Metro Denies that Bus Drivers are Forced to “Urinate on a bus” due to lack of access to restrooms

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A reader sends from the Washington Post:

When bus drivers don’t have access to restrooms while on duty, they often have no choice but to go on the bus, a top transit union leader told the National Transportation Safety Board on Wednesday.

“Urinating on a bus is something we deal with on a regular basis,” said James Madaras, chief safety officer at Amalgamated Transit Union Local 689, which represents most Metro train and bus operators.

Update, 7 p.m.:

A Metro spokeswoman said Metrobus drivers have access to restroom facilities on “virtually every trip,” noting that more than 90 percent of Metrobus routes serve a Metro station where an employee restroom is available.

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  • justinbc

    Right, they’re not FORCED to, but certainly doesn’t mean they don’t.

  • I’ve seen bus drivers enter coffee shops and hotels to use the bathroom on their routes.

  • What exactly does it mean that they are urinating on the bus? Like, where?

    • Cabbies do it in water bottles and then drop them in the street. So maybe something like that?

    • Bottles.

      • I see bottles of pee every damn day on Sherman between Euclid & Barry. So Gross.

        • My coworkers do this and with our routes, could be the ones leaving those bottles. It’s disgusting and totally unnecessary, but just like metro our union will back us up and help us not get fired for it. Even worse that when they dump the bottles on the street is when they leave them in our work trucks and the next shift has to throw them out. I learned real early on that’s not yellow Gatorade.

  • sort of on the subject, but metro stations need bathrooms open for the public to use!

  • Not saying it’s right, but that is standard practice for most male UPS drivers

  • Even if 90% of bus routes have access to a Metro Station where employees could use the rest room, that doesn’t mean that the employee is going to have access to that rest room when they actually need to use it, nor that that driver will have the time when they get to the Metro Station to stop and use the rest room, particularly if they are late on their schedule.

  • I’ve seen several bus drivers go behind trees in Franklin Square Park. WMATA should provide a dignified, sanitary solution for their employees.

  • This is standard practice everywhere in the transit industry, not just at Metro. Trust me, no one in the transit industry was surprised to hear that this is happening.

  • While sitting in the &Pizza on U St, I witnessed a male WMATA bus driver pissing in a water bottle just to the right of the metro escalators… He wasn’t even trying to be discreet about it!

  • “why be uncomfortable if you don’t have to. It’s organic”

  • I’ve seen a driver pee in the trees behind the bus depot in Tenley (near the Wilson pool). It takes several minutes to get into the Metro station there. Honestly, the bathrooms in Whole Foods, or the pool itself are probably closer.

  • Given that I bet the women drivers and other transit workers never do this, I’m guessing it is just laziness and grossness that keeps them from bothering to find a bathroom as the women no doubt do.

    • justinbc

      I’ve seen lots of women go in public. Granted, most of them were intoxicated, but when it’s time to go it doesn’t matter what your gender is.

    • An entire transit union disagrees with you. Maybe all transit unions across the country would disagree.

  • Another vote for this is just male drivers being gross. How many times has everyone had the driver of the bus they were on pull over so he could get a drink or use the bathroom? Or the bus pulls up 10 min behind schedule and the driver has a fresh bag of takeout? The drivers take breaks when and where they want to. Any bottle peeing is because they’ve got the equipment to do so and don’t feel like going into a restroom, not out of urgency.

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