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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: The guy I met two weekends ago now is fantastic.
    Rant: But it sucks that I’m leaving on Friday. Any suggestions on something cute/unique I could do for him before I leave? His birthday is this week, too…..
    Rave: A pound of blueberries on sale at Safeway on Saturday for $3. Yes, please.
    Rant: So much to do before I leave. Really overwhelming. But it will all get done!

    • Drag him over to the Kennedy Center for the Sweet Lu sextet (Free!) at 6 on Wednesday and then wander over to the riverbank to watch the sun set while sipping a sassy little Sauvignon Blanc from red solo cups (alternate site: balcony of the Kennedy Center). Consider hand-holding your way to Fiola Mare for a splurge on lobster raviolis at the bar with all the money you saved with free music and brown bag vino. After that….

    • Ally

      Depending on how fantastic he is, maybe arranging for a way to meet up for a weekend post-move might be neat?

      • Thanks, Ally! I think we’ll try but it’s going to be a little tricky. I’ll be coming back to DC but will be working/graduate school-ing when I return, and he’s leaving to go back to law school the week before I come back to DC! Timing fail! But I’m thinking it may be possible to do a long weekend together in the fall. We’ll see what happens. One day at a time 🙂

  • Blithe

    PoPville Cosmetic Swap: Since several people who are interested in participating in the swap have indicated that Sunday, June 28th will be a good day for them, let’s go with: Sunday, June 28th, at the Kogod courtyard. We can sort out the time now — or closer to the 28th. I was thinking 3pm, but if another time would work better, please chime in.
    — I’ll plan to do a couple of reminder posts the week of the 28th. If you have products to share, want to try something new, or just want to hang out a bit with congenial PoPvillagers in a comfortable space, Please come! Since at least one person who is interested in participating can’t make this date, we can certainly plan future swaps. Maybe a cookbook swap, or an after-the-winter-holidays swap if people are interested.

    * It’s pretty early, so if this post is incoherent or anyone would like to make corrections, please do! I’ll check in later to day to sort out any responses.

    • Looking forward to the swap and meeting Popvillagers in person! (don’t worry, Blithe – your message is coherent, at least to this increasingly caffeinated reader!)

    • I’m still in 🙂 And I also now have a (mostly vegetarian/vegan) stock of cookbooks I’d love to give to a good home, so I’d be up for a second meeting as long as it’s before I go!.

      • Blithe

        If you’re more interested in getting rid of them before you move than getting new ones, you might consider bringing them to the cosmetic swap to see if there are any takers. OR we can try to plan a cookbook/recipe swap a few weeks down the road.

        • I might do that very thing! I can bring some that definitely won’t make the cut for the move to the cosmetic swap. I’m sure there will be others once we realize how much more stuff we have to purge 🙂

    • I’m in!

    • 3 p.m. Sun. 6/28 works for me!

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Where is the Kogo

      • anonymouse_dianne

        Kogod courtyard? The Kogods donate to everything in town, AU , Arena Stage, GWU?

        • The Kogod courtyard is the fantastic courtyard in the center of the Smithsonian American Art Museum and the National Portrait Gallery (8th and F Streets NW).

          • Blithe

            Thanks textdoc! My thought is that it’s free, centrally located and convenient to multiple metro and bus lines, has a cafe and tables, and is a lovely comfortable space. Unlike, say, a restaurant, I don’t think anyone would be bothered by a bunch of people pulling out bottles of shampoo. If anyone can think of alternatives we’ve got plenty of time to change the location if there’s a consensus.

          • I think this is a brilliant idea!

          • That One Guy

            Don’t you need to go through the portrait museum in order to gain access and don’t they check bags?

          • You can get into the courtyard from either museum, IIRC.
            They don’t make you check your bags, but (IIRC) if you’re wearing a backpack-type bag, they make you hang it over your chest rather than wearing it on your back.

          • Oops, me above.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Had a wonderful week with my parents and the rest of my family.
    Rave: The highlight was Eldest Zelda’s high school graduation.
    Rave: I only had a couple of anxious meltdowns.
    Rant: It was hard getting back in the old commute/work schedule this morning.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Went on a job interview a few years ago where the company and I both determined I was not right for the posistion. Their HR continued contacting me for that position for months. It’s been a year or so and I thought I was off their list, but nope. Still wanting to talk to be about this damn position I do not want.
    Rant: just sent them a no thank you email that I realized was too ambigious, right as I hit send. grrr
    Rave: Frederick shopping: yummy tea, great hat, pinky ring!

  • Rant: It’s too early to trust it will stick but
    Rave: I had a positive test this weekend! 4 weeks down, 36-ish to go.

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: More and more piles of broken glass in my neighborhood from busted car windows. Welcome nicer weather?
    Revel: Friends that book vacations: A week in Cape Cod in August!
    Rant: Design inspiration is being fickle lately.
    Revel: Get to see two of my best friends in the next two weeks. Hair dye and temporary tattoos have been procured for college bestie. There will be shenanigans!

  • Ally

    Rant/Question: Looks like I’ll definitely need to take an Uber to the hospital when I go into labor next month. Anyone ever had to do this and, if so, any tips/reassurances? My concerns range from making a mess in the car, to being in pain in front of a complete stranger, to no Ubers being on the road if I go into labor in the middle of the night or early morning. And yeah, I know this is the least of things I should be worrying about with labor, but it is what it is. 🙂
    Rave: Weather has been insanely fantastic.
    Rave: Jolly-brand ice cream cones. These made our Sunday.

    • I didn’t need to use an uber–but as far as the mess concern goes, pick up some chuck pads (possibly misspelled here) and bring those and perhaps an old towel if you’re really worried. The chuck (chux?) pads are water proof so you can sit on that if your water has broken or you’re worried it will break on the way. My water broke before I left the house, and I found that a heavy pad absorbed well enough that I didn’t leak beyond that.

    • Maybe download another rideshare app as well, so you have a backup in case Uber has a wait? Lyft has been doing really well lately about having cars in the area whenever I need them.

    • my partner uses uber black cars to transport clients to the hospital at all hours of the day and night- relatively painless and there are always some available.

      • +1 to the recommendation for taking a black car (or even an Uber SUV). I recently had a quick-onset stomach bug in Old Town and had to take an Uber home while I was really sick . I was really glad I had gotten an Uber Black because it had things like tissues, paper towels and bottled water that aren’t standard in UberX or taxis. Plus the driver seemed like a real professional who handled my situation with a lot of grace and kindness.

        • Ally

          Yeah, I think the Uber blacks are definitely worth the extra cash over the Xs. I’ve gotten so, if it’s anything important I have to get to, I take a black over an X.

