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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: As a cynic and former communications professional (“but I repeat myself”) I can’t help but recall that Caitlyn Jenner is a member of America’s most grotesque fame whore clan and — without questioning her identity as a woman — can’t help but suspect that this whole media tour is as much or more about hooking up mediaphorically with Diane Sawyer and getting a lingerie cover shot on Vanity Fair as it about any positive social messaging. Sex tapes, babies, faux marriages, mediagenic divorces and, now, a transition — the ratings are going through the roof! I wonder what they for us next. — inter-species breeding?

    • While I don’t necessarily agree with your assessment, I appreciate that you’re able to discuss your opinions about the publicity/her family in general without being hateful and transphobic (making jokes, intentionally misgendering, etc); lots of people aren’t. Thanks.

      • justinbc

        Very true. A lot of people who have any sort of negative feelings about the situation seem relatively afraid to voice their opinion for fear of going against the grain of popular media attention. And yes, I realize how ironic that is given the fears that many transgenders have about “coming out” in the first place.

        • Friendly FYI: transgender is an adjective.

          • for further clarification, the word “transgender” should be attached to another noun, not used as a noun itself –i.e., “a transgender person,” “a transgender woman,” etc. Though obviously not the intent, when used as a noun by itself, it can be dehumanizing.

          • It would be nice if for once people in DC could scale back the grammar lessons. If you clearly know the intent was not malicious why harp on it repeatedly?

          • I apologize if I came off as harping–some folks appreciate understanding the “why” of a particular suggestion and genuinely want to be as inclusive as possible, so this was just some additional information for anyone who finds it useful 🙂

          • You know it’s not the same thing as pointing out a misspelling. Caitlyn Jenner’s transition has been a learning opportunity for many people about preferred pronouns and respectful terminology for transgender individuals. When someone clearly means well, I want them to be aware of said respectful terminology and avoid sounding like my granddad when he refers to “a Chinese.”

    • GiantSquid

      On the flip side, as someone whose best friend is married to a man that is transitioning to be female, I think anything that can be done to raise the awareness and visibility of the trans community is a good thing. Just like homosexuality used to be something you didn’t talk about, it’s important for people to see that being at peace with the person inside of you is alright and something you should pursue, not hide in shame.

      • A fair point..

      • justinbc

        Out of curiosity, do they plan to stay married?

        • GiantSquid

          Yes, they plan to stay married. I have my thoughts about the situation but it’s not about me, it’s about supporting them.

      • That is my ultimate takeaway. As gross as the Kardashian circus is, trans issues would not be getting the kind of coverage they are now if it were not a member of their family going through the transition. Laverne Cox and Janet Mock have been trying hard to get the word out, but they have nowhere near the media platform that Jenner now does. Tons of people who knew (and cared) nothing about trans issues will at least have a rudimentary understanding of them, and a basic idea about how to behave towards trans people. And that’s all thanks to this coverage. That is no small feat.

        • justinbc

          Do you really think “trans issues” are actually getting any coverage here though? Or is it just more Kardashian klan coverage? Do you really think someone with millions of dollars and a TV show in the works is facing the same issues as the average confused 15 year old kid? Or someone who’s struggled with it their whole life and doesn’t have the support network of all of Hollywood?

          • I’m not sure about the broader coverage, but the Diane Sawyer interview was very informative. In between segments, there were educational spots explaining general terminology and other issues. It was really well done.

          • I’ve already seen articles about what it means to be trans, etiquette for interacting with trans people and the sorts of discrimination that trans people face as a resuilt of Jenner’s interview. So yes, I do think they are getting coverage. I can’t speak to the quality of the show, since it’s not out yet. The Kardashian link doesn’t make me optimistic, either. But in a way, the quality of the show doesn’t matter. She has raised the visibility of trans people to a far wider audience than was exposed to it before and is driving a conversation about them. And to me, the issue is not whether Jenner faces the same issues as your hypothetical 15 year old. The issue is that she is bringing publicity to a condition that is not widely understood at all. And she is providing trans kids with a role model of someone who is transitioning and seems to be doing well with it.

      • anonymouse_dianne

        I highly recommend Chris Bohjalian’s Trans-Sister Radio. For some reason I can’t cut and paste the link so just Google it. I can’t believe I read this book 15 years ago!

    • justinbc

      One of them is an alien, I’m sure of it.

    • I think people are having a difficult time disentangling Caitlyn and her transition from the whole Kardashian media circus. When you put her transition in the context of “what will they think of next?” it is, in a sense, questioning her identity as a woman. I can’t stand the Kardashian’s so I very reluctantly watched the Diane Sawyer interview and I found it surprisingly moving. I felt like I was watching someone relieve themself of a huge burden. Sure, I’m dreading the inevitable reality shows and publicity circus, but still, I think that Caitlyn’s coming out was part of a watershed moment that brought these issues to a swath of America that hasn’t had any exposure to trans issues.

      • justinbc

        “I’m dreading the inevitable reality shows”
        Couldn’t you just not watch them?

        • I didn’t state that well at all. I was trying to say the media hoopla arising from the next wave a reality shows. I’m not thrilled that this will allow the Kardashians to extend their fame, but if that’s a small price to pay for what I think is an important moment for the trans movement. Does that make more sense?

          • justinbc

            Yeah I get what you’re getting at. I’m not thrilled about attention from what I deem to be more pressing issues being swallowed up by more fame whoring either. I can easily get access to other news, but I know millions of Americans are either too lazy or too ignorant to turn away from the stuff their fed by the major networks.

      • “When you put her transition in the context of “what will they think of next?” it is, in a sense, questioning her identity as a woman.”
        So, Caitlyn’s status as a trans person makes her immune from uncomfortable questions or, at the very ;east, makes the questioner insensitive and possibly transphobic?

        • No, I certainly don’t think she or anyone is immune from uncomfortable questions. I’m just trying to distinguish between questioning her identity as a woman and questioning the way she chooses to go about her transition. To me, it sounded like you were referring to the whole media circus surrounding her transition, but I think a lot of people (at least on my facebook feed) aren’t making that distinction and see the whole thing as a publicity stunt (as in, she’s faking being trans for attention). I apologize if it sounded like I was accusing you of being insensitive.

          • Not a problem. I actually am pretty insensitive — ask anyone — but tried not to be in this case.

      • I’m just excited to think that glamorous, fashionable clothes might now be available beyond size 8! Caitlyn has got to be at least size 14!

        • I don’t know — doesn’t she have that idealized hourglass figure that so many young women are harming themselves to try to achieve? 🙂
          I Imagine her shoulders are problematic if she wants something that fits through the body, unless she goes sleeveless.

          • Who knows what her real figure is. Those photos are totally spanx’ed, tucked, stylized and photoshopped. That’s the thing I really wonder about – most women would really love to spend most of their lives in sweats & caftans with no makeup or hair styling. So what do transgender women do for just hanging out at home or running to the grocery store?

