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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: WETA UK — my TV tuner pretty much stays on 26.2.
    Rave: The lawyer/courtroom drama “Silk.” It’s managed to get me choked up twice this season… and I am not easily moved by TV/movies.
    Rant: The police/mystery show “Whitechapel.” I really want to like it, but it’s just not very good. It has a good cast — significantly overlapping with “Silk,” actually — but the premises of both seasons are far-fetched, there’s too much MTV-style cinematography, etc. Nonetheless, I keep watching it.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Rupert Penry-Jones *swoon*

      • Actually, I shouldn’t fault the premise of Season 1 (police pursuing someone who’s committing Jack the Ripper copycat murders). But I do fault the premise of Season 2 (police pursuing someone who’s committing murders that are copycats of 1960s gang-related murders). Come on, you can’t have a detective team that just coincidentally happens to be investigating copycat murders every single time!

      • Swoon, indeed, with the added bonus that when Rupert and I get married, Angela Thorne (Marjory Frobisher in “To the Manor Born”) will be my mother-in-law.
        Ah my inner 13 year old is happy to be let loose like that.

  • Rave: Got my CaBi key yesterday.
    Rant: Discovered that a 6-mile ride on a hot day without water is Not A Good Idea.
    Revel: The concerned passers-by who asked whether I was o.k. and gave me water when I was sprawled on a sidewalk in Adams-Morgan.

  • justinbc

    Rant/Rave: Just when I finally got my DVR to under 50%, SYTYCD is back with it’s massive 2 hour episodes.

    • justinbc

      No idea why that apostrophe hopped up in there.

    • Do you save a lot or lots of recordings but too busy to watch?

      • justinbc

        Lots of shows I sort of like, but not enough to dedicate the time to watch it. I really only get about 1-2 hours a night to watch TV, so most of it gets watched while I’m doing projects around the house on the weekend.

    • Oh shoot- that’s right! Need to start watching that again. 🙂

    • I LOVE SYTYCD. Not entirely sold on Jason Derulo as a judge, but anything that puts more Twitch and Travis Wall on the show is fine by me.

    • SYTYCD is what got me to join the ballroom club in college. Love watching all the talented dancers! I really like watching the (good) auditions – there’s so many dancers who are great at what they do even if they aren’t versatile enough for the show.

      • justinbc

        Yeah for sure. This year is really weird. I can’t imagine why they got rid of the option to send people to choreography…it’s like you either make it to Vegas or you don’t, but nothing in between.

        • Really?? Wow, that is weird. I haven’t actually watched it in a couple years. I wonder why they changed it!

  • Rant (posted too late to get more advice): Spoke to someone else at DCWater. They kept insisting that there was a leak in the house that was later fixed because “leaks don’t just go away on their own” and that there can be a small leak using up as much water in this chart: http://tinypic.com/r/1zvco54/8 But if there were a leak that was later fixed, wouldn’t it be a plateau rather than a giant spike? I’ve issued a billing dispute and emailed one of CM Cheh’s staffers to see if she can help me.
    Revel: 10 more days of school. Lots of meetings, school-wide events, field trips, and a picnic.
    Revel: I guess I’m chaperoning the school dance Friday. How did I get talked into this?

    • Could it have been a toilet that was flushed and then ran after? Looks like you metered about 11,000 gallons of water a day a couple times, which comes out to ~7 gallons a minute. A leaky faucet or a running toilet could easily go through that much water.

      I know it sucks…when I was renovating my house I was the nice person who let the contractor save money by not getting a port a john and let them use a bathroom in the basement that was last on the renovation list. Little did I know that for whatever reason, the toilet never shut off and ran constantly (and them being like all contractors who couldn’t give a “F”, they either didn’t notice it or didn’t care. It was only by chance I looked at my online water meter and saw that I was going through about 10,000 gallons a day, and had been for 2 weeks and when I went to the house it was the toilet in the basement running full tilt. That was a ~$2200 dollar water bill.

      I shut the water off to to the house after that and made them get a portajohn.

      • A toilet running should only use up to 2,000 gallons a day. The only toilet I wouldn’t have noticed running is in the bathroom. That ran for 3 days before the spike and I promptly shut off the water. Even if it were a leaking/running toilet, shouldn’t it be a plateau rather than a spike?

        • Says who?

          Modern running toilets may be low flow, but that only pertains to the amount of water in the tank required to flush them. The fixture and connection used to fill it is still standard size. 2,000 gallons is only about ~1 gallon a minute, which any toilet would easily exceed by a factor of 4 or 5.

          You admitted you had a running toilet elsewhere in your house, it makes sense that you might not have noticed it or another.

          And the flow could easily be variable depending on the float mechanism in the toilet. Outside hosebib maybe? Your neighbor using your hose to fill something?

          We know the leak was after the meter, so it was between the sidewalk and somewhere in your house. The only opther option is that it was a leaking in the water service line to your house, which you would have seen as it would have flooded your lawn / treebox, and it wouldn’t have just turned off.

          • Says Accountering, if I remember correctly. Or maybe it was OP Anon.

          • Also says my landlord.

          • Also the toilet wasn’t constantly flushing – just running. I didn’t noise that one because it was in the basement. The other 3 are located on floors where we all spend a great deal of time — I can hear the one on the 2nd and 3rd floor from my bedroom and I would hear the one on the first floor any time I walk by it.

          • Accountering

            It was me. I googled it. 2 gallons a minute.

  • Rave: The hilarious outfits that I’ve been finding in my closet while packing up my apartment. Yesterday’s gems included a velour tracksuit, a fur-lined gold metallic J-Lo brand puffy jacket, a camouflage crop top denim jacket (??), and a Volcom sweatshirt from my apparent skater girl phase. My boyfriend was helping me pack and said “who WERE you?!?!”
    Rave/rant: I’ve gotten rid of SO many things and I still feel like I have too much stuff!

    • Sounds like you have some easy picks for other things to get rid of? Unless you’re planning on saving them for a Halloween party 🙂

    • I helped a friend go through her closet when she moved. It was harder to toss the white patent go-go boots and the leather pants, than to toss the Calvin Klein skirt and the DKNY blazer. I guess you know you can always get more skirts and blazer, and you will. But when are you EVER going to splurge on another pair of thigh-high boots??

