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  • Yep, it was crazy. Last week they only had the basements in. I walked by Sunday and was shocked! They should be done with these quickly! There’s a popup on Morton they have been working on FOREVERRRR. Then all the sudden this one they just started working on has a huge popup on it too! Lots of activity on the 700 block of Morton.

  • I go by this every day. It took a while to dig out the basements, but once they did man did that shell go up fast.
    A lot of the other projects on Sherman seem a little stalled out. Any idea what’s going on there? Several shells of houses and apartment buildings haven’t showed any construction progress in months.

  • Does anybody know what happened to that Lamont Laundry condo project between Sherman and Georgia? I haven’t heard anything about that in almost a year it seems.

  • Great – we need more hawk housing!

  • Not sure when these pics are from but as of yesterday the third story was framed!

  • Does anyone know who’s the general contractor for this project?

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