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“This morning on my way to work I found a seriously terrified looking kitty pressed up against the nook of an townhome wall on Kingman St. (just off Logan Circle). Although there’s no collar, it’s a well-fed, friendly cat. S/he’s clearly not an outdoor animal, and is probably on a much bigger adventure than s/he bargained for. I plucked the kitty off the street, and s/he’s currently in my bathroom, where the personality switch was instantaneous.

I would really like to reunite this little one back with its owner. 719.201.2095.”

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  • Aww, what a cute kitty! Props to the OP for plucking her off the street (and what a good description! — “plucked”) and keeping her in your bathroom for safekeeping.

  • OP, you might consider taking the kitty to a vet and seeing if it has been microchipped. If so, the owner’s contact details will be there! Good luck and thank you for taking good care of that sweet thing.

    • OP here – We’ve been in contact with the ever-awesome folks at CityPaws, and will be checking for a microchip later this evening!

      • Also be sure to IMMEDIATELY file a found report with the DC Humane Society. I’ve personally been standing in their lobby when someone called to file a found dog report, it matched a lost report from earlier that day, and the dog was reunited!

  • GiantSquid

    Does the kitty have a docked tail?

    • GiantSquid

      I ask because it looks a lot like a cat named “Salvo” that lives on E St. SE just off of 8th. I haven’t seen the cat in a few days and the owners are moving. He has a docked tail.

    • OP here – The kitty has a long brown fluffy tail.

  • A local vet or the Humane Society would be able to scan her and see if she is microchipped. The Humane Society helped me return two lost cats this Spring – one that had been missing for months!

  • You might want to check if it has a microchip? Most cats adopted in recent years do.

  • If you don’t find her parents I have a loving home on Kingman!

    • Molly, I really hope you adopt the cat. I’m praying the original poster doesn’t take the kitty to the humane society (where the cat will most likely get an infection and be trapped in a tiny cage). Or perhaps the owners will come forward!

    • Oh Mollie – if your looking to adopt a cat, please know there are at least 50 cats and kittens looking for homes right now through Homeward Trails rescue. Ant at least 500 more with all the other rescues!

      I have a delightful pair of kittens and their mom right now needing a home. The kittens are gorgeous – with one blue eye and one brown! The 1 year old mom is calm, sweet and affectionate.

  • omg no but I want it to be my cat! I hope they’re ok!

    • Sadly no. The Kingman Street Kitty is much floofier.

    • I saw a cat in Shaw two nights ago around 2am in our neighbor’s yard that looked sort of like the Falls Church cat. It was seriously long though; can’t tell if the Craigslist cat is the same one, and Falls Church seems really far for the cat to get in a couple of days. It didn’t seem scared but wasn’t running up to me either so I thought maybe it was someone’s cat that they let outside sometimes…

  • OP – Update: Kingman Kitty is not microchipped, but she is spayed. She does not match any lost animal reported to the WHS.

    CL posting is up, and flyers are printed. In the meantime, Kitty is getting a wellness visit and vaccs with our neighbors here at CityPaws.

    Because it is kitten season, it will be very hard to place this friendly cat in a No Kill shelter.

    Please contact me! Is this your cat? or Could this be your cat?


    • + 1 million! You are an angel of kindness! I wish I could take her, but I’ve already got two and there’s is no room in my apartment (or lease) for another, and I doubt my older cat would take kindly to another intruder!

  • not sure if flower of my pleasant was ever found. She has a lighter coat than your picture but maybe just due to flash/lighting….

    • Thank you! I reached out to Flower’s owner, but I think there are too many distinctions. Someone could have a really amazing friend on their hands though — this cat will get on her hind legs just to give you a head butt when you lean over to pet her! Such a sweetheart!

      Confirmed FIV/FeLV negative, as well!

  • What and adorable cat. I am sure her owner misses her just as much. That was really kind of you to scoop her up.

  • Did you ever find the owners?

    • No owner has come forward! 🙁 We’re still desperately trying to find Kitty a forever home, or at least a placement at a no-kill foster organization. If you are interested in meeting her, my number is 719.201.2095. She is such a love bug and so deserving of a family!!!!

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