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  • Probably the most disappointing no-hitter I’ll ever witness. We all thought we were going to see something that has only happened 23 times in history (perfect game), and we wound up seeing something that has now happened 287 times (no-hitter). Still, an exciting event! Likely the greatest back-to-back pitching performance in the history of the game.

    • justinbc

      I don’t know about “history of the game”. I would say Bumgarner’s performance in the World Series last year was significantly more impressive, given the circumstances of the games.

      • This is so far out of left field, justin must be trolling here… right? Whatever. In 2 starts: Bumgarner, 7 hits, 1 R, 13K. Scherzer, 1 hit, 0 R, 26 K. My Natitude is fully ignited.

        • justinbc

          Perhaps you missed the part where one guy did it in the World Series and the other did it in games in June, one of which against the Brewers who are way below .500 as a team. Oh, and don’t forget Bumgarner actually came in to pitch relief and close out the Series in the last game right after starting the previous one. Scherzer’s performance was certainly impressive, as I said, but nowhere near as clutch as what Bumgarner did.

          • “Scherzer’s performance was certainly impressive, as I said, but nowhere near as clutch as what Bumgarner did.”

            In the world of baseball stats, “clutch” has no meaning.

            And to say that Scherzer was “certainly impressive” betrays a lack of historical perspective: http://espn.go.com/blog/sweetspot/post/_/id/59400/max-scherzer-now-the-best-pitcher-in-the-game

          • (in my best Jerry Seinfeld cursing Newman impression)


          • Bumgarner actually came in to relieve 2 games later (started game 5, relief in game 7), what was all that “history of the game” talk?

            Anyways, I thought this was a DC based blog, who cares about the giants? Go NATS.

          • justinbc

            “Who cares about the Giants?” People who care more about sports than some loyalty to a city they’re not from, presumably.

          • palisades

            Sigh. DrP you’re tainting the argument with your team loyalty.

            Statistically, Justin has no leg to stand on in this argument. As was said, “clutch” means nothing in stats. A sub-.500 team does not take away from Scherzer’s feat, either. From a historical standpoint, this is the best 2 consecutive starts game scores, ever.

          • palisades

            Also, Justin, you’ve been outspoken, in a negative way, about Scherzer’s signing from the start, so you certainly have some bias.

          • I know, palisades. I can’t help it. This team is fun to watch this year!

          • justinbc

            Palisades, the original comment was “Likely the greatest back-to-back pitching performance in the history of the game.” I disagree with that, and it makes no mention of stats. Statistically, sure, congrats to him, but greatest performance, nope. That’s where clutch matters, and those two games although great do not compare. (and I’m sure there are other similar performances in the WS as well, that’s just from recent memory)
            As for me being against Scherzer, I seriously do not care. I made a comment at his signing about the Nats having $100M to give him but not to repay the city for buying their stadium for them. It could have been any player, it just happened to be him, so read the context properly.

          • palisades

            Just because DrP makes no mention of stats (in the original comment), doesn’t mean they magically aren’t considered in an argument….Seems like you’re splitting hairs for the sake of argument. You even admit other pitchers have had performances similar to Bumgarner in World Series and playoffs. Schilling and Pedro come to mind. As for Scherzer’s performances, these are one of a kind, regardless of opponent or context.
            You’re right, it could have been any player, but it was Scherzer, so I think I did read the context correctly.

          • justinbc

            Something tells me that when people look back in history at the greatest pitching moments they will remember World Series titles more than June games, but I guess I could be wrong. Then again what would a Nats fan know about that?

  • It was *amazing*. I can’t believe I was lucky enough to have been there! It was totally worth sitting through the terrible heat and getting drenched on the way home.

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