Marathon reading (30 hours) of James Joyce’s masterpiece Ulysses starts 5pm at Petworth Citizen


“Ulysses Uncut
Jun 15 at 5:00pm to Jun 17 at 12:00am
Petworth Citizen
829 Upshur Street, NW

Join us for a MARATHON reading of James Joyce’s masterpiece Ulysses. That’s right, that means we’re reading the entire book, from start to finish. It will run for approximately 30 hours from June 15 at 5pm through the evening of June 16. We’ll have coffee, Irish whiskey, and food aplenty, including specialty cocktails, two breakfasts, and – during opening hours – Petworth Citizen’s usual delicious menu.

It’s our first Bloomsday event – and the only marathon reading in DC! – and we want you to be part of it!

APPROXIMATE schedule of sections:

Telemachus: 5pm
Nestor: 6pm
Proteus: 6:30pm
Calypso: 7:30pm
Lotus Eaters: 8:30pm
Hades: 9:30pm
Aeolus: 10:30pm
Lestrygonians 1: 12am
Lestrygonians 2: 1am
Scylla and Charybdis 1: 1:30am
Scylla and Charybdis 2: 2:30am
Wandering Rocks 1: 3am
Wandering Rocks 2: 4am
Sirens 1: 4:30am
Sirens 2: 5:30am
Cyclops 1: 6am
Cyclops 2: 7am
Nausicaa 1: 8am
Nausicaa 2: 9am
Oxen of the Sun 1: 10am
Oxen of the Sun 2: 11am
Oxen of the Sun 1: 12pm
Circe 1: 12:30pm
Circe 2: 1:30pm
Circe 3: 2:30pm
Circe 4: 3:30pm
Circe 5: 4:30pm
Eumaeus 1: 5pm
Eumaeus 2: 6pm
Ithaca 1: 7pm
Ithaca 2: 8pm
Ithaca 3: 9pm
Penelope 1: 10pm
Penelope 2: 11pm
Penelope 3: 12am”

Paul Ruppert in his favorite Edwardian garb for the occasion:


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  • Aglets

    I love this! Can’t wait to check it out!!!!

  • Cool. Are they serving kidneys?

  • I hope they read some of his love letters to Nora….should make for a gag-worthy experience.

  • Sounds painful. With all of the Latin and references to very specific and relatively local UK history (very pointed for the time and place), I’d wager most people don’t actually understand half of what they read of Joyce.

    • “I’d wager most people don’t actually understand half of what they read of Joyce.” This is true (at least for “Ulysses” — not really the case with, say, “Dubliners”)… but I still like the idea of a Bloomsday celebration with food and drink. 🙂

    • Comprehension and appreciation aren’t mutually exclusive. You don’t have to understand abstract art to enjoy it. I used to go to the readings at Irish Times ages ago, and they were fun and, no, you don’t need to sit through the whole damn thing. Pick a chapter you enjoy, buy some beers, and listen to it being read out loud.

  • yes I said yes I will Yes I will go yes.

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