New Tavern Coming to Logan Circle

1410 14th Street, NW

The bizarre mish mash of Black Whiskey, Jrink and Abitissimi Fashion Room is adding another (or replacing one of ’em) according to a liquor license placard posted out front for an as yet unnamed new tavern:

“New Tavern offering live entertainment and dancing.  Total occupancy load is 132.  Summer Garden with seating for 46 patrons.”

Updates when more is known and/or a new group joins the eclectic mix.

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  • Jrink lease is coming to an end there and I remember talking to someone at Black Whiskey about them expanding the upstairs…not sure on downstairs, but I like having BW in the neighborhood.

    • Yeah, they’re planning to expand — though I’m not sure if that’s what this posting is in reference to.

  • Of all the places we’ve gone to on 14th (and there aren’t that many.. #kids ..), I’ve enjoyed Black Whiskey the most. Felt right when we were there. Hopefully that place stays forever.

  • the first floor (Jrink and the clothing place) doesn’t have a/c and it is hot and uncomfortable in there. I feel bad for their employees

  • I feel like this building and the never-ending rotation of tenants is 1 big social experiment

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