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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • RANT: Bikers riding in car lanes when there a bike lanes available.

    • I swear sometimes it feels like there are plants on this site just to get everyone spun up on bike/car/ped relations.

    • This annoys me to no end on 15th Street. There’s a friggin’ protected cycle track, yet some bozo on a fixie or a girl in heels decides he’s/she’s going to ride north in the far right lane all the way from Rhode Island Ave to Florida Ave during rush hour and clog up traffic. It’s bad enough that a UPS driver will park for 20 minutes in a lane too.

    • Page 9: “There are no regulations in DC which state that bicyclists must use a bike lane when one is provided”

    • Please understand a few things, because this argument is getting ridiculous and tiresome. There are often times when riding in a bike lane is dangerous. Many bike lanes are hidden from cars’ view by a full parking lane (a la 15th St). So you are not only looking out for other cyclists, pedestrians who cut between cars, tourists who have no idea how to navigate DC traffic, cars pulling into and out of driveways, but also traffic outside the bike lane because at any moment you may have to swerve into the road to avoid something/someone. (In general, there is a lot more that cyclists have to pay attention to- you can’t lose focus for a second in DC traffic.) Also, from your car you can’t always see the condition of the bike lane pavement. We obviously can. Your tires can handle it all. Bike tires can’t. Lanes are often full of potholes, broken patches, construction debris, sticks/branches after a storm, etc. so sometimes we come out of the lanes for our own safety. And yeah- sometimes it’s just faster. Imagine being stuck behind three slow cars for miles- you’d want to get into the faster lane too. Please give us the benefit of the doubt. I commute by bike because I love it, I’m respectful of drivers, I honor traffic rules. I’m not doing it to piss people off. And honestly- while you’re cozy in your nice air-conditioned car, I’m sweating in leggings under a dress, and toting a bag that’s heavier than your average toddler. So cut me a break. If bike lanes were the best option, I’d stay in them all the time. But they’re not. So if you see someone in the road, don’t assume they’re riding with you just to be a dick. Share the road and let it go.

    • Especially when they’re trying to go somewhere the bike lane doesn’t go….like left for instance. Why can’t they just stay to the right in the bike lane and then teleport to turn left?

    • A fellow cyclist and I were repeatedly called a-holes by a garden maintenance company driver who parked his truck in the 15th Street bike lane yesterday when we asked him to move. The law is clear on parking in bike lanes (not on) as well as cyclists riding on the street (as pointed below). Find something else to rant about.

      • Emmaleigh504

        They can rant about whatever they want, just like you.

        • Agreed — I take the last comment back. It is frustrating (as you can imagine) to see comments like this when we have to put up with unnecessary crap (like being cussed out for pointing out that someone is breaking the law).

          • Sorry, meant like the OP’s comment, not your’s.

          • Emmaleigh504

            commuting is always frustrating b/c everyone is always in the damn way! I hate the assholes that make it worse with road rage/anger. Hope your commute home is better!

  • Rant: People who intentionally mispronounce your last name and thinks it’s funny. I have a coworker who does it to me all the time. So juvenile and stupid.
    Rant: Staff meeting at 3 pm today. I hate late afternoon meetings.
    Rave: Got my medications for my depression after several calls to doctor’s office and CVS and after stocking up on comfort food and bracing myself for the worse: A week and a half with no medication to ward off depressive episodes.
    Rave: Just planned trip home to Alabama to see the family. Will be staying for over a week and Ican’t wait to see my nephew.
    Rave: Invited to an upcoming happy hour in 2 weeks. I need something to get me out of the house and out meeting some new folks.

  • Rant: Taxi harassing me on my bike commute. Honking, yelling, aggressive driving.
    Rave: He cooled the shit down when I made a show of reading out his license plate number and trying to commit it to memory.
    Rant: Another freakin’ wedding.
    Rave: Food, family, dancing, and drinks. Should be fun.

  • RANT: This rather obnoxious biker this morning. We’re all cruising down East Capitol and going to stop at a red light at 3rd NE. Bike lane’s backed up with 4-5 bikes, so I’m thinking “Whatever – nice morning, I’ll take my time riding in today”. Some large woman in hot pink shorts, with headphones in has other ideas as she speeds past us in the bus stop zone, cuts in front of 3 pedestrians walking through both crosswalks, and almost gets hit by a car that’s crossing through the intersection. The other bikers and I just shake our heads in disgust and go on the green light.
    Fast forward to the bottom of Capitol Hill. She speeds down the road and cuts into Peace Circle at full speed almost taking out another 3 pedestrians in the crosswalk. Has the attitude to yell at them as she rides by though… don’t ask me why. I catch up to her before hitting 3rd St NW and call her out on her idiotic and unsafe biking while reminding her that it’s thoughtless cyclists like her that give us all a bad name. She proceeds to flip me off and keep riding.
    As someone who’s cycled for 15+ years, and used it a primary mode of transportation since my undergraduate days – you’re the type of cyclist that makes pedestrians and drivers wary of us all. It’s NOT helping.
    To you ma’am, karma will find it’s way to back to you. Best of luck.

    TL;DR – Woman runs a red, almost takes out 6 pedestrians over 2 incidents and then when I ask her to think twice about how she rides her bike – she couldn’t give a shit and makes it known.

    • As a fellow biker, this makes me mad, too. But if she bikes like a loon, her days of accident-free riding may be coming to an end soon. Sounds like she has “issues.”

    • GiantSquid

      It’s tough, but you have to take a deep breath and shake your head. Some cyclists are dicks. Was biking on R St over to Shaw yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to be in a group of 5 to 7 other cyclists that stopped at signs and lights and were generally good road users. Most of us want to get where we’re going safely. She was the outlier.

    • Honestly, I think it’s good that cyclists say stuff to other cyclists who act dangerously. Eventually, if enough people are complaining to them, they will come to realize that they are reckless. Flipping you off is just a defense coping mechanism – she absolutely knows that she’s in the wrong but has a hard time admitting her mistakes.
      Tl;dr – keep up the good work! There’s power in numbers.