      • Seriously. I’m not generally a fan of white shoes or patent-leather shoes, but even I would make an exception for white patent go-go boots.

      • I own a pair of thigh-high boots with stiletto heels covered with gold glitter.

        I’ve worn them twice in the past 15 years, and will likely never wear them again. But no way I’m tossing them.

    • That crop top denim jacket will make some hipster very happy at a thrift store. I think I should do the same. Oh dear, the questionable fashion choices I will find!

    • I meant to comment the other day… weren’t you saying something about “soon-to-be live-in boyfriend”? Congratulations!
      Is he buying the place together with you?

      • Thank you!
        I bought the place. He’ll be moving in when his lease is up in the fall. 🙂

  • Rave: Four more weeks at work before I move to Philly.
    Rant: I’m moved in with my boyfriend two months ago and still have not received forwarded mail from USPS. The staff at my old SW location are useless and tell me there’s nothing they can do to find my lost mail or figure out why mail isn’t getting labeled with my new address.

  • Rave: Both potential roomies seemed cool. Now we wait.
    Rant: Roomie trying to make the whole process more difficult than it needs to be.
    Rave: Physical therapy today.
    Rave: No ot this week, so I can do happy hour and more events this week.
    Rant: Missing gym time like crazy. My elbow needs to get fixed asap.

  • skj84

    Rave: family vacation is in the works. We are road tripping in September to see my Grandma in Indianapolis and sister in Minnesota. We haven’t done a full family trip in four years. So excited!

    Rant: job hunt as usual.

  • Rave: Cute Korean/British guy at the event I worked last night flirted with me much of the night and asked me to drinks with his friends tomorrow.
    Rant: He lives in the UK and is only here for a few days. Also, he just finished undergrad (definitely thought he was older until he said that…..).
    Rave: Going anyway, mostly just to listen to that accent.
    Rave: Hawaii in two weeks!

    • Rave: Booked the flight to Berlin/Prague!
      Rant: Girlfriend aleady booking hotels. She prefers luxury, I prefer funky.
      Rave: Luxury’s not so bad. High thread count sheets put her in a romantic mood. I’ll get my way on the restaurants.
      Dumb fun: Reading tips on how to get past the bouncers at the coolest clubs. Trying to figure out how not to look touristy.

      • Oops!

        (watch out for those accents! Many an innocent maiden has traded her virtue for an “‘ows about we go up to the flat for a pint, luv?”) 🙂

        • Hahah oh I know! And my parents still have British accents so it shouldn’t be quite as much of a weakness as it is… but well, I will have to chance my virtue!

      • Do NOT miss the Sedlec Ossuary in Kunta Hora – about 1 hour outside Prague. As for Berlin clubs – I got nothing. You’re American, everyone is going to see it – maybe just embrace it? Plaid shorts and a fanny pack?

      • If you want to blend-in in Europe, just make sure to wear some “manpris” . For some reason, they seem to be all the rage with the locals in Europe, especially Germany.

        • I Dont Get It

          Ugh. I had to Google manpris. I’m sorry now.

        • My FIL wears manpris. Be kind if you see him around town. He’s not from here, and he sees no reason to get rid of perfectly good trousers from the old country.

        • When I was in Marseilles I got asked for directions (in French) several times but only when I was wearing a grungy t-shirt from an obscure Mobile, Alabama band. May have been the shoes, though. Probably not my continental savoir-faire.
          Will definitely put the ossuary on the list.
          Will definitely not put manpris on the list.

        • Red Panda

          So true! My dad started wearing manpris after we went to Italy ten years ago, because all of the men there were wearing capris and none of the women were. My dad figured that if it’s fashionable in Italy, it’s okay.

    • laduvet

      ahh the accent! swoon.

    • emvee

      My now-boyfriend is British and pretty much tanked the first date (he said that spring rolls reminded him of condoms), but his accent helped me overlook that and agree to date #2. Apparently he went home after our first date beating himself up for that comment. Enjoy the accent + eye candy while he’s around!

      • Haha! Oh wow, that comment… Hey, it makes for a cute story at least! 🙂

      • “Apparently he went home after our first date beating himself up for that comment.”
        British men are absurdly hyper self-critical about stuff like that. I’m amazed how often my British male friends moan about their self-inflicted dating gaffes – “Jesus, I sounded like such a wanker, she’ll never call me again! She must assume I’m a pervert/racists/moron….” etc etc etc.
        They are almost the completely opposite of American men, in this regard.

    • Is he a UK citizen or a Korean citizen? If he was Korean and just happened to be living in the UK, he could have had military duty and thus would be older AND just finishing undergrad.

      • That’s a good point! Though I think he’s British citizenship, not Korean – he said he doesn’t speak any Korean at least (instead speaks Chinese because they lived in Hong Kong for a while) and his father is British…

  • Had anyone used dc opens doors? I’m looking to get some more info that the site doesn’t have, and I still haven’t gotten info from them after my request online.

    • Looked into it, but didn’t do it. I found a lot of information on their site though. What are you looking for specifically? You already own a property in DC and rent it out though, right? Looks like you’d have to sell that before closing on the new home.

      • Yes, it specifically mentioned your primary residence not property generally, so I wasn’t clear.
        Questions have been answered though, so I’m good. Thx

  • Rave: Went to bed at 10 last night.
    Rant: Slept like crap. Up repeatedly and had trouble falling back to sleep. Knocking the thermostat down two degrees overnight–maybe that will help? Doubtful.
    Rant: Apparently, I need to make the decisions on what we’re eating in addition to preparing all of the food, even when I ask someone else to get dinner started (heated up from the fridge) while I feed the cats. I’m too tired to have to make the decisions for what two other adults eat.
    Rant: Grumpy. In case that wasn’t obvious 😉

    • Why doesn’t spouse or roomie feed the cats if they can’t handle grabbing something from the fridge?

