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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • justinbc

    June 17th PoP reader HH @ City Tap House

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: It’s my Friday b/c my niece is graduating from high school Thursday and we need to celebrate!
    Rave: Also parents are in town and the ladies will be antiqueing in Fredrick tomorrow! I’ve already got an energy bar in my purse.
    Rant/Rave: After getting a bunch of cool stuff when cleaning out Grandpa’s apartment last week, I have no room to buy anything tomorrow.

    • gertie_wickler

      Do you have favorite shops in Frederick? I like going up there but feel like I hit the same stores each time.

      • Emmaleigh504

        We usually go to that one big place near the library and have no time for anywhere else. I love that place b/c it’s got really spendy, beautiful stuff to drool over, and some nice, reasonably priced stuff to buy in every genre.

        • gertie_wickler

          The emporium place? It’s huge and does have a nice range of stuff. Have fun – I’m jealous!

    • Cinnamonster

      YAY FOR FREDERICK. 🙂 My hometown! Happy antiqueing! I love the emporium and sometimes I like wandering through Great Stuff by Paul over on East Street just to feel impressed by the enormous furniture.

      There are two other really cute antique shops with some cool stuff on South Carroll street too – Cannon Hill and Lively’s. That’s just around the corner from Carroll Creek!

      • Emmaleigh504

        Thanks! Will try to squeeze those other places in before/after the emporium. And one day I’ll learn to spell FredErick properly.

      • justinbc

        I’ve never been to Frederick, but thanks for the ideas. I still need a few old pieces for our bathroom remodel. Found some kick ass doors at The Old Lucketts Store out in Leesburg a few weeks ago.

  • phl2dc

    Rave: The picture for this post!
    Rant: No sun + rain = no pool 🙁
    Rave: Happy hour tonight!

  • Rave: Storms. I LOVE summer (lets just call it summer!) storms. So relaxing.
    Rave: My child is being very well behaved lately. I’ve probably doomed myself by commenting on it, but even with a wake up or two at night, he’s still being really good. I’m waiting for a shoe to drop on this.
    Rant: Dealing with selling a condo with a tenant in it. Luckily, we have a good tenant. We know we are SORT of screwing him over by moving out of town, and we are trying to work together. It’s just a pain in the butt all around. I know it’s to protect people, but it’s still annoying!
    Rave: our tenant is actually interested in seeing the townhouse we live in – very similar rent, more space, no neighbors really. And yes, the mice have been taken care of!

  • Question to blues & others with the smitten kitchen strawberry cake recipe: It took FAR longer than the 50 minutes mentioned to bake in the 9″ pie dish. Part of that was from checking it every 8-10 minutes rather than continuously being in the oven, I’m sure. Any suggestions for how long to give it before checking? I did the 350 for 10 minutes, then dropped to 325 thereafter….
    Rave: Strawberry cake for breakfast. (It was denser than expected–is it a kind of dense cake, or did I mess something up?)
    Rant: Stayed up way too late waiting for cake to finish baking so now I’m sleepy
    Rave (I hope!): Level II ultrasound tomorrow. So much fun to get pictures!
    Rave: My wife got to feel lots of baby kicks last night.
    Rave: My daughter had so much fun walking to the bus and jumping in all of the puddles. This is the first time she’s made it walking the entire half-mile or so from day care to the bus. I’m sure the puddles were part of that 😉 Note to self: next time put something in her shoes overnight to absorb the water so they dry. Oops.
    Rant: Still can’t find the keens we bought her–put them down someplace two weeks ago and they’ve been lost since. Hoping one of the parental visitors can find them this weekend….

    • No idea, what you can bring strawberry cake over any time!

    • Any chance your oven might be off? Also, what kind of pie dish did you use? I tend to use a springform pan, because I don’t have a pie plate I like, and it’s a pretty reliable 50 minutes total with the darker-colored pan.
      Regardless, strawberry cake for breakfast FTW.

      • emvee

        I was going to ask about oven temperature too. Never underestimate a good oven thermometer. I never trust my ovens to tell me the truth.

        • It’s certainly possible. I’ve never checked it. Though I bake reasonably regularly and haven’t had trouble in the past.

