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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: found out yesterday that I got into my first choice of MBA program!
    Not rave: this weather

  • Pablo Raw

    Rant: accidental bikram yoga when I forgot to turn on my AC.
    Rave: it feels good; I’ll keep doing it.
    Rant: the joys of homeownership, playing plumber later today.
    Rave: The store didn’t have the wood I need for a small remodeling; I had to order it online. It feels kind of weird to order wood boards online.

  • Rant: Coworkers who participate in conference calls with speaker phone blaring and open doors. It takes everything in me not to close office doors as I walk by.
    Rant: I have so little bandwidth or patience today, and it isn’t even 10:00 am.
    Rave: A long walk this morning — good to get out and get moving for the first morning of the week.

    • Just close the doors.

      • Oh, I really want to but these are individuals who outrank me. Office hierarchy doesn’t always work in my favor.

        • Can you just do the apologetic mime thing and get them to nod “yes?” Or is there a deeper problem with the bosses at your workplace?

  • Rant: Sad row home fire in Dupont. So tragic – so sad for the victims and the firefighter injuries.
    Rave: This weather. I’m loving that it feels like an actual spring. A London spring, but spring nonetheless.
    Rant: Mom going through some tough medical tests and Dad not being supportive (like so not supportive that he’s left town…).
    Rave: My brothers were great in supporting my mom through it. Man sometimes it really sucks not to be local to family…

  • That One Guy

    We’ve been going at things the wrong way, this is how you make friends:
    That’s right, you make yourself look edible.

    Okay that’s my contribution for today. I’m sure others will have more constructive things to post.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Huge savings on bathroom fixtures yesterday. We were previously going to just order everything through our designers, using the products they picked out, but then I did a bit of research once I got final pricing from them and was able to find significantly better products and still save over $2K in total by ordering directly online (yay for no tax and free shipping). Major splurged on the sink, love the design I found.
    Rant: Still 2 months away for actual walls to start being torn down. The house is quickly filling up with items for the remodel and the clutter is pushing my OCD tendencies to their breaking point.

    • justinbc

      BTW I bought everything through FaucetsDirect, and highly recommend them to anyone who’s doing any sort of bath / kitchen fixture shopping. The prices were by far the lowest I found, and simply by talking with one of their sales people I was able to get an extra 10% knocked off all the advertised prices.

      • This is why we didn’t go through designers. First of all, for the places from which I received quotes you had to buy through them. Secondly, I noticed they majorly tried to up sell me. You can find such better deals, and better quality on your own.

        • justinbc

          The prices they quoted really weren’t very different from what I saw for those same items online, I just wasn’t as much of a fan of the items they were using (they wanted to use mostly Santec fixtures, and I was able to get Brizo, a better product, for even less). Of course they say they can’t guarantee the fixtures, only the install, but since the items I bought mostly have lifetime guarantees from the manufacturers I really don’t care.

    • You SAVED two grand? Must be one heck of a bathroom! Actually, I can’t talk, what with my Restoration Hardware vanity but it sounds like you went wild (in a good way) on the fixtures. Who knew how much people were paying for shower fixtures?
      Agree that FaucetsDirect is a great site.

      • It’s amazing how much you can spend. Haha, I am sure that Restoration Hardware vanity wasn’t cheap. I was looking at a medicine cabinet from there, but think I found one at Pottery Barn that I like better. Also, considering a light fixture from RH, but that will be one of the last things we order.

        • Accountering

          We went with Kohler, and just on the shower valves, shower trim, rain shower head, and hand shower we spent ~$1400. Granted that was for two of everything, as we have both a rain shower and a hand shower now 🙂

        • justinbc

          I love both PB and RH. Don’t forget to check the RH outlet in Leesburg too when looking for specific pieces, sometimes you can get huge savings out there!

        • gertie_wickler

          If you can, head out to the Restoration Hardware Outlet in Leesburg for fixtures, vanities and medicine cabinets. MAJOR savings to be had there.

          • WUT!! Thanks guys, I had no clue there was an RH outlet in Leesburg. No problems going out there.

          • justinbc

            Fair warning they do not ship though, so either have something large enough to transport what you want, or plan on renting a U-Haul van / truck and making another trip. For some of the savings it can easily be worth it though (I saved almost $2K on the liquor cabinet we bought there versus the retail store).

          • gertie_wickler

            I got the Cartwright medicine cabinet for around $100 and a smaller one (that seems to be discontinued now) for under $80. The medicine cabinet selection has always been pretty decent every time (3+) I’ve gone. They have vanities there too (sometimes with tops) and you can save well over 50% on the price of those. That selection is a little random though, so you might need to make a few trips before you find one that works. And you can totally score on light fixtures, but be prepared to open lots of boxes to make sure what’s in there is what you really want.

          • We already bought our vanity so we won’t be buying anything too big. I love the Cartwright medicine cabinet and it’s very similar to the one at PB! I am actually going to be out that way this weekend so I am going to stop by.

          • justinbc

            Yeah I found an amazing light fixture out there for our dining room, the perfect blend of feminine and masculine design to appease her and still get what I want 🙂

      • justinbc

        Yep, saved! Most of their quote was tied up in the shower fixtures (and they had also budgeted like 500 or something for stupid miscellaneous crap like toilet paper holders / towel bars that I can get for way cheaper). I saved enough in the shower dept that I was able to spend $800 more on the sink than what they proposed and still come out $2K under. Toilet was priced about the same, but the one I got was much nicer (single piece and touchless).

  • Rant: Did not even know what was happening to my neighbors less than a block away until I saw the news about the fire. My heart is broken for them and their families. One thing I miss about living in a small town is knowing your neighbors – I feel so guilty and sad that I never knew them.
    Rave: A 7am dance party at Flash (DC Daybreakers) was such a great way to start the day. I wish this was a weekly thing.