      • In this case it’s spouse and father in law. Invariably what happened was spouse asked FIL what he’d like for dinner, he responds whatever she’d like, she says she’s up for whatever, and he says let’s see what mtpresident wants. I volunteered to feed the cats because I was trying to avoid this dynamic because it drives me *crazy*. So when I asked said spouse to get dinner started, I was hoping to have decisions made already. I should have known better.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Why did I think I could work longer days this week to make up for a day off last week? So tired I can barely type and it’s only Tuesday. (“Tuesday. People work on Tuesday.”)
    Rave: Found a Tana French book I hadn’t read in my building’s book swap library. So much better than Breakfast at Tiffany’s which I’m also reading.

  • Pop-inquiry: For those who have been to Morocco, can you suggest companies that we should work with to set up a 7-10 day trip? Planning a vacation in 2016 and I don’t really want to wing it as I know next to nothing about the country. I’ve heard Fes and Marrakech are the places to go, but any other advice is welcome!!

    • Bear

      I’m also interested in recommendations! Morocco is most likely where we’ll take our honeymoon.

      • I bought a living Social to Morocco a couple years ago and it was through a UK tour group called Encounters. It was excellent. Saw a lot of the country (Marrakesh to Atlas mountains to Sahara). Cool group of people mostly 20-40 year olds. The guides were local and amazing. I love that country. Can’t wait to go back and visit again.

    • Intrepid Travel does trips in Morocco. I’ve used them for other destinations and have aways enjoyed their trips. Friends of mine went to Morocco with Intrepid and reported that they really liked it.

    • justinbc

      I did about 3 weeks there this year, it was the best trip I’ve ever taken. Photos here:
      I was going to use Boutique Souk for all of our planning purposes, but when she sent me the proposed itinerary / invoice I changed my mind. I was able to get even better accommodations on my own through TripAdvisor / Booking / Hotels etc dot com, and still save several thousand in the end. I wound up renting a car and driving around the country on my own rather than paying for a guide, and really loved the experience. There are so many places where you just want to stop on the road and hang out for a while. If you have any questions about specific cities I’ll give as much advice as I can.

      • I recommend doing it on your own. 7-10 days, I’d go to Fez, Meknes, Marrakesh (or vice versa). It’s easy to travel between cities and if you speak French, easy to communicate with people.

    • topscallop

      I just did about 8 days in Morocco on vacation and didn’t book through a tour or anything, but stayed in airbnbs and booking.com places, which were inexpensive and often really gorgeous (esp in Fez, my favorite place we visited). The hospitality in the riads was wonderful. I loved the Atlas mountains, Chefchaouen was pretty but a little touristy, Marrakech was ok but not for more than a day or two. The only regret I have is not also doing something in the Sahara. Bring a spare duffel bag for all the things you’ll buy, even if you’re not planning to do much shopping.

  • Rant: Check out the Post today for the latest scandal on WMATA. Apparently, they have been long cutting corners when it comes to track work/insulation/electricity stuff. Some of that corner cutting likely led to the death in January, and they continued to make bad repairs even after the L’Enfant debacle. In other words, there are catastrophes waiting to happen all over this system due to their mindboggling incompetence and shoddy work. Dangerous stuff. Even though NTSB’s report is not due for a long time, in the interest of safety, they issued immediate recommendations because action is urgently needed. This agency is absolutely reprehensible and what they’re doing should be considered criminally negligent.

      • I Dont Get It

        Ugh…scary! Did you also see the article about the crazy neighbor from hell in Chevy Chase?

        • I was reading that… but I got the feeling that the neighbors she was railing against had built a McMansion. So I felt more sympathy for her than for them.

          • I Dont Get It

            She seems mentally ill. The house is built. Let it go.

          • Yeah, it did seem like she was being unnecessarily confrontational/inflammatory. Writing a slogan in their cement walkway??

    • I can put my finger on why, but I’ve started taking the bus more and the metro less. I get a mild sense of dread when I contemplate metro.

      • +1 and my sense of dread is more than mild. I go out of my way to avoid metro these days.

      • I have a lot of dread nowadays, too, but I do have to use it sometimes- doctor appointments, trips out to the burbs to see friends, etc. That’s why I get so stressed out about this! Oh, and the fact that thousands of people have to rely on this transit every day and are taking a risk when they do so. There’s truly no accountability and no incentive to get this stuff right, which is frightening.

      • justinbc

        By comparison, I love the bus. The A/C and/or heat works much better, it’s (generally) less crowded, mostly on time, and (never in my experience) closed for maintenance. Oh and it typically smells better too. Of course, not all bus lines are equal…

        • I have to say, after 21 years in DC assiduously avoiding the bus, except for the occasional circulator ride, I have come to enjoy in the past few weeks for all these reasons. Of course, I’m taking one of the 30 lines from Friendship Heights straight down Wisconsin to Georgetown at 6:45 am. All bus lines are not equal, indeed.

      • Ditto. I’ve been taking the bus as much as possible and have found myself getting a sinking feeling in my stomach when I have to take the metro. Yesterday, I took the red line and caught the #newtrain. Here are my observations:
        RANT: They have removed the bars that run along the ceiling of the train, which makes for interesting standing etiquette and I imagine during rush hour, dangerous standing situations
        MAJOR RANT: The train car I was in had a broken door. A FREAKING BROKEN DOOR!!! #irony
        RAVE: The seats are super comfy. Only sat in one for one stop, but it was a nice 1000 meters for my bum
        RANT: I’ll admit I wasn’t paying too much attention to the digital signs, but in the little amount that I was, I found them confusing. I mean, I get it, but If I were new to the city and didn’t understand where the stops actually are in relation to where you are in the line, the second section of changing stops and numbers on the right hand of the signs would be hella confusing.
        RANT: I hate, HATE, the announcer robot voice. The “Doors opening.” “Doors closing.” and stop announcement is, whatever. But the “It is illegal to eat on the train” or whatever it kept repeating, was stupid and annoying
        RAVE: The starts and stops were so smooth I could barely tell they were happening. Not kidding. I was genuinely surprised when the doors opened because we were stopped. Didn’t even feel it.
        RAVE: Clean, nice lighting, modern.
        I’d still rather take the bus.

        • justinbc

          Re: announcements, there are so many times with the live operators that the speaker feedback is so bad you can’t hear anything. I would assume a robo-announcement would help improve this? Also, I’m glad they are announcing the food and drink policy, since many tourists just don’t know, and won’t notice the signs that explicitly point it out. Of course many residents do know and DGAF anyway, so they set a bad example, but anything to help clean up the system is a welcome addition to me.

