More on Sunday’s Pupusafest “this special ‘Day of the Pupusa’ will have more types of this traditional meal”


Thanks to HOLA CULTURA for sending an “Interview with Rosalina Ticas, top chef at this weekend’s Pupusafest:

Every spring, Washington’s largest Roman Catholic Hispanic parish holds a big celebration to mark the day the church is named for. But this Sunday’s Feast of the Sacred Heart will be especially tasty, as parishioners have turned it into Pupusafest, an official grand festival in honor of a signature dish from El Salvador.

While pupusas have been part of the the Shrine of the Sacred Heart’s annual fiesta for many years, this year will be a particularly scrumptious affair, according to chief cook Rosalina Ticas, who says this special “Day of the Pupusa” will have more types of this traditional meal, a dish that has been part of Central American cuisine since pre-Columbian times. Ticas ticks off a list of the pupusas on the menu: beans and cheese, shrimp and cheese, pork, loroco, among others.

“Many local residents are just interested in the food…that’s why it has to be delicious!” according to Ticas, who says the pupusas are usually all gone by the end of the day and “we thank God that there’s nothing left over no matter how many people plan for.”

Read the full interview here. And remember Pupusafest is this Sunday June 21st at 16th and Park Rd from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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  • This was so poorly organized. they advertised cheese and bean pupusas, but after paying and waiting in line for 30 minutes they had nothing but meat pupusa and gave zero f*cks that my vegetarian girlfriend couldn’t eat anything. Then to add insult to injury, when i went to get my prepaid horchata all they had was some overly syrupy fruit punch. Would not return.

  • We walked over after church (~10:45am) and got our fill of pupusas. I have to agree with James that it was very disorganized – the pupusas appeared to be labeled, but when we asked for the loroco were told that it was actually zucchini. It was also unclear where the lines started, the sauce was poured into Ziploc baggies instead of using cups, and there wasn’t any diet soda…

    That being said, the pupusas that we did get were absolutely delicious and could not have been fresher. Seems like this could be a great event if they just made a few simple changes.

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