  • Rant: DoT putting up no parking signs on 6 blocks around my house for weeks and then never coming to do the work. Thanks for taking all of the parking for nothing.
    Rant: Longest week ever.
    Rave: US beat Germany
    Rave: Great plans for the weekend

    • Oh man – how could I forget that rave! That second half was awesome – Bradley held down the middle of the field. With my brother’s reasoning and the transitive property, we beat the world cup champs, therefore…we are the world cup champions? 🙂

  • Rave: I was one the ladies who posted here occasionally to complain about infertility. I am happy to announce that we are pregnant after 2 years of trying. Btw we used Shady Grove for IVF after having unsuccessful IVF with another clinic abroad.
    Rave: Family reaction when we announced the news via Skype! we called family members as usual and told them we had found an old funny picture of them, as they waited curious for the pic, we sent them our baby ultrasound picture, you could see their confusion turning into joy lol, I wish I had recorded those moments!
    Rant: started looking into daycare it got so stressful that we decided to go the au pair route
    Rant/Rave: I was planning to tell my boss this week, then he called me to his office and told me that the promotion I have been waiting for has been approved and that he is starting the paperwork, I decided to wait 2 more weeks but I am starting to show…

    • Congratulations!

    • HOORAY!

    • Mazel tov! That’s wonderful!!! How far along are you? Hope you’re feeling well!

    • What a great week for you! Congrats on the promo and baby!!

    • Congrats. This is the very best news. It took my sister over two years and some interventions to conceive. I still think one of the most joyful moments ever was seeing the contentment and peace in her eyes when I first saw her holding her daughter.

    • Congratulations!!!

    • Congratulations!

    • Wonderful news – congratulations!

    • I would weigh the benefits of nanny vs au pair. We LOOOOOVE our nanny and LOOOVE our nanny share. I think they allow for more flexibility than au pairs. Just something to consider – be sure to investigate! And day care here is a mess. i wish I had just skipped the application process and saved the money.

      • Ditto on the nanny share. We had a couple of false starts, but once we found our people, it was wonderful. The share broke up when all the kids started school several years ago, but we still hang out and the kids are still all close friends. It’s like having local cousins!

        • @jindc, wdc, anyone: How much did you pay a week for nanny share?

          • Sorry, it was quite a while ago. I don’t remember! But I believe it was a bit less (not a ton less) than one of the sought-after daycares.

          • our share is odd because it’s part time – the other family is 3 days a week, we are five. For the share time, we pay $11 an hour. for just our child, we pay $16. However, we just gave our nanny a $1/hr raise (so now $12/hr for share and $17 for just our kiddo). We are sort of throwing money at her so she will stay with us until we move. I think the average share is in the $22/hr range. but remember, anything over 40 hours is time and a half. But I think au pairs can’t work over 40 hours a week – someone might know better. Nanny share vs day care was about the same for the day cares we got in to.

      • Congratulations! We also use a nanny share and love it.

    • Congratulations! Most likely, no one else is noticing your belly; I was showing for weeks before anyone at work caught on…

    • Thanks everyone, we are really excited!
      @Prince Of Petworth: can you have Friday Question of the day about how do people deal with childcare here in the DC? For how many children? how much do they pay? How long it took them to find one? and the flexibility?
      Thank you!

  • Rant: Some people don’t know that dirty and clean cookware goes in different places. Yuck!
    Rave: Less than 3 weeks, and these problems should be solved.
    Rave: Easing back into work is pretty nice then overtime and studying will take over.
    Rant/rave: Trying low carb for a while, but I get a load day, so not so bad.

  • Rave: My little boy turns 1 year old today!
    Rant: Too excited to rant!

  • Optimistic rave: I grafted 12 tomatoes (heirloom tops onto hardy/disease resistant rootstock) on Monday and so far they have all survived. If the grafting works then there is plenty of time for the plants to produce lots of delicious heirloom tomatoes.
    Kombucha anyone? I’ve been making kombucha for a few months and the starter (aka scoby, or mother) has grown and is ready to divide. If you can brew tea, you can make kombucha!

    • GiantSquid

      Kombucha has just enough residual alcohol to give me a buzz and make me useless. Strange but true. Tried it at work once and learned the hard way. Had to wait to head home safely. I hope someone else is able to give it a good home!

      • I’ve read that stores had to take kombucha off the shelves a few years back because some would continue fermenting after being bottled (meaning higher alcohol content). Manufacturers had to figure out how to stop the fermentation process after the tea was bottled.

  • Big, Big, Big RANT: OPM’s release of all of my PII (DOB, SSN, Place of Birth, etc). Thanks for the 18 months of monitoring. When the 18 months are up, the thieves can begin to wreak havoc on my financial life. OPM should be liable for my lifetime, since all of that data stays with me for life!! My place of birth ain’t changing. The fact that they were keeping data at rest in an unencrypted manner (which flies in the fact of best practices) is enough to make me scream!
    Rave?: I am healthy. Yay.

    • were you notified? No one here was notified….

      • Check your junk mail just in case. Apparently, they screwed up in yet another way by having the contractor send the email notifications in such a way that a) they went to our junk mail, and b) they had the appearance of phishing (i.e., contact this “.com” for 18 months of monitoring). It’s possible they are staggering the notifications. The contractor is responsible for notifying about 4 million people right now, and the contract was just closed on June 2, I believe… Regardless, follow up with your HR and stay on top of it! Good luck.

        • yeah nothing there. not that I expect them to be proactive here

        • Nothing for me yet either, but my last name is at the end of the alphabet, so maybe they’re working through alphabetically…. and anyhow, I still have the CareFirst breach to respond to.

      • Quotia Zelda

        I got notification from my office of HR yesterday, but nothing from OPM yet.

    • Any contractors been notified? I’ve had two background checks through OPM.

