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“Dear PoPville,

My boyfriends apartment at 13th and Park NW was broken into over the weekend while we were out of town. They stole multiple items (a brand new MacBook Pro, two Nikon SLR’s, PS4, etc) including his prized possession, his Cinelli road bike that he has been building for years.
We had friends in the DC bike community post pics of it on all the groups/blogs and today got a message that a woman was trying to sell it in Dupont Circle.

Two AMAZING bike messengers recognized the bike and confronted her, taking this picture (thats HIS bike in the pic that she is holding onto, and this pic has also been shared with the police). She fled the scene when she heard police were on their way but we got the bike!!!

Wanted to share this with the community with the hopes of 1: finding this person 2: recovering some of the other items 3: maybe they know about other burglaries in the area. Any help would be amazing – if anything, just WATCH OUT for this person!!!!!”

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  • ugh I live at 13th and park also… do you have any more details about how they got in? do you have an alarm? but also – AWESOME news about the bike!!

    • This sounds like the same post from earlier this week I think? They sawed the bars off a window I believe.

    • +1 I live at 13th and Park too. Scary–so glad you 1-weren’t home and 2-got the bike back! More details would be appreciated, but heck, we’re neighbors, we should have a coffee klatch too!

    • The bars on my window weren’t installed properly and they were able to break the window off of it’s track, push it forward, and force the bars to swing open before crawling through. Took a number of smaller, expensive items, dropped them in one of my duffle bags I presume (because one of those is missing as well) and grabbed my bike and walked out the front door leaving it unlocked. Happy to have gotten he bike back – definitely the one item that hurt the most (and most expensive) and finally had the landlord address the security after I had mentioned it as a concern a few times since moving in.

  • That is fantastic — kudos to the bike messengers!

  • hey guys – I wrote the email, its not the same as earlier in the week. The forced a window off its track in a basement apartment and then just walked out the front door. Its a building with about 10-12 apartments.

    • It was also a bit of an issue with the LL because the window was broken (wouldnt lock) and he had not installed the bar across it properly. He was notified of this multiple times but didnt fix it until the day after this happened.

    • I also live within a few doors. Glad to hear you got the biggest item back. Is the window street-facing or tucked away in the back of the building? I live on a side of the intersection that has no alley/rear access, which makes us feel secure. But if they jimmied a basement window facing the street, I guess that’s a false sense of security.

      • the window is on the front corner of the building and an alley, so a little tucked away but definitely in full view of 13th street (about 15 feet from the sidewalk) – about a month ago we caught two guys trying to steal a vespa thats parked along the side of the building where the windows are … scared them off then but who knows. the worst part is we were out of town from Thurs night to Mon night and dont really know when it happened but MULTIPLE people from the building had to have walked right by it (it was OBVIOUSLY broken into – the blinds were tattered outside/window was broken) and didnt alert anyone. It might have been like that and open to the public for multiple days.

        • Aw, man. The clueless neighbors and the jerk landlord just make it worse. I’m sorry.

        • WAS IT A BLUE STELLA VESPA??? I think we might live across the street from you. my boyfriend had his scooter stolen from in front of our apartment on 13th between park and monroe. luckily they couldn’t get it hot-wired so they just rolled it around the corner and hid it behind the clothes drop off bin next to the corner store which is where we found it two days later.

          • also – sorry, ugh, what a headache. people can be terrible. but at least the bike messengers were able to get you a pic and get your boyfriend’s bike back.

          • I SAW THAT VESPA THERE! I thought it was a strange place to park, but what do I know. (I hope you got it washed. Drunk guys pee there ALL the time.) We inhabit a very small world…

          • @rachel – its kind of like a minty color I think? used to be they parked it alongside the building but not anymore. Theres always people in that alley (mostly drunken dudes singing) but Ive seen these two guys around a few times lookin’ shady.

          • LOL – yeah it was only serendipity that we happened to notice it coming back from the dog park on 11th — we were about to cross on the other side of the street and wouldn’t have spotted it but the lights changed so we walked E->W before going S->N. it’s being repaired now and cleaning it is also a great idea.

          • @ the girlfriend – no it’s blue. I think I know which Vespa you are talking about though. We used to park right in front of your building, but now we park across the street (same side as the corner store).

        • Really sorry this happened to you. I know exactly where your place is because I park in the alley. I likely walked by your window twice a day the entire time it was in that condition. It’s not that people chose not to alert anyone — no one noticed. I sure didn’t.

  • I’ve seen her riding around the circle in Dupont on multiple occasions. The one time where she started yelling F you at a couple walking past her is the one that really sticks out.

  • “Stolen? Man, I found this!”

    Sorry, thought this was the caption contest.

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