Is this your House Cat?

house cat

“This cat is obviously a house cat, affectionate and hanging in all our yards. We have fed it daily. Big Bushy black tail. One white arm, one stripes. Gold eyes and needs to find its home. Around 11th SE and G street. Call 202-656-0834.”

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  • There was a group of kids looking for their cat around 12th and Independence last night. It kinda looks the same. I think they had some lost cat posters up.

  • He is so cute.

  • There were some signs on the corner of 12th and C SE this morning, looking for a cat named Taylor who looks very similar to this one. I went back over there to see if I could get the number from the sign but they were taken down. Maybe there are others in the area, though.

  • There are signs around Eastern Market/Barracks Row for a missing cat named Piddy who looks something like that.

  • If you’ve got the ability to do so, bring the cat to a vet to check for a microchip–if the cat has one, you should be able to reconnect with its family.

  • When feeding him, make sure he eats everything you put out right away and bring in the leftovers. ‘Cause RATS!!!!!!!

  • Maybe he’s not going home because you’re feeding him.

    • Maybe… but it could also be that the cat was abandoned. In which case it’s a good thing that the OP is feeding him/her.

      • That is of course possible. I’m coming from my experience with my mother-in-law, who will feed any cat who wanders into her yard. The result is that they have five cats, none of which is really theirs. They have actually gotten into disputes with neighbors who have accused them (more or less accurately) of stealing their cats.

        • Your last sentence made me LOL. 🙂

        • In a more suburban environment where many/most cats are indoor-outdoor cats, I’d think this was more likely. A few years ago, the University of Georgia’s “KittyCam” study found that 25% of cats were cheating (so to speak) on their owners by getting food/affection from other people.

          • Yeah, cats have no loyalty. I’m convinced that if I shrank to two inches tall, my cat would eat me, or, even more likely, play with me to death and leave me lying on the kitchen floor.

          • Emmaleigh504

            My cat would play with me to death and then be made at me b/c I quit playing.

  • Honest Question: Could this be an “outside cat” or is that not really a thing in cities? I’ve never owned a cat myself, but growing up in the burbs, many people let their cats outside when they left for work and like, left a window open or something in the evening so that the cat could get back in. The cat in the picture seems to be clean and in pretty good shape, so I wouldn’t have thought to take him to a shelter or anything because I would assume that I was stealing someone’s “outside cat”.

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