“New Apartments and Restaurants, Bácaro & Convivial, Confirmed for City Market at O”

city market at O

Thanks to all who emailed and tweeted us:

“New apts and food, Bácaro & Convivial, confirmed for O St Mrkt in #ShawDC! Apts in ’16, food sooner I hope @PoPville”

Music Lounge, Interactive Waterfall, Herb Garden:


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  • Interactive waterfall?!?

  • So this is going up on the northwest corner of the block, at 9th and P?

  • Isn’t there already a Starbucks at City Market?

  • I hope there will be some entrances along 9th street to these new places. The City Market design was appalling — it created an entire dead block along 7th, even though you had the wonderful historic market structure with those bay doors. I wish the Giant would at least find a way to make an entrance to their “cafe” at the tower at O and 7th.

  • There was some fencing up on the 9th street side the other day. Perhaps construction is starting soon? My guess is an 18 mo build out, since they have already done the excavation. That would put the new apartments on track for a late 2016/early 2017 opening.

    Convivial and Bacaro should both be open sooner since they are in the already completed portion of the market. Convivial seems to have its interior built out ongoing. Perhaps it will be ready by late-summer or fall. Bacaro appears to still be an empty shell, so who knows when that will be? Maybe end of the year at the earliest.

    I agree this projects street level integration is terrible so far. 7th and 9th are retail-free dead zones. The rumors appear to be that there will be retail on the 9th street side now. Hopefully that is true.

    • I wish they would put some retail on the 7th street side. It would be great to have more eyes on the street along that stretch and would help to deter crime.

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