          • +1 to “Re: announcements, there are so many times with the live operators that the speaker feedback is so bad you can’t hear anything. I would assume a robo-announcement would help improve this?”
            Between tech-related issues (buzzing, feedback, mic not picking up properly) and many of the operators not pronouncing things clearly, the current announcements are of questionable value. I feel sorry for tourists.

          • It’s more the actual voice itself that bothered me. It’s 2015. I feel like they could have done better with the voice. And the repeating of the message was pretty annoying. It just didn’t feel welcoming at all. A quick “Hi, thanks for riding metro. Don’t forget, it’s unlawful to eat or drink throughout the metrorail” or something equally as pleasing like the ones that play throughout the stations, would be better. But the robo version was repetitive and icky.

      • Me too. Being aboveground is so much more pleasant. Unfortunately it seems like very few buses cross into VA from DC, so I’m stuck commuting by metro.

      • I started taking the bus more a while back, when the smartrip card made it easier to pay. Then as weekend subway service got worse and worse, my bus use went up. Have to say, though, the bus is pretty miserable in rush hour. I would take the 16th line, but that is impossibly crowded, so I shifted east to 14th Street, which was only marginally better. On 16th, almost no buses would stoop because they were too full; on 14th a few would stop. Eventually I learned to switch my stop a few blocks uptown to a major transfer point where there were always people getting off, so there would be room to get on. All that being said, I still take the bus more often on weekend especially for those cross-town trips that the subway (from where I am) just wasn’t designed for.

  • Mug of Glop

    Rant: So damned hot. So hot…
    Rave: Shake Shack Run tonight! Everyone come!
    Rave: Kalbi for lunch again today. Woot!
    Rave: Lox and bagels for dinner tomorrow. Om nom. Bullfrog is pretty good, but if only I could find somewhere even better for bagels…
    Rant: Lots of stuff to do at work.
    Rave: I seem increasingly valued, so I guess I don’t mind it. Now, if only I can get my hands on some of that sweet, sweet permanent job money…

    • Goldberg’s New York Bagels! Well worth a trip to North Bethesda or Silver Spring. Buy a baker’s dozen–they freeze beautifully. Bullfrog are very good, but I think just too much sourdough flavor to be a really classic bagel.

      • Mug of Glop

        Yeah, Bullfrog is good, but not what I’m really looking for. I’d like something a little fluffier on the inside and chewier on the outside, probably with more water in the dough and steamed/boiled a bit longer. I don’t know whether Bullfrog steam-bakes or dry-bakes, but they’re kind of dryer than I’d like. (Can you tell I worked at a bagel shop in my long lost days in high school?)

    • justinbc

      There are many better places than Bullfrog. Where do you live?

      • Mug of Glop

        I’m in Logan Circle. I’ve had bagels from Bethesda Bagel in Dupont and whomever supplies them to the deli at Union Market, and a few other places. I’m definitely willing to travel. I’ve heard good things about Georgetown Bagelry in Bethesda, but, since this advice was given to me literally on our run to Bullfrog, there wasn’t much I could do about it.

        • skj84

          I second the love for Bethesda Bagels.

          • Third.

          • Mug of Glop

            I didn’t like Bethesda Bagel in Dupont the one time I went there. They were way too bready for my taste. Is this a fluke and I should go back and give them a second chance?

          • Opps (again). Meant to second Georgetown BB in Bethesda, not “third” the merely adequate Bethesda BB in Dupont.

        • justinbc

          Georgetown Bagels is the best I’ve had that’s “close” to DC, without going further into the MD suburbs. Personally I prefer Bethesda Bagel in Dupont over Bullfrog, although the separation isn’t that great really.

    • That One Guy

      Kalbi?!?! Where from? (sharing is caring)

      • Also curious!

      • Mug of Glop

        I actually made it myself. The spare ribs are from Hmart, but the marinade is pretty simple to do.
        For about 5 lbs. of meat (supposedly):
        Blend the following:
        1 cup brown sugar, packed
        1 cup soy sauce
        1/2 cup water
        1/4 cup sake
        1 small onion
        1 small Asian pear, regular pear, or equivalent amount of pineapple
        4 tablespoons minced garlic
        2 tablespoons dark sesame oil
        1/4 teaspoon black pepper
        Then add 2 green onions, thinly sliced
        Marinate meat overnight.
        Then grill.
        I don’t have a grill, though, so I just cooked at 450 in its own juices for like 5-10 minutes. Also, I don’t have a blender, so I just minced everything with a knife.

        • This sounds delicious. Thanks for the recipe!

        • That One Guy

          Have you experimented with adding soda (coca cola) to the Kalbi recipe?

          • Mug of Glop

            I have not. This was actually only the second time I’d made it. I definitely need to add some spice next time, and perhaps I’ll add some pop to it as well.

  • Rant – PoPville site has been really buggy for me lately. It’s slow and often crashes my browser.
    Rant – Updated my LinkedIn account thinking it would help in my job search, but it just made me feel really bad about the years I’ve wasted in this dead end job.
    Rave – Fresh picked strawberries and cuddles from my dog.

    • +1 in the buggy issues with POP. I have been having them too.

    • Popville crashes out all the time on IE. I absolutely have to use Firefox, otherwise it won’t work.
      It’s due to the buggy ads, from what I can ascertain (can’t install Ad Blocker on my work computer, don’t have administrative privileges)

  • Rant: When you take a day off from work and your supervisor’s act like you should have been working that day. As soon as i walked in, “what’s the status of ______”. I don’t know, I wasn’t here and don’t look at my blackberry.
    Rant: I find it odd that it’s so important for me to do things on my day off, yet my job was cut (sequestration deal) in the next FY. So…..that makes sense?
    Rave: Got a house. Our son will be able to walk to elementary school where I went. It’s so neat.
    Rave: read a bit of yesterday’s RRRR – Infertility Lady got good news, cosmetics swap is planned….cookbook swap. I NEED to swap cookbooks (or give some away) before we move.

    • YAY! on the house! Congrats!

