Metro Police warns Orange, Blue and Silver line riders of increase in robbery/snatch of iPhone 6s


“The Metro Transit Police Department is advising riders on the Orange, Silver and Blue lines of a recent trend in robbery snatch incidents during the month of June. Specifically, since the beginning of June, there have been multiple robbery snatches of iPhone 6 devices at stations or aboard trains between Eastern Market and the endpoint stations of New Carrollton and Largo Town Center. Riders are urged to be vigilant and report suspicious activity to Transit Police.”

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  • I don’t get it. What’s the value? Parts? You can’t reactivate it with Apple anymore unless the current owner de-registers it.

  • Egad

    Sales guy at the AT&T store told me that a lot of the stolen phones are now sold to buyers in foreign countries via ebay etc.

  • Happened to me at the end of May at L’Enfant. Metro did slightly more than absolutely nothing.

    • Well what do you expect them to do?

      • If the driver contacts police and the ass who stole it stays on the train for six more stops, you would think police would have showed up at some point. But that’s asking a lot I apparently.

  • Slightly unrelated, but if you find a phone in or around a Metro station, are the station managers the best people to give it to in hopes that it’ll get reunited with its owner? About a month ago I found a phone just outside of the Potomac Ave metro station (just lying on the sidewalk) and gave it to the station manager in charge, but afterwards thought maybe I should have taken it to an AT&T or whatever carrier was written on the phone. Anyone had any experience with this?

    • Betcha a week’s pay that phone went home with that station manager. The level of dishonesty and lawlessness in DC is truly not to be believed. Reminds me of Abuja, Ghana. (Actually, Abuja’s safer.)

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