      • My understanding is that they’ll be emailing those who are current employees (not sure where the contractors fit in in all this), but they’ll be snail mailing notifications to former employees or others for whom they may not have an email address… Hopefully, your agency or HR people are keeping you up to speed on this. OPM’s response has been totally inadequate, and there are a lot of questions that remain unanswered. There are apparently three call centers set up in three states to field calls from those affected by the breach.

      • I heard through our security folks that contractors are not affected unless they were previously federal employees. So you might be in the clear.

    • I still haven’t been notified… but I completely agree with you about the 18 months thing. That’s bs.

    • related rant: the data breach was in December and OPM didn’t realize it until April, and is now letting us know. Apparently notices are going out until June 18th too, just in case anyone out there is thinking they might be in the clear.

  • Rave: Rose’s tonight, lining up at 4 (its really annoying they don’t take reservations, hoping 4 is early enough…)
    Rant: Came in early at an associate’s request, associate didn’t make it in until 30 minutes after me, woke up early and felt nauseous for nothing I guess
    Rave: attending an engagement party this weekend!
    Rant: lost the backing to an earring. The earring stayed in, thankfully
    Rave: new memory foam mattress pad. Wow is all I can say. Slept so solidly, and better. It didn’t help I had a real crap mattress with pointy springs before that.

    • Lining up at 4pm for dinner reservations?! That’s insane! I guess I’m old enough to remember when it was only the Soviets who lined up for food!

    • You’ll be fine at 4, and could probably wait until 4:30/4:45 without an issue. Enjoy! It’s a pain to wait, but you’ll have a fantastic experience!

      • I’m considering going to Rose’s for my birthday dinner next month with my Mom (who’ll be visiting). For those that have been, you have to stand in line the entire time prior to seating? Would someone with a pretty Midwestern taste in food (true story – she LOVES Red Lobster and Applebee’s) enjoy it, or should I wait until her visit is done and choose another option?

        • skj84

          You are not going to be in line the whole time you wait. People like up to get first dibs at tables. Those in line at four get seated first. If these is a wait for tables they take your info and call you when its ready. You can wait at the bar or grab a drink somewhere else. I believe most people make an evening of it. I haven’t eaten at Rose’s yet, but the food is “upscale” American. I would go over the menu with your Mom to get an idea on whether she’d like it or not.

          • I will go over the menu with her first, and see what she says. I’ve tried to take her to more adventurous places and she does okay with some things but not others. We’ll be in Georgetown the next day (since I have to work) so I may take her to Chez Billy Sud then.

        • There are two kinds of people who love Red Lobster and Applebees – people who like that kind of food plus more adventurous food, and people for whom that is the limit of their palate. If your mom is the latter, you should pass. If the former, there should be something for her on the menu.

        • anonymouse_dianne

          For your mom, I’d suggest Chez Billy Sud. It’s French obviously but a cozy little place just off the canal and they take reservations. They even treated me to chocolate mousse when I let on it was my birthday.

    • Tip – if you lose an earring back but can find a pencil nearby, yank off the eraser and use it as a back – that way you won’t lose the earring, too. Buys you time to find the back or get a new one.

  • Rave: Saw a young man give a quick assist to an older blind man at L’enfant Plaza yesterday, guiding him to the escalator. They parted at that point, so it seemed they didn’t know each other. Very kind act.
    Rant/Rave: Tried taking my now 2yo out for pizza for her birthday. Partial success? Definitely left early while my wife paid/grabbed leftovers. It was exhausting trying to keep her entertained quietly on the bench rather than jumping/visiting the next table over. We should try to get back into going out for breakfast periodically to work on dining out skills. Or perhaps just give it more time….
    Rave: Her daycare class is going out to Bertucci’s for lunch on Friday as a field trip to continue/incorporate their lessons on politeness at the table, etc. Wish I could be a fly on the wall for that one–sounds adorable! Good thing the kids behave better for their teachers than their parents! Yay for peer pressure 🙂

    • I hate going out to eat with my son. But I actually dislike anything involving feeding my kid – from nursing to now. Last night he just cried real actual tears because he knew there were cookies in the kitchen. I really miss eating out at good restaurants and don’t want to waste money on babysitters since we need to be saving money. Sad panda.

      • We used to go to The Diner every week or two for a weekend breakfast and it usually went well. Then we got busy and stopped (it was also getting more exhausting as kiddo wanted to walk–and then run–around anytime she’s not eating). I think we’ll try again a few more times at breakfast when she’s not tired and if that still doesn’t work, just give it a rest for awhile and try again in 6 months or so if we’re up for it with a newborn. She’s just so active right now and it’s exhausting to keep up with her. Fortunately, she largely eats pretty well at home–so at least there’s that.
        As for cookies/other things he can’t eat regularly–are they hidden from view? We have to keep all of that out of sight because once she sees something she wants, it can create a terrible fit if she can’t have it. We try to prevent as many of these battles as possible–but maybe your son has a better memory of things out of sight? If so, that could be useful in the long run….

        • yeah we moved it – husband always puts them in view of him. I finally think it got to him last night that he can’t do that.

          He’s OK at breakfast and whatnot but he just doesn’t eat much, so it’s sort of annoying. We keep trying though – it bothers us more than others, I’m sure.

          • Silly husband–hope he’s learned his lesson now! Might have made him deal with the resulting fit under the “you break it, you fix it” theory, but then you still have to listen….

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Stayed up too late finishing a book. Now, I’m tired.
    Rave: Life with that nutty puppy. The cat has started chasing him. Puppy can’t decide if this is terrifying or the Best! Thing! Ever!
    Rave: Tea. Always.

    • Gotta laugh at the image of the cat chasing the puppy. That’s hilarious, particularly if puppy enjoys it.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Can’t wait to see this in person! I’ll be coming over this weekend; have the good salad, waffles, and ice cream ready 😉

      • Somebody — either you or QZ — needs to send puppy pics for Afternoon Animal Fix, if you haven’t done so already!

