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  • samanda_bynes

    WORST. NAME. EVER. he says in the Comic Book Guy’s voice. But, I am looking forward to more breakfast places in the area.

  • this is great (and I agree re the name)–now we have this, Harrar’s, and Colony Club all within 4 blocks!

  • I live right by the U Street metro and haven’t been up to Petworth or Park View in a while. Seems like I’m overdue for some exploring up that way. I’d love to check this place and others out.

  • i love the name. it’s vibrant and fits the place. its different and catchy. it’s fun.
    This seems like it would be a great place for everybody. can’t wait.

  • The name is fun. Get over your fake progressiveness and let some people be successful. Welcome to Park View. I will say, as a Puerto Rican from coffee country, the bar is high. Don’t let me down.

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