    • I’ve had good luck taking Ubers and Lyfts at all times of the day, all over NW DC, and a bit in the suburbs too.

      In my experience, not all of the rideshare drivers are great at navigating the city – they tend to rely on GPS, which can be hit or miss. It might be good to have an idea of which routes will get you to the hospital fastest, in case the driver is clueless.

      For managing pain during the ride, you could try a deep breathing/meditation/relaxation app/podcast/Youtube video/recording. If you’re doing a birthing class, they might have a recommendation on which one. It might be good to start doing something like this now so your body has practice at it.

  • Blithe

    Rave: Piggybacking on FridayGirl’s second Rave: Containers of blackberries at Safeway are/were 69 cents. Strawberries were also nicely priced. I got a LOT, and will be trying the vinegar rinse that a PoPvillager (Thank You!) nicely described.
    Rave: All the DC Jazz Festival events, including lots of free concerts.
    Rant/Rave: The video of the hyper aggressive cop in McKinney, Texas. Yes, there are some out-of-control cops out there. Yes there are some good ones. And thanks to cell phones with cameras and people brave enough to share — more of this will be recorded. I’m not hugely optimistic, but I hope this will lead to better training and more effective community policing practices.

    • Rant: Dupont Safeway was completely out of frozen pie crusts just when I really wanted to make a pot pie last night. Guess this explains why!

  • Rant: The weekend felt WAY too short
    Rave: Because it was so lovely I didn’t want it to stop. The highlight was a bridal shower for a dear friend getting married in two weeks. It was so nice to meet her other girlfriends and I’m excited to see them again in a couple of weekends. (Note: the Iron Gate is an awesome place to have an event like this. They were really easy to work with and super accommodating of various dietary concerns in the group even as they came up last minute).
    Rant/rave: I’m starting to realize that the number of remaining weekends I have on the east coast are limited. Now I want to take all of the trips I have been wanting to take but haven’t planned yet.

    • Blithe

      Your last Rant/Rave sounds potentially awesome! Would you care to share bits of your list? Are some of them small and local — like revisiting favorite DC area spots? Or more like tramping in Acadia Park as long as your on the right coast for it?

      • I’m afraid its nothing all that exciting — upstate New York to see family, Philly and New York one more time while it’s easy, and maybe the Italy trip we’ve been wanting to take but keep postponing. We’re knocking off DC spots one by one, but that bucket list is pretty short already. I think we’ll try to maximize out-of-DC time as much as we can if we can. (And Acadia sounds pretty amazing, by the way! I need to get my husband on board with more nature-oriented vacations. Or take them without him 🙂 )

        • “I need to get my husband on board with more nature-oriented vacations.”
          Promise him that he’s allowed to get a new custom made “outdoor adventure” wardrobe.
          See: Moonrise Kingdom for ideas.

        • Can I ask where in upstate NY your family lives? I grew up outside of Utica and always found it terribly boring, but now that I haven’t been there for awhile, it’s kind of a nice getaway…

          • GiantSquid

            Where outside Utica? Mr. Squid’s family is from north of there and we lived in Marcy for a year and a half after we were married. It’s a much slower pace of life so I find I enjoy it for a few days but then get tired of having to drive everywhere and am ready to head back down this way.

          • I’m from outside of Buffalo but you grew up right near my husband 🙂 It’s pretty boring up there for sure, but on my last few trips to Buffalo I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much interesting stuff is going on there.

          • GiantSquid – I went to elementary school in Marcy! It is such a small world!!
            And Shawess – ah! You are REALLY upstate then. I haven’t been over to Buffalo yet. And here I am complaining when people call Poughkeepsie upstate…

          • Some Oscugnizzo’s pizza or chicken riggies washed down with a pint of Saranac before heading out to Varick St is a great way to spend a night in Utica, but there really is not much to do after a couple days up there. Like you said, nice for a quick getaway, provided you visit in the summer.

          • Oscugnizzo’s pizza is the subject of regular conversation in our household even though I’ve never eaten it and my husband hasn’t in 15 years or more.
            Also, FridayGirl, when I said “Upstate” I was thinking about central New York more than Buffalo. I usually call Buffalo Western New York unless I’m talking to someone who -really- doesn’t know the state well.

          • Steamed Hams — yes, you’ve got it! That’s pretty much why I moved, just not many opportunities in general. Although the food is decent. My mom and I ususally get tomato pie from Napolis. And I need my once-a-year pusties and cannolis. But otherwise… meh!

          • GiantSquid

            I was just saying to Mr. Squid this weekend how I could go for some of Oscugnizzo’s upside-down pizza and garlic and white wine wings. We almost always hit up Holland Farms for some tomato pie and half moons. I have a pretty solid riggie recipe from a friend who used to work at Chesterfield’s, when we’re feeling nostalgic.

          • Who knew that there were so many people from (near) Utica on here!?

          • The food was always the best part of growing up in Utica. The historic Italian influence and the refugee center means the population will always be very diverse for a town of its size, and the food reflects that. Easy access to the Adirondacks is another perk.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Nature is over rated, pictures of nature are just as good if not better–they always have better lighting in picture postcards. And pictures can’t kill you…that I know of. 🙂

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Winter! Okay it’s a little late to rant but it looks like a hydrangea and bamboo plant are not gonna come back. On one of my other hydrangeas there are only five blossoms.
    Rave: My new electric hedge trimmers. My boxwoods got an overdue needed haircut over the weekend.
    Rave: In an Adderall fueled frenzy, WDS planted, without supervision, the herbs and flowers I had purchased.
    Rant: Spending Sunday replanting herbs and flowers.

  • Rave: An awesome sports weekend = a Triple Crown winner (I must admit, it brought me to tears!)! and US MNT beats Netherlands! Onto the US WNT!
    Rant: Logistics, losing vacation time and money for wedding travel!
    Rave: Time with family we don’t normally see very often in beautiful area of Florida.

    • We turned on the race during my daughter’s party–was so cool to see it! And she was fascinated–was so excited to see the horses that she yelled “Horsey! Horsey!” over and over again. It was really cute.

      • Happy birthday to your daughter (and congrats to you!) – so cute she was stoked about the horses! Maybe a pony ride or riding lessons are on the list soon? 🙂

        • Lol, I’m sure she would love it–but I’m not sure I’d love the expense of a hobby that could come from it! We’ll see 🙂

    • Oh–and related to the US WNT–one of the bars in the area is advertising on roku about the women’s world cup and their ads are so good that I’m almost tempted to try to go there to watch it 🙂

    • anonymouse_dianne

      I felt overwhelming joy for the jockey Espinoza. 12 kids in the family, this win will change their lives forever. 😉

      • anonymouse_dianne

        I just read he, the owners, and the trainers are donating the winnings to a charity that helps injured jockeys. Wow.