        • Emmaleigh504

          I sent one very bad pic my mom took. I have another that Mr Zelda took that I will send next week. I’m still waiting on requested video of the cat chasing.

  • RAVE: This is my Friday and a 3 day weekend lies ahead
    RAVE: Pride events this weekend. No matter how many times I go, I still find the parade and festival fun!
    RANT/RAVE: Had my first decent night’s sleep this week thanks to some over the counter meds. Middle of the night insomnia sucks!I’ve tried melatonin, no electronics an hour or so before bed, reading before bed, getting up to read when I can’t fall back asleep and soft music.. Some things work better than others. Somehow I still end up lying in bed frustrated that I can’t sleep and how it’ll impact the day ahead. The lack of sleep does not bode well for work and morning workouts. Ironically, on weekends, this isn’t much of a problem.

    Is middle of the night insomnia common? Anyone have any tips on how to deal with it?

    • If you drink, try not having more than one. It’s a fairly common problem. It was killing me til I figured it out.

  • Rant: That townhouse fire in Dupont. So sad and then the WaPo article on it. “The townhouse near Dupont Circle that burned last week, killing two young tenants, was not licensed to rent rooms or apartments, according to D.C. officials.” Then if you google the landlord you’ll find lots of information about him. Career criminal.
    Rave: It’s been a rough week. I am just happy it’s almost Friday and Pride weekend!

    • GiantSquid

      That situation made me research my rental on PIVS to see if there was a rental license. There isn’t. So now I’m debating contacting DCRA to see if they’ll check their systems. We’re moving out, no question, but I don’t want the next tenants to get screwed over with an unsafe house.

    • wow that’s terrible

  • RANT: Got an e-mail from my apartment building just before leaving work yesterday that they found a leak in the pipes of the wall of my bedroom and other rooms on our tier. They’re tearing out the walls today, and then it’s going to take two WEEKS to fix. This is after my roommate got a leak a few weeks ago and couldn’t stay in her room for a few nights, other roommate had a leak in the bathroom which took a week to fix, and back in the February they took 4 weeks to remove asbestos from my roommate’s room. Roommate’s lawyer mom is calling the building today to see if we can get a break on our rent or anything, because this is ridiculous.
    Rave: Had a great time hanging out with the Brit boy and his friends last night. (One was ANOTHER Brit! Oohh the accents.)
    Rant: Until 1:30 am. This morning was not fun.
    Rant: Brit is 20. What the hell. At least his friends were about my age so I felt less weird!

    • Yay on your rave — gotta love the accents! 🙂

      • Agreed!! My friends were telling me “I mean, you could just talk to your family to hear it…” It’s really not the same. :p

      • Ha! Man, my wife would totally leave me for someone with a British accent given the opportunity. I mean, not really, I don’t think–but the thought might cross her mind 😉

        • After hanging out with Brits this weekend, I told my boyfriend that he would really be perfect with a British accent. He couldn’t really argue with that!

          • My partner is British and I love the accent! He’s from northwest of Manchester and the accent is very different than what you hear on most BritishTV shows except Coronation Street!

          • My partner is British and I love the accent! He’s from northwest of Manchester so it doesn’t sound like what you normally see on British TV shows except Coronation Street.

          • Ack! I lived in Manchester for three years!!! I miss hearing good ol’ Manc/Lans accents!

    • Oh, another rant: Christopher Lee’s passing. 🙁 I read his autobiography in high school, he has the most fascinating history. I was so shocked to hear he died – I know he was 93, but he was so badass I thought he was going to pretty much live forever.

      • agreed! I mean, he was 93, you know it’s inevitable, but somehow, it felt like if anyone could live forever, he could.

    • Wow, that’s really awful about your apartment. Sounds like cutting a break on rent is the last they could do.

      • Same here. There’s a clause in our lease saying something about how they’re only liable if we can prove negligence, but we’re hoping my roommate’s mom can get them to do *something* for us.

  • Smilla

    Rant: I miss the PoPville frog on my bookmarks toolbar.
    Rave: I still love the site that is PoPville.

  • Rant: Hot, soupy weather. Blech
    Rant: our kid pool has a hole in it. Yes, it was definitely just for our son. why would you suggest otherwise?!
    Rave: Pinterest board for “things I definitely need in our new house”
    Rant: Can’t afford any of it 🙁

  • Rave: Getting help with organization tonight – it’s much needed and will be great to go away for the weekend feeling like something (really anything) was accomplished.
    Rave: I will be in the ocean this weekend, woohoo.
    Rant: Best friend is struggling (still) and really stressed. Ironically she’s also dealing with a contractor that’s stressing her out, but in a very different capacity. They are rebuilding a beach house that got destroyed by Sandy. The contractor charges her for EVERY change (think: low flow toilet, even though it costs the same at Lowes, the electrical panel being on the other side of the house from the design because that’s the way the city fed it to the house, despite him having to put it somewhere he’s charging $1k for the change). I just said to her “at least you aren’t living in it :)”
    Rant/Rave: The puppy – what he lacks in good behavior he makes up for in cuteness.
    Rave: Hoping to also be productive in DE this weekend – tons of laundry, cleaning the car out, some tax-free shopping for necessities, dogs getting boosters/bathes/haircuts…all the things
    Rave:Today is my Friday
    Rave: Mostly raves today feels really good after a tough week

  • I Dont Get It

    All Horticultural Raves!
    Rave: My Renee’s Gardens seeds “My Cat Treats, Mixed Gourmet Greens” (purchased form Logan Hardware) are starting to sprout! The cat will have something healthy to nibble on in a few more days.
    Rave: The hydrangea in my front yard is blooming! I haven’t fertilized it in a few years and instead of the blossoms being blue, they are a lovey shade of pale white.
    Rave: Basil from my garden and chicken not from my garden stir fry last night.