  • Rave: For the first time, I was able to decorate my dining table with fresh cut flowers from my garden- yellow roses and lavender. It may be a small bouquet but it’s really pretty and smells amazing
    Rave: No emergency work call last night! I actually slept through the night.
    Rave: Date night tonight
    Random question: Any suggestions for what to do with mint? I planted a mojito mint plant this year and it’s doing amazingly well. I just have no idea what to do with it as my wife will not drink mojitos (reminds her too much of toothpaste). Maybe a yogurt dipping sauce of some kind?

    • binpetworth

      You can make mast-o-khiar, a Persian mint cucumber dip (like the kind they have with naan at Moby Dick).

      • I need to look that up. We will probably be harvesting our first cucumbers in the next couple of weeks (our plant is loaded with babies right now), so that sounds like an awesome way to use both.

      • jim_ed

        Living close to Moby Dick is one of the precious few things I miss about the suburbs. Their combo #2… good god.

    • justinbc

      I was so stoked when our roses started blowing up. I’ve been having multiple bouquets per week and the house smells amazing! Nothing like getting stuff from your own yard.
      Re: mint, try adding it to any sort of baked chocolate recipe. It’s also great to add in if you cook Thai dishes at home.

      • We do actually cook Thai dishes at home occasionally. I usually just add some fresh Thai basil from our garden but some fresh mint sounds amazing. Thanks justinbc!

      • justinbc

        Oh, and if you want to stick with booze, Mint Juleps! Or Mai Tais, or Suffering Bastards. I also saw an absinthe frappe recipe that looked incredible:
        5 mint leaves, plus more for garnish
        1½ oz. absinthe
        ½ oz. simple syrup
        1 egg white
        1½ oz. club soda
        Muddle mint in a cocktail shaker. Add absinthe, simple syrup, egg white, and ice; shake vigorously and strain into a collins glass filled with crushed ice. Top with club soda and garnish with a mint leaf.

        • That absinthe frappe sounds amazing. Note to self: stop by the liquor store to pick up more absinthe (somehow we ran out during the absinthe tasting party we threw last month).

    • I like to put mint in my smoothies.

      • That’s a good idea. We make a chocolate-banana green smoothie for breakfast everyday so mint would be a great addition.

        • Will you share your recipe for this? I’ve been trying to branch out. Bought some cocoa powder from TJ, but it’s so bitter!

    • I make mint pesto. It is awesome. I can post the recipe, but it is basically just a pesto recipe with mint instead of basil, and a little red pepper for some kick.

      • I’ve got to try that. I make a vegan pesto that I absolutely love. I think it would work with mint.

      • I also do a mint pesto! I swap out the pine nuts for shaved almonds, but other than that, it’s basically the same. Delicious.

    • Fresh peas are at the markets and love mint.

    • gertie_wickler

      You can make chutneys with mint and parsley or cilantro. It’s delicious to serve with meat or veggies.

    • Ice cream. fresh mint in ice cream is AMAZING.

    • That One Guy

      Pea soup with a hint of mint or something like the macho peas from Nando Peri Peri.

    • Allison

      Mediterranean cous cous salad with fresh chopped tomatoes, black and/or green olives, feta cheese crumbles, and lots of fresh mint. Drizzle with olive oil. Divine.

    • SouthwestDC

      I’ve been using up a lot of my mint this week. Last night it went into a grilled peach and halloumi salad. The night before it was tucked into summer rolls. I’m not crazy about mojitos either, but over the weekend I made some with blueberries and ginger syrup that were tasty. Of course you can infuse water with it, or make tea out of it, as well.
      I’ve also been putting bouquets of it (along with sage which is also going crazy in my garden) in vases around the house. It lasts way longer than any flowers!

    • saf

      Minted pea soup.

      I made a strawberry-mint salsa last night.

      Minted berry lemonade.

      Strawberry mint pimms cup.

      Chiffonade it into your salads.

      Infuse into cream and make mint chocolate chip ice cream.

  • binpetworth

    Rant: Automatic flushing toilets. My new office has them, and they either a) flush mid-wipe, b) wait 1 minute after I exit the stall to flush, or c) flush multiple times. There’s no way these are more water efficient than the standard toilet.

    • I agree! The automatic urinals work find. (I’m male.) But the sit-down toilets can’t be more water efficient. Not to mention that they send my autistic niece into screaming panic fits.

    • I hate automatic flushing toilets. As you note, they’re always flushing when you don’t want them to, and then not flushing when you DO want them to.

    • Depending on where the sensor is located, you can override it by draping toilet paper over it. Obviously won’t work for the toilets where the sensor is in the wall, but it does work for a lot of the toilets. (It’s a good trick to know for potty-training kids…)

  • Rave/rant: to the ladies (I’m assuming) who suggested the Nike Training App yesterday. Oh my word, cannot move.
    Super rant: Saw a mom just wailing on her kid (5 or 6-years old), hitting him so hard you could hear it from the bus today. Hard to put into words how sad and depressing it was. Everyone on the bus was in complete shock.

    • Regarding your super rant: and people wonder how we get violent teens/young adults or people who participate in dog fights. The inherent violence is a vicious cycle. When you’re abused as a child like this, it should be no surprise when the victim ends up being the victimizer, preying on other people and animals. This woman should have been reported, but I’m not sure how that would have worked if you were on a moving bus, and she was moving as well on the road. Too bad. As someone who is very concerned about dog fighting issues, I try to comprehend how someone even starts on that road to abusing innocent dogs. One of the pieces to the puzzle is with the way these people are raised. And so it goes.