    • Hooray on the house!!

    • Congrats 🙂 So exciting!

    • Congrats on the house! That’s got to be such a relief.

      And I am so in for the cookbook swap, though I fear I will come home with as many as I’m trying to unload.

      • Has it been decided that the cookbook swap will be different than the cosmetic swap? Or what? I really only have nail polish to “swap” (give!!!)

        • I think someone (Shawess, maybe?) was talking about also swapping cookbooks at the cosmetic swap. I’m fine to do both at the same event.

          • +1, but I might have trouble carrying everything to Kogod 🙂 I’m imagining quite a scene when I try to enter the building with several large bags.

          • I can help you carry – I won’t have many cosmetics but will have books. I sort of gave up on all that. but never cookbooks. It’ll be hard to part with them but I have So many

          • Blithe

            I think that doing both together is a great idea. Okay: PoPville Cosmetics AND Cookbook swap!

        • Emmaleigh504

          so much nail polish to give (force) on people 🙂

        • I Dont Get It

          I should bring some of my failed sunscreen choices. The latest I tried was a pricey (for me) Shiseido Anessa Perfect Sunscreen. It took longer than usual before it got in my eyes but I had trouble flushing it out of my eyes and my eyes were stinging for a couple of hours. Next!

          • Blithe

            Please do! I’m always on the lookout for a good sunscreen, and I’d love to try the Shiseido — especially if it’s “perfect”. Have you tried any of the stick ones yet? You also might want to look at some of the formulas marketed for children, if you haven’t already — since most are intended to be non-irritating.

          • I Dont Get It

            I have some stick ones in my cart at Amazon but they are add-ons so it will probably be a few day before I order. Or tonight given my Amazon Prime addiction.

          • Yes, IDGI, you SHOULD bring those — and yourself! I also just got a bunch of sunscreen samples from Sephora and am happy to share them. Especially with IDGI. If he comes.

    • + congratulations on finding a house!

    • I Dont Get It

      Good news on the house!

    • Blithe

      Congrats! That’s great news about the school! Will you get to have parent conferences with some of your former teachers?

  • Rave: Plumber was able to fix the leaking valve in the utility closet within minutes! He’s also going to fix the leaky toilet this morning.
    Rant: He also pointed out that we have a major leak in our water heater that only started within the last few days. We’re going to have to replace that since it’s the original one that came with our house (built about 12 years ago).
    Rave: All of you wonderful people who offered support yesterday. I really needed it. Thank you.

  • Rave: This weather. It was gorgeous out today.
    Rave: Touring an apartment today that’s a good size, in a good location and available at a reasonably priced rent (well, by DC standards, at least.) Fingers and toes crossed that there is not something terribly wrong with it and that I get it if I apply. I am so ready to be done looking.
    Rant: Rachel Maddow ran a bit last night about lampreys falling from the skies in Alaska. Thanks for the nightmare fodder!

  • Rave: Going to the ballet at the Kennedy Center tonight!
    Rant/Rave: Mom having some nerves burned in her back today. She’s lived with chronic pain for 20 years or so – I cannot even begin to imagine. Hopefully this works, but I am deeply skeptical after the other fixes worked and then failed.

  • Rant: dealing with boys and bar studying — the worst

    Rave: going to Jazzfest in the Yards w/2 of my best friends on Friday night! We’ve never been — is it worth it? Should I bring a chair (like a Crazy Creek)? Advice??

    • Which bar are you taking?

      • New York. I figured if I wanted to work there in the next 5 years (I don’t, but there are one or two jobs there I would maybe be interested in), it would be better to take the NY bar rather than taking MD and having to take NY after. Or something. I’m really regretting it now 🙁

        • I think taking NY is actually a really good decision. Good job market (as far as legal markets go), good reciprocity options, and a pretty decent pass rate. Plus, like you said, once you take a bar exam, you never want to have to take another haha. Just study hard now, make the sacrifices, and come mid-November, you’ll be celebrating. Good luck!

    • skj84

      The Friday night concert series at Yards Park is my favorite summer music program. It’s a great mix of young pros and families. Definitely bring a chair or picnic blanket with you. Just remember there are not any food or drink stands at the event. So bring a picnic, or grab food from one of the nearby restaurants. Plus you can BYOB! Have fun!

  • Bear

    Rant: Summer cold. The last couple of weeks, man…not fun.
    Rave: Working from home and feeling well enough today to sit on the porch while I work. I get to see the progress on our landscaping project. The crappy cinderblock walkway is no more – now it’s lovely flagstone, and they’re getting started on laying the patio in the backyard. I’m seriously so excited for this.

    • I’m stoked to see the finished product!

      • +1. Can you submit photos, etc. as a PoPville Reader’s Renovation thing?

        • Bear

          Sure thing! Although I’m technically a PoPville deserter, since we moved to MD last year. We’re having the landscapers do all the hardscaping – walkways, patio, etc., and we’re DIYing most of the garden beds & planting for budget purposes.

  • RANT: A couple of weeks ago, I encountered a DC/DPW garbage truck driver that was SUPER aggressive to me (honking, cutting me off, speeding by et al) while I was cycling (in a bike lane), to the point that other motorists pointed it out. A number of emails and calls to the occupational safety supervisor later, no response. Have emailed the Mayor’s Office on WABA’s suggestion, but no response there either. Have done all the required steps but feel like I’m getting nowhere — all I want to know is what I should do to find out if DPW took any action against the garbage truck driver.

  • Rant: That terrible Skype noise that indicates you’re disconnected and it’s trying to reconnect. Despise it with all my being.
    Rant: Still feeling like I’m a singular worker at my office with colleagues on the periphery and no real teammates.
    Rave: Skype calls with colleagues at other institutions who just get it – get the issues, get the challenge, and help work through a problem.
    Rave: It’s nearly tea time…and I have Kusmi caramel black tea on deck.

    • I’ve pretty much given up on Skype unless it’s the only option. Both Face Time and Google Hangouts work so much better.

