New Series: What’s Being Projected onto the Mount Pleasant Subway Today?


Thanks to all who tweeted the new projection in Mount Pleasant last night. In related news – another reader emails “Subway has added security cameras”. Although maybe those are mini projectors and Subway just plans on fighting fire with fire?


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  • Desperation? I’m all for interesting art installations, but not at the cost of harassing a legitimate business that likely wants no part in this.

  • I read the article in the Post last week about this guy. He comes off as an elitist snob. This is getting ridiculous. I don’t care what this guy thinks, any business is better than an empty storefront. If you don’t like a business for whatever reason, just don’t patronize it.

  • Whoever is doing this really needs to grow up.

  • If the property owner of the subway building put a reflective clearcoat on that wall would it be strong enough to reflect the projector? That could be fun.

  • So bored with this. Get over it and move on – there are SO many other things to be pissed about in this world other than a Subway.

  • Huge backfire for this entitled protester. Free advertising all over local media. It probably would have been months before i and others knew this place was here. New owner will be delighted, I will go here just to piss of the protester.

    • I have my doubts that many people are going to come from outside of MtP to patronize a Subway. There are a lot of them around, and you buying a $5 sandwich one time isn’t much of a protest against the guy running a projector. If you are so annoyed by the projection, set up a high power flashlight and point it at his windows.

  • I Dont Get It

    Maybe he should spend some time doing something that actually helps the community like working in a food kitchen or mentoring students?

    • Lots of people in the area were disappointed with Subway coming in. There aren’t that many non-violent options to opposing the store at this point. Volunteering to cook food or teach kids doesn’t tackle the problem that the resident believes the area is facing.

      • …because feeding the hungry and educating for our future aren’t the problems facing the area? Right…. Let me just get with you guys on the wave length that protecting your little self-made enclave of “individualism” is more important than real issues. I’m sure you’re going to get lots of support with that kind of thinking.

        • Good thing people can only focus on one issue at a time. Oh wait. What’s that? People are more than capable of doing multiple things? That’s crazy.

  • justinbc

    I wish someone would tell this guy about this blog so he could come here and sprinkle his crazy around for all of us.

    • samanda_bynes

      it’s me.

      the guy’s profile in the paper summed up about half of mount pleasant.

      • I had no idea that half the people in Mt Pleasant where tattoo-covered, entitled, artsy, white males. I like the part where he asked the few working Hispanics in the neighborhood how they felt…oh wait.

    • I’m sure he reads Popville. I mean he contacted City Paper practically begging them to do a story on him-which they did. I’m so tired of this human.

      • The guy in the City Paper was the individual who tagged the side of the building, not the projection guy. At least, there is no demonstrated connection between them and I don’t think projection guy would go to the spraypaint given that he seems quite satisfied to project wacky stuff, which gets more notice anyways.

    • I saw him Saturday night at E street. In real life people are praising him. He definitely knows all about this blog.

      It’s worth knowing that dude has been projecting random stuff on that building for a long time.

  • Don’t listen to the naysayers, keep shining on you crazy diamond.

  • Does this qualify as being “tortious interference”? There must be some law, regulation, and or ordinance against this. Public nuisance?

  • We all know that store front should be a dispensary. Sheesh.

  • Time to stop giving this jerk the attention he so desparately craves.

  • I read about this in the Express the other day and thought “this seems childish, there aren’t more important things to fight?” …. sad to see it’s still going on. Someone needs a hobby.

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