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  • Looks great! Their logo translated fantastically!

  • Man I really like these guys, it’s a great place to have in the neighborhood. I wish I could have words with the a-holes who tried to keep them out.

    • Pretty sure those “a-holes” were the next door neighbors who didn’t want Dacha Part II right outside their living room windows….can’t blame them for wanting to stop that.

      • If I recall the ANC meetings correctly, there was very little opposition to All Souls originally opening, other than the vocal church groups, which protested EVERYTHING back then so you can sort of take that with a grain of salt (everyone else does). The only real stakeholder opposition I saw to All Souls was to their proposed outdoor space. The neighborhood overall has been overwhelmingly pro-business. They even supported Dacha opening. Unfortunately the Dacha owners broke every significant promise they made to neighbors that supported them, and double-downed on that by running an internet campaign to frame themselves as victims. So when it comes to outdoor drinking spaces in Shaw, you can lay blame at the feet of Dacha for poisoning the well for neighborhood support; not the neighbors who are rightfully worried that their everyday lives will be significantly disrupted.
        So I’d say to @neighbor – why don’t you go over to your ‘a-hole neighbor’s’ house at 11:30 at night and tell their kids that were just woken up by 100 drunk people (350 drunk people if it’s Dacha) singing happy birthday to Trevor right outside their window, that you care more about someone making a little more money from outdoor liquor sales than you do about their ability to simply live there. There will certainly be at least one a-hole in that room.

    • justinbc

      You could. You see that house in the photo? Go knock on the door and have you words.

      • They bought a house a block from U Street night life and thought it wouldn’t impact them?

        • justinbc

          I can’t speak for the owners of that house, but to be fair there really isn’t anything else immediately around All Souls.

        • Blithe

          Well, a key issue could be when they bought their house. I still know people who live in the area who purchased their houses many decades ago — when the area was quite different.

          • Accountering

            Neighborhoods change. If they bought their house many decades ago, they are likely sitting on close to a million in equity. Lets save our sympathy for someone who actually needs it.

          • Blithe

            Accountering, I really do get that neighborhoods change. And you, not I, brought up the issue of sympathy. Anon seemed stunned about the expectations that someone who purchased a house in that area might have and I responded to that. Equity only matters if you want to sell your house. While that may be of paramount importance to you, please keep in mind that there are many people who might prefer other things — including a congenial, peaceful neighborhood to the package that often comes attached to increased equity in DC’s changing neighborhoods. And, yeah, just like I get that neighborhoods change, I also get that “congenial” might mean different things to different people.

          • What Accountering is not saying is that he just bought a house in Shaw and he’s desperately hoping for equity residuals from another drinking establishment opening in the neighborhood. Negative externalities be damned.

          • justinbc

            “Equity only matters if you want to sell your house.”
            So very true, and so easily forgotten by many.

    • Blithe

      So, people who don’t like what you like, and who don’t want what you want are “a-holes”? Wow. You sound like a great “neighbor”. Please tell me that you own the house that abuts the bar.

  • Any update on their outdoor patio?

  • binpetworth

    Am I the only one who saw the first photo and, before scrolling further, thought that it was cool that All Souls Unitarian had installed these for their parishioners?

  • Oh great, now their patio is going to be a biker hangout. THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD.

  • Nice bike racks. All Souls have proven themselves to be great neighbors. I really hope their patio happens.

  • Does anyone know what you have to do get one of these outside their establishments if you rent office space? The likely cost of having one made?

  • Our two kids go to Cleveland Elementary, an awesome svhool. We are used to seeing drunk people around there. I guess nothing changes in a way, just more adults drinking in daylight hanging around by our playground. I’m glad they added the artisinal bike racks –because that helps. I hope some of you patrons will cross the street and makea donationtothe PTA. We are a 100 percent free lunch school, with many of our children living in shelters or foster care. There is a high need at that corner, and not just for craft beer and fancy bar food. I want to give a shout out to the brewpup next to Howard Theater which hosted a kid’s art auction for us. I sincerely hope you do something to partner with the school.

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