  • Rant: My dad starts aggressive chemotherapy today. I hate cancer.
    Rave: I saw my dad and stepmom this weekend, and we had a couple important talks about this whole process. Communication on tough subjects is just easier face to face than over the phone.
    Rave: I slept really hard for the first time in a week. That helps.

    • Ally

      Hope all goes well with your Dad’s treatment. It’s great that they’re even getting to do the chemo (that sounds horrible, but with my Dad, he was terminal and they couldn’t do anything, and I’ve known people whose parents were too old for chemo). So, it’s horrible, but so good that he’s able to get treatment. Thinking of you guys!

    • Thinking of you and your dad & family. I hope the chemo goes as smoothly as possible.

    • My thoughts go out to all of you…cancer is awful and so is chemo but hopefully he handles it well! (And you also handle it well.)

    • Blithe

      I hope that things go well for your Dad, and for you and your family.

    • I’m so sorry. I hope that the chemo helps him.

    • That One Guy

      Cancer sucks. I hope your dad fights the good fight.

  • Rave: Movies that transcend mood. I was exhausted and crabby and a little bit sick on Saturday when I went to see Spy, and it was totally fantastic and I left feeling about 90% better.
    Go see Spy. There is nothing not to like about this movie. (Unless you dislike swearing and/or violence. Then this is emphatically not the movie for you.)

  • Query to y’all about job interview excuses –
    I work in same place as my SO and SO has to leave for an out-of-town interview (impossible to reschedule) and miss an important (poorly planned) day-long meeting that I’ll have to attend. Best excuse for this that is not a lie? What do I say when others ask me where SO is? Other option was me working remotely or taking PTO but I don’ t have much PTO and if I work remotely, we’ll need an excuse as to why SO can’t as well.

    • I always say I have an appointment. People imagine it’s something health related and don’t ask anything else.

      • Not sure if appointment will fly as it’s a full-day meeting and then SO could call in/be there after the appointment, etc.

        • Out-of-town family issue? (health, estate, family drama, niece/nephew graduation, etc)
          If one of his parents have passed away, he could blame it by saying that he had to deal with an estate issue back in his hometown.
          Fortunately, most people won’t connect “out-of-town” with a job interview, IMHO.

        • Many health-related appointments leave one incapacitated (or at diminished capacity) after the appointment.

      • Emmaleigh504

        And if they ask for more detail, just say, “We aren’t ready to talk about it yet” or “We aren’t sharing that information yet.” Their imaginations will got wild, but you won’t be lying or letting the cat out of the bag.

    • Blithe

      I’d just say generally that “He had to go out of town suddenly.” Most people wouldn’t question that beyond hoping that everything is okay, but if they do, Emilie’s suggestions are wicked good.

      • I like Blithe’s “He had to go out of town suddenly” or OP Anon’s “out-of-town family issue.”

      • SO had to take a PTO day so no emergency excuses will really work… sadly. But hopefully I can use “family issues” with Emilie’s tactic.

    • I would probably just say that SO had to go out of town and decline to give details.

  • Rave: kiddo’s birthday party went off without a hitch, and the cake was awesome!
    Rant: baseball game yesterday was less fabulous–didn’t help that kid & I were exhausted. Left partway through the ninth inning, but bloody trackwork meant a 16 minute wait for a through green train. I predict It will be another week of early bedtimes.
    Rant: Kiddo fell on our concrete walkway & tore off most of a fingernail. Poor kid–must have hurt like hell. It took a REALLY long time to get her settled down and confirm there weren’t other injuries. (The blue & purple chalk dust all over her hand & fingers didn’t help!)
    Happy Monday all….

  • Rave: Back to work.
    Rant: Roomie gave less than 30days notice, and I feel a fight coming on for July rent if I can’t find someone quickly. Also she’s not planning to leave before July 1….only makes the search more tedious.
    Rant: A jerk won a contest by sheer luck. Just annoyed.
    Rave: Pride where all the not so lesbian looking ladies come out.

    • She would only be liable for the prorated amount up until 30 days after she gave notice, right? (Like until July 7th or 8th?)

      • That isn’t what she agreed to in the lease, but I started searching immediately, so I don’t foresee her being on the hook for another full month.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Awesome weekend with SAVOR on Friday, finishing downstairs painting on Saturday, and big BBQ at the house on Sunday.
    Rave: Witnessing history with the Triple Crown winning American Pharoah. So cool, what an amazing horse, and won it in style too.
    Rave: Firebreathing dragons back on GoT, woop!
    Rant: People who seem to not realize that TV shows aren’t real. There is terrible stuff happening to actual people all over the world and here in the US, if you want to be furious about what happens to someone, start there.

    • +1 to your third rave! I was totally ready to be left a sobbing mess like pretty much every penultimate episode of every season, so yeah, nice change of pace imo.

    • What were some of your favorites at Savor?

      • justinbc

        I really enjoyed everything at the Cigar City, Yazoo, Upland, Thirsty Dog, Surly, Strange Craft, Societe, Ninkasi, Center of the Universe, Copper Kettle, Coronado, Deschutes, Due South, FATE, Figueroa Mountain, Fremont, Funky Buddha, Hardywood, Knee Deep, and Kuhnhenn tables. I had a pretty solid tasting plan laid out in advance and managed to hit every vendor at every table I wanted, and was lucky not to have any beers on my “to taste” list be sold out. I didn’t think the food offerings were as strong this year, but the roasted lamb and the vanilla pot de creme were both outstanding.

        Did you wind up finding a buyer for your tickets or going yourself?

        • I ended up going and selling my second ticket. A few of my friends went as well, so I wasn’t on my own.
          I didn’t put any research in this time, which was both good and bad. I’m sure I missed some things I would have really liked, but I tried a lot and liked almost of all it.
          I thought the rice pudding and cassoulet were excellent and the cheese table did not disappoint, per usual.

  • Rave: First races this weekend. Won one, finished heartbreakingly close in another (got creamed in the third).
    Rant: Friend date for after the race cancelled, girlfriend in the Twin Cities.
    Rave: spent three hours on the front yard and cooked myself a swell little dinner to eat on the porch while I admired my handiwork.
    Rant: Shirts ordered from Knot Standard totally weeks late while I have to wear frayed collars and ripped elbows to work.
    Rave: They;re apologizing with two free shirts!