      • Agreed. The mother may have been treated the same way herself. I was telling a friend about it this morning and all I could say was “well, it’s no wonder kids grow up to be so freaking pissed off.” I felt so terrible for the kid, he’s most likely up for a lifetime of this treatment and to start that road at such a young age….sigh. Makes me so very thankful for the family that I have and the way I was raised.

        There were people looking on from a bus stop and I’m hoping someone at least said something, but obviously don’t know since I only witnessed it from a stop light.

    • emvee

      Sorry, the Nike Training Club was me. I did it two days ago and still cannot move. I feel very responsible for your pain. 🙁

  • Rant: Down 3 people in a 5 person office. Can’t get own work done because the phone won’t stop.

  • skj84

    Rant: I interviewed for a position last week, and company seemed to like me. Friday I got a call from the hiring manager asking my salary range and when I could start. She said I was in the running and they would let me know this week. Yesterday I was on LinkedIn and I see the position has been relisted!!! I don’t know what to think. I want to email the hiring manager and ask whats going on. Would that be inappropriate?

    • I would advise against emailing them regarding that. There are a hundred and one ways why it might get relisted, someone didn’t get a memo, they have it on auto post, and there are equally numerous reasons why they aren’t getting back to you, probably because HR is some kind of timeless hellscape but still, I’d say just try to keep down the anxiety and make sure you don’t get too attached :/ It happens

    • There’s always the possibility that they need to hire several people in the same type of role, or they’re hedging their bets until a signed offer letter is returned. Don’t get worked up about it.

  • Rant: Cancer. My uncle passed away yesterday. I’ve been told I don’t need to come to the funeral, as we have to prioritize dealing with our move out of DC. I understand, but it’s frustrating.
    Rant: Feeling helpless
    Rant: When you realize how quickly the “older generation” is gone – I’ve lost a lot of beloved relatives in the past few years.
    Rave: My son was a source of great joy for so many of them, I’m glad my child could make them smile
    Rant: The cost of babysitting

    • It sounds, from your comments, like you ought to go and grieve. Unless you’re loading the truck that very minute or it is painfully expensive. An uncle is a close relative. Consider it a long-term investment that pays off in reduced regrets.

      • Thanks – it’s a logistically difficult – they aren’t in a major city, and we really do need to find housing. My Aunt doesn’t want us to come, my parents told us not to come. So their feelings are important. Attending a funeral, for me, isn’t a way to grieve. I just feel like I’m useless if I don’t help my Aunt.

        • I wonder if there’s something you can do to help from afar? Maybe even arranging for meal delivery after the dust settles in a few weeks? If nothing else, checking in (or even sending letters/cards) might be a way to support her from a far in an unintrusive fashion.

    • I’m so sorry, jindc.

    • Oh no, I am so sorry jindc. I’ll keep you and your family in my thoughts today.

    • Terrible loss, I’m so sorry. If it were me and I was able to, I’d go to the funeral. It can be helpful to process the loss amongst loved ones, rather than trying to focus on what you have to get done here.

    • I’m so sorry to hear this. Would a happy medium be for you to go by yourself to make the travel a little simpler? If not, I get it–but I hope that you have the chance to gather and share memories/grief with family since it’s important for you to get support and feel the strength of your loved ones as well. May his memory be for a blessing.

    • Oh, I am so sorry.

    • That One Guy

      My condolences. Cancer sucks.

    • Sorry for your loss.

  • Revel: My friend who has over the past few years consistently suggested and then flaked out on traveling together finally seems to be able to travel.
    Rant: Said friend wants me to put most of the up front costs on my credit card. Last time we did that it took months for me to get the money back. I don’t feel like going down that road.

    • skj84

      DO.NOT.PUT.MONEY.DOWN. Tell them the only way you will cover up front costs is if they pay you in advance.

    • What skj84 said. Unless you know from years of experience that this friend is definitely good for it, everybody pays their own share up front. Also I would not put up any money up front that you will lose if friend backs out.

    • phl2dc


    • emvee

      Buy your own ticket. When/if friend flakes, have a kickass solo vacation doing whatever you want and not worrying about anyone else.

  • Rave: Found out this morning that my wife is pregnant!
    Rant: Babies are expensive.
    Rant: It’s too early to tell people but I’m impatient.

    • Oh goodie! Now you get to play the waiting game! Congrats though!

    • phl2dc


    • Congratulations! That’s fantastic news. Best wishes for a smooth and easy pregnancy!
      Not to freak you out, but it can be tricky to get childcare in the area–so you might want to start looking into that sooner rather than later if you’ll need it, especially if neither of you has priority anywhere. (That largely applies to day cares rather than nannies, fyi)

      • Yes, if you want any sort of childcare, get on lists. I mean, I got on SO MANY LISTS and spent money on wait lists that I’ll never see. But if you know you want a nanny/share, don’t bother with it and go right to a wait list for a pre-school IMO. CONGRATS!

  • Rant: I didn’t do the right thing yesterday and I’m not happy with myself, but I was honestly so baffled and angry with what I saw that I was stunned. I was walking to a meeting and I passed two coworkers talking, no one I know well, but recognize and see them often, and one had a very neatly written post-it note on her back that said “kick me.” I was so angry that anyone would do that at all, let alone in a professional work place, that I turned around and started walking back to tell her, but then I thought I barely know her and do I really want to deliver this news to her, it’s so hurtful. I didn’t know what to say other than being incredibly upset, so I didn’t go back. But who does that? I probably should have made an excuse, like “you have a huge fuzz ball, let me get it for you,” but I didn’t think of that. I’m hugely disappointed all around.
    Rant: found a giant, paint removed scrape on my bumper.
    Rant: date last night was okay, but came on too strong.
    Rant: my refi is taking FOREVER.

