Mark it – Crumbs & Whiskers Cat Cafe Opens June 20th

cat cafe

From Crumbs & Whiskers:

“June 15 – 18: Backstage Parties!

We will throw one backstage party every evening for select Kickstarter backers as well as our social media contest winners. (Keep an eye out this week – tons of chances to win!)

June 19: Launch Party!

This is the night of our official launch party. The launch party has already sold out, but we will be posting photos and videos on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat (@crumbswhiskers). So if you weren’t able to get a pass to the launch, don’t worry – you’re pretty much going to feel like you are at the party!


Can’t WAIT for you to check out Crumbs & Whiskers. You’re going to love it.

PS. Thanks for EVERYTHING.


3211 O Street, NW

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  • i dunno, i love cats like you wouldn’t believe but i am still so skeptical of this whole concept. i foresee disaster, but let’s hope i’m wrong. and yes i know there are lots of successful cat cafes. it’s just like why do i want to eat surrounded by cats. if i love cats, i can hang out with my cat and eat dinner, or if i do not own a cat i can go to the humane society and hang out with some cats. and then get a sandwich after.

    • You don’t go there to eat, you go to hang out with cats and just happen to have food around. The humane society isn’t particularly conveniently located for the carless, and I’d feel like a weirdo there if I had no intention of adopting (plus these cats will be from the humane society, so what’s the diff?). I love cats but am not allowed to have them in my apartment and really miss hanging out with my cats back home. I could see college kids going there too, since they’re away from their pets and nothing’s better at beating finals’ stress than a purring kitty.

  • I think its a great that they are using cats that need to be adopted. There are so many pets that need homes. I jsut hope they make sure the cats needs are met. If an animal is feeling stressed are needs to sleep i hope there is a quiet place for him or her to go.

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