    • The coverage is overboard. We get it- the media wants to share a message and convert/enlighten the questioning or disapproving masses. Great- now leave us alone! Seriously, though, this is why I don’t have a TV. The media (from TV shows to the news) can be quite obsessive when it gets hold of a topic.

    • palisades

      The hate for the Kardashians makes no sense to me. They’re just a product of their environment. Instead of being mad at them, why not target your anger at the people who watch the show every day and buy into their lifestyle? Also, it’s funny how half the time I hear about them, it’s from people who want to find any excuse to talk trash about them and no longer want them in the public eye. Pretty ironic to me.

      • Now, what if I said: “The hate for the drug dealers on the corner makes no sense to me. They’re just a product of their environment. Instead of being mad at them, why not target your anger at the people who buy into their lifestyle?” The Kardashians are intellectual opium peddlers to the masses of Americans made too lethargic to rise up against the Masters who trap them in lousy jobs and joyless lives by their consumption of basic cable TV! Or something.
        Anyway, if I could make millions by living a fake lifestyle for people with no lives, I’d probably jump at the chance. And I’m willing to release a sex tape and marry a WNBA star — preferably a lesbian, just for the ratings — to get that chance.
        In the mean time, though, I can’t help but consider anything coming out of that clan tainted with cynicism and self-love.

        • palisades

          Umm yes that’s actually a very widely accepted argument about drugs. You can stamp out drug dealers, but they’ll pop up other places. The problem is much deeper than that. It’s a societal issue.

          • Doesn’t make the Kardashians or the drug dealers (or the oil companies or Wall Street or anybody else who invokes the “I’m just responding to demand” argument) any less culpable.

          • palisades

            You’re not getting what I’m saying. I’m not saying they’re culpable/guilty. I’m saying that’s not who you should be mad at. And focusing your attention on them is only helping them.

          • I’m getting exactly what you’re saying. you’re saying that they’re not culpable/guilty. I’m saying that they are. “I’m just meeting a demand (if I didn’t do it, somebody else would)” is no more a defense than “I was just following orders.” Not that the consumers are blameless, but both parties to an illicit act are culpable. If you peddle junk — in whatever sense of the word — you have earned the approbation that comes with being a junk-peddler.
            I am not, by the way, on a jihad against the Kardashians. I just think less highly of them than I might if they weren’t poisoning our national soul.

      • skj84

        I agree wholeheartedly Palisades. They have done nothing to receive such ire. They aren’t hurting anybody by existing. Yes they are shallow, but so what? Seriously people when you spend time posting, trash talking, whining about them you are giving them the attention they want!!!! If you don’t care then don’t say anything! On the list of terrible things about society, the Kardashians are way, way, way on the bottom.

        I personally like the Kardashians. They are a real life soap opera. I’m impressed with Kris’s ability to turn the family into a multi million dollar business. And honestly I love that they are united as a family/.

        • I feel the same way about Sarah Palin and her brood.

          • palisades

            Sarah Palin has/had the ability to truly negatively affect this country. To compare her to the Kardashians is ludicrous. She may be a lovable oaf just like them, but the second she decides to run for major political office, all bets are off.

          • The Palins haven’t been a danger since November 2008 and will never again run for or be elected to significant political office. She’s been a Kardashian for years:
            “Yes [the Palins] are shallow, but so what? Seriously people when you spend time posting, trash talking, whining about them you are giving them the attention they want!!!! If you don’t care then don’t say anything!
            “I personally like the [Palins]. They are a real life soap opera. I’m impressed with [Sarah’s] ability to turn the family into a multi million dollar business. And honestly I love that they are united as a family.”

    • I barely know who the Kardashians are. Really. I hear that they have (had?) a reality show, that people dislike them but seem to watch anyway, and that one of them is married to some rapper. I forget who. Now, Bruce Jenner is another matter. I was a kid in the 70s when he won the decathlon and was the biggest sports star in America. So, Bruce’s transition to Caitlyn strikes me as very worthy of all the press, not to mention that the positive media attention to trans issues is long overdue. So, more power to her. I think I read that a reality show is already in the works. Whatever. I won’t watch anyway.

  • Rave: I got copies of my key made! Went back to Ace and they got the template in stock again. PHEW. So yes, textdoc, you can try Ace. I went to the Tenleytown one, they were really good.
    Rant: Date cancelled last night. Guy and I had a talk about me needing to slow down a little, and he recognized he was getting ahead of himself because we both know I’m leaving next week :[ So the long term outlook for a relationship is looking pretty bleak, but we decided we’ll still see each other this weekend. (I have the worst timing, and I feel so disappointing when someone actually likes me and I like them but things just don’t… work out… Ugh.)

    • and to clarify, the date was not cancelled because of the talk. separate issues. something came up.

    • palisades

      I got my key copied at Home Depot and they had a Nationals key. Of course I had to splurge the extra $2 for it 🙂

      • I’d make a joke about the key getting “lost” fairly often, but the Nats are a 1/2 game up on the Mets. But don’t worry, once the Mets overtake them, I’ll be sure to make the joke!

        • palisades

          Tuna, you’re like a zit that doesn’t go away!

          • Kind like the Mets . . .
            I am conflicted here. As a long-time Mets fan struggling with affectionate feelings about the Nationals, it’s quite the dilemma. (Wish the Nats were in the AL – have no trouble rooting against the Yankees and Red Sox.)

      • The Ace Hardware in Tenleytown also has Nationals (and other teams, including a popular one from Dallas and an unpopular-in-Indian-Country-but-popular-in-DC from Landover) keys.

    • FridayGirl — Hmm, interesting to know. When I tried at Annie’s Ace, my impression was that my key was an unusual one and they just didn’t stock that template, period.

      • Weird. If you know the name (on the front of the key usually) and number (on the back of the key) you can call around and ask. I originally went to the Ace in Glover Park (way back when it was still open to try to make a spare for myself) and they said Ace didn’t stock mine, but low and behold, here it was in Tenleytown.

  • Anonynon

    Rant: She was so hipster it wasn’t hip

  • That dog is seriously cute! I want a beach day with my dog!

  • RANT: This week
    RANT: A close friend of mine is in a medically induced coma due to a serious accident on memorial day. Both her legs are broken. Her ribs too. and now her kidneys are acting up. She is married with 2 young children and I am devastated. What’s worse is she’s also on the other side of the country. Life is not fair
    RANT: One of my former teammates and best friends has moved in with me until she gets on her feet. She relocated back to DC from the south and says shell only be with me until the end of the month. I sure hope so because I’m too old for a roommate. I love her to death but living alone is a different kind of freedom that I miss already and she’s only been here 1 week.
    RANT: My boyfriend is on a family road trip to Alabama and wont be back until next week. Just why?
    RANT: DC Parking. My house guest got her car towed on the very first night she moved in. DC camera tickets: Note: I’ve never gotten pulled over for a speeding ticket in my life because hey, I don’t speed. I did however get a speed camera ticket for doing 35 in a 25. Why on earth is the speed limit 25 anywhere? (rhetorical) also they must have just changed that because: I don’t speed.
    RAVE: Health. A job.
    SUPER RAVE: This coffee

    • Oh no, I am so sorry to hear about your friend. Someone I knew (but wasn’t close to) was in a medically induced coma and passed away a little less than a month ago — it was hard for me, and so I can’t even fathom how difficult that must be for the person’s inner circle. I will keep your friend in my thoughts and hope she makes a fully recovery.