  • Rant: My mother asked me to pick up “a small box of family heirlooms” at my cousin’s house. That “small box” turned out to be 2 large contractor bags of afghan blankets, 2 large boxes labeled “fragile”, and 1 small box of collectors glasses from the Miami Dolphins 1972 season. I have no idea how I’m going to fit all of this stuff into our sedan with 3 adults and suitcases.
    Rant: I’m starting to doubt that we will ever become parents.
    Rave: At least there is tons of soccer to watch on television for the next month.
    Rave: The first zucchini of the season is ready to be harvested from my garden!

    • 🙁 on your second rant. Know that you’ve got support here whatever happens.

      • +1

      • Thanks! I really appreciate it. I honestly had not anticipated it being this difficult – I hadn’t expected it would be easy either but I didn’t foresee spending so much time or money on this with nothing to show. It’s just so frustrating.

        • You are doing IVF, no? Where are you in the process?

          • We’ve been doing medicated IUIs. I think we’re going to try one more cycle before starting the long debate on where to go from here. I think if we end up going for IVF, we will have to take a substantial break to save enough money.

          • Can I ask if you’re at GW or Shady Grove?

          • Shady Grove

          • I’m obviously biased because of my own good experience at GW, but do wonder if a second opinion from the REs there might be worth your time. Dr. Humm is one of the most thorough and reassuring doctors I have ever met and Dr. Frankfurter is one of the top REs in his field. Because it’s part of a teaching hospital in a research university, you may be eligible for some kind of study that could help defray costs, too.

          • Either way, I just want to let you know that you have support, here and elsewhere (I’m a big fan of the Creating a Family private Facebook group). The process can feel neverending at times, but you’re not alone.

          • I have been thinking about getting a second opinion with them if this next cycle doesn’t work. We’ll need to take a couple of months off though. I don’t think I could handle having my mother-in-law staying with us for a month while on all of these lovely medications. One of my close friends has had success with Dr. Frankfurter twice now, so it is appealing to me to switch.

          • It’s completely understandable to want a break. The medications are a total bitch. I hope your next cycle is successful so you can avoid the whole thing!

    • jim_ed

      If you’re looking to unload those Miami Dolphins glasses, let me know.

      • I think my mom might kill me if I were to get rid of those. I come from a long line of Dolphins fanatics.

        • jim_ed

          I gotcha. If you ever have any other Dolphins ephemera you’re looking to get rid of, get at me. A good friend of mine is a Dolphins superfan and is going to be in the hospital for a while, so I’d love to get him something kitschy like that to cheer him up.

          • I’ll keep an eye out. I usually stumble on that kind of stuff when I’m down in TN (of all places) and I’ll be down there at the beginning of next month.

    • GiantSquid

      Right there with you on the second rant based on recent health revelations for both parties. Trying to be pragmatic about it. Solidarity!

  • Rave: very nearly booked for a trip to Japan with my partner in 2016.
    Rant: I have selected Feb as the month to go, but my work only lets me carry over 3 days of vacation time from the previous year, but I can’t use time I haven’t accrued, so how the heck am I supposed to take a trip early in any given year? Is there some kind of workaround this that people know of?
    Rant: dreamed about doing work and woke up tired af, and then had to go to work for real.
    Rave: might go to rose’s this week.

    • So if you accrue PTO in November and December, they’ll expire as early as January of the new year?
      Such policies assume that workers will burn a bunch of days right before the New Year. That seems pretty insensitive for people who do not celebrate Christmas, as they probably will not take extensive time off.
      Such a bizarre policy.

    • So, if I’m understanding you correctly, if you have 10 days of unused vacation at the end of this year, you lose 7 days and you’re back at 3? And then you accumulate time off per pay period? Wow, that’s messed up. 3 days of carryover is a joke… And a dumb policy since it encourages everyone to take time off in the latter part of the year and makes your employer short staffed….

      The only workaround I could think of is if you have personal days off too, or sick leave, combine them with vacation days and Presidents Day (since you’re going in Feb)

      • Yeah it really sucks, but doable combined with PTO and Presidents day it’ll work out I think. The carryover limits are really low imo.

    • Ooh envious of your trip to Japan! Where are you planning on going?

      • Half the trip in Tokyo, it’ll be my partner’s first time in Japan so I want to take him to see yokohama, ikebukuro, shinjuku, shibuya, etc, and the other half in Kyoto, where my host family still lives, go see ginkakuji, arashiyama, kiyomizudera, and maybe a day trip to Osaka since its right there. I did my study abroad in Kyoto so I really miss that area. I also want to take him to an onsen but not sure if he’ll like it, lol

    • Blithe

      Since it’s so far out can you save up cash in advance and use approved unpaid leave for your trip?

      • In a similar vein, can you do a vacation advance? Or can you cash out the days you have accrued that you can’t carry over at the end of this year?

  • Rave: Really nice, relaxing weekend spent with friends.

    Rave: the All ‘Ale the Ladies of Beer event yesterday — made some cool new friends, had some really yummy beer and learned about a fun local organization that has some fun upcoming events. Also made contacts with local brewers and I’m going to volunteer at some of their festivals. Yay horizon-broadening!

    Raveish: The Gent is still communicating with me, even doing things he wouldn’t normally do (letting me know he got somewhere safely, for example) which is confusing but I have a very tiny glimmer of hope that maybe he won’t throw this away after all?

    Rant: I need both sides of my family to just calm the hell down. There’s a reason why I live nowhere near anyone I am related to. It’s hard to be so far away with my father’s progressing illness, and it’s hard to be so far away from my mom (although she’s got my brother relatively close by in case something goes wrong)…but unnecessary drama and expectations that I am somehow to fix it all makes me want to cut communication off completely until people start behaving like grownups.

    • That One Guy

      I found that parents start to act child-like the older the grow. They need more attention and you need more patience. Good luck.

      • It’s not just them, it’s my siblings (I’m the very youngest child) being petty and ridiculous and unhelpful and oblivious.