        • “I never trust my ovens to tell me the truth.” This makes me imagine you employing “enhanced interrogation techniques” with your ovens. 😉

        • One other thing to consider: the size of your oven. When I first moved into my current apartment, I was overcooking things constantly. I bought an oven thermometer and the oven temperature was right on point, so I was baffled. My mom eventually figured out that the problem was my “apartment-sized” stove – it has four burners but no space between them, so it’s quite a bit smaller than a normal stove (an 11×17 inch pan wouldn’t fit in it). So I always have to cut back on cooking times. I think the author of Smitten Kitchen lives in an NYC apartment, so maybe she also has a smaller than normal stove?

    • Did you use a glass pie dish, like Pyrex? Things cooked in glass take longer, in my experience. There’s a smiliar cake recipe on Smitten Kitchen called raspberry buttermilk cake (can’t link bc I’m on moblie) which I like better and is less fussy. You can sub strawberries for raspberries, or use any fruit really.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I am no baker, but I know humidity can effect (affect–I don’t care) outcomes. Baking is chemistry which is why I don’t bake 🙂

    • Yup–it was a pyrex dish. So it sounds like that’s the issue. I’ll try again sometime & give it more time before checking on it. Thanks! And Pixie–I’ll check out the raspberry buttermilk cake too. This one was pretty easy to put together–just took longer to bake than I expected.

  • laduvet

    Rant: If there were a contest to see who got the most idiot questions in a day from coworkers, I would likely win….
    Rave: Sleeping 10 hours on a Monday night!
    Rave: running in the rain last night felt pretty natural… like running with the wolves type thing… except my shoes felt 10 pounds heavier due to all the water absorbed.

    • I love running in the rain–once you get used to getting wet, it’s so much fun!

    • Mug of Glop

      Rain runs are always more fun (at least when it’s warm). I definitely wore the wrong pair of running shoes out last night, though…

  • Rave: We received the notice yesterday from USCIS for my wife’s biometric testing. One step closer to naturalization!
    Rant: 2am wake up call on wife’s work cell phone. Bah.
    Rave: Mid-week date night scheduled for tomorrow night.
    Rant: Tried out the new Amazon one-day service. Yeah, delivery didn’t happen by 8pm as promised. I don’t know if I would actually use the service again (save for an emergency) if I had to pay for it beyond my Prime membership costs.

  • Rave: Good friend coming to town this weekend and I’ve got a pocket of free time on Sunday to see her.
    Rave/Rant: Pre-k orientation yesterday afternoon. Not so much a rant but just…I’m going to miss my daughter’s little group of buddies and their parents from daycare. There are a bunch we’ll still see because we’ve all become good friends, but I’ll be sad not to see them every day. Still, on to new adventures and new experiences. It’s scary and exciting at the same time.
    Rave: Perfectly cooked and seasoned NY strip last night on the grill pan. Nothing but garlic powder and a lot of salt, right between rare/medium rare. Leftovers for lunch and I cannot wait.

  • Rant: sinus infection
    Rant: there should be a rule against canceling lunch meetings the morning of. Now I have to go out for lunch and I hate going out for lunch.
    Rant: dating definitely has its up sides, but it also has its down sides. There are more down sides right now.
    Rave: Flonase, I guess.

    • Your lunch rant keeps happening to me too! I’ve started bringing lunch anyway when I have plans. Then if they don’t fall through, just save it for the next day.

      • I though about bringing it this morning, just in case, but I put too much faith in this meeting happening. This isn’t the first time it’s been pushed, though last time mercifully, it wasn’t a lunch meeting.
        I think I’ll treat myself to an extra coffee for my troubles.

    • I’m in such a bad mood I forgot I have an actual rave: I got rid of old sun dresses and bought 3 new ones!

  • Metro rave: Guy in a suit was working on a crossword puzzle, and was obviously stuck. Woman next to him, with a janitorial smock visible in her bag, leaned over and gave him the answer.
    Metro rant: Summer interns. Worse than tourists because not only are they clueless about metro etiquette, they’ve got that whole masters-of-the-universe complex, they move in packs, and they’re loud and inane while they’re standing in front of the doors.

  • emvee

    Rant/Rave: After many friends praising it, I tried out the Nike Training Club app yesterday. Rant is that it burns, rave is that it burns.
    Rave: Google express. We had a 50lb bag of Science Diet delivered right to our door! No needing to lug it around to a car2go or wait for an uber or, my favorite, flag down a cab with a bag of dog food in one hand.
    Rant: Office vendor management is like herding deaf cats.

