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  • justinbc

    Looks really neat, what are all those things set into the stone? Is that slate or some fabricated product?

    • I’m going to assume it’s slate, which is quite heavy but very very durable. Those look like the hooks they use to affix slate to roofs and hold it in place, though that’s more of a Spanish style, and the house looks more traditionally English cottage-y. But beautiful, for sure!

    • I’m not 100% sure, but I believe the metal things set into the roof slate are to prevent snow and ice from crashing down onto people. We had similar things set into the slate roof on the house I grew up in.

      You don’t typically see them in this area since snow is not as big a concern as it is further north. Also makes sense for a house with a steep roof line like this one.

      Anyway, this house is a real beauty.

    • Thats a slate roof. And one like that is super, SUPER expensive to replace. My old neighbors on the Hill had theirs replaced and it was many tens of thousands of dollars.

      • How old was their roof?! One of the main purposes of a slate roof is durability, they should and do last decades, sometimes centuries, taking into account proper upkeep and weather/climate.

  • Aglets

    we had a slate roof on our house when i lived in PA (house built in 1685, addition in 1801) and i remember a few people a year would stop and ask to talk to my parents about buying the roof.

  • Simply amazing slate roof!!!

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