    • Oh my goodness on your friend. FWIW, my wife had a major head injury several years ago (playing softball of all things–wear a helmet if you play, even in rec league!), and she was unconscious for 4-5 days. She fought to stay conscious more in the first couple of days but her body made more progress on healing (in her case–brain swelling subsiding) once she was more clearly “out”. Obviously a different type of injury, but hopefully the induced coma is allowing her to heal a little more easily than if she were conscious. Sending many healing thoughts and prayers your way and hers. These things are so scary.

      • Thanks for sharing! That really helps. Her brain had/has a lot of swelling so that is actually why they are keeping her under and its actually getting better each day. Since her injury was extreme, its just going to take time. I really hope she makes it. Thanks so much for the glimmer of hope. 🙂

        • I’m happy to help. Head injuries are scary scary things. But it can be amazing how well they can heal. My wife had portions of her skull removed to allow for swelling (it was already cracked in three places) and was in the ICU for a couple of weeks (and then in inpatient rehab for another week+). But, remarkably, she made a full recovery from it all within a matter of months. We initially thought she’d need some speech/occupational therapy to help with cognitive deficites but those seemed to go away on their own/with whatever we were doing at home by the time she could get into NRH for an evaluation. I really hope that your friend’s recovery continues to progress as it has been.

    • “Why on earth is the speed limit 25 anywhere?”
      In part because 25 is WAAAY less dangerous to pedestrians than 35. You wouldn’t think that 10 mph would make such a difference, but apparently it does.

      • In addition, 35mph doesn’t really get you there much (if any) quicker than 25mph when there are stops signs, traffic lights, and other vehicles turning/parking/driving all over the place.

      • I am aware. That’s why i wrote (rhetorical) as I just knew someone would write exactly what you wrote. I drive the speed limit at all times, so yes I’m “hip” to why the speed limit is 25. It was a work zone on 395 and in that location those limits change often. Its for safety. My friend who is in a coma was actually hit by a car. Yes, I’m super aware of the need for pedestrian safety. Ridiculously aware. I could go on and on. Ill just stop there. Just $100 lost and I don’t want to pay it. the end.

    • I’m so sorry to hear about your friend! Lots of positive thoughts that the coma will allow her to heal.

    • I hope your friend has a speedy recovery

    • Accountering

      The speed limit is 25 because when cars hit people, people die. When cars are travelling faster, then people who are hit by those cars are even more likely to die.

      Also, fast moving traffic makes for an unpleasant urban environment.

      • Please see response to textdoc. I know I’m going to log off now. smmfh

        • y’all sure do know how to suck the joy out of ranting. damn. Even when i wrote i do the speed limit at all times. I’m fully aware of traffic and pedestrian safety . I get it. This is DC and there are reckless drivers everywhere on city streets. Do not fear I am not one of them. The limit recently changed from 35 to 25 and I only drive once a week and didn’t know. I’ve never even had a driving infraction. smh Please enjoy your day though.

          Thanks for all the well wishes. Later 🙁

          • gertie_wickler

            I totally understood the meaning behind your rant and can empathize. And I drive 395 fairly regularly and agree the speed limits there are confusing now with all the construction…I’m just waiting to get a ticket in the mail. Hope your day gets better and your friend has a speedy recovery.

          • You’re getting a little unnecessarily bent out of shape here. Accountering, textdoc, and Krampus are some of the more perceptive posters on here, and if they didn’t follow every nuance of your initial post (and I had the same reaction they did, FWIW), perhaps the fault isn’t theirs. Moreover, there was nothing snarky or remotely objectionable about their posts. Regardless, I hope your friend recovers, and your day gets better.

          • justinbc

            Agreed. To keep insisting that you always follow the speed limit, and yet you got a ticket for going 10 over, it makes it hard to decipher what point exactly you’re getting across. I know it might be hard to relax somewhat when you’re bent out shape about something else, but I don’t think there was any ill intent behind their responses.

    • Oh no. I’m so sorry about your friend!

  • RAVE: Thank you Popville for incredible bra advice. Went to coup de foudre last night with the intention of getting 1-2 neutral bras. Left with three (one was TOO pretty to pass up), getting rid of my old stretched out ones, and smiling like a fool because i feel so good!!
    Rant: Two stupid, disrespectful drivers trying to run me off the road this morning.
    Rave: Mom made it through her tests ok and is in better spirits. Now to see what the results are.

    • I forgot to mention that I did this in May and have felt incredible since. Thanks to everyone for the advice! I ended up walking out with 6 (!!) because I’m going back to grad school this fall and figured I won’t want to part with cash for high quality bras for the next 5 years.

    • Can I ask how much they cost?

      • A good bra will -generally- cost $60-80 retail (or more) BUT once you find a style that works for you, you can stalk online sales, which are pretty commonplace. epric002 always knows when they are 🙂 Bralets are usually a bit cheaper if you’re small enough to rock them.

        • Where is epric002, by the way? Haven’t seen her here for a few weeks, if memory serves.

        • That’s not too bad! I’m going to give this a try!

          • I paid $72 each for two neutral bras and $85 for a gorgeous lacy bra. Definitely get a fitting – it was so educational and I honestly can say I feel so incredibly good in my new, well-fitted bra. Also – we wear one every day for hours on end, so the cost, in my opinion, is so worth it!

          • Do it! I recommend budgeting a bit more than you might expect for the trip for the reasons UDPie and Sarah mentioned. Once you try on a truly perfect bra, it can be very hard to say no to it just because it costs a bit more than you expect. I for example, am wearing a Coup de Foudre bra right now that I got last summer and it’s an absolute dream — pretty, durable and SUPER comfortable. I paid about $15 more than I had wanted to pay when I walked in and have never regretted it for a second.

          • Guys. I think I need a bra pep talk. I was really into my Coup de Foudre bras when I first got them and I still really love how comfortable they are (no more back pain, woo!) but they just don’t make my boobs look that great. Do I just need to go back and try different styles?

          • What a bummer, SKT! As I mentioned a long time ago, I’m actually a bigger fan of Sylene in Friendship Heights because they have a huge range of styles in stock and you get a ton of help finding the styles that work best for you. If you want to try again, I suggest going there.

          • Thanks! I’ll def do that soon. 🙂

          • Thanks so much for all the awesome advice!

          • I Dont Get It

            Can’t we talk about shoes?

          • Blithe

            IDGI — will you be coming to the cosmetics swap? The conversations will surely be entertaining!

