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  • Don’t cars with wheels that (presumably) fancy automatically come with lugnut locks?

    • They prevent someone with just lug wrench from stealing them, but are fairly easy to defeat by determined professionals.

  • Saw this one on my bike ride to the grocery store. What’s crazy is that it happened on 11th. Isn’t this considered a major thoroughfare where there would presumably be a lot of traffic (or at least some) even in the small hours of the night? I’d think that pulling something like this would be pretty risky… Who knows. I think I saw the owner taking pictures of it from all angles- how frustrating for him.

    • I think the audacity and location probably helped the thieves. Heck, to most casual observers, it may have only looked like someone getting roadside assistance.
      Also, I feel for the owner, but wow, that’s a really pricey ride to to trust to street parking.

      • roadside assistance: “Yeah, we’re gonna have to take all the wheels off before we can jump-start it, I’m afraid.”

    • I don’t think so? It’s a fairly normal residential 2 lane road with street parking and a speed limit of 25 MPH. It doesn’t get much traffic in the middle of the day, probably very little if any very late at night.

  • I have a newer model of the same car. I was hoping there would not be much of a market for these rims. And no, they do not come with locking bolts as standard. I guess I will stop by the dealer on my way home.

  • I’m guessing that if you looked somewhat official (i.e. dressed like a mechanic) people would pretty much walk right by if you had the car on up a jack.

  • minor quibble — that’s not 11th and D — it’s actually just north of G St. SE 2 blocks south of D St. across the street from Tyler Elementary and south of Penn Ave SE

  • nice ride to park on street. I’m assuming it has nice wheels too.

  • I saw a Volvo wagon that had been tire jacked over in Georgetown on Saturday. A Volvo? In Georgetown? Right across from Dumbarton Oaks; must have been all of that affordable housing over there causing this type of mayhem, right?

    • So MPHS you assume that all people who live in affordable housing are thieves? Affordable housing residents can often include teachers, first responders, service staff, and young professionals just getting their start out of college. Please stop with this generalization. It is an ignorant assumption.

      • Oops, Jade, you left your sarcasm-filter on. Always turn that off before reading internet commentary! It will all make *much* more sense.

        • You’re right. I missed the sarcasm WDC, NorthbyNE. Thanks all. It’s good to know not all internet commenters are complete [email protected] I actually appreciate PoP comments section because there is some insightful commentary. Need to turn my “radar” on.

      • I’m pretty sure MPHS was being facetious. People claim there is a link between affordable housing and crime….there is no affordable housing in Gtown…..crime happened in Gtown….therefore, there is no link between affordable housing and crime.

        Also, before you get upset…Jonathan Swift didn’t actually want to eat Irish children.

  • My friend had the wheels stolen off his Prius… A PRIUS! I feel like the career criminals just take whatever order shows up.

  • Unfortunately, this car was like this on Friday morning, must have happened Thursday night. I drove by last night and it was still there, hasn’t been touched. If anything it has tilted more to the front than when I first saw it on Friday. I feel sad for the owner!

  • One more annoyance in a city full of them. Even if the driver is insured, this is still annoying.

    • Worse than just annoying. I’d be pretty enraged. Depending on how it was dropped/sitting on the ground there is possibly additional damage to the suspension, drivetrain, exhaust, etc. that could much more expensive to fix than the wheels and tires were even worth. Awful.

      • You’re looking at an easy $5k to replace those rims and tires. $1200 per rim plus $3-400 per tire.

  • Its a gut-wrenching feeling to come home to find your Range Rover on crates without wheels. This happened in SE DC a few years ago. I saw it recently happen to my neighbors in NE DC near the new Costco. Both cars were higher end Mercedes. Both happened at night. Not sure why neither car was parked in the garage.

  • There are so many crime and traffic cameras near this intersection. Will the MPD dare use their spy cameras to solve this crime??

    Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…..keep hassling us

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