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  • I always look forward to the changing Barbie scenes and every now and then will intentionally walk down Q St. just to take a look.

  • I have many questions about the Q Street barbies (who? why? how much closet space is dedicated to extra barbies and outfits?), but their only web presence seems to be on PoP. On the one hand, I wish some local paper would do a profile. On the other, the mystery is kind of nice.

    • I have a ton of old Barbies and their clothes and accessories, and I would have a blast making little public scenes out of them. Would it be too much of a knock-off to do something similar in Capitol Hill? I think the kids would enjoy it, if nothing else.

  • The lesbian bride Barbies look like the vintage reproduction Barbies. I’m surprised they would let those get damaged/possibly stolen!

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