          • Better still: if IDGI came to the cosmetics swap and brought Wiccan Dog Sitter.
            (Although I don’t want any sage.)

          • My sage plant is going nuts these days, and I will provide it as bait. I want some WDS stories of my very own.

          • GiantSquid

            I went up to Bra-la-la early in the year and replenished my bra supply. However, I’m realizing that either I’ve lost just enough weight or the fit wasn’t correct that I’m not filling out the cups of two of the bras anymore. So I’m getting wrinkling in the front that doesn’t look so great under clothes and they were the really expensive ones, too. However, the two balconette ones are fantastic! So they’re another bra shopping option up in Maryland (Laurel/Columbia area).

  • Rant: Saw a bike/car incident this morning with a guy on the ground at 16th and U. Any word on how he is?
    Rave: Going to Turkey/Greece next week!! Any suggestions on Istanbul? Cappadocia? I am so so so so excited!

    • Definitely do the hot air balloon ride over Cappadocia. It’s pricey, but 110% worth it. Also remember a great restaurant in Cappadocia called Ziggy’s. Sit in their second story patio/balcony. Had the most incredible views.

    • justinbc

      Can’t help with Turkey (still high on my list of places to go), but where in Greece?

      • Unclear. The part in Greece will be on a small sailboat we are renting out of Bodrum. I guess, where ever the wind takes us!

        • Ah, if you are going to Bodrum – try to see Efes! It is well worth the side trip. In the hills above Efes is a place called Meryemana – also very worth the side trip. And when in the Bodrum area, eat some cop sis (“chirp shish” is the closest approximation) – tiny tidbits of lamb on skewers. It’s the specialty in Kusadasi, but you should still find some deliciousness in Bodrum.

    • Definitely do the Bosphorus Strait cruise from one side to the other. It’s beautiful! Have a great time!

    • Istanbul is so great. I highly recommend Duble Meze Bar, on top of the Palazzo Donizetti Hotel in Beyoglu. Fantastic view of the city, and really really delicious food. For unique little souvenirs you might want to check out a shop on Bekar Sokak – just off Istiklal Caddesi near Taksim Square. It is run by a nonprofit organization that helps poor and at-risk women. Most of the items in the shop are handmade by the women they assist. I can’t remember the name at the moment, but it is easy to find – not much else on that block.

    • Also, if you find yourself in Kadikoy, get some kup griye at Baylan – it’s an ice cream sundae kind of thing and it is so good. I visited last year and the kup griye was as good as I remembered.

      If you have time to do the cruise up the Bosphorus, do it. They are building a bridge up by the Black Sea that is going to forever change things up there, and it is worth seeing it before that happens.

    • Pablo Raw

      Re: Istanbul, the Basilica Cistern is easy to miss, but it was great to visit at least for me. You can google it and see for yourself.

    • Do all the touristy stuff, Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, the Cisterns, Spice Market, cruise on the Bosphorus…Turkey is definitely one of those places for me where dealing with the tourists to see the sites was totally worth it.

    • Cappadocia was amazing! We were poor and didn’t do the balloon ride, but I don’t doubt it would have been worth the cost. I liked the open air museum in Goreme (Hittite/early Christian settlement built into caves and fairy chimneys) and hiking around the Rose Valley. Bring good shoes, and if you can stay in a fairy chimney (we really liked Kelebek in Goreme, and just up the hill is another hotel with an amazing restaurant). We only had 2 days there, so we booked a tour which actually wound up working out well. They also have wineries there that we didn’t have time to check out, but could be fun.
      Also, as my boyfriend’s mother just discovered, when in Greece don’t mention that you just came from/are going to Turkey. She learned that pretty quickly…
      Have fun!!

    • anonymouse_dianne

      My mom is 2nd generation Greek and she LOVED Istanbul. It was the center of the universe a zillion years ago. In Greece check out Santorini and the tomatoes.

    • Thanks everyone! You are making me even more excited!

      • Turkey is literally the best! I’ve been a lot of places, but I love it there. And what’s even better, it’s some of the best food I’ve ever had. To top it all off, I had to have emergency surgery there at the end of my trip and I still have only amazing things to say!

  • Rave: I thought of the best Father’s Day gift for my Dad this year. I’m having a photo of the two of us dancing at my wedding printed and framed (there are very few photos of my Dad, let alone the two of us).
    Rant: I ordered too late for the actual day but luckily I will be seeing him a couple of weeks later to hand-deliver the gift.
    Rave: Going through all of my wedding photos brought back such happy memories. My Dad absolutely hated the song I chose for our dance but he did not let that show in the photos.
    Rant: Kind of losing hope in a lot of things today.

  • General advice: Don’t drive. I only drive once or twice a week, when it’s my turn in the carpool rotation, but on the days I do, I always end up angry and disgusted with humanity. No metro behavior is as bad as what Maryland drivers seem to consider SOP.

    • I totally agree with the don’t drive advice. I hate driving and only really drive to church on Sunday since I still attend my childhood church in Maryland. With that said, Maryland is huge. I don’t think all MD drivers suck. But I do understand how it may seem that way. To be honest Montgomery County drivers suck. Like really suck. I work in Rockville and before I moved to DC, I actually drove to Rockville everyday and wanted to kill myself. Especially in Bethesda. It makes me want to cry. I’m convinced that no one there (or should I say here, since I’m at work now?) has anywhere to go and must have forgotten all the driving rules. Its bad. I’m getting anxious just thinking of it. Damn you 355. But in other parts of MD you wouldn’t even notice lol

    • I see a lot of terrible driving in D.C. by people with D.C. plates. So I think the stereotype of Maryland drivers being bad is blown way out of proportion.

      • And yet, the people who have been the most dangerous to me on the roads as I bike are almost all from Maryland (usually in minivans). Hmmm. There are exceptions, of course, for DC and VA drivers.

      • I think MD drivers are worse for speeding and utter disregard of pedestrians and cyclists. They bring suburban driving into the city. But DC drivers are more likely to do an enormous-jerk move like cross double yellow lines to pass or pull up on your right at a red light to zip over and gun ahead of you. Glad I also only drive on weekends; I’m getting angry just thinking about it.

        • Yes, exactly re: “bringing suburban driving to DC.” It’s bad enough that they drive so terribly there, but when they bring it here and don’t adjust their driving to accommodate that there are more cars and people, that is when things get scary. And agreed that Montgomery Co is worse than PG for drivers. Rockville and Silver Spring are full of drivers who terrify me-always speeding and seeming to have zero regard for the safety of other drivers and pedestrians. I rarely encounter drivers like that in PG or the further out MD counties.

      • Of course it’s biased because it’s what I expect to see, but every time someone swerves around me when I slow for a yellow light or refuse to block the box… man with Maryland tags. Every time someone deliberately blocks my left turn (in traffic where stopping 10 feet earlier would cost nothing)… woman with Maryland tags.

