soul Man for inspiration?

  • What happens to the Pride Parade if it rains or there’s a thunderstorm tomorrow?

  • Still looking for roommates! Anybody want a 14.5*7 ft room (minus a 3*4 closet) in Woodley for $775/mo? House is newly renovated!

    • I assume you’re doing craigslist, but if you’re on fb, any housing groups there may be good too. Craigslist got me someone in less then a week fwiw.

      • Yeah, I have a bunch of people coming in in the next few days. I just get anxious nobody will want it since the room feels so small.

        • You may want to list dimensions w/o closet so about 90sq ft. I’ve never known a room dimension to include the closet, so it may be unintentionally misleading. I listed what fit in the room already and took photos to give the size perspective, and it has a huge closet, so I mentioned that too. Make it sound as appealing as possible.

  • RAVE: Working from home today….
    RANT: …because my scooter had a muffler issue last night and I had to abandon it next to the Elevation rental building near the NY Ave Metro stop. Need to get it towed/transported from NoMa to my place in Columbia Heights at some point today. 😡
    RAVE: Since I need to buy a new muffler, this is a great excuse to order a bunch of other replacement parts for my scooter. Plus, the place I normally order from is having a 2-day only 15% sale with free shipping! Woo.
    RAVE: Checked out the JD Ireland interior design pop-up store next to Union Market last night. Gorgeous stuff! I want it all!
    RAVE/RANT: So much stuff to do this weekend! It’s action packed. Unfortunately, not having a scooter means it will take me 5x as long to get anywhere! 🙁

  • skj84

    Rave: I’m almost halfway through my OITNB binge! Thanks for the early release Netflix! I practically raced home when I found out it was available last night.

    Rave: Dog sitting the best puppy. I love me some puppy cuddles. I need an animal companion.

    Rave: Jazz fest at Yards park tonight! Really looking forward to hanging with friends and enjoying good music.

    Rave: Got my seersucker ride outfit planned. I’m a bit worried about my skirt being too short, but I figure if I wear bike shorts underneath it won’t be too much of a problem.

  • Bear

    Rave: Eggplants and cantaloupes are flowering! I’ve never tried to grow either so we’ll see how it goes.
    Rant: Flea beetles eating said eggplants. Trying to stay away from insecticides…any suggestions?

    • Try dusting the leaves with diatomaceous earth. I’ve also planted trap crops – something the beetles will like more than eggplant. I used daikon radishes (bonus is that you might also end up with nice radishes) – have read there is a variety of mustard that is particularly effective.
      Stressed plants are more vulnerable – adding compost to the soil and making sure they have enough water will also be helpful.

    • Are eggplants and cantaloupes often grown together/near each other? I’m allergic to both, which seems random so I was just wondering.

  • Rave – I think my outfit is really cute today and my hair looks surprisingly nice considering the humidity.
    Rave – Annoying micro-managing boss is on vacation for two weeks!!!
    Rant – None because it’s Friday!

  • Rant: Crazy dreams last night, as per usual. Feeling groggy, as per usual.
    Rave: It’s Friday!
    Rant: I need to do some serious house-tidying this weekend.
    Rant: The heat and humidity.
    Rant: The OPM data breach, especially on top of all of the other recent large-scale data breaches (Home Depot, Target).
    Rave: The azaleas I cut down to twigs several weeks ago (they had a bad bug infestation, and the foliage was weak and discolored) are growing back. Excellent!

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: I made it through another move planning meeting untouched by the hugging HR VP.
    Rant: HR is involved with this move because of the human and change factors of moving to an environment where no one has an assigned seat. So far they have produced helpful guidance such as “We know your family and friends provide you inspiration to do your job. However, you cannot hang personal pictures in your neighborhood. Please post personal pictures as your screen saver.” (GAG!)
    Rave: It ’s payday which reminds me of a former CIO who
    Rant: Announced in his first all hands meeting that we were going to have a cost saving contest. Whoever came up with the best idea would get an extra payday! If HR wouldn’t approve it, he would pay it out of his own pocket. Everyone was cited over this fresh, new blood and came up with some good ideas. At the next meeting where he announced the winners, they were all handed Payday candy bars. What a jerk! He lasted about 18 months before being let go. He’s now the CIO at a large, well-known government agency and I feel so sorry for his employees.
    Rant: The dining room curtain rod and curtains were on the floor this morning. I’m not gonna ask.