    • I’d have walked by and snatched it off, and when asked say it was a bug, but she may not notice it since she didn’t notice it being placed there. I really don’t see why knowing someone well is a requirement to offer assistance. Wouldn’t you want a colleague to help you if roles were reversed?

      • I wish I had thought of that, but all I was thinking is “I must tell her!” And I was pretty sure angry, disappointed word salad was going to pour out of my mouth and not make her feel any better.
        I would definitely want someone to help me out, but in a way that doesn’t make it worse. That’s why I’m not happy with myself, I could have come up with something and help her out, but didn’t and punted.

    • skj84

      Omg. What kind of adult thinks office pranks are funny? I’m sorry you were in the position Jeslett. And for your coworker. That is is middle school level bullshit.

    • I don’t know what kind of office you happen to work in, but I work in one that has plenty of pranks, inside jokes, and general camaraderie. If that sticky note was simply some inside joke that you weren’t privy to, then perhaps it was all in fun in the first place?

      • You might find your office’s inside jokes, etc. fun… but I can’t help wondering whether your office has people who aren’t in on the jokes and are outside, feeling excluded. Or who are less thrilled with the pranks, etc. than you seem to be.

        • If you don’t like the culture of your workplace then you should probably find one that’s more suited to your work ethic.

  • tonyr

    Rave: Back from utility pole climbing class in Cleveland. Didn’t fall off, not even once.
    Rave: Just looked at my calendar and I’m going to a show at the Lincoln tomorrow, Echostage on Friday, day trip to NYC on Saturday (back around 3 a.m.) then shows at the 9:30 on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.
    Rant: Feeling tired just looking at it; perhaps it’s time to slow down.

  • Mootje1

    Question: Has anyone ever had Tory Burch Reva flats resoled? They’re in great condition except for the front of the sole and I have no desire to buy a new pair.

    • I had a pair resoled last year, and while it could have been the fault of the person who did it, but they weren’t even remotely the same. Didn’t fit my feet well, and the sole looked ‘off.’ Plus, it takes me a while to wear them in, and all of that was lost with the fit of the new sole. Again, may have all been a problem with the place I went to, but was very disappointed. With subsequent pairs, I’ve taken them back and gotten a free replacement pair, complaining that at this price, they should hold up better.

  • Rant: This weather. Cold, gloomy and drizzly makes me super sleepy.
    Rant: My work computer is a piece of junk. Constantly freezing and crashing – despite only having Outlook and Firefox open. It gets even worse when I throw Excel into the mix for guest lists. It’s driving me up a wall.
    Rant: Think I’m going to cancel my therapy appointments finally. Tried talking with her about what people suggested before, but it didn’t really work because she was pretty dismissive and she didn’t make me feel comfortable talking with her. Just super anxious about actually calling and canceling it.
    I need a rave. Um… Rave: Invitations went out smoothly on Monday for ginormous work event and I powered through 800 response emails yesterday, which makes me feel accomplished!

    • I have an amazing therapist. I can give you information if you want?

    • Good for you on the invites/response emails! Yuck on the therapist struggles. Do you have anyone (pcp?) you can ask for another suggestion?

      • I might, but honestly I am not as bad as I was a few months ago and it’s just such a hassle to find someone who takes my health insurance/is easy for me to get to/has a time slot I can get to. I’m probably just going to let it go for now.

        • emvee

          I feel you on this. Once I finally found someone who took my insurance, they never showed up for our first appointment. Nothing like being forgotten at a therapist’s office!

    • Oh another rave: I’m a bridesmaid for a friend getting married in Hawaii in a few weeks, and she just sent us the itinerary/suggestions on what to do during our free days. So excited!! Never been to a tropical island before and the bride has a lot of fun things planned. 🙂

      • That sounds so fun! I love Hawaii. 🙂
        Good job on the invites and responses! That can’t be fun. :-/

      • Pablo Raw

        I hope your bridesmaid story brings us countless hours of bridesmaid dress entertainment as I think SparklyKT did! 😀

        • Haha I’ve been trying so hard not to rant about that wedding!!

        • Haha no fortunately mine is no drama! 😉 It’s strapless, which I’m not a big fan of, but she was super low key about it all.

    • I’m not sure if she takes Aetna, but I really liked the therapist I went to a few years ago. No judgement, and I liked that she basically let me figure out what what I needed to “on my own” through targeted questions instead of just telling me what I should do. I’m not really good at talking to people, but after a session or two it was easy for me to open up. It also looks like she’ll do sessions online, which might help with your scheduling issue?

    • I just emailed you…good luck!

  • Rave: I recently moved near Rock Creek Park and did my first trail run this morning. What a beautiful way to start the day. Even cloudy, it was wonderful.

    • I always really want to run in Rock Creek but can’t get over my fear of being in there alone! Any issues come up?

      I also really don’t want to find a body. #rationalfears

      • I actually enjoy the solitude. I saw no one for the first half hour. Also, I’m male and so personal safety is less of a concern for me than it would be for a woman. (I think you’re female?) I did see a couple women running solo. I was on the Valley Trail, which is never too far from Beach Drive on one side or houses on the other.

    • Awesome! I love trail runs in RCP. I just wish they were better marked and easier to navigate. Fine on a weekend when I’m exploring and adding miles here or there is no big deal, but annoying when I’ve got a fixed amount of time and want to stick to a route.

  • Rant: a parent sent me an email with a valid concern then realized it was the other 3rd grade teacher who committed the infraction. Then other 3rd grade teacher replied with a tactless response. Ugh.
    Rant: my kids are scaring the crap out of each other with the Charlie Charlie challenge.
    Rave: 15.5 days left.