    • Tell me more about google express. Similar to amazon prime, I assume?

      • emvee

        I have Amazon Prime as well, but Google Express delivers same-day. (See RabbitRabbitRabbit’s post above, which echoes my hesitancy for same-day Prime) I also found Prime to be a pain for things like TP, paper towels, etc unless you have the storage for Costco-sized amounts of things. Google express seems to be the happy medium. I’ve only used it the once, though, so bear that in mind.

        • Awww ok. I usually grab most stuff in person or subscription with Amazon, but if I need something last minute, I’ll check it out.

    • That app is fantastic. I have it too, and the first time I used it I thought “How hard could this be?” Hard enough to have trouble sitting that day.

  • houseintherear

    Rant: My friggin ductless ac/heat base unit on the roof was struck by lightning last night.
    Rave: It was a crappy system that I was considering replacing anyway, so maybe now my homeowner’s insurance will help me. And it’s not hot at the moment so I’ll live without a/c for a few days.
    Rave: No one was hurt, and my pets are going to recover emotionally (after a few years of therapy and a billion benadryl).

  • Rant: The two week wait.
    Rave: I’m probably just imagining things, but I’m getting some physical signs that the transfer may have worked.
    Rant: These signs include nausea, sensitivity to smells and a migraine halo.
    Rant: Some of these signs also could be the result of cutting out caffeine cold turkey.
    Rave: I can probably take an accurate test even before the official doctor’s one.

    • Weirdest sign: massive amounts of earwax.

      • That’s a good one! Your body holds on to all kinds of weird stuff during pregnancy. So your hair gets thicker, but you also get skin tags. And then you shed like a sheepdog about four months post-partum. (I believe this is why Britney shaved her head. I know I was tempted.)
        My first indication was the boobs. Ridiculously sore boobs.

        • First indication – check. And that shirt I’m wearing that fit perfectly two weeks ago … is not fitting very well right now. Oops.

        • YES – I have a lot of hair to begin with and the shedding post-pregnancy was insane.

        • I wish the shedding only lasted 4 months. I’m at 19 months! lol

          • Well, I meant that (in my cases), it started at about four months PP. I don’t remember how long it lasted. Long enough to make an impression, even in the haze of early baby days.

          • yeah it was really bad for me – I felt like I was growing my kid a second mother with all the shed!

    • fingers crossed – I had zero signs of anything. ever. I did test, though. A lot. but even then I didn’t believe the FRERs, only the digital. when is your blood test?

      • Thanks, jindc. The test is next week, but I hesitate to share the date because I’m going to need a while to process the results before sharing them. Maybe a long while.

        • I tested strongly positive at 6dp5dt (not sure how that works with frosties) – and my betas were low so I stayed realistic until the 6 week ultrasound. It was emotionally exhausting. Because the worry never, ever goes away. Ever.

    • Wishing you the best of luck! The TWW is the worse.

    • I totally feel you on your first rant. I’m a few days off from finding out if the latest round worked for us. The waiting is just so frustrating. Fingers crossed for you.

    • Fingers and toes are crossed for you! When will you find out?

    • Emmaleigh504

      I just learned the other day that your dentist can tell b/c your teeth change!

    • Oh man, the TWW is so so tough! I liked the First response tests, and I think they were cheapest on amazon. Will be keeping fingers and toes crossed for you.

  • Rave: Being asked regularly whether my 10-year old dog is a puppy.
    Rave: The weather of course.
    Rant, mostly: Reading posts too late to chime in, though it works out sometimes, e.g. Friday’s the impromptu ice cream meet up.
    Belated related rave: Meeting Shawess and That One Guy and seeing textdoc, Emilie, and jeslett over yummy gelato on Friday.

  • Can’t believe DC United will probably be going to VA.

    • “will probably be going”
      I’ve only heard about this from Steven Goff and that’s not the impression that I got. Did you hear it somewhere else?

    • As disappointing as this may be, it’ll sure be a wakeup call for DC leaders if it happens.

  • skj84

    Rant: I think I have a summer cold. I’ve been feeling congested since Sunday. Gonna take a NyQuil and sleep it off tonight.

  • Rant: Husband had a shitty day yesterday with some terrible management and frustrating responses to professional development requests.
    Rave: Turned around the day with a good home cooked meal, a game of carcassone, a glass of white wine and the incredible caramel chocolate magnum ice cream bars. Yum.
    Rant: AC issues at my condo building ruined our hardwoods for the THIRD time. ARGH. So f’ing frustrating.
    Rave: Love our home, condo living works for us, and we have a supportive board.

