Lost Little Dog, Rosie, Last Seen at 18th and Belmont St, NW

rosie flier

We are batting a thousand with lost dogs this week so hope to keep the streak going – keep your eyes peeled for Rosie!

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  • I read on City Dogs facebook page that Rosie was hit by a car and passed away. πŸ™ RIP little Rosie.

  • This happened last night right in front of my house at the intersection of 15th & Columbia. The man who hit her was incredibly upset. He carried her to the side of the road and covered her with a sweatshirt and from what I could tell, prayed next to her for nearly 10 minutes. Very sad. πŸ™ RIP Rosie.

  • he and a pedestrian called me and stayed with her until I arrived. I was glad people were with her. I just wish I didn’t fall or she let someone catch her – rescue dog whose instinct was to run and she is fast and ran away from where I live. She was a love bug and will be missed but people were all trying and good.

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