    • Excellent news on the hydrangea! (And on other plants.)

    • Emmaleigh504

      Donna loves Renee’s cat treats gourmet mix. I’ve stagger planted 2 pots of the stuff so she can always have some. She loves her salad!

    • fyi, you can change the color of your hydrangea bloom by changing the pH of the soil (adding something to make it more or less acidic).
      Having fresh herbs from your garden is definitely a rave!

      • Is lavender at one end of the pH scale and white at the other, with blue somewhere in between (presumably closer to lavender)?
        I am tempted to plant a hydrangea, but I was noticing the other day that the ones on my block are all lavender. So I assume that’s what I’d get unless I did something to change it.
        I’ve heard that hydrangeas can be difficult because they really need shade… what difficulty level would you consider them to be?

        • Textdoc the different bloom colors are reflective of the different types of lavender.
          I don’t consider hydrangeas particularly difficult – they can thrive in part sun & don’t need much in the way of special attention.

        • Quotia Zelda

          Mine is planted in the shade of a dogwood tree, and it’s super easy. A little acidic fertilizer, and I might water it if we have a really hot, dry spell (they can get droopy in the heat), but that’s about it. It’s an Endless Summer, which means it blooms on old and new wood. Regular hydrangeas only bloom on old wood, so you have to prune carefully.

          Winter before last was hard on it, and it didn’t bloom much, but last winter was not so bad, and it’s already covered in flowers.

      • I Dont Get It

        Yes it was a high acid fertilizer I stopped using.

      • I Dont Get It

        YAY for fresh Herbs!

    • I Dont Get It

      I forgot one more rave: My purple sedum arrived yesterday. The email confirmation said 5 days for processing but it arrived the next day!

  • Rave: Black Coffee show last night. had a good time

  • Anyone know the price of Prince tickets at Warner Theater this Sunday? Looked on livenation.com and warnertheatredc.com and can’t find it.

    • DUDE. You just made my day. Had no idea about this. I desperately now want a ticket! :-O

      • WTOP says tickets will be available at noon via livenation.com I’m just surprised that there’s no mention on that website.

        • FYI – just read this comment on the LiveNation DC Facebook page:
          “Given Prince’s antics in the past regarding ticket sales I wouldn’t expect any info to pop up until after 11 this morning, they didn’t post info for the Baltimore show until 15 minutes before tickets went on sale”

    • IIRC, they just went on sale at 10AM today.

      I really wish that Prince would start announcing his concerts more than a few days ahead of time. My budget can’t handle taking that kind of a hit on such short notice.

      • Tv said noon?? Did you already get tix?

      • Everything I’m reading says 12 noon….no mention of 10am. Did Prince fan club members get a special pre-sale? If so, please share the link!!!

      • No inside information here, I just heard from a friend that it was 10. But if your sources are saying noon, they are probably right. Sorry for the confusion.

    • I was on livenation.com at noon. By 12:01 the website couldn’t find any tickets! Cheapest one was around $116 including fees.

      • The second show popped up at 12:20. We snagged two cheap seats in the balcony. And, by “cheap”, I mean $100. Oh, Prince…

    • Bear

      Rave: I got tickets!!! I had given up on the 8:00 show and a coworker told me when she saw the 11:00 show added. Managed to get them just in time. SO EXCITED.
      Rant: My old lady bones will have a hard time at work on Monday.

      • Ugh, I totally missed this. I had to leave for a lunch meeting grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 😡
        If anyone has extra tix, please let me know.

  • question for accountants here: if I get severance pay, but elect to get it biweekly instead of lump sum, is it taxed at the higher lump sum rate, or at an income bi-weekly rate? if anyone knows….our HR folks are useless and don’t know anything. they don’t even know if you can file for unemployment in VA if you take a buy out. You probably can’t, but it’s still something they should know if they’re offering large scale buy outs here.

    • I just had this happen. I elected to be paid bi-weekly and I was taxed at my regular income rate (i.e. my net check was the same as when I was working).

      • ok, awesome. I love that the people initiating the VSIP (buy out) don’t know.

        • I imagine the answer could change person to person, and tax stuff is your responsibility ultimately, so probably better to give no info then misinformation.

    • I would definitely elect for bi-weekly if possible. I got a severance last year (1 month, lump sum) and was taxed so heavily it ended up equaling just over one paycheck.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      When I was laid off with one day’s notice, I received 3 wks pay as severance. I was able to file for unemployment (in DC) and the severance pay was counted towards the 2 weeks waiting period. So check it out. In my case it was only $300 a week but it helped me from divesting all my savings.

      • yeah the difference is I am taking a buy out. I WOULD be laid off in a year, but am opting to leave early (fed gov VSIP buy out) since we’re moving. I guess I could just file and they say no – they said it depends on the state. I don’t know the DOD is VA or DC to be honest (our mailing address in DC)

        • Emmaleigh504

          You are supposed to file where you work, but that’s where your employer paid the unemployment insurance. When the gov shutdown I looked into unemployment and I would have to file in VA. VA has so many hoops to jump through to get unemployment. It is probably different since you are a fed. I’m just a lowly contractor who is very thankful her agency didn’t shutdown so I didn’t have to file.

    • Accountering

      As someone who processes payroll, a lump sum CAN be paid as a “bonus” which means it is taxed 25%. Otherwise they will tax you like you make that severance amount every two weeks, and it will be taxed highly.
      If you are okay with it, I would take the bi-weekly check. You will just be taxed normally.

  • Rave: My lovely and supportive friends who constantly check in on me and see how I am doing. I have such an amazing community of people in my life.
    Rave/Rant??: Dad finishes first week of chemo today and has some time off before round 2. We shall see how his treatment progresses.
    Rave: I slept really well last night and managed to get up in time for a swim.
    Rant: All the meetings at work today. I just want to close my door and trudge through mindless administrative tasks but instead I have to talk to all the people. Meh.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: reading news article that proton pump inhitibors may increase risk of heart attack minutes after answering the anestisialogies that no I don’t think my mom has any heart issues. Also, whatever an abnormal z line is. Why do doctors hand over information without some background explanation.
    Rant/Rave: Jen Jen’s YouTube post yesterday had me spiraling down the rabbit hole yesterday as I looked for one particular video on YouTube without success. Still it was great to rediscover some songs.