  • Rave: Orange is the New Black returning this weekend.
    Rave: Made a pot of steel cut oats on Sunday and have been having the best breakfasts this week — steel cut oat/chia pudding, steel cut oats with raspberry jam. Filling and tasty.
    Question: I’m trying to eliminate sugar and wheat/white flour for medical reasons (my provider is basically requiring me to try this — I’m not just being picky). I don’t eat a ton of either one, but it’s surprisingly hard to mostly eliminate them while eating out. Do any of you have recommendations for restaurants or specific entrees I can eat? I’m not a huge meat eater, so I don’t see myself going full-on paleo, but right now it looks like all I can eat is food from various Asian restaurants and I’d love some other ideas.

    • Extra rave: Pup has taken to licking my feet in the middle of the night — top, bottom, in between toes, heels, everywhere. It’s the weirdest thing but it always makes me laugh. He’s such a funny little dude.

    • Good luck w/ that. I did the same thing and the positive effects were tremendous. I didn’t eat a ton of sugar or gluten either, and found that removing ALL sugar is quite difficult. It’s in EVERYTHING. Don’t look at just the nutrition facts (since sugar can be found naturally in certain ingredients) but check out the ingredient list on a jar of spaghetti sauce. You’ll be shocked. I now eat a lot of chipotle (chicken…b/c I think their barbacoa has sugar in it), salads (minus bacon or dressing…which has sugar in it 99% of the time) and use olive oil, Hill Country BBQ on 7th (but none of the sides…and not the sausage), Mexican food (avoid the flour tortillas), Zorba’s (in Dupont) and get their chicken kabobs (have them hold the dressing), etc… You get the point. Following this regimen is far easier in Europe. Consider moving.

      • Haha I am moving. It should be a lot easier in SF for sure.

        • +1 absolutely. I have a ton of gluten-free recs for NYC if you do end up taking a trip before you head west. 🙂

          • What are your favorites?

          • Senza Gluten in the West Village is amazing. I went with a friend who can have gluten and she also loved it. Lilli and Loo is pretty good Asian food– love their g-free potstickers. Al Bustan is a great Lebanese place and the owners will work with you to make sure your dietary restrictions are successfully met. I love Rice to Riches in Nolita for a treat.

          • All sounds super tasty! Thanks! My favorite lunch spot on recent trips has been the Butcher’s Daughter in Nolita and it looks like they can pretty easily accommodate gluten-free diets too.

    • just go to a place where you can ask a lot of questions. In DC, I think Dean at Dino’s will be able to help you, for example. Sugar is another story because it finds its way in to sauces. I’m trying to limit my processed / refined sugar and it’s REALLY hard. Any decent restaurant will allow you to have a salad with a simple grilled protein added to it. I recently had the veggie plate at Pearl Dive and it was REALLY good (but you’d have to be able to resist the rolls….).

      • “just go to a place where you can ask a lot of questions.” This is sort of my nightmare. I HATE being that person who has to ask a million questions about the menu. I guess I’m just becoming that guy now. 😐

        • emvee

          It’s better to be that person than get sick. I came to terms with it a couple years ago. I usually throw in something like, “I have a gluten allergy so I can’t eat anything with gluten. Doctor’s orders. Can you tell me what’s safe on your menu?” If they say, “This should be….” or “I think this is okay” I recommend finding a new place to eat. I walked out of El Rey because the server couldn’t verify if the chips were cross-contaminated.

          • TBH, a 9 out of 10 servers won’t know this level of detail. Especially at a fast/casual place where they are slinging out food quickly, like El Rey.
            That said, a server should be willing to go to the back of the house and ask your questions to the cooks and management.

    • Best of luck with the dietary changes– they can be tough! I’ve never tried to eliminate sugar but I can’t have any gluten. Anon has some great suggestions (I eat way too much Chipotle). Be sure to look out for wheat products as thickeners or preservatives, soy sauce, certain BBQ sauces, etc. when at restaurants. I make my own tomato sauce every other week or so avoid excess sugar and other crap. If you have non-stick pans with any scratches, cast iron pans, cutting boards, or any other porous cooking supplies, they might need to be replaced if you want to totally eliminate gluten contamination. You also might want to see if your skin/hair products are gluten-free, especially if you are having any sort of skin reactions. I hope this helps!

      • Thank you! Wow — this is way more involved that I ever realized! Props to anyone with Celiac for not going nuts trying to manage it.

    • That One Guy

      I would guess that Mediterranean/Greek restaurants would lend themselves well…things like falafels, tabbouleh, baba ganoush come to mind.

      • Yum! Good call!

        • Sorry to burst your bubble–spouse of a celiac here but you need to triple check at these places that they’re not using glutinous ingredients. Tabbouleh is a big no for my spouse, falafel is only rarely ok…hummus and eggplant normally fine…but these silly idiots but little wheat noodles in their rice when they serve kabobs. Agree with others on soy sauce, bbq sauce, anything that has modified food starch etc. finally, Amazon is your friend. You can get GF flours, GF oats etc from places like Bob’s Red Mill much cheaper there than anywhere else. Good luck.

          • Thank you. In my case, it’s not for Celiac, so I can be a bit lax on double and triple checking.

      • emvee

        You definitely need to double-check falafel since some places thicken it with flour (Amsterdam Falafel is safe!). Tabbouleh has bulgar wheat, so steer clear. I make my own with quinoa.

        • Thank you for confirming w/Amsterdam Falafel. I don’t know if I could get by without their falafel bowls.

  • emvee

    Rant: I slept incredibly poorly last night. The dog kept pacing and loudly licking himself, and the ambulances were in full force down my street.
    Rave: Prepping for Dolly Sods backpacking trip this weekend! Maybe the ear plugs I buy for that will be useful at home as well.
    Rant: They’re predicting rain in WV all weekend and I’m not sure hiking companion will want to go in the rain. Backpacking alone is a terrible idea, but I don’t know that I can cancel my car reservation. 🙁

    • Coaxing an already reluctant companion on a backpacking trip in the rain is not the best idea. If you can’t cancel the car, maybe go somewhere else?

      • emvee

        She’s only reluctant about the rain, but I agree. Perhaps it’s a sign for a spontaneous road trip to visit long-lost friends. Philly, Roanoke, Charlottesville?

        • A friend was telling me about her trip to Warm Springs, VA, which sounds darn lovely for a weekend visit.