  • ?: Went to a fundraiser event last night. One of the items up for silent auction was a wedding at Sixth & I synagogue — valued at $4,000 with a starting bid of $613. Nobody bid on it and I spent a lot of time contemplating whether or not I should. I’m not even dating someone, but it was such a good deal!
    Rave: school dance tonight!

    • I would have gone for it if there is no time limit. Your future boo should appreciate your savvy lol
      But seriously that is an awesome deal.

      • Yeah, I probably should have done it. I could have paid in installments too. But I didn’t know if there was an expiration date.

        • Perhaps I am overly superstitious, but I can’t help but think that by making that purchase you would have virtually guaranteed that you would never need it.

    • I like your thinking ahead, iindsay!

    • Wish I’d been there– I plan on proposing soon (perhaps after the Supreme Court gay marriage ruling if it’s favorable) and having the venue picked out already would take off a lot of the wedding planning pressure. 🙂

      • Well, it’s very unlikely that it’ll be repealed in places that already have it on the books like dc. Those conservative folks love States rights.

  • Rave: All tests have come back looking good and I feel great. Super pregnant, but great. First ultrasound is next week.
    Rave: According to my new app, the little one is the size of a red lentil today.
    Rant: Everything smells like garbage. Sweetgreen, I love you, but you’re making me retch. Smokers, I really hate to say it, but I can smell you from across the street and secretly hate you.
    Rant: I’m filling out really quickly and none of my shirts or tight pants fit properly anymore.
    Rave: Shopping for giant bras and summer maxi dresses.

    • YAY for good results!!!! If you’re feeling “super pregnant”, and are still on the hormone support from the transfer, that’s a good possibility why – hopefully once you get to stop that, you’ll feel a bit more “normal”. I’ve ALWAYS had an insanely good sense of smell, so I feel you on that. You’re also lucky that you won’t be very very pregnant when it’s 100 degrees out – that wasn’t fun at all! Fingers crossed for smooth sailing from here on out! (do you have an OB here yet, for when you’re released? my terrible one is gone from GW, so at least there’s that!)

      • I agree that it could be the transfer hormones, but I felt super pregnant right away last time too. Last time, the symptoms were horrid barfing, migraines and boobs that were two sizes bigger (all in week 4). This time, I’ve got that last symptom, some light headaches and that rotten smell everywhere I go. Which is a lot better than the barfing.

      • Also, I already see the GW midwives and Whitney and Nora are two of my favorite people in DC. I have Whitney to thank for helping me avoid a terrible and unnecessary surgery and for connecting me with the RE doctors. I can’t imagine going anywhere else.

    • I am soooo happy!!!

    • Yay on the pregnancy!

  • Rave: We’ve decided to start another adoption process. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rant: I think we’ll be a good deal longer in getting chosen. I am pretty sure that you’re more likely to get chosen if you don’t have a child already.

    Rant 2: Allergies or cold? Cold or allergies? Either way, this head/face pain has got to go.

  • Rant – Reading through the comments of the Popville “experts” on the benefits and detriments of the new “no Pop up” law made my head hurt.

    Rave – Psyched that there are no Pop ups on my block now and that there won’t be any in the forseeable future (there are four around the corner – one if which was issued a stop work order and appears to have since been “de-popped up”). And yes, I happily embrace being a NIMBY on this. I bought a SFH in a neighborhood of SFHs. There are two group homes on the block, several in the neighborhood. If someone wants to convert a SFH into a multi-unit condo or rental occupying the same footprint, have at it. But there’s no need for a four or five story structure that sticks out like a sore thumb, or a middle finger to the rest of the block.

  • Rant: There were 100 metro cars out of service yesterday because of the heat, most on the Red line.
    Rave: I live near Fort Totten so I switched to the Green line.
    Rant: They are going to start single tracking during the weekdays.

