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  • I wish they would put an affordable gym that doesn’t discriminate against people who are in shape or like to use the squat rack…

    • Couldn’t agree more. I can’t get over “gyms” that give away free pizza and bagels. If you don’t know what I mean, find the buzzfeed article on Planet Fitness. It’s pretty epic.

      • Very few people going to a “gym” like planet fitness are serious about being in shape. Some people do like a really cheap gym and are sucking it up. Giving away pizza and bagels doesn’t seem much different than gyms sponsoring happy hours.

        • Saying very few people that go to Planet Fitness are serious about being in shape is a weird kind of gym snobbery. With the rampant obesity epidemic in the US and the cost of gyms in general (particularly in DC!) I see no reason to belittle anyone that goes to any gym regardless of their fitness goals. Someone who is paying $10 at Planet Fitness could be just as serious as someone paying $200 at a Crossfit gym even if they aren’t going crazy on the squat rack. Who are you to judge?

          • +1 on the gym snobbery. Why do you care what gym people are going to? People who just want pizza and bagels will go spend their $10 on pizza and bagels, not on a gym membership. Good for them for giving them gym a go, and for Planet Fitness for offering an affordable option.

          • If you noticed below, I recommended an inexpensive (more than Planet Fitness but still very cheap by DC standards) gym, so calling me a gym snob doesn’t really make sense. Someone could be just as serious, but I know an awful lot of gym goers and the most infrequent users are at PF. Why? I imagine because it’s so cheap if you don’t go you won’t miss the money. I’m sure there are people dropping $200 to crossfit who aren’t serious, but I am going to guess it’s a lot less than people paying $10 at PF.
            I could care less what gym people go to except when S sought out an affordable more friendly environment than PF where I recommended Xsport.

          • What I was saying is that I wish there would be gym that would not discriminate against anyone. Planet Fitness has been known to ban certain commonly used workouts and not allow people to wear workout attire that is also commonly used. LA Fitness is also very affordable and they don’t discriminate. There are very few good affordable gyms in DC so it would be nice if there was one that catered to everyone

          • seriously – it’s inexpensive and a gym – a majority of people need that. They might not be “serious about being in shape”, but they could be better than that – serious about getting healthier in a way they can afford. Not everyone can or wants to spend $90 to hang out with selfie-taking men in shirts with the arms cut off at Vida, or with women in overpriced pants doing barre. Sheesh.

          • So complaining about an expensive gym is ok and complaining about a cheap gym is not? I find it quite hilarious someone complaining about gym costs spending $40-50 to get eyebrows done.
            S is absolutely right. PF excludes some people just like expensive gyms exclude those that cannot afford it. The 2 complaints really aren’t so different even if complaining about “selfie taking men with cut off shirts” is socially more acceptable. I’d like to be able to wear what I’d like to the gym and grunt when I’m maxing out my DL.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Dumb argument going on here. Unless PF is so clogged with non-serious gym-goers using workout equipment as sofas that it precludes you from accessing the equipment and using it for your intended workout purposes, what difference does it make whether PF happens to attract more than its fair share of non-serious gym goers? As for their policies regarding routines or clothing or whatever, this talk about “discrimination” is overblown. If their policies preclude you from accomplishing what you wish to accomplish at the gym, then don’t go there. If they don’t, I fail to see the problem.

          • i’m not complaining – I have no cares whatso ever. I personally pay $75/mo for WSC. YOU’RE complaining about Planet Fitness being for “unfit people”. Because you’re an authority to judge fitness, goals, or reasoning behind PF. I know people who belong to PF elsewhere because it’s cheap and their schedules don’t allow for a regular, set workout routine. so there being a cheap place they can do when their schedules allow is a great option. Just like for you going to Virginia is a great option. I don’t think people going to PF in Ivy City are likely to go to Virginia – opposite direction – for a gym.

            And i don’t pay that for eyebrows. It helps to be friends with the bartender, regardless of what your bar is.

            You also can’t cater to everyone. It’s impossible – someone is always annoyed/offended/bothered by something. Just reading POP comments can tell you that about any business.

          • Grabs popcorn. Puts feet up. Watches another Anon Spock and JinDC battle unfold.

          • Except the guys taking selfies at the gym aren’t asked to leave. That’s why bringing up any issues of “discrimination” are serious – but from what I can tell, PF has a dress code that you sign to follow when you join. Additionally, there’s the converse reaction to who PF handled a customer complaining about a trans customer. I guess anymore we have to weigh the complaints with where we spend our money. That takes a lot of work, so I prefer to let POPville do it for me and go from there.

    • If you drive, I recommend XSport in VA. The gyms are HUGE and the Alexandria location is 24/7. Prices are 20-45/month depending on which location and how basic. You can wear all the booty shorts you want. LOL But seriously, I love that gym.

      • I live and work in DC and having to drive into VA or MD to workout just sucks. I’ve been trying to look for a good affordable gym particularly in the H St area but no luck. WSC says they have $20 a month memberships but not at their Capitol Hill location

        • But they do have it in Chinatown which is a pretty direct route from H St.

          • I’ll have to look into the Chinatown location I work near the Metro Center one and they are only open weekdays during work hours

    • Not everyone can afford pricey gyms like Vida and CrossFit, not everyone wants to go running, and people would like more flexibility than the limited hours of the city’s rec centers. An affordable gym opening in the city is nothing but a good thing for many of its residents.

      • A 24/7 gym in a 1/2 way central location should make a killing. I hope PF does well even if its not a good fit for me personally.

      • brookland_rez

        I joined it. It’s 5 minutes from my house. I just want a place to run when the weather is bad.