  • Rave: Beautiful lazy weekend of binge-watching Veep and making delicious food from my farmer’s market purchases – first attempt at kale chips was a great, if slightly-too-salty, success!
    Rant: Will be missing at least half, if not a whole, day of work tomorrow for specialized testing at the NIH…so not looking forward to this, and super nervous about results :/

  • Anonynon

    Rave: Searching for a roommate is fun, I like getting emails from random strangers who want to live with me 🙂

  • Rant/Rave: I’m dying to take some time off of work. I have plenty of vacation days saved to do it and I’m very burned out from a series of OT. But I’m hourly so I always talk myself into the extra $$ as opposed to a free day off. I do have friends/family visiting in the coming months so I know I’ll be grateful I was stingy with PTO soon enough, I’m just worn thin in the meantime.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rant: A series of unfortunate events yesterday’s afternoon. Prepared some lunch, made coffee, made some rice for my weekday lunches. Felt tired so took a nap. I was awaken by the smell of burning rice, fortunately my stove was on “low” and it’s electric (though I don’t know if that makes a difference). The coffee was still there in the french press… cold.
    Rant: I used to make fun of bagel cutter things, until yesterday when I sliced my finger.
    Rant: “Why is my life the worst??” -Amy Schumer
    Rant: “Silicon Valley” mini marathon. No episodes left to watch. Existential Crisis.
    Rant: “Why is my life the worst??” -Amy Schumer

    • Food updates from Pablo Raw. Always interesting. And bagel slicers are amazing. You should invest in one. Perfect cuts every time! Major props for quoting Amy Schumer.

      • Pablo Raw

        I think I’ll invest in one of those. I can’t afford to lose a finger!

        • Blithe

          As long as you’re going shopping…. If you cook a lot of rice and/or other grains, you might want to consider getting a rice cooker. I bought a small one by cuisinart, but it’s also the kind of thing that people get as wedding/house-warming gifts — and might happily donate to you if you put the word out that you’d like one.

    • Pablo Raw

      I don’t know if it’s a rant or a rave. But I bought a bag of potatoes; there are lots of them. I may break my poor microwave.

      • Blithe

        Maybe ramp it up a notch? Cut up the potatoes, coat in olive oil (or any oil you like), a bit of rosemary, garlic, and lemon juice — if you like those things, and bake them until they smell like food. Could be a major rave!

      • That One Guy

        Beware the potato microwave fire! Had one of those and it wasn’t pretty afterwards.

  • SUPER RANT: decided to get edgier color from my regular colorist and he totally messed it up. I tipped well and said I liked it because he’s been highlighting my hair for about a year now, but he really couldn’t do this new color and I take it as a farewell gift because I’m never coming back. He mentioned that he thought it would be too much to do at that salon AFTER he already did my hair and it was already bad. He should have told me that he couldn’t do it that day, and I would’ve been fine going home. Crappy ombre (yellow, really) with colored ends. VERY BAD. Hair will be up hiding in a bun until I find a colorist to fix it and chop it all off. I definitely cried at home.
    RAVE: second date last Friday went well. third date in the works. this is not serious at all. no pressure fun is just what I need. I don’t expect a relationship out of this at all, and I”m fairly certain he feels the same way.
    RAVE: walked my dog with my BFF this weekend. chatted about my friend crush and just as we were done talking about him guess who was across the street and walked over to chat and play with my dog. BFF claims there was serious vibes happening. Gonna have to find a way to ask him out when gets back in town.
    RAVE/RANT: my life is more complicated than it’s ever been. I kinda like it, but sometimes I wish it were more chill and straightforward.

    • Anonynon

      you are all over the place lol. Your First Rave combined with your last Rave/Rant. The web’s we weave….

      • Sometimes I feel like my life is falling apart, but it’s really just a series of poor choices I make. I usually learn from my mistakes, so might as well make them now when people expect me to be young and stupid.

    • Bah! Hair problems are the worst! I’m so sorry that happened. I’ve started to cut my hair only once or twice a year because there is really nothing worse than a mess of a haircut.

      • I’ve had crappy haircuts but at least they don’t cost as much as a color correction. Hundreds of dollars down the drain! THE WORST.

    • Was this the “board certified” colorist?

      • Unfortunately, yes. I understand that the salon was not equipped to handle this more radical color, but he should have said so and recommended I go to another location where he also works. He’s very good at my regular highlights, but this more alternative color at this particular salon location was too much. Breaking up is hard to do even when it’s with your colorist.

        • I’m happy to give you the information for my colorist if you’d like it — she’s not board certified, but she is probably a wizard or something.

          • Can your colorist handle hard to lift black Asian hair? At this point, I’m just going for a chop to get rid of my fried bleached ends and then a darker color correction. Feel free to share the info. Asian hair is difficult to highlight and color.

          • I’m not sure where you go but I remember hearing about a place in Georgetown that is supposed to be good with Asian hair and that they did ombres. I can’t remember the name (nor did I pay much attention at the time since I’m not Asian and I don’t dye my hair). I know that’s not very helpful, but if you yelp it you might find something?

          • I don’t want an ombre. I want to get rid of the crappy one that was attempted. I think at least it’s just the ends so I can snip a few inches and only have a bit of color to correct. Yay, short hair!

          • I think the place FridayGirl is thinking of is Ozuki Salon. I’ve been and wasn’t a huge fan (I have sort of Asian sort of Caucasian hair so it’s probably just my hair and not them) but I know people who rave about them so it could be worth a shot.

        • I’m not sure if my colorist can handle it, but feel free to call the salon, Immortal Beloved, and explain the situation — they’ll be able to recommend someone, I’m sure.

          • Oh yes, they are on my list to get a consultation.

          • Ashleah at Parlour is also great with color. I do not know her background re: working with Asian hair, but she is so knowledgeable about color mixing, toner, etc. that I think she would probably know how to make it work.

    • I can so sympathize with Rant #1. My longtime colorist absolutely butchered my color recently, frying my hair in the process. They tried to insist that there was no problem with my color, even though it was…unlovely, and a completely different color than the one I asked for. I never went back to them, either. I couldn’t get over that they were so obstinate about it not being a bad result, especially when I had to spend hours at the salon and hundreds of dollars on coloring appointments and reconstructors and deep conditioners to fix the damage they’d done. I’d been seeing that stylist long enough that I really expected more honesty about the mess they’d made than I ended up getting.

  • Rave: I had a great time at Savor and tried some fantastic beers. I think I’ve added Funky Buddha’s Last Snow to my top 5 list.
    Rave: Saw the Vaccines last night and really enjoyed it.
    Rave: Celebrate Petworth Day with my sister and the niece nuggets. The little one loves the bus so much she went up to a bus stop on Upshur, which was closed to traffic, and made me put her on the bench and sit next to her to wait for a bus (which of course didn’t come, we went the correct street later).
    Rave: my 65-ish year old coworker is rocking a jumpsuit and looks awesome. I’ll now feel less out of place when I wear mine to work.

    • tonyr

      I thought that I spotted you from a distance, but wasn’t sure. Did you go upstairs to the balcony? I’ll say “Hi” next time.

  • Rave: Very fun, busy weekend. Girl’s night with coworkers, and delicious BBQ with SKT. 😀
    Rave: Perfect weather over the weekend! So nice to spend all day Saturday outside.
    Rave: Canceled my therapy appointments, feel so relieved I don’t have to deal with going to that today.
    Rant: 12 hour or so work day today, sigh. Oh well. Apparently I’ll be working with young military guys – maybe they’ll be cute! haha. I hope they feed us dinner though… It sucks when we don’t get any food and I don’t get home until about 10.