  • Anonynon

    Rave: Tons of interesting people wanting to be my new roommate. Kind of excited about living with someone new for the first time in 5+ years.
    Rant: Wish i could vent on here more but too many people read it and know who I am anyways

  • Rave – My dog has been off-the-charts cute lately. After my SO wakes up in the morning to take a shower, she’s been sneaking up on the bed and snuggling with me. She loves being the little spoon.
    Rant – Obnoxious CaBi users dinging their bells at people while riding on crowded sidewalks downtown.

  • Rant: Apparently I have bronchitis.
    Rave: RomCom (what we’re calling Wedding Date Guy) forced me to go to urgent care, which led to me actually not working all day yesterday. When I got the approval to work from home, he took care of me all day and was endlessly entertaining.
    Questionable: Major Work Event today, which I am running. I don’t really care how well it goes anymore, so long as people show up.

    • Ugh, sucks about the bronchitis but glad to hear of the return of RomCom boy! 🙂

    • RomCom guy sounds like a good one. Feel better!

    • 1) I hope you feel better. Bronchitis is no joke, and do not underestimate that it may take you weeks to fully regain your energy and strength. I had a bad case of it years ago and was astounded at how flat it knocked me.
      2) Please keep the RomCom updates coming. They make me smile a LOT.

      • I live to serve! We’re bordering on inseparable right now which is 1) good and 2) absolutely terrifying. He’s going to see all my terrible faults very very quickly.

        • We all have faults. As long as you’re not a serial killer or other really bad person, I’m sure he’ll manage. He already saw you sick.

          • I Dont Get It

            And if you are a serial killer I can help you hide the bodies.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Are we taking a road trip to Manchac? (to hide the bodies) I’ve got snacks!

          • I’m all for a road trip! Perhaps we can think of a better reason than to hide the bodies?

          • Emmaleigh504

            When I was at LSU I had some friends who decided to road trip until they found snow. They found it up near Chicago and were really disappointed because it was old and dirty.
            Manchac has Middendorf’s which has excellent seafood, so it’s not *just* to dump the bodies. 🙂

          • I Dont Get It

            I just ordered a new shovel through Amazon Prime. It’s for my garden, really!

        • I come from the show your faults early and often school of thought. It helps weed them out. Ultimately we all want someone who loves us flaws and all, right? Being open about that from the beginning makes it so much easier to achieve that outcome. Our flaws are what make us all unique snowflakes. 🙂

        • emvee

          The RomCom updates really are quite endearing.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Poop: the internet ate my first post
    Rant: Work at home headache (WHH)
    Rave: a little bit of blood meal and my garden is going gangbusters! Soapwort and lavender blooming. Bergmot, zinnias, cosmos fixin to bloom. Fancy violets have good foliage so hopefully some flowers next year. I’ve already harvested some lemon balm and orange mint!

    • I’m a bit of a black thumb (I kill everything), but I am intrigued by the blood meal. It sounds like witchcraft. Do you apply it to everything? Where do I get it? Should it only be administered during the new moon?

      Sorry about the WHH. 🙁

      • Emmaleigh504

        You can get it from Ace hardware! Or get a bunch of blood from a pig slaughter or something. The store bought meal is already dried out and not gross. According to the directions you add a bit to the soil before planting then monthly after that. “Fertilize the soil not the plants” My plants are much happier this year.

        • That One Guy

          Doesn’t this also feed the bugs in the ground? I’d imagine that you’d have a super concentration of ants or some other creepy crawler.

    • Feeding “blood meal” to plants makes me think of “Little Shop of Horrors.” 😉

      • Emmaleigh504

        lol but you feed the soil with blood meal, not the plants. It makes me kind of pagan.
        Also, I really hated LSofH.

        • Quotia Zelda

          I thought I was the only one!

          • Did your parents make both of you watch it or something?

          • Emmaleigh504

            We first watched it at my favourite aunt’s house, I can’t remember if we saw it in the theater or not. Our cousins were wee tykes and loved it, so it was on constant play for forever.
            I always wanted to salt the plant.

          • “[I]t was on constant play for forever.” Ahh — that would make me hate just about anything.

  • Rant: Parents cancelled their anniversary plans so my gift ideas totally fell through. Any suggestions for a good 30th anniversary present that I can pull together in 48 hours? Ordering flowers seems boring.
    Rave: Tiny Dog is so sweet in the mornings. He requires a good 20 minutes of snuggling before he is interested in going outside.
    Rant: Ready to move but already dreading the packing process and having 8 weekends left with the BF and family.

  • Got an alert from MPD late afternoon yesterday about robbery of an establishment in the 1500 block of 7th st NW. Did anyone see/hear anything?

    • I was wondering the same thing. The daily crime report says that robbery was at a convenience store, so I assumed it’s the one a bit north of Ivy & Coney, but I could be wrong about that.

  • Rave: I stayed up late last night to listen to the back catalog of the podcast “the memory palace.” It’s these wonderful, pithy stories from history that make simultaneously teach you about historical events and destabilize what you thought you knew about them already. There’s a great introduction to the podcast on yesterday’s episode of “The Gist” and it totally hooked me.
    Rant: I realized yesterday that can count my remaining weekends on the east coast on two hands. Nostalgia is starting to kick in in a mean way.

    • If anyone wants to hear that part of the Gist, you can skip right to the 10:30 minute mark. The episode is called “Tour Guide for the Memory Palace.”

  • skj84

    Rave: Seersucker ride this weekend!

    Rant: Creepy guy who called out “Hey Brown Sugar, I like your skintone!” to me yesterday. Ugh.