  • That One Guy

    Rave: Saw an ambulance bus. Didn’t know they existed. That was strangely intriguing.
    Rave: Came across a sample in a song that was amazing. The actual song that it came from not so great but the sample, awesome. I guess it’s all about contextualization.
    Rant: Was contemplating taking a personal day because of work glaucoma but here I am.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: graduation ceremonies are a necessary evil
    Rave: niece looks cute in her rainbow hair.
    Rave: younger niece is really into the ceremony
    Vomit worthy: introducing speakers with poems

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: “poem voice”

    • Aaahhh! Yes! “Poem voice” is truly vomworthy.

        • Farragut

          I don’t know if this is exactly what Emilie is referring to, but people often do this sort of affected/weird voice when reading poems in public that’s makes it either hard to understand or is done terribly/overdramatically.

          • Allison

            I really hate that voice. That might be a function of one of your relatives though…

          • Emmaleigh504

            Yes, it’s the over-dramatic reading and pausing and rhythm. The rhythm really bugs me b/c it’s used for every poem. Even really good poetry slam poets, Anis Mojgani for example, have a bit of poetry voice that drives me batty.

  • justinbc

    Rave: SAVOR tomorrow, my favorite event of the year!
    Rant: Was planning to head to Baltimore on Saturday for the 3 city food truck battle (DC, Philly, Baltimore), but the nonstop violence up there is really holding me back.

  • palisades

    Rave: Nats game tonight.
    Rant: The weather is going to suck
    SUPER RAVE: Very high possibility I meet Gio Gonzalez after the game.

  • Rant: Metro – does anyone else believe that the station designs are awful for the flow of commuters? It just always seems like a mess to me, but it could just be the station I use 50% of my day.
    Rave: The yogurt bar at work. Greek yogurt is totally healthy when i add chocolate cake chunks, right? No? DANGIT!
    Rave: go help to redo my resume – I figured a worthy cost since we’re leaving DC. It was worth it – it’s awesome. So many non-DC things I didn’t consider because I’ve been in a fed bubble

    • oh, rave: compass coffee. SO glad this isn’t on my commute because I’m late enough as it is, and broke enough as it is. That was seriously the best iced coffee I’ve had. I bought beans to give to my dad for fathers day.

      • justinbc

        For some reason almost every iced coffee I’ve ever gotten, or made at home, always tastes pretty much exactly the same.

        • some are really bitter, or have a weird aftertaste. Compass was neither – it was so good

          • FWIW I’ve also made cold brew at home from their beans and it was superb. I had wondered if it was the “nitro” process that it made it taste so smooth, but I think that’s just one piece of it.

        • For making cold brew coffee at home, is a French Press pretty much required? I’m trying to think of a workaround solution.

          • HaileUnlikely

            No way. I have a french press but do not use it for cold brew, because I like to make cold brew in much larger batches. I just make it in a large pitcher, and then pour the contents first through a strainer by itself (this gets probably 85% of the grounds), then line the strainer with cheesecloth and pour the coffee through that a couple more times (a thin cotton napkin that you don’t care about staining, or hell, even an old undershirt, will also work)

          • HaileUnlikely

            p.s. If the grounds are too fine, they’ll first pass through the bare strainer unimpeded, and then will clog up the cheesecloth or napkin or whatever you use the second time. Use fairly coarse grounds, like you would use for a french press.

          • Hot damn! Great news. Thank you for the tips!

          • A french press makes the process very easy (and tidy), but there are definitely other ways to do it. Here’s one I just found: http://www.chow.com/recipes/30487-basic-cold-brewed-coffee . If you’re using this method, I think the main challenge is getting the liquids from one vessel to another without spilling them in the process. If you have containers with pour spouts, I’d definitely recommend using them.

          • Since I have a ceramic filter cone for pour-over coffee which I keep in the break room at work, I tend to forget to bring it home on the weekends. I get pretty dangerously creative with making pour-over coffee at home, sans filter cone. Typically involving a tall water glass as the stand/vessel for filtering the coffee (which I have learned is thick enough to stand boiling water, so far), transferred to a coffee mug, and an oven mitt for handling. I feel like cold brew is all around less risky for the weekends.

          • I use Haile’s method and just strain it through a coffee filter in my pour over cone. Works beautifully that way.

          • HaileUnlikely

            A coffee filter?! Gee. I suppose that makes some sense. (I have been making hot coffee in a french press every day for over a decade, and make a large quantity of cold brew perhaps 3-5 times a year. Never even occurred to me to buy *filters*)

      • I’m with you on this rave, jindc. I’m a Compass Coffee superfan and agree their iced coffee is tops..

    • “does anyone else believe that the station designs are awful for the flow of commuters? ”
      Some are fine, some are not so good. In their defense, when building and underground station you have to design around certain constraints – for example you have to figure out where the entrances/exits go and where the tunnels come through before you figure out where to put the internal stairs and platforms. Especially with the downtown stations I don’t know how much flexibility they had when placing things.

      • I wonder if a lot of the problems are escalator problems- they mess with the natural flow? I haven’t taken the NY subway enough to notice if stairs solve the problem.

        • I find that it’s having both enterances and exits along the same row of turnstiles that gets the flow messed up. (It seems like it would be better to have the booth in the middle, with exiting people on one side and entering people on the other but it’s not always like that….)

        • Do you mean escalators in general, or escalators that aren’t working. 😉
          I don’t know, it doesn’t seem obvious to me that escalators (assuming they are working) would be worse than stairs – they do limit capacity since they can only move people 2-by-2 at best, but they do move people at a constant rate (whereas stairs only move people as fast as the people move). I do wish there were more stairs in stations though.

      • Also – the big transfer stations (like gallery place, metro center) work a lot better on automatic trains – now that all (well…most) trains are driven manually AND they have to pull up to the way front of the station for safety reasons after the crash, then the stations have gotten worse with crowding and onboarding.

        • “then the stations have gotten worse with crowding and onboarding.”
          This is one thing I don’t quite understand though. Trains have been pulling to the front of the platform for several years now, yet passengers still haven’t seemed to adjust by moving further up the platform to wait for the train. It’s not clear to me why crowding should be worse because the trains are stopping at a different, but fully predictable, spot on the platform.

          • Because if you’re at the very front of the train at the very end of the platform, you have to loop around to get up the stairs, which are often closer to the middle, and only accessible from one direction.

          • I’m not sure I understand exactly what you mean, but it seems to me that that shouldn’t be a problem if passengers were willing to walk an extra 30 feet or whatever. Any “looping” that’s happening now had to happen before too, maybe just a little bit more or less depending on the layout of the station.

          • Also – many people are not repeat customers on metro they’re tourists or suburbanites who only use it so often and don’t know where the trains stop, etc. Additionally, the transfer were mostly designed mid-platform (think Gallery Place) …

          • UDPie, true point about those who are not repeat customers. Just like road traffic, you simply just have to accept that there are sometimes more, sometimes less people who are not in familiar territory – I try to be very tolerant of those folks (even when they’re blocking the escalator) so I’m kind of implicitly giving them a pass. Still, it seems odd to me that the regulars, rather than compensate for crowding by moving to less crowded areas, still seem to congregate in bunches.