      • Chance of scattered showers (as accuweather suggests) is a lot different from summer mountain monsoons. If you’re stuck with the car consider crossing your fingers, packing up, driving out and taking a look around. If it’s too grim, pull the plug, go antiquing, see a cave, have a fun day out of town. Hole up in a cheap Motel 6 (or swank B&B) and enjoy a local diner or dive.

    • Ugh, I can sympathize re: the ambulances. I used to live in a place that was on the street the ambulances used to get to Washington Hospital Center and they would rush by with their sirens screaming at all hours of the night.

      And if you end up doing a weekend trip, I definitely recommend Charlottesville. Wine tasting is a lot more pleasant in the rain than hiking is. 🙂

      • emvee

        The ambulances are frustrating when it’s cool at night and you want to get a nice breeze in while you sleep, only to wake up to the entire city going to the hospital.

        • Agreed, I don’t know why ambulances aren’t subject to the same “quiet hours” regulations as everything else. I can’t imagine that there was a ton of traffic to clear in the wee hours of the AM, so I’m not sure why sirens were necessary.

  • Rant: Work laptop is so crappy. And the patching that IT has been doing to it for the past six months just isn’t working. Buy me a new one already.
    Rave: At least the days this week seem to be moving quickly.

  • palisades

    Rave: Biking in DC. Since buying my bike, I’ve been finding excuses to ride it everywhere. Rock Creek park is awesome. The Basilica at Catholic U is incredible. Tenleytown is super hard work but fun when going downhill. Next week: riding to the Nationals stadium.

    • palisades

      Follow-up: Anyone have recommendations for places to ride my bike to? Distance (within reason) isn’t a deciding factor

      • Capital Crescent trail for sure. Also, BicycleSpace has weekly rides too.

      • Old Town Alexandria is a good ride.

      • I’ve been biking from my house to all the DC State Avenues in alphabetical order. It’s been tons of fun to discover new parts of DC that I wouldn’t normally head to and for fun random trivia (like only state that doesn’t have an Avenue but has a Street? Or US Territory that isn’t a state but has an avenue?). Enjoy your bike!

        • there are actually two non-avenue states 😉 (hint: one is a street and the other is a drive)

          • Blithe

            I’m thinking that California is a street? And Puerto Rico is an Avenue? I can’t think of the drive though…..

          • You are absolutely right – my bad! I’m only up to Minnesota so I haven’t gotten to the drive yet 😀

        • here are a couple more hints that will probably give it away: 1) the actual state is a Midwestern state, 2) the location of the street is near the Lincoln Memorial & W. Potomac Park.

      • GiantSquid

        The Anacostia Riverwalk Trail is quite nice. You can pick it up off of Water St. SE take it up to Benning Road, cross the river, go south along the river and cross back either on the 11th St. Bridge or South Capitol. It’s about a 10mi loop.

  • Rant: people who interview poorly and have no real explanation for why they haven’t even temped for the last 6 months. (Trying to fill what I think is the simplest position in the world is a challenge…probably because the ones we want are good and therefore, overqualified).

    Rant: My cat dive bombing my feet and attacking them at 4am. What the actual hell?

    Rave: Found an extra K cup in my drawer at work that I’d forgotten about! Yay French Toast coffee!

    Rave: Doing what I consider to be a fun project at work this morning (it’s not fun in and of itself, but it’s different than my normal day so I’ll take it)

    Rave: Going to have lunch today at Orange Anchor. That place is delish!

  • Rave: Awesome friend date last night! So nice to meet someone who gets it.
    Rant: Reactivated my OKCupid account after a few months. I commented to a friend yesterday how it was really nice I hadn’t gotten any creepy messages yet, then I woke up this morning to 3 messages asking for sex and/or from shirtless men over 50. Welcome back to single life! #byefelipe

    • Sorry that OKC creepers have started creeping on you! Hope you at least a few good sincere messages to offset the gross ones.

      • There have been a few but I don’t think OKC is where I’m going to find true love haha. My personal favorite was the guy the other day who told me I shouldn’t keep a particular picture on my profile because when he reversed image searched it, he was able to find personal information about me. He said he was trying to warn me that other, creepier dudes might do that but basically just admitted to majorly creeping. Who does that?!?!

        • justinbc

          Wow, that’s a new tactic. He sounds like quite the hero!

          • (the story at the end. not the main one.)

          • Woah that whole story is insane!

          • Thanks for sharing this. Y’all probably remember my rant about yellow fever while online dating. Yes, people have a “type” but it becomes problematic when it fetishes women of a certain race. I like the part of the story when the woman asks to google image search “Jewish women” and “Asian women.” Point taken.

          • Yea, I always ask about their type to avoid jungle fever. If you’re from Iowa but only date black women or if everyone looks alike, I assume you have a fetish.

        • That is creepy, but I’d like to think he had good intentions as he could have simply not told you.
          I’ve done similar as a game. See how much I can find with just 2 pieces of info. I’ve gotten first name+ occupation back to current address or where your parents live.
          I’m going to now reverse search my photos.

          • laduvet

            Make sure you don’t have casual sex check off on your profile at the “I’m looking for” section!
            However… I have short-term and I occasionally get those messages too. le sigh.

          • laduvet, I don’t have the casual sex option checked but that definitely doesn’t stop creepers! le sigh, indeed.

          • I only had “long-term dating” for a bit and I STILL got those messages periodically. There’s no escaping them.

          • Women are usually pretty low-key online, so I don’t think I’ll get gross messages.

          • Yeah, but did you ever get the “hetero” couple looking for a third in the bedroom? I got a few of those…so annoying.

          • I got a few of those looking for a third. NOPE!

          • Haha! I’ve gotten THOSE too!

          • Actually yes park view, but it was very recent. They favorited me. LOL
            I thought that was reserved for bi chicks.

          • Guy I’ve been on a few dates with gave me his full name and number with a sincere first message. Shows that he has nothing hide. Very bold, and I liked that.

          • justinbc

            ParkViewRes, yep, I got one of those from the woman in the relationship. Although she just wanted it for herself, not for both of them. Then the husband / boyfriend / whatever (I don’t recall) checked out my profile, which made it extra weird. Oh, and I always just assumed that “short term relationship” was code word for casual sex, but a nicer way of putting it. Everyone I’ve talked to about it thinks the same thing, so that might be why you’re getting even more messages than usual.