    • I Dont Get It

      Don’t know about the heat issue but the 4000 series cars were pulled out of service due to the unfortunate habit of the doors opening while moving. The Red Line was a nightmare last night!

      • Actual LOL at “the unfortunate habit of the doors opening while moving.”

      • That could be it. A guy on the train was telling people it was heat. I was very happy to switch off at Gallery Place.

        Also amusing since the Red line trains were packed and people were pressed against the doors….which could have had the unfortunate habit of doors opening while moving and we would spilled out of the train.

        • I took a cab this morning and plan to do the same to get home. Even though I’m only on the Red Line for two stops I’m done with it this week.

  • I had another post in moderation that seems to have disappeared, so I’m trying again. Sorry if this ends up posting twice.
    Rave: My tests have gone really well and I’m feeling great. My first ultrasound is scheduled for next week.
    Rave: My new app tells me that little one is the size of a red lentil today
    Rant: Everything smells like garbage. Sweetgreen, I love you but you’re making me retch. Smokers, I can smell you from across the street and secretly hate you.
    Rant: I’m filling out already and my shirts and pants don’t fit properly anymore.
    Rave: Shopping for giant bras and maxi dresses this weekend.

    • So awesome!!! Check out second-hand maternity offerings. I liked Wiggle Room in Bethesda. You will be growing and changing a lot, and you can’t afford four new wardrobes. Well, maybe you can. But who wants to blow a ton of money on temporary grown up clothes when there are so many irresistible temporary baby clothes out there??
      I love how the baby is always the size of some food, sometimes obscure. Like “mulberry”. Wouldn’t more people be able to relate to “small paperclip”?

      • I won’t be in proper maternity clothes for a while (or so I hope), so right now my game plan is to wear clothes that sized on the SML scale rather than the 2 4 6 8 10 scale. I’d like to think that a size M dress with the right shape could get me through another few months, at least, and then be good for post-baby (assuming all continues to go well).

        • Ditto amandal’s suggestion on the belly bands. I have a love/hate relationship with them; convenient but fussy. As to your dress idea, I think that will work perfectly. I’m 21 weeks along (yikes!) and still wearing a few of my non-maternity dresses that are long/flowy or just aren’t tight around the midsection and they still work for the time being. And it’s not because I’m not showing! So definitely check out dresses–and skirts with elastic wasitbands!

      • to be fair, buying maternity pants for the first time as like the greatest ever. I kept thinking, “hello, lover…where have you been my whole life”.

    • This post makes me smile. Garbage smells and all. 🙂

    • I’m thinking that you are basically on almost the exact timeline I was during pregnancy (I had my transfer in the very first days of June two years ago), so if you have any questions, you’ve got my email! I had really bad bloating and swelling as a result of OHSS, so I totally get the pants not fitting thing. The thing that got me through those early weeks: a belly band. You can get them at target, and they are awesome. Also, I highly recommend switching to maternity pants when you feel ready. I spent my entire pregnancy wondering why elastic waist pants aren’t more publicly acceptable (they are that damn comfortable!)

      • It sounds like we really are on the same timeline — my transfer was in the last week of May :). I hate to admit it, but you’re all making me -way- too excited to wear maternity pants.

        • Lol–fwiw, the full panel pants/skirts seem a little too much for me, particularly in this heat. But the ones with elastic bands that go largely under the bump are great. And you may need to try out a few places before you find things that fit ok. I had terrible luck at Target the first time around, but did really well at Kohls. This time around, Target worked out well for shorts. You may want to stick to your initial gut on the maternity clothes–I’ve found that they don’t fit well in the early stages because I didn’t fill them out well enough and they looked awkward. So don’t worry if the same happens to you. They’ll fit better later on.

          • I actually preferred the full panel myself, but admittedly my big months were in winter. I felt like any of the ones that weren’t full panel were oddly cutting into me. I agree with maternity things not necessarily fitting right for a while. Also, I recommend buying one good pair of maternity jeans (as in not bargain brand), especially since you will uber pregnant in the winter. I started with a pair of ill-fitting, bargain brand jeans, and picked up a pair of Jessica Simpsons at 18 weeks. I felt so much more comfortable in the nicer jeans because they fit better, and they weren’t that much more expensive.

