Marrakech on P Street ordered closed for 96 hours by MPD after Fight


A reader reports:

“Someone spilled a drink; fists flew. Person called the cops and is pressing charges. Cops reviewed the security footage, saw management was present but no one called 911 to report. That’s what got them in hot water. Command’s response to me: “The Marrakech [2147 P Street, NW] was closed due to a patron being allegedly assaulted inside of the establishment.”


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  • I talked one time to the dude who stands out front in traditional garb luring diners in. Seemed like a very nice guy, but I haven’t tried the place yet. Oh well!

    • That greeter guys is nice – I’ve stopped to chat with him a few times. Some night late last week I rode past and he wasn’t there, but there were some big dudes frisking a few guys waiting to get in. They must have had an event with a much different atmosphere than their normal dinner service.

  • They should just re-open as Mr. P’s and be done with it.
    Anyone remember that crap hole?

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