“offender then escaped on a bicycle, but was stopped a short distance away by several of our segway, foot, and beat officers”

Photo by PoPville flickr user KJinDC

“Just after midnight last night, in the 3000 block of 14th St. NW[at Columbia Road], a subject cornered, threatened, and robbed a pedestrian. When the victim’s friend attempted to intervene the subject also brandished a knife. This offender then escaped on a bicycle, but was stopped a short distance away by several of our segway, foot, and beat officers who converged on the area. The suspect was positively identified and the victim’s property recovered.

Excellent job by our officers!”

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  • What’s the top speed of a Segway?

  • I’m glad the victim got their stuff back, but isn’t this more dumb luck that it happened to be directly in front of a gaggle of cops? Wasn’t exactly great detective work that cracked the case. Kudos to these cops for not outright ignoring a crime committed right in front of them, as they are wont to in this town.

    • This seems like the result of targeting high crime areas with foot and bike patrols. Which is exactly what people here have asked them to do. No need for the negative attitude.

    • I think it was more dumb luck that the thief was so dumb. You’ve gotta love the getaway bicycle.

      • He needed to get a workout in during “work”.

        Glad the presence is paying off and and no one was hurt.

    • This is funny! If there were no cops and the guy got away, there would be complaints of where are the foot patrols or police presence. Then where there is police presence resulting in a success, then it was just dumb luck. If great detective work had been done, then the complaint might next be why did it take five hours instead if a more obviously appropriate one hour.

  • I like this series, and it could just be pr but it does really seem like mpd has stepped it up lately. In light of the recent police union press release though, I’d like to see something showing whether the attorney’s office follows up on these. Otherwise it’s all for naught. The main reason bands of teenagers beat the crap out of random people is they know they can get away with it here.
    Can we get a follow up series that tells us the what happens with these? There is (rightfully) a ton of pressure on mpd from popville and citizens groups, but virtually nobody pressuring the attorney’s office.

    • +1. I am increasingly getting the impression that MPD works hard to solve these crimes, and then most of the perps get off with a slap on the wrists. I’m not for excessive sentences, but there needs to be some connection between the seriousness of the crime and the punishment meted out (i.e., an armed robbery or recklessly driving an unlicensed dirt bike ought to carry stiffer consequences than blowing through a speed camera).

      • I was walking through Gallery Place yesterday and saw an MPD ad on a bus shelter that said something like “Ride a dirt bike or ATV? Zero tolerance.” I thought, “Hmph, we wish!”

        • Accountering

          I saw this as well. Seems quite ironic given the recent report that there is essentially 100% tolerance.

  • I haven’t seen anything on it yet, but has anyone seen what occurred at the BP gas station on the corner of Georgia Ave./Park Rd? Driving home last night just before midnight and at least 10 cop cars were surrounding the place and what looked like somebody lying on the ground in front of the store doors. Thought about creating a new post for it, but I thought there would be a report on it by now.

    • Yeah, I was wondering about this to, there were police all over Park View yesterday evening and flying up and down Georgia and circling neighboring blocks, I always know something is up when they come the wrong way down Keefer, but there was nothing on the police twitter feed and haven’t seen any reports of what went down anywhere.

    • Probably the same old. There are at least 2-3 cops there once or twice a week and someone is always on the ground. Between that and the “convenience store” across the street I hate that block.

  • Anyone know what was going on at the corner of 13th and Monroe nw Sunday night at approx 8.30? I was walking by and there were about 6 cop cars, seemed to be detaining a Latino guy, but he wasn’t cuffed just enjoying a cigarette

    • I saw that when I was walking the dog. An awful lot of police vehicles swooped in, including at least one van, but I couldn’t tell what had happened.

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