  • Rave: Didn’t win, but played the best I ever did. Can’t wait to come back to Vegas next year.
    Rave: Friends still in it for the big money.
    Rant: Never did adjust to the time change.
    Rant: Dog is sick, and I’m across the country.
    Rave: Already had a vet appt scheduled for shots.

  • Rave: I did it. I talked to him. He didn’t exactly say no, we’re revisiting this discussion in a couple of weeks – we had a really open and honest conversation and I talked about my feelings (this is a big deal for me), and said everything I wanted to say that I haven’t for a year, and he HEARD me (also a big deal) and responded/apologized/listened/acknowledged instead of walking away.

    Rant: I know I should be proud of myself (It was good feeling brave, and not crying at all during the conversation) but I’m really, really sad today about it, even though it could really go either way.

    • I’m sorry to hear that you’re feeling sad today. Is it because you were hoping for a more concrete answer? It seems like the answer he gave you wasn’t really an answer… but then again, I wasn’t there. I hope everything works out for the best, whatever that may be in the end.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m proud that you got to say everything you wanted to say. That’s def a big deal. Hope it works out. (my fingers are crossed that he just needs time for the thoughts to settle.)

      • I am hoping that is the case, but we’ll see. Please note that for the past 5 months or so, he’s been very sick, so even though it’s been a year proper, it hasn’t been a year of sunshine and rainbows and kittens. He has had a lot of other things to deal with and I’ve been respectful of that.

    • Props for your courage.
      “[S]aid everything I wanted to say that I haven’t for a year” — Wait… you’ve been seeing this guy for a YEAR without knowing whether he perceives it as dating or just as hooking up?? And after a year, he couldn’t/wouldn’t give you a straight answer?? I don’t know you, but I think you deserve better than this.

      • It’s really tough to have that conversation. I still haven’t with my main squeeze, and it’s been nearly 5 months now. I hear you, SinSA.
        Props that you took the time to say what you needed to, what you felt. Even if it doesn’t work out the way you want, you did what you need to to respect your needs.
        Take some time with a coffee and maybe a book today. These are hard places to be.

        • I’m also a giant chicken when it comes to talking about my feelings. But I finally had to, and I’m glad I said it, so he knows.
          I’m definitely drinking coffee, and good friends are taking me to dinner tonight to try to cheer me up.

          • While maybe it’s not a good thing, I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who has a hard time with these conversations. I always feel like I was absent from school the day that everyone else learned how to have a relationship…

          • Haha, AMDCer, me too. Guy I just started seeing has been very open and honest about things, and I want to but I don’t know how!

          • Emmaleigh504

            When the talk comes up, I’m really good at, “can’t we just talk about shoes?” instead of, “I really dig you and we should totes be exclusive.” #spinster4lyfe 🙂

          • The link to the Awl article that Blithe (?) posted yesterday had at least one good example of a way to start this type of conversation.
            I’m also miserable at it and want to get better, so I look for examples around me or ask friends I know are good at it. It sounds cheesy, but sometimes I look for examples in tv shows, like Coach and Tami on Friday Night Lights.

          • Emmaleigh504

            One would think 90210 and all it’s Brenda/Dylan/Kelly drama would have taught me about The Talk better. I’m blaming my dysfunction on Claire. She did Steve really, really wrong. Thank heavens he found Janet.

        • We basically made up our initial anniversary date because we never had “the talk” about what we were…it just happened.

  • Rave: Getting dinner with a friend tonight, getting dinner with guy I’m dating on Wednesday.
    Rant: I like the guy, and he clearly likes me, and I feel bad because I’m leaving in a week, and he’s leaving right before I get back to DC to go back to school. So we basically have another week left to hang out and that’s it — and I’m not sure what we’re going to do about that, or if there’s even anything we CAN do. I’ve decided relationships are about 80% based on timing, and my timing is always the worst!

  • Rave: Going to Venice in August, was invited to stay with friends. No hotel, no restaurants unless we want a change of pace. Great home cooked food!

    Rant: I need a good house guest gift that is USA centric, thinking of a bottle of Jim Bean and or a NY Yankees Cap, any suggestions?

    • haha, my Spanish friends always want Levis.