          • justinbc

            Krampus, I would try to explain how human laziness applies to this situation, but I’m too tired after polishing off this box of donuts.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Go to Gallery Place at rush hour via the yellow line. Then head out to Shady Grove on the red line. Because the trains pull all the way to the front and are not 8 cars people are not boarding and exiting the train at the widest part of the platform and where escalators cross. There’s a bottle neck right at the last car as people try to go towards the front of the train and exit the platform. Total cluster fuck. It was not usually a problem when the trains were on auto drive and could stop where or closer to where people were headed so they could get out of everybody’s way faster.

          • Emilie, that is the specific situation that I am most familiar with, and a perfect example of my point. The bottleneck occurs because so many people wait for the train and try to board right at that point. If people would spread out further down the platform and (as the drivers often say) utilize all doors then the problem would not be nearly as bad. I don’t understand why more people won’t walk an extra 30 seconds to have a more comfortable metro experience. Most of these folks are fairly regular users (I would assume) and must know that the train is pulling up all the way, yet they don’t adjust. Maybe people like the crowding more than they let on?
            Now there are other problems like slow walkers, people on their phone, people who won’t walk directly behind other people, people who don’t adhere to the “walk on the right” convention, people who can’t walk in a straight line, people who insist on walking corners on a tangent rather than on an arc, and so forth that also slow down the flow, but I’m trying to stay focused here…

          • Emmaleigh504

            People who don’t walk with purpose are on my sh!t list. But that Gallery Place situation is metro made. It’s way smoother with auto driving.
            I agree, most of the other every day annoying crap on metro, totally the passengers. I love the yellow line b/c there’s almost no one on it except during baseball season.

    • That One Guy

      Metro’s station design is awesome. It’s the people who ride the system who are super slow in getting in and out of trains and stations. Granted all the work Metro is undertaking to “fix” the escalaters and elevators doesn’t help.
      (I’m biased toward a NYC pace of movement where you move with a purpose.)

      As to coffee, I have to say that Peregrine is good.

      • Often the users are to blame, but not always. Have you tried exiting Columbia Heights Metro during evening rush? There are long lines of people waiting to exit. Doesn’t help when one of the turnstiles is broken, and when the manager fails to switch one of the remaining turnstiles to allow people to exit.

      • +1 to “it’s the people”. It’s not a popular view but I think the customers are to blame for most of the negative day-to-day metro experience. You can blame metro for the train malfunctions, track work, broken escalators, etc. but most of the daily hassles I hear about are a result of people being clueless or inconsiderate of other passengers.

    • On your Rant- I was just thinking this today when going to the green line from gallery place. The directions of the escalators when going from the mezzanine to the lower train level require that you cross the path of the elevator going the opposite direction (instead of having the down escalator right next to the other down escalator, it’s set up as down, up, down, up). Not sure if that makes sense, but it definitely leads to a clusterf***

      • I think it’s done that way so that if you’re coming from the level above (the little crossover area), you don’t have to cross the path of the other escalator to continue going down.

  • skj84

    Rant: Still sick. Despite sleeping 12 hours straight last night, and the night before. NyQuil has let me down. Someone put me out of my misery. My ears hurt. My throat hurts. My teeth hurt.

    Rave/Rant: Model call on Sunday. It would be a great opportunity if I’m chosen. However the last time I went to a call ran by this company the stylists ignored all the “ethnic” girls. Literally passed us all over. It was a terrible feeling. I’m hoping this time will be different, I’m not in the mood to get up super early on a Sunday morning to be treated like a second class citizen.

    • I have that. I slept for two solid days and am not much better. I think one of my colleagues is going to forcibly put me out of my misery soon. All this coughing and snuffling can’t be pleasant for them.

    • If your teeth are hurting that sounds like a sinus infection. Ditch the Nyquil and get some pseudoephedrine, motrin, tylenol, and mucinex. That is my pharmacist approved sinus infection cocktail. Take as directed.
      This is also your intermittent reminder that generic drugs are just as good as brand, so save yourself some money and buy the store brand.

      • skj84

        I’ll give it a shot Jeslett! Thanks

        • I agree about the sinus infection – my teeth and the roof of my mouth/top of my throat are the first signs for me. Full ears come next. Try the pseudoephedrine (I find the real behind-the-counter stuff works better than the stuff stores keep in the aisle, but that’s just me) and I hope you feel better!

        • I forgot, just make sure that you aren’t doubling up on tylenol (acetaminophen), it’s frequently added to other products but will be on the label, so you can tell.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Hope you feel better soon!

  • Rant: spent a large chunk of yesterday apologizing for other people. People who have more experience in teaching than I do and should know better. I’m getting a better idea of why people like to shit all over the profession.

  • Rant: magical ability to be late twice in a row.
    Rave: my coworker is quickly becoming a friend, despite vast ideological differences.
    Rave?: In either the best or worst decision ever, I’m going to a wedding as a first date.
    Rant: Need more hours in the day
    Rant: Might be getting sick
    Rant: Can’t I just stay in bed for a week? They don’t need me in the office.

    • I look forward to hearing about the wedding first date–sounds like it could be a good story either way. Have fun!

      • Me too!

      • Can’t wait to hear about this. I actually think a wedding would be an ideal first date for me. I love weddings, people watching, getting dressed up, and meeting new people. And you most likely don’t have see those people again if it doesn’t go well and you just get a good story.

    • That One Guy

      Just remember, if by chance, the bouquet comes your way and your date swats it away, he’s not a keeper. I think the Internet recently decreed this as a fact.

      • We’re coordinating tie / dress colors, but refuse to meet until the day of. Regardless of how it goes, I expect to write a romcom from it.

        • This is sounding better and better!

        • justinbc

          Is this an internet hookup? I’m trying to figure out how someone would convince another that a wedding is a good first date venue. I could see if you were already friends who were trying dating for the first time, but a total stranger, that’s ballsy.

          • That One Guy

            What’s there to lose? It’s sort of like the Wedding Crashers, and we all know they found love in the end. 😉

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I can’t. High school broke down in tears at just the right moment in her speech.
    Lol new speaker thinks she invented the “video yearbook” smh no recognition for West Becerly’s David Silver.

  • Rant: My supply of caffeinated soda has become dangerously low. I might actually have to buy soda at the non-sale price, something I haven’t done in recent memory.
    Rant: Groggy.
    Rave: Almost the weekend.

  • Rave: That picture! Awwww so cute. So excited to take my own pup to a beach in DE over the Fourth of July – he does the same thing (digs a hole and passes out in it).
    Rave: My mom may be released from the hospital this afternoon! She was originally scheduled to be released tomorrow, but they’re talking about letting her go today instead.
    Rave: An opening on my team at work is coming up, I may be able to fill it with a friend and former coworker that I work REALLY well with.
    Rave: One of my best friends is in town this week for work, and staying with Mr. Eggs and me tonight and tomorrow night. I haven’t seen her since my wedding last fall! So excited! Planning to check out Sauf Haus tomorrow night with her – any opinions?