          • Lol–I was all about the panel last time around, but I had a June baby and it was colder for pants-wearing weather–and past that, I was big enough to need the support. But now, it just seems like it would feel so very hot to wear them all summer long. (October baby this time around)
            Ditto, though, on the jeans that fit well. Absolutely agree with that!

  • Lotsa raves here:

    Rave: Went on an awesome first date last night, and we have a second one planned next week. Anyone have any favorite 2nd date activities?

    Rave: My amazing brother just announced his engagement to his Fiancee who we all love!

    Rave: Alumni Weekend at my college this weekend. Will be fun to see all the old faces.

  • Additional rant I forgot: Target.com has apparently updated its website in such a way that one’s shopping cart and saved items are no longer visible in Firefox. (I haven’t tried other browsers yet.)
    Target.com used to have Amazon operating the back end of its website. Ever since they got “divorced” a few years ago, the Target website has gotten worse and worse in terms of functionality for viewing and ordering items. I don’t think I’ve ever run into a company whose website has so actively stymied my efforts to throw my money at them.

    • Are you sure Firefox isn’t the problem? I stopped using it a few months ago because it just wasn’t working properly too much of the time.

      • I haven’t tried it on another browser yet, but given how inept Target.com has become in so many ways (and the fact that I’m not having any difficulty with Amazon.com and other sites), I suspect this is a case of Target.com’s web developers not bothering to check that the site is compatible with all commonly used browsers.

    • Mug of Glop

      Firefox for me has been getting increasingly janky with certain websites over the past year or so, so it may just be that.

    • Blithe

      Firefox has been driving me nuts for a couple of months. I deleted it and reinstalled it a couple of days ago –and I’ve been MUCH happier with it. Since I apparently can’t update Safari, I’m glad that the Firefox reinstall made a difference.

  • Rave: Spouse and I are in the process of adopting a newborn and she is due in August
    Rave: My employer will give me 8 weeks of paid paternity leave.
    Rave: we currently own our one bedroom condo and it is in an amazing location. Anything we ever want or need is in walking distance.
    Rant: we have to move. We will be able to rent our condo out, but what we get for it will not be close to what we will end up paying for a two bedroom in a comparable location. I don’t want to spend too much on rent since we have to get daycare and good lord…it is more expensive than what I paid to go to college.

    • Congrats! You probably don’t need to move right away–we kept our newborn in our room for several months. And I know people who have shared a room with their kid much longer. So you’ve got more wiggle room, timing wise, than it might initially appear.

  • Ladies of PoP- Someone here suggested New York and Company as a good place to look for sundresses. Today they are having a 50% off store-wide sale.

    • SouthwestDC

      The Limited and Ann Taylor, which I like because they have petite sizing, are 40% this weekend as well!

  • Tara Brach shared a great message on her Facebook page today and it made me think of you all: “By regarding ourselves with kindness, we begin to dissolve the identity of an isolated, deficient self. This creates the grounds for including others in an unconditionally loving heart.”
    That’s all I have today. Happy almost weekend!

  • Rave: it’s my first every-other Friday off. I love summer hours!
    Rave: I used it to go to a follow up from my ER visit a few weeks ago. I was feeling like I was in health limbo, but everything is fine. Having diagnostic reassurance is a relief.
    Rave: then I went to my niece’s school carnival. You want adventure? Try being the aunt, not the parent, with dozens of 4 y/os hopped up on snow cone juice, making noises like the animal they just got painted on their face, jockeying for position in line at the dunk tank.
    Rave: off to NYC in a few and I’ve got my mini bottle of wine for the train. I <3 you Amtrak!

  • Last night at about 3:29 am I was woken up to someone screaming HELP ME!! over and over again on Calvert between 18th St and Mama Aye’s. Saw cops drive by minutes later before I could call the police and many more after that but I have no idea what happened? It’s a long shot but does anyone have any info on this? I assume it might be a drunk person coming from the strip but they sounded pretty distressed. I wanted to go outside and see what was going on but I couldn’t make myself. Anyone have some insight (Psych Grad Student aside).

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