    • The entire business model of Planet Fitness is to “discriminate against people who… like to use the squat rack.” Your use of their squat rack costs them money, and frightens away the newbies who are crowded around the bagels — having just set up an auto-billing agreement to their credit cards.

      There’s a great Planet Money podcast on the topic; give it a listen next time you’re at the squat rack.

  • Is this a place you want to be at 2am?

    • At 2am you’re most likely driving, and I’ve driven by there at that time of day without seeing mobs burning anything down. I think it will be fine.

  • I live nearby and was excited about the prospect of a gym near my house with affordable membership fees. However, I would like to hear more from folks who have had experiences, good and bad, with other Planet Fitness gyms. I’m just a regular guy who runs 5-6 times a week and would like to mix up his exercise routine with some strength work (free weights and machines) at a gym. I’m not a gym novice, but also not a person who judges other people’s fitness levels, whether they are novices or extremely fit. I’m not interested in classes or personal training, just a nice, clean gym with friendly staff that offers more space and equipment than the small gym in my office building.

    • Some Planet Fitness hate earlier on in the comments, but just go tour it. Might not be as bad as they say.

      • No different than people complaining about the cost of Vida or Crossfit. Every gym has pros and cons. I do recommend you tour it before making a judgment either way.

        • Do you have a response for everrrrrryyyythaaaaaaannnnnggg? it always seem like you’re forcing your comments down others throats… Geeeeeeessshh!

    • justinbc

      For what you’re looking for it sounds like PF might be a good fit for you, especially if you live nearby. I go to VIDA, which yes is 10x more, but most of my work outs are in classes and they’re top notch. If all you want is weights, and like me don’t care about the other people at the gym, then why would you spend anymore than you need to?

      • The funny thing is, i used to work out all the time. then i had a baby and took time off because, you know, what time? I tried Vida and the instructors were TOTALLY rude. “have you ever worked out before? this class is mostly for very fit people”. WTF?

        • justinbc

          I’ve never once had that experience. There are many people in my classes who are clearly on a different fitness level, both at the very top and very bottom, and all are treated and encouraged equally.

    • If you run 5-6 times a week you’re probably not welcome there.

    • I’ve gone to the Planet Fitness my parents go to back in Florida and it was fine. There were a few meatheads doing weights. I’d say the clientele was pretty similar if not more fit than that at the LA Fitness they used to belong to. It was really well kept and clean. Everything seemed new though they’ve been open for a few years now. I was doing a bar bell combination workout (I’m a woman) and didn’t feel out of place. I didn’t look to see how heavy they’re weights go, so not sure if this is the place for someone doing 400 lb squats. I think as long as you’re not half naked, you’d be fine.

  • Re. S’s comment from 11:35 a.m. — “Planet Fitness has been known to ban certain commonly used workouts and not allow people to wear workout attire that is also commonly used” — can you elaborate on this? (What workouts? What attire? Is this a rumor, or something substantiated?)

    • Planet Fitness goes so far in welcoming the casual gym user, that they shame anyone who is “too” fit. They have a “lunkhead alarm” or something that goes off to make fun of people lifting too much weight or grunting. If you are too fit they ask you to cover up. http://jezebel.com/more-evidence-planet-fitness-is-the-worst-1568884106 As an example.

      • HaileUnlikely

        Serious question: is that universal to all Planet Fitness locations, or most of them, or just the particular one cited in the Jezebel article? The impression that I got from the article was that the author’s objective was not to communicate useful information.

    • @textdoc see CHGal’s comment…this is what I was referring to and if you research it further there are several other instances where PF discriminated against individuals who they deemed as being “too fit.” I just want an affordable gym near my house that caters to everyone and I don’t have to worry about what I am wearing or what workouts I choose to do. I run outside as my main workout but would like a gym that I can go to 2-3x a week and not have spend too much money since I don’t use it that frequently.

      • binpetworth

        If you live near one of the DC Parks & Rec Centers with a fitness center, you might look into that. I paid $125 for a year’s membership and can use any fitness center at DPR sites. As a runner myself, this was an affordable way to have access to a facility for infrequent use when I want to supplement my runs (or use a treadmill in inclement weather).

  • POP: this isn’t exactly what I want, where I want it, marketed directly towards me. So it sucks,

    (granted, if they’re actually discriminatory, that sucks….but still, the general trend for any business in DC is the above)

    • I get that your statement is intentionally overdramatic but as you can see, there are some pretty obvious downfalls to Planet Fitness that makes it an unappealing “gym.” I mean, even Planet Fitness admits it: “We’re not a gym. We’re Planet Fitness”

  • Seeing as I’m the only person on this thread who has actually been there the location, here’s some notes. At the time it was ~25% full of folks doing all levels of gym stuff (yes, there were people there who were clearly very fit and others well not so much). Its a basic gym, just oddly purple, but eh its their gimmick. Probably not for the power-lifting group as its mostly machines, but definitely enough equipment for a decent workout for your average person. Staff was friendly and seemed more interested in helping folks than being the the living embodiment of hatred that most folks think they are.

  • Went there last night at about 10:30pm. I was 1 of about 12 people there. Obviously everything is brand new and incredibly clean. I really enjoyed it. Has everything one would need to stay in shape and get a standard run-of-the-mill workout. Not really sure why people are giving it so much crap. It’s a no frills gym for people that just want to do regular stuff – not everyone is into making this stuff a full fledged hobby. I thought the staff was fantastic for it having only been the second day open. Very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Great addition to this neighborhood.

    Also about the pizza thing. It’s one piece of pizza, once a month. Doesn’t seem like it’s going to be the straw that broke the camel’s back for anyone.

  • What is the parking situation at this Planet Fitness? Can you park for free? That would be a big plus for this Trinidad resident.

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