    • I’m almost afraid to ask this but what is the Charlie Charlie challenge?

      • It’s a stupid game that teenagers made up… A combination of an Ouija board and Bloody Mary that is supposed to somehow summon a demon. It’s scaring my 9 year olds and I’ve had two parents complain to me. My understanding is it started on a day when I had a substitute.

    • Do I need to know about this charlie thing? I’m still hearing about bloody mary, which I’m amazed has survived as many decades as it has.

      • It’s been popular in Spanish speaking countries for a while and has recently crossed languages. I googled it last night and saw an article in the post about it.

  • Accountering

    Rant: Unpacking.
    Rant2: Renovation is still not done to the level it should be. Lots of punch list items left.
    Related: Looking to hire someone to help us unpack/get organized. Thinking Taskrabbit, but does anyone have any recommendations? I know there are people who enjoy this type of stuff, but I am certainly not one of them! We could probably use 3 or 4 hours of help.

    • Ohh. I would love to help with this. I did this to make money in college and right now, I’m living with my boyfriend’s parents temporarily and have been re-organizing their closets and drawers in my spare time for fun. When are you unpacking?

      • Accountering

        Sold! Can you email me at kyle . warddahl @ gmail to coordinate? Looking forward to it!

      • Sarah – are you any good at re-caulking a tub/shower? I.e. scraping out the old (I hate the scraping feeling of this!) and applying new? I was going to look at Taskrabbit, but it needs to be done today. Or anyone else? Contact me at vicmck at gmail.

        • HaileUnlikely

          Whoever ends up doing this: make sure they fill the tub with water and leave the water in it until the caulk has dried. The weight of the water will cause the tub to deflect a tiny little bit – not enough for you to notice but enough for the caulk to notice. If you don’t do that, the weight of people and/or water in the tub will make the caulk crack and/or separate from the tub or wall over time.

          • I did actually know that, and it does make a difference. It is the scraping of the old caulk that I hate, plus I’m just messy with the caulking gun.

          • My hands hurt for days after scraping out all the caulk in my kitchen, it does suck.
            I tape when I caulk, I feel like there’s no shame in being on the safe side.

        • I’ve never tried and wouldn’t trust myself, but good luck!

  • Rave: Grocery shopping at 5:45AM is amazing – all stocked and no lines!
    Rant: getting up to do it – not worth it
    Rave: but now parents have fresh fruit, baked goods and treats to nosh on
    Rave: hilarious phone call from BF and his buddy last night – laughed till I fell asleep

    • Late night grocery shopping is just as great, and makes sure you don’t do a lot of extra shopping.

      • True – I’m just lazy at night and would never want to do it when tired

      • palisades

        Love the 24/7 safeway by me

      • I’ve had terrible lines at Giant doing that in the past, but it might have had to do with timing/when WIC & food stamps are usable each month.

        • Yea. I’ve done it for years usually after work or an event on my way home. It’s never busy, but I am likely missing the first of the month rush or more likely different store maybe with a different demographic.

  • Rave: cherry-rhubarb crumble

  • Rant: Overslept by 2 hours, of course the week my boss gets back from vacation. The latest I’ve ever been to work unexpectedly.
    Rave: I feel moderately rested, first in weeks.
    Rave: Lower energy week and weekend will be very very good.
    Rave: Getting a functioning phone back. Spent all weekend using a flip phone circa 2006. Painful, but also hilarious (love being the butt of jokes).

    • skj84

      Ugh on your first Rant. I did that once. Woke up an hour after I was supposed to clock in. I almost had a heart attack. The only MOD was a distract manager from out of state who did not know a thing about how our systems worked. And it was mad busy. I think the only thing that kept me from getting in trouble was my pristine attendance. My coworkers assured him that tardiness was not a regular occurrence for me.

      • Yeah… it was very clear from my boss’s emails that she knew I wasn’t there but wasn’t going to ask, so I stopped by and apologized. But I hate it. 🙁 🙁 🙁

    • Rave #2: Thanks to the guy who grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the crosswalk as some terrible driver turned right on red and tried to kill me.

  • Rant: Dry needling has moved into the top 3 most painful experiences of my life. It does feel a bit better, but I ended up threatening the PT during the process.
    Rant: DC tax office. They think I owe them a little money, but they took 4x as much from my refund on an amended return. They sent me a prepaid visa card with my name horribly misspelled. Apparently I had to opt out of that, but the prior year’s form didn’t mention it
    Rant: Lots of things to do today and running on 2 hrs sleep.
    Rant: Came home from vacation to food all over the the kitchen. Talk needs to happen very soon or I’m going to go crazy.
    Rave: Should have all the errands done for the foreseeable future.

    • Ooooh where did you get dry needled? I’ve been looking for a place in downtown DC. It’s so painful but the release is so incredible and it has worked wonders for my terribly tight shoulders and my messed up bicep!

      • Washington Wellness does dry needling. I really like the PTs there too (Sarah in particular).

      • First time going to therapydia 18&Penn, and I saw the director. At least you give me hope.

      • I do dry needling at Elite PT and Wellness on Wisconsin. Not in downtown DC, but they’re good.

  • Rant: I have to read a 1300 page document and be able to speak authoritatively on its content by Monday.

    Double rant: I tried to print it 2 pages per sheet, double sided, so that when I put it in a binder I could flip the pages up and just read the whole thing in the binder. Somehow I screwed that up, so if I keep it in the binder, I have to flip the binder every time I turn the page. For a decently smart person, I can be incredibly dumb sometimes. I still can’t figure out what I did wrong when I printed it.