  • Rant: the strange sexual cult of the Duggars. Hiding your son’s molestation of his siblings by saying he had a come to Jesus moment or was “cured” doesn’t work in a system of laws. The fact that laws weren’t in place to protect his siblings is ridiculous- that pervert should have been removed from the house. And then to go on TV and correct your interviewer about the correct definition of a pedophile. It shows you’re only concerned with protecting your son, not your daughters who were the victims. And this guy now has his own brood to select from. Nevermind that the Duggars have 10 sons. Odds more than one did something awful to a sibling? So gross.

    • That whole thing was so gross. In any other state all of those kids would be in CPS at the first sign of this kind of problem, but the Duggars are trying to act like it’s NBD to have a pedophile in a house full of that many little girls? And the emphasis on whether it was their legal duty to report, the complete lack of concern for the victims’ well being as long as their creepy son gets off scot-free…ugh. It all just makes me want to throw up. And this from people who want to preach at us about morality, no less!

    • Maybe I’m naive, but I don’t see it as that much of a big deal. Fourteen old boys do stupid stuff, and feeling on the outside of a shirt of a young girl does not raise it level of of a pedophile. Should they have got him help? Yes, but to say that his life should have been ruined off one mistake at the age of 14 is taking it to far for me.

      • I disagree – and it’s even worse because of their self proclaimed moral high ground

      • seriously? any feeling that’s not consented is wrong. also, 4/5 girls were his sisters.

      • Really? I think you need to read a bit more about the issue. There were several victims, a few of whom were family members. They took a long time to report him to the authorities, and they never really made him get help or address his problem in a meaningful way. Now the report has somehow disappeared, and people are much more concerned about Duggar’s reputation than they are about the girls he abused. I think that IS a big deal.

    • Emmaleigh504

      When they built the new house, I wondered why the older girls still wanted to share a room with the little little girls. Sadly, it was probably to protect them. I’m so grossed out that it was hidden so long.

  • Rant: fasting blood tests. It throws my whole morning off to have to run out the door without even a bowl of yogurt and a cup of coffee in my hand.
    Rave: At least the lab is open at 8 a.m. and I could get to work almost on time.
    Rant: Still need more coffee.
    Rave: lovely dinner with my little cousin last night, and I was home in bed earlier than I’ve been all week!
    Rant: It is sad that I’m now old enough to be patting myself on the back for getting to bed at a good time.

  • Rant: my hair, much like myself, has decided that rather than do one thing well, it will attempt to do many things and therefore do them all in a mediocre fashion. No amount of anti-humidity pomade is going to save my curly, wavy, and straight hair from disaster this time of year.
    Rave: other than that, things are going pretty well.

    • Pablo Raw

      I wish I could show you personal examples of what real humidity effects are on people’s hair (mine) but it is too embarrasing!

      • Emmaleigh504

        Embrace the humidity & the crazy curls/waves y’all!!! Curly haired people are descended from mermaids!!!

        • Well, then I’m an illegitimate mermaid/land-dweller bastard child.
          My hair is about 50% wavy, 30% straight, and 20% curly. I sometimes do the curly/wavy thing ( I like it call it “feral hair”) but it’s not curly or wavy enough to really go with it full time. Plus, there’s the completely stick straight part in the back.
          Feral hair mostly happens when it’s hot and I give up on blow drying.

          • I’m forgetting: have we discussed Kendell at Parlour Salon before? He basically specializes in this kind of hair.

          • I call it beach hair. Shower, blott dryish, sweep your sunglasses up like a headband, and voila — occasional ringlets, lots (LOTS) of volume, and you look like you just came back from vacation.
            Works best with “my hair doesn’t listen to me, so you had better” attitude.

          • Sounds exactly like my hair! I can’t get it to do a damned thing in this humidity without a massive amount of work and even then, it’s only just “meh.” Do have / know of a hairstylist who can work with such multi-textured hair weirdness? I need to find someone down here and yelp is not helpful in this regard.

          • Jeff at Last Tangle does wonders with viking hair, but I haven’t had much luck outside of him.

          • Blithe

            Have you tried the Bumble and Bumble surf spray?

          • I have hair like this too! I feel your pain. My hair is wavy/curly on the top and stick straight on the bottom layers. It’s why I cut almost all my hair off, I was sick of dealing with it. My hair still expands in this humid weather though! But it’s more manageable.
            Also is there a popville product swap? Cuz I have loads of stuff to contribute! When you have crazy hair you try just about every hair product on the market.

          • Emmaleigh504

            We all have mermaids for ancestors! We’re related! 😀

        • Pablo Raw

          It’s fine, but when I had long hair, I was always afraid to hurt people with my hair because of how crazy it got with the humidity; not all of us are as lucky as you! 😀

    • Jeslett, I may have just the product(s) for you. Come to our cosmetics swap 🙂

      • Pablo Raw

        Maybe it also works for me and I can use my hair long again!

      • Blithe

        Soooo, should we plan for June? I was thinking that the Kogod courtyard might be a good place — since it’s free, near multiple bus/metro lines and has both tables and a cafe. Any other ideas re: places to meet?
        – I also may have some hair products jeslett — but only 20 to 70 percent of your hair will like them.

        • Yes to all of this! Also a reminder that you can join even if you don’t have extra cosmetics to share. I need to empty out my medicine cabinets before the move, so I’ll have a lot to offer.

        • I’m up for this! I don’t have all that much to contribute, but I’ll take a look through my Clinique samples to see if there are any I can make myself part with.

        • I’m in! I just posted above, but I have loads hair products to contribute!

        • Oh! I want in on this, if possible! I have a TON of products, esp. hair products. What are the rules of the swap (i.e., if it’s a product in a squeezable tube and is mostly full, is it ok? Or only unopened products?)

          • I don’t think ever discussed any rules. I see no problem with opened/partially used products as long as people know what they’re getting, but I guess it matters more with some products than others. Like a mascara should really not be swapped unless it’s unopened, but hair mousse can be half full. Lipstick could be okay as long as it has been dipped in alcohol (?).
            I’ll volunteer to bring alcohol and q-tips. What else will we need, other than all of the interested Popvillagers?

          • Also, please come!

          • yeah, I would not swap anything that has been used that is applied directly to / right around any skin contiguous with mucous membranes (i.e. eyeliner, mascara, lipstick), but that’s my personal preference. I think you could probably get away with swapping eye shadows, but again personal preference, and everyone should know ahead of time what they’re getting and what they’re comfortable with 🙂 I feel like hair products are totally benign, opened, used, or unopened!

          • Blithe

            Rules: hmm. Well, some opened products are fine — like the conditioner that you tried twice that didn’t really suit you. Lipsticks and mascara should be unopened.
            I can do Sundays, Saturdays before 3, and many evenings. I’ve been leaning towards Sundays. I’ll try to post early-ish tomorrow and Monday to see if there’s any consensus re days. Would Sunday the 14th work for most people?

