“If anyone sees this young man riding on a bicycle looking in cars, please contact MPD immediately.”


“Dear PoPville,

Picture and video below from 1801 Clydesdale Pl NW Apartment Building surveillance camera, on the corner of Clydesdale Pl NW and Summit Pl NW

On Friday, 6/19, my apartments surveillance camera was able to capture footage of a young black man with dreads going down to about mid-back riding a red bike and often carrying a backpack. The young man was caught breaking into cars (including mine, see the black Ford) along Clydesdale Pl NW at 5:15pm while pedestrians and cars were passing by.

The first photo is one of the best close ups I was able to take with the surveillance photo, but MPDC attained a full frontal shot.

The first video shows how the thief first bikes closely to cars and looks inside to see what he can steal.

The second video shows the actual break in. The thief bikes past the cars he wants to rob again and parks his bike further down. He then walks past the cars on the passenger side, checks out what’s inside and then breaks the window and reaches in to steal the item. (At this moment you can see that a van and a sedan are driving by.) He then hides behind a car to go through what he stole, checks out other things to steal in cars and get back on his bike to steal some more.

MPD knows the young man by sight only and has yet to catch him for the various thefts over this past weekend. If anyone sees this young man riding on a bicycle looking in cars, please contact MPD immediately.”

Videos after the jump.



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  • What a mean bad man! No dessert with dinner tonight for him!

  • accendo

    Another good reminder that you should never leave things in your car, especially in full view.

  • clevelanddave


  • I live across the street from here and saw the cops/secret service checking out one of these cars (fingerprinting, taking pictures, etc) on Fri for several hours. Secret service was then patrolling the neighborhood the next day- just wondering if there’s anything else about this that we should know about? I’ve had my car broken into before and the cops don’t even bother to come out, and secret service seems a bit out of place for car break-ins…

  • anyone else unable to view the videos?

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