  • Rave: Finally posting a question instead of replying to threads.
    Now, here goes nothing…
    QUESTION: does anyone have any suggestions for honeymoon destinations/options/itineraries? Considering options — 1) a short 4-5 day trip after wedding, followed by a longer journey (2-4 weeks) in a few months time (work schedules might require it) 2) one longer trip.
    I know it’s a big wide world out there, and I could tell you more about what we want, but curious to what others have done or know about/would recommend examining.

    • phl2dc

      Haven’t been through all of this, but I like your option 1). I think immediately after the wedding you should go some place where you can just relax – the Caribbean, Tahiti, something like that. Then your longer journey later can be more of an active trip, where you play tourists and explore new places!

    • Good question, and congrats! I think a lot of it depends on what you two like to do. However, given the stress and craziness of a wedding, I’d definitely advocate for the “lie on a beach and get pampered” type vacation for the short initial trip, then something much more active down the road. You probably also don’t want to be on a plane for 8-10 hrs each way if you’ve only got a few days. Lots of great places in Mexico and the Caribbean.

    • We opted for Hawaii (largely on the island of Kauai, which is amazingly gorgeous). We were looking for something that had interesting and fun things to do, but not so much that we’d feel internal pressure to be on the go the whole time. Wedding planning is exhausting and you’ll likely need a break. Btw–best advice I got was to give yourself a day between the wedding and leaving for your honeymoon so that you have time to pack, etc.

    • Vegas. pools, great food, shows, good outdoor stuff (red rock is great) if you like that. Inexpensive. Spas are great (I think our friends got a day pass to the Vdara one while we played black jack). It can be classy if you do it right!

    • justinbc

      Petit St Vincent
      Greek island hopping
      South American cruise around the continent

    • gertie_wickler

      We went on a short trip the day after our wedding to a quiet, remote cabin in the Shenandoah. This was ideal for us because 1) it involved little to no planning/packing, 2) it was affordable, and 3) I didn’t feel guilty that I spent most of the trip sleeping. After all the work of planning the wedding and because I’m an introvert, I was completely exhausted afterwards. I wouldn’t have wanted to spend a lot of money on a major vacation when all I needed was some quiet and R&R. We went on a major trip to California about 8 months later…drove along Big Sur and it was awesome.

      • I like this a lot for a short getaway. A lot of quiet to lounge around in and lots of low-impact diversions if you get tired of lounging around — hiking, swimming in swimming holes (check the web), antiquing, finding a nearby resort for pampering……

        We stayed at a lovely B&B last year in a winery that was nice and quiet but just down the road from breweries, live music, whatever swell stuff Wintergreen has and stuff to do, and we drove into Staunton for cult gourmet food at the Shack one night. It was a very civilized way of “rusticating” and might be well worth thought.



      • We’re doing something smiliar after our wedding, we’re going out to a B&B near Shenandoah and some wineries. We don’t have the time or money or energy to plan a big honeymoon immediately after the wedding. We want to do a bigger trip around our first anniversary.

    • Hello! My fiance and I are getting married July 4th, and we had planned a wonderful Costa rican vacation for directly after, where we would drive from place to place and see tons of stuff etc. As we drew closer and closer to buying plant tickets, we realized we would probably be stressed enough without international travel, and financially taxed enough without all of that… and promptly booked a cabin in the outer banks for 9 days on airbnb for an economical rate. Costa Rica has been bookmarked for travel upon our 1st anniversary

      We both feel super excited to chill at the beach, and our traveling anxieties have all but evaporated. Just wanted to offer our new-found perspective – have a fabulous wedding and honeymoon 🙂

  • Rave: This weather – so cool and refreshing, I don’t even miss the sun right now.
    Rant: So. Tired.
    Rave: Celebrating my cousin’s b-day at El Centro tonight – I’m eating a tiny lunch to make sure I have plenty of room later!
    Rave: duckling picture!

    • palisades

      I’ve always read, and noticed myself, that starving yourself for a meal usually ends up being a mistake. You’re so hungry you don’t even get to enjoy the meal because you’re too busy scarfing it all down, and your stomach is smaller in size. Plus, personally, I get HANGRY so it’s not an ideal situation to put myself in.

      • Oh I’m not starving myself, because I too hate being “hangry”, because you’re right, you end up inhaling (sometimes literally!) your food and not enjoying it. I simply packed a smaller lunch than I normally do – homemade veggie soup, with some pretzel rods and nuts to snack on throughout the day. So far, so good. Not hungry right now, but by the time dinner comes around, i’ll probably be just hungry enough to shove a few extra bites in my face 🙂

  • Rave-ish: had a dream last night that I was responding (relevantly) to a PoP thread with lyrics from The Little Mermaid’s “Kiss the Girl,” complete with Caribbean accent. Possible I am reading too much PoP and need more work to do. Also may need to go re-watch childhood Disney movies.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave:  It’s the third of June and

    Rant:  Holy crap, I need to get up to Choctaw Ridge before something awful happens!


  • Baffling: When my husband and I were walking to work together this morning, an older guy who I recognize from the neighborhood walked up to us with a basketball in hand, then shot the basketball at our midsections. We jumped out the way and it barely grazed us. Then the guy sort of sheepishly said “sorry.” No idea what to make of that.

  • Question: we put an offer on a house which was accepted, when I was looking at the DCRA database I saw some current permit activities, one of the permit status was updated after we were under contract. We were aware that the owner was working on a certificate of occupancy but we didnt know the status. Anyway the seller seems not very forthcoming, so we don’t trust him, we are past the inspection contingency, do you think that if we go to DCRA with the buying contract, they will be able or willing to tell us what the permit is really for and show us the plans? thanks!

    • you can go and request a copy of the permits even without your housing contract. Just tell them what the house number is and they will provide. Good luck!