  • skj84

    Rave: feeling much better. I’m still coughing a bit, but my summer cold is mostly gone.

    Rave: Orange is the New Black is back Friday! I don’t want to binge the whole season in one weekend, but it’s so tempting!

    Anyone doing the Seersucker ride on Sat? I’m debating buying a ticket for the after party.

    • How long did your cold last? I think mine has reactivated my earlier pneumonia, which is not good.

  • We’ve got two or three more site visits to go and from there we’ll pick a wedding venue. We’ve done about 7 visits already, and we’ve already got our top two nailed down so far, of course that could change with the last couple of visits, but we’ll see. The one she really likes (and it’s my top choice as well) is way out of our price range. It’s where my mom used to work so yeah…the food package kills the deal.

  • Rave: My nephew is finally here and I met him on Sunday!! He is sooo adorable and it makes me want one LOL, but I like the fact that I can enjoy the cute/fun things and then give him back to my sister/BIL!
    Rave: Celebrate Petworth was fun and the weather was beautiful. Also, again so many babies…I didn’t realize there were so many babies in DC. (I hope my fiancee doesn’t read this today ha)
    Rave: PRIDE WEEK!!

  • Rant: need help dealing with DC water. I got a bill for $880 this month (normally $70-80). I told her we had a running toilet for 3 days until I shut off the water and she claims that that’s the reason why the bill is so high. That seems impossible (even with an older toilet) and I told the technician so. She said it is possible and she’s not going to argue with me (also the dates with the spike in water usage don’t match up to the days the toilet was running). On the 10 days with the spike, we were allegedy using 1450 cubic feet (10,000 gallons a day). Wtf.

    • WTF!! I learned my lesson the hard way with the running toilet. I think ours was running for 5 days (basement bathroom we never use) before we realized it and then fixed it. I was dreading the bill, but it was *only* $180 and it’s normally $51. I agree $880 is INSANE for 3 days!! There’s something else going on…could there be a leak? But I still think even with a leak $880 would be crazy. I would call back again and speak to a different technician.

      • +1. A toilet running constantly could definitely account for a big spike, but given what ParkViewRes said, it sounds like your spike is higher than it should’ve been.
        I don’t think the age of the toilet itself should make any difference, as long as the interior parts (esp. the flapper) are relatively new and in good shape.

        • Yes, also the days of the toilet running didn’t match up to the 10,000 gallons a day listed in the daily usage for May! This woman should not very l be working for DC water of she doesn’t understand how water works!

    • jim_ed

      That’s almost certainly a leak somewhere in the line. The question is whether its your landlord’s responsibility or DC Water’s. But you definitely need to have DC Water come out and investigate.

      • +1 to this. This doesn’t make any sense. So sorry you are dealing with this!!

      • Doesn’t that seem high for a leak too? I’ll have them send someone out. It’s definitely not our responsibility though, right?

        • My sister has a leak (granted this is out in Va), but the reason they found out is because their water bill spiked. To what? Like $100 something!! So if there is a leak, $880 still seems crazy.

        • jim_ed

          No, if it’s leaking from a service line it could easily leak that much. It’s going to depend on whether the leak is on your property or outside of it to determine whether DC Water or your landlord is responsible, but I can’t imagine this being your personal responsibility assuming this is the first month with a high bill and you immediately brought it to your landlord’s attention.

          • But if it was leaking from the service line, would that not even register on the water meter? Where is the physical placement of most water meters?
            BTW, 10K gallons is roughly the same amount of water needed to fill a 10′ x 25′ x 5′ deep swimming pool. No way in hell you’re leaking that much water onto your property EVERYDAY without noticing it.

          • OP Anon — that puts things into perspective! iindsay, can you tell the people at DC Water what OP Anon said? They may not listen but when people don’t know what they’re talking about that would certainly put it into perspective.

    • That doesn’t make sense at all. I would call back and if you get the same type of argument, ask to speak to a supervisor.

    • HaileUnlikely

      The only way that volume of water is even remotely plausible is if the service line to your house is leaking, and at that rate, your yard would have been turned into a swamp.
      Also – was the period of insane reported usage somewhere in the middle of the billing period (i.e., reported daily usage has gone back down to normal) or was it the final 10 days of the period? It would sure be strange if it was in the middle of the period and went back down, i.e., the alleged leak just magically resolved itself.

      • It was the 11th through the 20th of the month. The leaking toilet was from the 3-5 or maybe 6th. So why the hell is this lady telling me “it is possible and I’m not going to argue with you”?

        • HaileUnlikely

          Regardless of why, that lady is obviously unwilling and/or unable to help; just ask for a supervisor and hope that goes better. Or hell, just call back and maybe you’ll get somebody less dumb next time. Anyway, mighty strange that a 10,000 gallon/day leak just magically resolved itself.

          • HaileUnlikely

            And to reiterate, if it’s a leak of that size in the service line, your yard would have been flooded if it was in the yard, and a sinkhole would be well on its way to forming in the street if it was under the street. No way in hell anything close to your house is leaking 10,000 gallons a day.

          • Right…I’ll do that later today. I’m not in a position where I’m able to call outside of my lunch period so it will have to wait til after work. Landlord says he doesn’t know enough about toilets to say that’s not possible. Arrrggh.

          • Accountering

            A toilet if it is running and you can hear it (literally running all day) will leak about 2 gallons a minute, or 2880/day.

          • Spoke with someone else who reiterated what the first person said. I was too upset at the time to speak to a supervisor. I’ll try again tomorrow but so far it looks like we’re on the hook. Wtfff.

    • 1. Escalate to a manager. The first layer of DC Water customer service is useless. They’d need to get approval from a manager to even lower your bill.
      2. Wasn’t your house recently gut renovated? If so, the contractors might have damaged the water lines (either the main line or another leak within the walls/under the floors).
      3. DC Water may be charging you for water used during the renovations. They might have finally sent an inspector out to read the meter and they’ve hit you with the bill. The previous bills may have just been estimates.
      4. No way in hell a running toilet for 3 days would spike your bill that high. INCONCEIVABLE.

      • That’s what I’m thinking. I’ll call back, speak with a manager, and ask to have someone look at the water lines. This woman spoke to me like I’m an idiot.