    • Nothing says ‘Murica like the prints on this guy’s Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/sharpwriter?ref=l2-shopheader-name

    • jim_ed

      If they like booze, I’d probably get something that’s not as readily available overseas (or at least in duty free shops) as a bottle of Beam or JD. Maybe a nice bottle of Four Roses, or if you’re looking to keep it cheap, a bottle of Virginia Gentleman? An american football might be cool too, since it’s easy enough to toss around and very distinctly American.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Or the whiskey they make a Mount Vernon. Then find some American flag paper cocktail napkins.

    • The old-timey candies you can get at historical sites are always a hit with kids.
      But just hit up a Marshall’s or TJMax around the 4th of July. You’ll have more USA-themed crap, I mean gift options, than you know what to do with.

    • Not sure about Italy, but when we went to France last month there were So. Many. Yankees caps! They were definitely not Americans. The best were the few who decided to be different and paired a Yankees cap with a Red Sox t-shirt.
      I hadn’t seen that before, so maybe it’s a good gift idea? (unless your friends already have a few…)

    • America used to be the land of the underdog, not the land of the rich gentry getting better at the expense of everyone else (coughYankeescoughRedSoxcough). Return to our roots – get them a Mets cap. Hell, get them a Nats cap. Rooting for the Yankees is like rooting for the British during the Revolution.

  • Rave: My cat has been using the litterbox for several days! I took him to the vet Friday and nothing was wrong with him, but I got these feramone (sp?) plugins for each floor of the house which are supposed to calm them down. So, that either worked or he realized that he hates the vet and better start using the damn litterbox or else he’d have to go back. Hooray. I also took the lid off the box (he’d been using it like that for 10 years…) and added another box downstairs which he looks at occasionally but has only used twice.

  • Rave: first date last night went well. we really are different, but he is very interested. date planned for friday. hipster fun times ahead. just what I need. a little frivolity is good. both very clear this is not going to be serious.
    Rave: going to a show with a new friend tonight. she’s so cool. I’m more nervous about being awkward hanging with a new friend than a a date. I would like more friends!
    Rave: dropped dog at daycare. observed pup when staff put her in the little doggy group. she was calm and just sniffing around the other dogs. she looked a little confused but wasn’t barking or anything. hope she does well so this can be a regular thing. next stop: dog parks!

    • Agreed about being more nervous on friend dates! Cultivating friend groups here is much harder than dating.

      • Agreed! I think dating is hard too but making new friends here is way harder. I’ve been here for 6 years and still don’t really feel like I have a solid group of friends. :-/
        Hope you have fun on both your friend date and date date!

        • Meetup! I met my new friend at my Meetup and we decided we should hangout outside of Meetup events. Also my meetup group crew invites me to stuff outside of our meetup so I have a whole new group of friends!

      • emvee

        Yes! I have a friend-hopeful that I’m really into but fear coming on wayyyy too strong. She’s awesome, though! We quoted While You Were Sleeping to each other and it felt like Friendship Fate.

        • I have seen While You Were Sleeping over a dozen times. I talk about it all the time. That’s what happens when you had the VHS back in the day. I saw it again on Netflix because why not! We should be friends!

  • Rave: This weekend. All the things. 5k, Awesome Con, nerding out at Amy Pond, Gender Bending the 11th Doctor, Reconnecting with old/lost/questionable friends. Hurray!
    Rave: Boss in back in town so maybe I can take some things off her plate.
    Rant: Metro + Rain

  • Blithe

    Rave: Multiple positive experiences with teenagers on the Metro recently. Things like having two teenagers move their feet from the aisle with apologetic “Sorry, my bad” comments as I walked towards the exit doors. And having a teenager actually step back from entering a Metro car so that I could enter first. Unexpected courtesies make my day!
    Rave: The ground lamb I made was quite good. But I still want to find a good place to get gyro’s.
    Rant: I miss being able to walk to Sip and Bite at 2am. 🙁
    Rant/Rave: Conversations about some serious, life-changing things — that, while painful, will lead to growth.
    Shopping note: Pixie: I posted a link to the Crocs stretch sole flat in yesterday’s R/R.
    Rave: I too, would like to eventually be an intellectual badass. I learn much from PoPville! 🙂

    • Blithe

      One More Rant: I’m freezing. And my eyes itch. Shouldn’t it be one or the other?