  • Friend offered to take me to dinner for my birthday and told me to pick a place. But she won’t eat seafood of any sort, nor eat anywhere where it’s “overwhelming” or where they cook it in on the same grill as meat because she “can taste it.” I didn’t have the heart to tell her that most places (with the exception of severe allergies) cook everything on the same equipment. Any ideas on where to go? I’m totally tempted to call the whole thing off at this point.

  • Rant/Rave: I think my almost two-year-old is turning into a teenager already. Had to wake her up this morning and she didn’t want to get out of her crib. Fortunately, she was amenable to being changed/dressed in her crib and then ready to exit once she was fully dressed. Toddlers are so weird!
    RAVE: 20-week ultrasound this morning and everythink looked great. The only minor concern is a “low-lying placenta” which could lead to requiring a second c-section (unlikely). If that’s the worst of it, I’m so not concerned. Baby is supposedly on the larger side, but it’s mostly in the abdomen rather than the head 🙂
    Rave: Digging the cooler weather & happy the weather report for this weekend keeps improving. Fingers crossed for great weather for kiddo’s birthday party weekend!

  • Rant: Spoke too soon yesterday about cat using the litterbox. ARGH.
    Rave: LEMUR HAPPY HOUR TONIGHT AT VINOTECA 🙂 Come one, come all. https://www.facebook.com/events/1437789066519542/

  • Question for FridayGirl: Were you able to get a key copy made at a regular locksmith (for the key that Ace didn’t have the right base/template/whatever to copy)?

    • textdoc! I was just about to rant about this! I just spent my whole “lunch break” visiting two more places — neither of them could make it (although they weren’t regular locksmiths — I haven’t managed to get to one while they’re actually open since they keep 9-5 business hours it seems). So that brings me up to three attempts now.
      The guy at one of today’s attempts actually said “No one around here can make this key, your landlord should really just give you one of his copies.”

      • palisades

        Well someone was able to make that key. Weird haha

        • Yeah, my landlord said his locksmith that made the key is way up in Maryland (near Columbia) where he lives. I don’t have a driver’s license — I can’t get out there. I’ll have to keep looking.

          • I have nothing to add about the key thing (except that it sucks) — I’m just happy to know that I’m not the only person in the world without a driver’s license!

          • Haha, SinSA — I’m glad I’m not the only one either! 🙂

          • palisades

            Maybe call up that locksmith and see if he can deliver it to you? Or see if he knows anyone in the city or metro accessible?

      • FridayGirl — I was hoping to go to the specialty lock shop today (in conjunction with another errand) for my own can’t-be-copied-at-Ace key… but realized too late that I had forgotten to bring the actual key with me. I wasn’t sure whether they’d be able to locate/make copies with just the number on the side of the box the lock came in, so I’ll aim to go another day.
        Their location isn’t very convenient to you, but here’s their info in case you want to call them to see if they can copy nonstandard keys:
        Blayde’s Lock
        2335 18th St N.E., Washington DC, 20018
        Monday – Friday, 7:30 am – 4:30 pm EST
        1.800.424.2650 / Local Phone: 202.832.7100

  • Rant: My sister-in-law posts of Facebook several times every day without fail, and periodically posts things that try to shame her tween daughter, like pictures calling her out for having a messy room. Or even worse, posting a million pictures of their younger kid and very few of her. It makes me crazy because this daughter is bright, lovely and sweet, and the shaming attempts comes off as defensive and jealous. Other family members have noticed, including the girl’s grandmothers and aunts, and try to defend her and ask for her to be better represented, but that doesn’t seem to change the behavior. Any recommendations?

    • Start shaming your sister-in-law for shaming her daughter on your FB page….

    • I have a SIL who’s FB inappropriate with regard to her kids, too. She posts stuff about my nephews’ medical troubles (including what psychoactive medications they take, often under the guise of asking for advice from others on ADD meds, etc.)
      I think people like this are influence-proof. As long as there’s ONE person who likes the post, the SIL got what she came for. The only thing I can think of is to just say in the comments “That’s not nice/ appropriate/ a fair representation.” So that she gets negative feedback as well as positive.
      I can’t do it, because my brother is extraordinarily protective of his wife, and she doesn’t hesitate one second to run and tattle when someone hurts her very delicate feelings. And then it’s WWIII with my brother.

  • justinbc

    Random: I’ve got a 1BR / 1BA (about 600 sqft) newly renovated that opened up just around the corner from the new Planet Fitness / Mom’s / distillery / etc in Ivy City (on Kendall St). Only asking $1,200, contact PoP for my info if interested.

  • I Dont Get It

    Ranti-ish:  Is there a tactful way to decline a workplace hug?  I was in a meeting with a VP I had never met.  She knew the other two people I was with and hugged them and then she turned to me.  Since I had never met her, I stuck out my hand and she said “You don’t want a hug?”  I didn’t but I accepted it.   She’s a VP in HR BTW.

  • Rant: Feeling super low and tired right now, and can’t concentrate on my work
    Rave: Went out and bought a cheese sandwich to pick up my spirits -I don’t allow cheese or bread in my house
    Rant: Had another super stressful talk with my mom. She puts me in such bad spirits…she is toxic…and now I hate myself for saying that 🙁
    Rave: booked my camping trip for July…on the beach, can’t wait.

    • I feel you on the mom rant. so sorry.

    • I love my mom to death but there are certain things that sometimes get brought up that just make me feel crappy …. I think we can all relate to some extent.

  • Rave: hungout with my new friend and it well. she invited me to take part in this new project with her other cool friends. omg, cool lady friends! I could cry.
    Rant: drank 2 beers last night and felt horrible. no tolerance over here.
    Rave: I’ve decided to go on one more first date from online dating. I swear, this is it. He seems nerdy and nice like someone my parents would approve of unlike every person I usually date. Is this adulthood?