      • I just spoke to another person with DC Water (was too pissed to escalate to a manager). The issues is that there was an enormous spike for 10 days before it went back to normal. He said that leaks don’t just turn off by themselves so it has to be that something was running and then abruptly shut off and that they don’t adjust for that. Next step is to speak to a manager but he kept insisting that it had to be a fixture leaking. Now my question is how the hell I used 1450 cuft a day with a silent leaking toilet.

      • Here’s the reading. On what planet is this logical? http://tinypic.com/r/1zvco54/8

        • OMG and that it dipped way back down on the 14th? Not at ALL logical, considering those weren’t even close to the days you said the toilet was having issues. Wow…

          • This makes no sense to me but they’re claiming it’s my responsibility because it shouldn’t just stop like that. But how could not notice that much water?

  • justinbc

    Rant: Still have not received my DC tax return that I filed in mid-January, despite numerous emails and calls back and forth to multiple employees working there and repeated assurances over the months that it’s being posted to my account, only to be contradicted later. Guess it’s time to type up one of those PoPville stories for folks to read…

    • I recommend going in person. I only got my amended return sorted out there after a couple phone calls and receiving far less money than I should have. Hopefully, they can get you squared away.

    • Yup, same here (filed March 1, still haven’t gotten my refund despite visiting OTR down at Waterfront Station a month ago).

  • Rant: jerk in front of me on Saturday night flight put his seat back suddenly in the middle of dinner sending my glass of red wine all over me and new white shirt.
    Rant: his wife laughed
    Rave: I maintained self control – and thankfully grabbed a shower and change of clothes on layover
    Rave: I’m ending 2015 as an uncle! Can’t wait to meet and spoil my niece!! All future trips are going to require at least one night layovers in London so I can become the number one uncle.
    Rave: niece>shirt – perspective!

    • Wow, you have more patience than me. I would have immediately demanded compensation to buy a new shirt.

    • hispanicandproud

      Congrats on the news of a new niece. They are so much fun.

    • skj84

      Yikes on your first rant! Did he apologize? I would’ve lost it on his wife. What kind of cow laughs at someone who is in distress?

      • Nope – but oh well some people are rude.

      • WTF?!? Not cool at all. I just flew British Airways for work and they make every person pull their seat up during meal service. AND they remind people not to lower their seat until the meals are cleared. It was nice that the flight attendants remind people to not be inconsiderate jerks.
        I would have definitely escalated the situation to bring to the attention of the flight attendants.

  • hispanicandproud

    Rave: Happy to see my favorite brother this weekend in New Mexico after he suffered a massive heart attack last week. Long road ahead of him but he’s been given a second chance so all will be good.
    Rave: Spending time with other family members this weekend before my big move.
    Rave: Movers pack and ship my stuff out tomorrow. I’ll be stuff-less for a whole week but all will be fine.
    Rave: Send-off pub run tomorrow! 44 RSVPs! Can’t wait.

  • Revel: 2 of my foster kittens were adopted Sat. at Miss Pixies! The two others, now about 8 weeks old, have settled into their eye color – and they are striking – each with one blue eye and one brown!


    Rant: Mixed up my garden map. I thought I had lots of arugula ready to eat then realized they were daikon radishes! Oh well, there will be lots of bahn mi in the future.

  • Update: Wedding date.
    While I have every intention of writing a blockbuster romcom starring 20 years ago Meg Ryan from this experience, I did not actually expect it to feel like a romcom.
    It was a really great date! Dancing, Drinking, Snarking, awkward conversations, not telling anyone that we met that day, meeting everyone from his work, not entirely making a fool of anyone but surely some of that dancing will come back to bite me… And then I looked up in rural Virginia, and there were stars. Everywhere.
    Kudos, WeddingDateGuy. I don’t like sappy romantic things and yet I didn’t nauseated when you did them.

    • Love this! Where did you guys leave things at the end of the date?

      • He drove me home, I walked a dog I was petsitting, and of course I invited him in for a drink… ended up snuggling for a while, then he left. But not before I was super exhausted and he put me to bed. Very family friendly RomCom so far. It was really lovely.

    • YESSSSS!

    • I love everything about this!

    • Awesome! So glad you had such a great time! Ditto Shawess’s question 🙂

    • Aww, that’s really cute!! Glad it went so well. 🙂

    • That One Guy

      So, when are you guys going out again?

      • He’s taking me to lunch this week. <3 This is ridiculous but I'm pretty caught up in it.

        • I love that he’s taking you to lunch too! I also think that the willingness to meet during daylight hours shows a real interest in getting to know you — not just the possible hookup.

          I’m loving this story and hope it progresses well for you!

          • I like this too… but I think it’s a sad commentary on dating in D.C. that “He’s interested in getting to know you!” is such a big point in his favor.

          • Now that I think of it, I haven’t been asked to a lunch date since I lived in Philly…

          • I agree with you, Textdoc. I also recognize that I may be really jaded from all the years I spent in the DC dating scene.

    • How did you guys initially cross paths? Because, you win.

      • Ha, this is my favorite part of the story! We were talking online for a while, and I asked if we could go out on Saturday, and he said we could if we wanted to roll the dice — by going to a wedding. We agreed not to meet until the day of, coordinated dress / tie options via imessage, and off we went. One person at the wedding knew we hadn’t met until that day, and she was amazing and hilarious too. Friend + Love interest? I’ll take that chance.

        • Stop it! That’s so stinking awesome! I had a first date once where we met for breakfast on New Years Day in our PJs at Busboys and Poets. I think what works with those kinds of things is that it gets you out of the rut of “this is what a first meeting/date should be like”, and you just get to be normal in a completely abnormal situation. Slow clap, miss lady!

        • Damn girl. That’s pretty gutsy (on both your ends!)

        • I Dont Get It

          I love it that you coordinated outfits.

      • That’s an awesome story. I once went on a first date to a family wedding (her brother, if you can believe that). She was a co-worker from another city who was in our office for a week, we were flirting, she made some comment on Friday along the lines of, “I wish I’d met you a few weeks ago, I’d have invited you to my brother’s wedding tomorrow,” I said, “well, I don’t have any plans this weekend,” and 24 hours later I found myself on the Eastern Shore getting drunk with the wedding party, including my date’s father. There is something truly freeing about having no pressure at all on a date, and this fits the bill.

        • It’s a surprisingly pressure free experience! I couldn’t let anyone down because I didn’t know anyone, there was entertainment, everything was paid for… all around the only hassle was the hour drive out to Leesburg and wondering if I was going to die because I trusted this guy I met online (designated contacts had his contact information and full name, as well as the wedding website, and were to act upon that information had I not checked in at designated times).

          • I hafta say, I generally skip over the dating-related threads on Popville (it seems like some of you have sworn off dating a dozen times or so!), but I will be keeping an eye out for updates on this one. This could be the best “how we met” story ever.