    • The general consensus among my old office mates — four of us had done work with the Athens Olympic Committee and spent a lot of time there — was that Zorba’s on Connecticut and Q is pretty acceptable. On a related note — Zorba’s outdoor seating provides some of the best dirt cheap people watching in the city. Snag a gyro and a liter of cheap wine and watch the world go by on a summer Saturday night.

    • Oh I like the shoes! They don’t look like crocs at all and look super comfy.

    • Oh I like the shoes! They don’t look like crocs and look super comfy!

  • Rave: Spent time this weekend with my family, including my 4-month-old nephew, celebrating baby brother’s college graduation
    Rant: Damn graduation was outdoors in the blazing sun, 90+ degree heat and so. effing. long!
    Rave: Thank the gods I travel with spf 60 and a hat. Only my feet got burnt.
    Rave/Rant: Little bro will be moving to Silicon Valley in two weeks, not sure if I’m going to get the chance to host him in my new place before he leaves. Proud of / happy for him, but sad he’ll be so far.
    Rave: Being back in D.C. feels like home. Love that feeling. Also rave, the amazing picture above!

  • Mug of Glop

    Rave: They finally fixed my damned air conditioner!
    Rave: Nice, warm rain run last night! Tromped through puddles and got soaking wet.
    Rant: Tonight’s rain run will be a much colder affair, I imagine.
    Rant: My two-person office finally got a second person in it again. Ugh.
    Rave: She seems okay for now?

  • Rave: Bloodline is a great TV show that has been keeping me busy!

    Question: How do I keep basil alive on a roof deck? I have a ton of other plants that do just fine but the basil keeps dying despite daily watering.

  • That One Guy

    Dog was convinced the world was ending and the only safe place was next to my bed under the desk. Only problem is that I have books piled up under the desk so there wasn’t enough space for him. I should clean up the books or make a spot for him in the closet. I should also be glad he doesn’t jump up on the bed.

  • Rant: it’s very hard to come back to work after a long weekend, especially when you have an appendage that is broken!
    Revel: 17 days left, at least 5 of which I won’t be teaching
    Revel: Nothing else needed – school is almost over!

  • Question: Having a birthday party for my 2 year old this weekend and we’re inviting daycare kids. Should we buy beer/wine for the parents? Or just make it a juice box occasion? We don’t really know the other parents and we’re using the party as an opportunity to meet some new people and have our kid play with friends.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave:  I slept very well last night thanks to Nurse Buttermilk. 

    Rave:  That crazy storm yesterday—wild!

    Rant:  Did something happen on the Interwebs yesterday?

  • topscallop

    Rant: drank too much last night, feeling it today
    Rave: it was with a friend I haven’t seen in a few years who recently moved here, so it was fun to catch up with her
    Rant: I bought something from Anthro online today and forgot to enter the code for free shipping. Wonder if there’s a way to get my 6.95 back?
    Rave: it’s pretty and was on sale even if I was too out of it to put in the code at checkout
    Rant: it’s cold out today!
    Rave: making these tonight, they will definitely cheer me up: http://www.ambitiouskitchen.com/2014/07/pistachio-coffee-brown-butter-chocolate-chunk-cookies/

  • Anonynon

    Rave: Cant wait to fully turn the corner.

  • Tentative rave: I _think_ my irises might be sprouting.
    I was looking at my yard this morning and thought they were weeds… but then noticed that they were shaped differently. I planted the bulbs only about a week ago, but the bulbs were already starting to sprout, even in the package. Maybe they continued sprouting and made it through five inches of soil to the surface? We shall see!

    • Emmaleigh504

      awesome! I love to just stare at my garden to see when things sprout, even if I can’t tell if they are weeds or not. When I was away last week my garden was a little neglected, so now every day I’m anxiously counting fancy violets. I think almost all of them are coming back. Still have 2 on life support, thought.

      • I like the description of the violets being on life support. 🙂 I hope they go from critical condition to stable condition soon!

  • Rant: Biopsy results are in and it’s DCIS, which is very early stage breast cancer
    Rave: It’s early stage and is apparently completely localized and treatable.
    Rant: Need surgery!
    Rave: At least I know what it is now and am no longer worrying about the biopsy results.

  • Rave: Having my parents visit for the week!
    Rant: I didn’t have time to grocery shop after vacation – because they beat me here.
    Rant: I leave a day after they leave…It makes me feel very hurried and unsettled

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