          • Blithe

            Shawess, I’ve collected a few small containers — yay allergy meds! — in case people want to either share samples of things they like but don’t want to give away, or share some of the giveaways. That way multiple people can sample the perfect hair conditioner!

          • Thanks, Shawess, I would love to come! Keep me posted about what day you all plan on, I know Blithe was kicking around Sunday the 14th as a possibility (I might be able to do that day, depending on the time, my little brother is hopefully going to be visiting that weekend, though, and I doubt he’d like to accompany me to a cosmetics swap!)

          • June 14th works for me, and so does the 21st if that’s better for the group.

          • I can’t come on the 14th but the 21st is good for me!

          • 21st is better for me, as well

        • I’d be interested in this too! I have a bunch of stuff from Birchbox/that I tried and just didn’t work for me.

        • That One Guy

          I ask this question in all seriousness, how do you figure out which products to use in what sequence? I’ve been buying cosmetics for my mom for years and this is still baffling to me; never mind that stuff gets broken out between day and night.

          • Emmaleigh504

            The cosmetics ladies at the department store tell you what order and what time of day. Or you find youtube videos when you use weird shit like slug slime (quotia zelda swears by it!).

          • That One Guy

            So there’s no set regimen such as cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, etc? Women have way to many steps to putting on their face even when not actually putting on their face.

          • The more I find out about how makeup works, the more I can’t believe that some women do it every single day (or ever).

          • This is where I step in with the PSA that Amy Schumer’s “Girl, You Don’t Need Makeup” is amazing.

          • The cosmetics industry has a vested interest in trying to convince women that they need a ridiculous array of products.
            Probably the single most important thing in skin care is to use sunscreen or wear a hat. The other stuff is rather suspect/questionable.

          • Textdoc, amen to that – your skin is basically your biggest organ, and protecting it from the sun and free-radical damage is imperative, not just for vanity’s sake but for your overall health. As to products and application sequence, there’s plenty of wiggle room on sequencing, as well as and lots of extra shit they try to sell you on, but for those who are genuinely curious as to a good place to start, I can recommend Dr. Leslie Bauman’s book(s) and Paula Begoun’s book and website (although now that she has her own skincare and cosmetic line, I find her a tad suspect, and the few I’ve tried I haven’t been significantly impressed by). They break it down by looking at genuine skin concerns (roseacea, eczema, hyperpigmentation, etc) along with the more “superficial concerns (wrinkles, sun damage, collagen loss, acne, etc), as well as looking at the ingredients that go into your skin care / makeup and the pros and cons, and they’re good at cutting through a lot of the marketing hype.

          • Emmaleigh504

            There’s no set regime b/c no one is the same. Even if you use some products in a line, you don’t have to use them all. I use a serum in the Dior snow line b/c I like the way it makes my skin feel, but I don’t use anything else in that line. I don’t bother with base coats of anything b/c that’s way too much work, but I will easily use 5-10 different kinds of eye makeup at once because it’s fun for me. Some people prefer nothing, but should be using a broad spectrum sunscreen every day.
            I could talk about make up and hair products all day b/c it’s fun for me. Just like other people can talk about baseball all day b/c it’s fun for them (I would suicide).

          • Blithe

            That One Guy — regimens are pretty personalized. Everyone uses some type of cleanser, but there are multiple products out there — and not everyone uses every step. There’s also an overlap with makeup — so someone using a tinted moisturizer with spf ingredients might not use foundation or sunscreen. Not everyone uses toner — while some of us, especially if we have oily skin usually do. You might want to bring this question up earlier in the day and/or come to the swap. You’ll probably end up with much more — possibly conflicting — information than you know what to do with!

          • That One Guy

            Right, I’ll remain thankful my mom doesn’t like La Prairie or Creme dela Mer and be happy to remain in blissful ignorance. Thank you all for the answers.

        • Blithe

          Also, it looks like June the 14th is not good for several people. I’m not sure if I can do the 21st. Would the 28th work for most? I’ll bring this up earlier in the day tomorrow — but just wanted to put this out there in case any one who’s interested checks in here before then. Once we have a day, we can start sorting out times — but I was thinking afternoon, and will check to see what hours the Kogod courtyard is open.

  • Sheryl Sandberg’s Facebook post about her husband’s passing. Someone on my FB feed shared it last night and I decided to read it. I ended up crying–it was so sad. I think I am just extra emotional right now because my partner is having some health issues and it made me imagine losing her.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: living close to my office means I don’t have to waste a work day waiting for the Sears technician.
    Rave: 4th of July is coming, and I have tickets for the Foo Fighters concert

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: niece’s high school song is the “nobody puts baby in a corner” song. Somebody better be going to Mount Holyoke in the Fall.

  • laduvet

    Rave: Instead of buying a new macbook pro for school.. i have replaced the screen (was cracked) and will be buying more memory.
    Rave: Going through pictures from 2007 – its like memory lane.. seeing all the places I visited and friends.. some pictures of drunken shenanigans and some..”what was i thinking?” moments.
    ……..this is making me tear up! and I am already anticipating being homesick…
    Rave: making my close friends a google drive folders with the photos

  • rant: very close to walking out on my govt job. been a week from hell. currently applying to jobs while on the clock. who’s hiring (IT/whatever to get me outta here, really)?
    rave: weather is supposed to turn around friday, and i’ve got 4 really fun gigs lined up for the weekend.

  • Rant/Revel: Apartment hunting- it’s a lot of work, but excited to find a better place
    Rant: DC apartment buildings that charge a $750 non-refundable pet fee, plus $50 per month per pet fees (aka $100 more a month for 2 cats). Also, plus a $700 “amenity fee”.

    • justinbc

      That’s an obscenely high pet fee.

      • justinbc

        (I don’t charge any pet fee for cats and have a place available for $1,200 a month by the way, if you’re still looking!)

        • $1200 a month for Ivy City? that’s is robbery….But will soon look like a bargain when all those Hecths apts hits the market. 😉

        • Thanks justinbc! I think we’re gonna stick out where we are now for a few more months.

    • GiantSquid

      Seconding your apartment pet fee rant. Did we look at the same place? My two dogs are not going to cause $750 worth of damage.

    • Blithe

      I’m curious about the $750. Is that approximately what it costs to replace the carpet? It seems high, but I’m wondering if there’s a justifiable, specific reason for it such as automatically replacing the carpet when pets have lived in the apartment, or doing some type of special cleaning related to allergens?

      • No reason was given, aside from that is what they charge for pets. The apartment is all hardwood floors. This was at the Senate Square apartments. We could have handled a deposit or pet rent (even though I think pet rent is ridiculous) but to have the deposit non-refundable and the pet rent, that was too much.

  • Query: Any other PoPvillagers planning to go to the Ruben Castaneda thing tonight at Upshur Street Books?

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