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  • Ugh! I’m sorry but I loathe these horrid, vacuous “pep talk” scribbles. The last thing we need in today’s western society is more expressions about how “great” you are, how much you “rock”, how you are “powerful” and all that other crap-tastic ego tripping schlock – like life is one big Apple commercial.
    There I feel better already.

    • I read this comment before I saw the photo, and I thought, “Whoa, somebody got out on the wrong side of bed today.”
      Then I saw the photo. I don’t really mind the message so much… but what I do mind is the hashtag. If the message were sincere, it wouldn’t need to be accompanied by something promotional.

      • EXACTLY! If you’re going to do something to brighten someone’s day, you shouldn’t include a self-promotional hashtag. I never wanted to send these in, because clearly this person wants attention.
        I walk past these nearly every day, and they have always rubbed me the wrong way. Today’s was something about the anonymous yuccie (hate that term, but feel it’s fitting) has my back or supports me or believes in me–no, you don’t. You aren’t in my life to support/believe in me, so it’s not inspirational or true.

        • I looked through the hashtag just now and I *think* what they’re trying to do is aggregate randoms’ posts of the messages within the stream. The self-promotion they’re doing is…chalk?

      • Emmaleigh504

        And it’s #chjalkforthought not #chalk4thought? really? bad hashtag.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I hate them too. It’s the chalk equivalent of some asshole on the street telling you to smile. F*ck off #chalkforthought, I like my darkness.

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