    • Re: your rant. I have the same problem these days! Gah!

    • Question: I’m new(ish) to D.C., and have thought about attempting the online dating thing one more time, despite the fact that everyone I meet tells me dating in D.C. is basically a hellish nightmare. A number of years ago, I tried match.com, eharmony (which I would never use now because I won’t support an organization that discriminates against LGBTQ relationship), and OkCupid. A few interesting stories from these attempts, but no great loves or anything near it. I feel like an old foogey, but I have no idea what the “kids” are using these days, besides grinder or the like, which, no thanks. Any suggestions? Or should I just continue to not bother and hope some loveable nerd stumbles across my path someday?

      • Honestly I’ve found OkCupid to be the best and most widely used. Yes, I ignore a lot of the messages I get. And I’ve had some bad dates. But I’ve also had some great ones, and even dated someone I met there for a few months… and I’ve recently met someone else… so there’s hope! (Someone also suggested that I try another app that connects you with friends of friends, I can’t remember the name, someone help me out…!)

        • Thanks, FridayGirl, I may give OKCupid a whirl again. If you remember the name of the friends-of-friends connector app, let me know!

        • The friends of friends one is probably Hinge.

          • YES, that was it. Thanks SKT!

          • No problem!
            FWIW, I was on Hinge for a while and I didn’t like it very much. For some reason it only showed me super preppy/fratty seeming guys (I don’t know what that says about my friends? and YMMV, of course) and it didn’t lead to any dates. LittleBluePenguin, I’ll second Friday Girl’s suggestion for OkCupid. But I met my soon-to-be-live-in bf on OKC so I’m obviously biased. 🙂

          • Thanks, SparklyKittyTacos (great name, BTW!) I’ll check out Hinge, I’m certainly curious mostly because when I’ve asked my friends if they know of any single friends to set me up with, they always come back with “oh, all my single friends are the WORST! There’s so-and-so, but he’s a dick, I’d never set you up with someone like that!” – uh, then WHY IS HE YOUR FRIEND?! But it’s just good to hear some non-horror-dating stories, so thanks!

      • That One Guy

        If you want a loveable nerd to stumble across your path stand in front of a library (take your pick of any of the various DC Universities) and wait. If you find someone kind of attractive you can always bump into him as he walks and drop something to get the conversation started.

        • That One Guy

          ^Said in jest and humor. (Felt the need to clarify because much is lost in translation when posting on the Internet.)

          • Ha! Yeah, I’m one of those initially shy people, especially around anyone I find attractive, so the thought of “accidentally-on-purpose” bumping into a stranger makes me want to hide. Accidentally-on-accident contact is mortifying enough!

          • I used to be really shy around people I find attractive, but as I’ve dated more, I’ve become more extroverted. Just need more exposure. FYI am a HUGE nerd (typical DC: HS valedictorian, Ivy League grad, etc.) but guys who are also nerdy say I intimidate them because they think I’m cooler than I am. I am not shallow, so line up, nerds!

      • I’ve only tried OKC, and I do ignore a lot of my messages but those who do put in effort and are cool, I message back and we go on dates. If you’re looking to get back into dating, it’s a great start since you can read through people’s profiles and figure out their interests and personality. My sister’s friend was on a few sites, and she said OKC was the best and match.com was the worst.

        • Thanks LA! (You sound very much like me!) I can usually warm up to people pretty quickly and can be quite extroverted once I feel more comfortable, so maybe the “just get back in there” approach is best! Guess I’ll start pulling some stuff together this weekend and see if I can’t at least have some good food with some interesting people!

  • RANT: Can we please do away with the fairly offensive term “first world problem”? “First world” itself fell out of use because it explicitly ranks some countries as empirically better than others. But “first world problem” assumes that something that bothers you wouldn’t bother a poor, unwashed foreigner–he’d be grateful to have my problems! In another thread, someone called walking several blocks to the hardware store in 90+ degree heat a “first world problem.” Really? Just because someone is poor, he’d LIKE doing that? Your cell phone calls keep dropping; you think that wouldn’t irritate the hell out of someone in Poor-istan? We’re all human beings here, folks.

    • I agree. IMO, all it does is serve to make the person feel better about themselves that they can AFFORD to have those kinds of problems to deal with (rather than, you know, actual life or death problems).

    • Fine by me. What do you recommend we say instead, to signify understanding that this problem is not an actual problem, and that we are fortunate to have so little about which to complain?
      (By the way, the last time we had a discussion like this, it was to do away with Walk of Shame. Because there is no shame in having sex. We came up with Stride of Pride, which I love and use (mentally at least) every time I see an evening dress on the metro in the morning.)

    • That One Guy

      I find it suspect you use “Poor-istan” to denote the name of a developing country.

    • palisades

      I’ve never taken firstworldproblem as a literal meme. I’m not sure if walking in 90 degrees counts. Something like “my wifi doesn’t reach the other side of my house” would be a better example. Obviously, it’s offensive, but I guess I just wanted to say, if this person is going to use the joke, at least use it correctly!

    • Getting offended on behalf of “poor, unwashed foreigners” in “Poor-istan” (*that* sounds offensive to me) is definitely a first-world problem. You don’t have time for that when you’ve got to work your ass off just to feed your family.

      • Schooled again! No use of obvious and intentional hyperbole allowed on PoPville, ever. Even when it’s meant to be evocative of the generalization being made by the first world problem person that Sudanese and Afghans and Hondurans are all equivalent in their envy of his problem. Got it.

    • justinbc

      Getting upset over the words people use to describe things on the internet: “first world problem”.

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