Not Cool Pepsi, Not Cool


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“I really hate this”

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  • Ah I saw this yesterday and hated it too! Also I thought it was a Coke ad.

  • Egad

    Well, that explains why so many people here have bad teeth.

  • What do you hate about it exactly?

    I mean I don’t love Pepsi, but I don’t see anything offensive about this ad.

  • Bunch of haters around here. I’m fiercely anti-soda, too, but c’mon.

    Be glad Pepsi is throwing a few dollars at WMATA.

  • justinbc

    Cola is certainly an improvement from crack. You’ve come a long way DC, be proud!

  • phl2dc

    I don’t get the hate, either. And I don’t even like Pepsi!

  • skj84

    I’m on team Coke and I don’t get the rage. Its a soda ad.

  • samanda_bynes

    is this what poor people drink with their subway meals?

  • Are they just mad that they appropriated the name of the city from “District of Columbia” to “District of Cola” and they don’t like the implication? They prefer to be known for the District of Christopher Columbus rather than a sugary beverage?

  • Hey, I don’t get the nihilist commenters here. That’s a feeling no one has had here, ever, right?

    It’s a sense of pride and identity. Pride in city and its name. Whether that name refers to a historically complicated figure is beyond the point. I don’t like that a corporation somehow thinks this is worthy of putting on an ad. Shows a certain level of insensitivity and lack of respect for the people who live here. For prideful natives, like me, this illicited an eye roll.

    • I’m a DC native too, and find absolutely nothing wrong with this add. It’s just your standard commercial advertising. It’s not political, racist, sexist, or really anything other than using some word play to sell a product. As a matter of fact, it’s less offensive or controversial than a LOT of metro advertising in the past. Who cares? Lighten up everyone – if you don’t like Pepsi then Have a Coke and a Smile : )

    • It should have at least been Rock Creek brand, not Pepsi.

  • Don’t forget Pepsi’s official motto, heard at restaurants everywhere:

    “We don’t sell Coke, is Pepsi okay?”

  • Pepsi > Coke
    Cherry Coke > Cherry Pepsi

  • To take offense at that ad is to have a DC inferiority complex. No one would ever think to take umbrage at a subway ad in NYC proclaiming NYC to be the “City of New York Peppermint Patties.” No matter how much pride you have in your city, if you’re confident in its charms and attributes, a little word-play wouldn’t bother you (unless maybe you live in Nantucket). As for the gall of a corporation having the temerity to invoke DC’s name, try flipping the script. It shows that said corporation takes DC seriously enough to put the effort into making DC-specific ads.

  • austindc

    can’t we just talk about shoes?

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