    Rant: Somehow a mouse got under my kitchen trashcan and died. I don’t even understand the logistics there. Anyway, my Aunt and I had to retrieve the body last night. Both of us are terrified of mice. Needless to say a drink was needed after that ordeal.

  • Sad: Really the last update before I leave for the summer.
    Rant: My supervisor basically told me I should be looking for a new job while I’m gone this summer 10 minutes before I left work yesterday. Jerk.
    Rave: Seeing the guy tonight. I don’t know what will happen, and I’m going to be really sad that he won’t be here when I come back. I wish we had longer together… But hopefully things work out for the best for both of us. I would love if we decided to try long-distance, which has been mentioned, but I also don’t want to keep him from dating around.
    Rant: I don’t know if all my stuff for the summer will fit in two suitcases (only a problem because I need to bring bedding/towels which is taking up most of one suitcase.
    I’ll miss you guys.

    • Practical suggestion – try the space bags (vacuum sealed bags) for bedding/towels. You should be able to get a lot more in your suitcase w/these.

      • MPinDC! Good point! I actually space bagged some of my bedding but I’m debating how much it will flatten my towels. I guess I should try it.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Timing sucks. Don’t sacrifice what you want for what you perceive he wants. If you both want LDR then go for it. Don’t decide not to for him. You can only decided for you.
      Hope your summer is fun! Good luck on the new job hunt (boy that really sucks!)

    • I’ll miss your posts! Keep talking with him — you never know how things progress. I’ve entered LDR after the person left before, and if you both want it, y’all might too.

    • That One Guy

      Also, if you know the address where you’ll be living at in California, mail yourself some items. The USPS flat rate ship may come in handy.

      • +1! Good point! I might do that this afternoon. I still need some things today (like a pillow, etc.) but I think I might just shove everything in to see if stuff fits and then take back out what I need once I’ve decided it works or I need to mail things…

    • Aren’t you a Fed? If so, wouldn’t he have a hard time getting rid of you?
      Whether or not he actually has the power to get rid of you, though, it makes sense to look for another job if he actively wants you gone.

      • Yeah, I figure it would be fairly difficult for him to actually get rid of me (although they could move me to a worse portfolio). I do all my work and I got a good review earlier this year. And while I really need a job and I planned to be at this one for awhile, I’m happy to find somewhere better.

    • Or – if there is a Goodwill anywhere near, just buy sheets & towels for $10.00. Or at Target or Marshalls – for $30.00.

  • Rant/Rave?: Realized yesterday that there’s a pretty good chance that someone else in PoPville works in my office. Gotta think if I posted anything revealing (and derogatory) about my office.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I found that at least one other person at work comes here. But it’s such a large place, & I hope it’s not someone I’ve ever met, or will meet. (Hi work!)

  • Rave: Bulbs I planted are continuing to sprout. The gladiolus nanus ones have been coming up for a week and a half now, and the irises are just starting to sprout. (I think I posted the other week that the irises were sprouting, but it was actually the gladiolus nanus.)
    Rave: One of my yellow daylilies has started blooming. These were ones I’d obtained via Freecycle last year after the blooming season. I thought they were going to be plain solid yellow, but it turns out they’re a light yellow with a purplish center.
    Rant: There are now three construction dumpsters parked on my block, and the no-parking signage covers a lot more room than the dumpsters themselves. This is going to make street parking really tight.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Loving all the garden raves today!

      • We have a few tiny tomatoes on our largest tomato plant! And our raspberry plants are putting out berries like crazy!

      • My garden rave is starting to turn to rant – I’m already getting really tired of salad every single day, and zucchini, and radishes. Then I feel horrible for feeling ungrateful for the bounty. But then I am still facing a gigantic bowl of lettuce.

    • Bear

      I’ll add mine!
      Rave: Zinnias are blooming, tomatoes and peppers are flowering, beans and peas are growing, and we have a ton of lettuce, radishes, and swiss chard. Yum. Dahlias and bachelor’s buttons are about to bloom, too! The cosmos are a little behind – sprouting but no buds just yet.
      Bonus rave: Landscaping almost done–we have new walkways and a beautiful new patio! Just waiting on some plants for between the stepping stones and then it’ll be done. I can’t believe what a difference it is making.

    • I Dont Get It

      Is this your first year with irises? I thought the should be blooming by now.

      • Yep, this is my first year with summer-blooming bulb-based irises. The rhizome-based ones I planted a few years ago seem to be done blooming — I got a few blooms in the late spring.

      • Also, I planted the bulbs somewhat late — scored ’em for 50% off when they went on clearance at Home Depot.
        I love getting plants on sale.

  • Rave: baby brother is coming to visit for the weekend before he moves off to Silicon Valley! Any suggestions of where to go / what to do to maximize our 24 hrs of fun?
    Rant: So much cleaning before he gets here – How on earth do I generate so much clutter in the span of a few days?!
    Rant: This weather. This hot soupy air is killing my lungs!

    • What kinds of activities does your brother like? Good restaurants? Museums? Monument hopping? This is a totally dorky suggestion, but I absolutely love the DC duckboat tour you can pick up at Union Station. It’s a really fun way to be a tourist in my own city.

      • oh god, I don’t know – he’s not the tourist-y museum type, he’s more the “find an excellent cup of coffee and people-watch” type. I’ll probably have him tag along with me on weekly farmer’s market run on Saturday because he loves that type of thing. Beyond that, I don’t know – plus, the weather looks pretty gross, so primarily indoor activities are preferable, or at least by me!

        • I’m not sure where you live, but what about walking down 14th St and stopping at little shops and coffee places alone the way? It sounds like he might like Peregrine and/or Dolcezza. There are certainly a lot of places to people watch around there — and dodge the rain.

          • Oh and the Wydown, too!

          • Tryst has some crucial people watching. Over the winter when it was too gross to go out I’d go meet a friend over there on a Friday and just watch for hours.