  • Rant: Street performers (outside Metro stations) who perform with backing tracks. Go solo or go home!
    Rave: Scored a half-price azalea at Home Depot a few days ago.
    Rant: I can deal OK with watering and weeding, but the digging/planting part of gardening is exhausting, especially as it gets hotter out. (And planting the azalea meant having to dig up and replant two small boxwoods to get the configuration right.)

    • Agreed. Bad tracks on bad amps are BAD.

      • Not just bad tracks on bad amps — more like, if you’re a street performer and the bulk of your “performance” is something other than you, why are you even performing? (I know the answer is “In the hope of getting $,” but still.)

  • Rant: People (always much older men) who think its okay to guess my age, discuss whether or not I should get married, and tell me I should never cut my hair short– all in a professional setting. Yuck.
    Rant: Taking two weeks off running was a mistake. Yesterday’s 3 mile run was rough!
    Rave: Made gluten-free cookies and cream ice cream yesterday. It turned out pretty well.

    • binpetworth

      Ugh on your first rant. I have a coworker like that, who’s always asking me when I’m going to have a kid (I’m 42 this year, so never.) I’ve taken to responding to his, “Why don’t you want to have a kid?” with “Because I’m planning on having perimenopause instead.”

    • My good friend told me that after she moved to a new office on the hill, her Chief mentioned to her in front of her colleagues that it was a good thing she didn’t wear a pants suit to her interview, because even though they sought her out, pants suits for women don’t fly in his book. I said that I would make it a point to completely overhaul my work wardrobe, and wear all the slacks all the time.

    • Ugh. Sorry to hear about your unprofessional co-workers.

    • I’ve had a few issues like this at work. I’m sorry you have too. What did help me was individually speaking with each offender about how uncomfortable they made me. It stopped immediately.

      • Thanks, all. Unfortunately (and fortunately) none of the offenders work at my organization but they are colleagues from other companies that we work with frequently. The fortunate part is that I don’t have to see them in person too often and none of this stuff happens on the phone/email.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: AT&T doing away with their phone subsidies. So much for waiting to upgrade to the next iteration of iPhone. argh…six month waiting and for what!?!?!
    Rave: bought the biggest raspberries and strawberries at the grocery store yesterday. They tasted good to boot. Must go back to get more. Even the dog liked eating strawberries.

    • GiantSquid

      My Westie LOVES strawberries. So much that he now recognizes the sound of the plastic container when we have to buy them from the store and will shadow us until we relent and give him some.

      • houseintherear

        Awww- I can’t get my old man westie to eat anything fun. He does like to carry the ends of baguettes around for days upon days, but he never eats them.

    • Wait, what? I have AT&T and haven’t heard about that.

      • That One Guy

        I’ve heard conflicting reports so if you have an upgrade to use up go to an Apple Store/AT&T store and talk to someone.

        If you need to read up about this just search for AT&T subsidy and you’ll see the news reports.

        • Thanks, I’ll have to look into that. I’m overdue for an upgrade but didn’t feel the need to yet.

        • Looking at the articles they’re not doing away with it right now, just phasing it out as more people choose the non-subsidized plan. What they got rid of was the ability to go to a 3rd party to get your phone (i.e. Best Buy), so you just have to buy it through AT&T.
          If it makes anyone feel better, I ran the numbers when I got a new phone in February and the unsubsidized version (data share plan) came out a bit cheaper in the end than the standard 2-year contract deal.

    • You can still get the discounted or subsidized phone if you buy it at an AT&T store or online.

      • I just got a newer iPhone and we had to up everything and that sucks. I’m used to free phones. I hear ya, TOG.

    • Emmaleigh504

      My mom’s greyhound loved satsumas. Couldn’t open one anywhere in the house without a sneaky dog stretching her long neck to grab a piece. Mom started grabbing satsumas in 2s, one for her, one for the dog.
      On the other hand we had a poodle growing up who loved tomato cores! He also loved blueberries even though he never figured out how to eat them. He’d roll them around in his mouth then spit them out. It was fun to watch. 🙂

  • Rave: Props to DDOT! (yes, really…) I emailed ddot about a bad traffic pattern several months ago. They responded a few weeks later saying that they would send someone to observe, and just got an email today saying that they agree with my observation and will file a Notice of Intent, and if that is approved the change may be implemented this winter. When I first emailed them it was really just to be able to vent my frustration – I honestly didn’t expect a response! So – let’s make a pact – instead of (only) ranting on Popville, let’s contact the folks who can actually change things – it might just make a difference!

    • My faith in the power of communication was restored earlier this year when I reached out to the DC Health Ombudsman to help me resolve an issue with my Marketplace insurance policy. Thought I was just venting, but actually got a prompt, and extremely helpful response and was ultimately able to resolve the issue.
      What was bad traffic pattern?

      • I wrote them about the intersection of 23rd and I (just across from Foggy Bottom metro). There is a bus stop there that serves 13 bus lines (Metro and MTA), but often only one bus can get through the light at a time due to the fact that two-lane traffic has to merge into one lane due to cars parked on the east side of the street. There is already no parking during morning rush hours there, so I suggested that they do the same for afternoon rush hour. It’s so frustrating when you can see your bus, but it takes four light cycles before it can get to the stop.

        • OMG that intersection is the WORST and I have to deal with it every day! The bus stop used to be right before the light (like, way back before GW started renovating the buildings across from the metro), and I never remember traffic being as bad. Thank you for letting us know that they actually responded. There is hope!

        • That One Guy

          Moving that bus stop to the middle of the street would definitely be an improvement to the traffic situation!

          • I think so, too – I suggested a separate stop for the MTA busses further up the block, but figured they wouldn’t do that, so at least there should be no parking. The MTA busses are the worst – they are huge, and even when there is room they won’t pull up past the stop to allow another bus in behind them.
            Fingers crossed that this actually gets done, it stresses me out every day to watch this clusterf*%#!

    • Glad to hear that it sounds like DDOT is actually making progress with your request. It look something like five years and the intervention of Jim Graham for me to get them to pay attention to what I thought was a pretty simply request on my part — painting arrows (for “straight,” “left turn,” “right turn”) at two spots on Columbia/Harvard just west of 16th Street NW, so as to clarify who should be yielding to whom.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: office fridge purge = eating salad without salad dressing. Who eats a salad for the veggies. We all know it’s all about the dressing.

  • Is $50.00 a good high school graduation gift these days? For the daughter of a long-time close friend who I’ve know since birth? Or $100? I forgot what I gave her older brother 4 years ago!

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