          • I have short-term too but not casual. I think they’re different since casual implies we don’t need to go on a date just head straight to the bedroom or wherever. Having dated people who have had “casual sex” on their looking for section, I can tell you, they are usually awful.

          • justinbc

            LA, I totally agree with what it should mean, but in practice my results always just wound up with people who just wanted to hook up but didn’t want to “look” slutty by putting casual.

          • justinbc

            And ultimately, when it comes to creepy guy messages, no, there’s really no status you can put that will avoid them.

  • Mootje1

    Rave: After 5 years long distance, fiance’s interview at the Consulate went well and his visa was approved!
    Rave: Wedding next year!
    Rant: Purging to make room for him in the condo.
    Rave: Space bags!

    • Great news on the visa approval and on your upcoming nuptials! And how have I not heard of space bags before? (I thought they were just the bags inside of boxed wine). I think you might have just improved my life!

      • Mootje1

        12 pack of different sizes at Costco in Pentagon City for $19.99. Saved my life. (And my wardrobe from getting tossed!)

    • emvee

      Congratulations on all fronts! How exciting!

    • Wow, congratulations!
      I have to ask, as someone who hasn’t been in a long-distance relationship but would consider it, how did you manage?! Any tips? Did you travel to visit each other a lot, etc.?

    • Mootje1

      Skype is a wonderful thing… as is Facetime, What’sApp, BBM (pre-iPhone), and constant forms of immediate communication. We made it a point to talk daily and planned for trips at 3-6 month intervals to visit each other (and do something cool while we were together). We both knew from the start that we were in this for the long (longggg) haul, so we were committed early on. We were also friends for about a year before we started dating, were together 6 months, and then he left, so that helped too!

  • Rave: Recovering from jet lag while working from home this week = possibility for afternoon naps
    Rave: Traveling by train/quiet car (this weekend) > 13 hour flight (last week)
    Rave: Big salad last night with lettuce, sugar snap peas and strawberries from my garden

  • laduvet

    Rave: NPR Music… new Alpine album is sweeeeeeet. Cheers to Aussie musicians!

    Rant: Sold my beloved 19th century marble top Victorian dresser over the weekend. Ah the irony.. selling all my furniture to go overseas and to go back to school for furniture.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Trying to create order out of a chaotic document.
    Rant: The endless orthodontist appointments have begun for Littlest Zelda.
    Rant: Left my lunch at home today.
    Rave: I guess that means it’s Roti for lunch today!

  • Rant: We aren’t having a final inspection until 6/15. We don’t have gas, so no hot water, washer/dryer, dishwasher, or stove. I am over our urban camping adventure. I will not recommend this guy to anyone, ever.
    Rant: The dogs were being jerks this morning. Puppy school, here we come.
    Rave: Heading to my parents for the weekend where puppy care will be easy, the showers will be hot, and hopefully a visit to the ocean will be in store.
    Rant: Not sure that I’ll get to see any live music this weekend
    I don’t know that I’ll be able to post again, so Congrats JinDC, woohoo for accents littlen, and now I’ll be having nightmares after googling lampreys!

    • Oh no, sorry to hear things are going so terribly with the house! 🙁

    • Oh no, that’s terrible. Glad your parents are close enough for you to get away for the weekend. I’m so sorry you have to deal with this!

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: The mini-cauldron filled with shiny pennies is back in the fireplace and is supposed
    Rave: To bring fortune (down the chimney, like Santa Claus?)
    Rant: People who put those little plastic markers labeled with the plant name in their gardens. Is it that hard to remember the name of the plant or do they do it because they see others do it and think this is how you “garden”?
    Rant: I’m tired of getting up in the night in the dark and stepping in dog poo or pee. How is possible that one dog has a 12 hour bladder and her sister has a 15 minute one?
    Rant: Home Depot had purple sedum (PURPLE!!!) a month ago and I didn’t buy it. I went back last night and they no longer had any. 🙁

    • Emmaleigh504

      I use those little plastic markers when I plant seeds, other wise I wouldn’t know which fancy violet sprouted or not. Then a spring storm will blow the marker away and I still don’t know which fancy violet is sprouted. I need some fanyc copper flower name plates!

    • Agree with your second rant! Although marking perennial plants is reasonable but with a copper or stainless steel label

    • I can understand putting the little laminated plant markers if the plants are in containers or some kind of seedling environment… but I think it looks weird to see them in people’s front yards.

    • hispanicandproud

      I can’t wait to make trips in my new SUV in my new city to Home Depot to buy stuff that I don’t need

  • Rant: Woke up in the night with both arms asleep. They still feel weird. Slightly concerned. (This has happened once before though and I didn’t die so I think I’m okay.)
    Rave: One more day at work!

  • My little odd-eyed foster kittens have figured out the stairs and giant scratching post and are providing endless entertainment. https://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/32137091

  • Super Rant: Got our first 5 figure unpleasant surprise this morning regarding house renovations. Before we even started demolition!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: today is really dragging and I still have 3 meetings to go to this afternoon. 3!
    Rave: the talk of blending in in Europe reminded me that when I was in Stockholm someone asked me for directions. I blend! (BTW never ask me for directions, I am terrible with directions)

  • Rant: middle management is killing my soul. Nagging and reversing decisions that have been made with no reasoning is not cool and only causing me to reevaluate my life and professional goals
    Rave: I thiugt that photo said “We are all here to wank”
    Rave: BF might be in DC when I return – really need a hug and to see his face
    Rave: have achieved objective for trip and got nice praise from colleagues – so go funk yourself middle management!
    Rant: The city I’m in sucks and has very little redeeming value…I may go shopping for costumes out of boredom tomorrow…sad I only brought my small wheely suitcase.

  • FtLincolnLove

    Rave: Subway tile backsplash was finally installed yesterday and looks even better than I could have imagined!
    Rave: Ordered thin bricks from an antique brick retailer earlier this afternoon. Got them for a great price too. Can’t wait to get started on the exposed brick wall!
    Rave: My house is finally starting to have some character!

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