          • Awesome, thanks for the suggestions! I’m in Petworth, but I’m still fairly new to the area, so suggestions are always welcome!

          • I like the idea of doing a gelato/coffee crawl.

          • and yeah, 14th street would be a great place for a ramble

          • textdoc, I think my brother would love that idea – coffee and gelato is what we DO!

          • You could totally do a Pitango vs. Dolcezza competition. Although you might just find that you like both a whole lot. I STRONGLY recommend the “milk and honey” gelato at Pitango. I have dreams about it.

          • That One Guy

            Coffee wise I would suggest La Colombe if you want a little hidden spot.
            Also regarding Peregrine and Dolcezza look at going to Union Market. They’re both there and you can also grab other things and also people watch either indoor or outdoor.
            Lastly, maybe North Side Social out in Clarendon area. They have good coffee too.

          • Thanks, That One Guy – I’ll add that to the list of possibilities!

        • oh Shawess! Now I’m getting even more excited for his visit!

        • Best people watching is at Zorba’s patio in Dupont Circle. And take him to the drum circle in Meridian Hill Park on Sunday.

  • Rant: Discovered our former tenant used toilet cleaning tablets in all of our toilets so the problem we just had fixed in one of our bathrooms may happen two more times in the future. I’m constantly amazed at the number of things she messed up in this house over the 5 years she lived here.
    Rave: I love how my background (a minor in US history and the bulk of my career being in policy) is proving to be extremely helpful for my wife as she studies for citizenship test. And I honestly forgot how much I miss teaching (something I did in my early career).
    Rant: People who use their accomplishments to put other people down.

    • Did the toilet cleaning tablets eat away at the toilet interior or something? Hmm, maybe I should talk to my tenants about this, just in case.

      • It eats away at the inner seals in the toilet’s interior system, especially if you have an older system (ours was about 12 years old). It cost us about $300 to have the entire system replaced.

        • HaileUnlikely

          Good to know. Although it is reasonable to wish that the tenant had not used them, I can’t bring myself to blame somebody for buying a commercial product that is sold in normal non-sketchy stores like Target that is marketed for the noble purpose of keeping the toilet clean, not realizing that even when the manufacturer’s directions are followed, it can be harmful to the thing that it is supposed to help. I’d be mad at Proctor and Gamble (or whoever), not the tenant. (I’ve also had a dumb tenant who f*ed up lots of stuff at my house. I read him the riot act when he left an iron plugged in, turned on, face-down on his bed and left to go to work, but I just let it go when the [email protected] picked the “wrong” cleaning product and used it in a manner consistent with the instructions that came with it.)

  • Rant: More farking meetings.
    Rant: Still DC Water crap
    Rant/rave: Sloppy roommate is moving out. Anybody want to live in a tiny room in Woodley for $775/mo?
    Rave: Black tie trivia tonight!

    • Wait, how tiny and when is she moving? Too soon for me to move in late August?

      • It’s available July 1. The room is 7.5*14 but includes a closet.

        • Ah, darn. Sorry — too early for me or I’d be really interested!

          • Bear

            For $775 a month I’d take it. In fact, I did just that when I moved back to DC after grad school – signed a lease and paid for a few weeks that I wasn’t going to be there for, because it was an awesome deal on a small room in a great house.

        • That isn’t tiny at all….I’d say average.
          People are renting “rooms” below the minimum of 70sq ft; that’s tiny.

          • No way is that average. It’s justa few feet over minimum.

          • Did you post dimensions wrong? 7.5×14= 105
            Which is 50% more than the minimum. My room is similarly sized and roomie has queen bed, desk, and full size dresser in it.
            Seems pretty average to me.

          • The dimensions include a closet. It can fit those things, I’d imagine but it would be very cramped

    • One of my good friends is moving to DC to start a job and get in to an apartment for July 1. He’s visiting and staying with me this coming week to hunt for apartments, and I’d be happy to get some more info about your living situation to be able to pass on to him. He’s hilarious, and snarky, and polite as shit, and would be a great roommate.

    • I may know someone interested in the room. I’ll have to double check about her timeframe. I think I have your email address so I’ll have her email you if she’s interested!

  • Future rave: have been jonesing for some Bacalao the past few weeks, so I’m going to treat myself this weekend and cook some up! Just need to decide where to go for the salt cod, but I’m looking forward to reminiscing about Norway this weekend. Will probably snap some film photos of the process and results, just for the heck of it.

    • When you figure out where to get it, will you let us know where you went and how the quality is? I love salt cod and think regularly about making it but have no idea where to find it here.

      • I will surely report back! There was a write up in the Post recently-ish about Bacalao, and I’ve got a list from doing some Google digging, so it seems that there are a handful of places to purchase salt cod in the area. I know it won’t be “just finished drying on the cliff of a fjord” good, but I hope it will pass snuff when all is said and done. 🙂

    • My lover/husband makes his own salt cod! Just buy it from the freezer section, thaw it out and then put it in a bowl of salt (fully covered) for 3-5 days and voila! you’ve got yourself some salt cod!

  • RAVE: Got tix to Prince’s surprise second show at the Warner on Sunday night.
    RANT: Scalpers are the worst. How did the first show sell out in less than 1 minute?!?!

  • I Dont Get It

    Potential Rant for Tomorrow: Incredibly patronizing slides from HR explaining the consolidation of staff from four buildings into three buildings with departments grouped by neighborhoods with unassigned seats (only senior VPs get an office, everyone else will be in open areas.) However, I need to think about this overnight since I believe there are other posters here from my NGO.

    I’m also on the core move team so I need to be careful. 😉

    • “four buildings into three buildings with departments grouped by neighborhoods with unassigned seats” — Sounds like musical chairs. What a crummy idea.

      • I Dont Get It

        Plus they are moving two huge emergency operations centers that are in the building to be sold so there will be even less room for the rest of us. Morale…what morale?

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