Heads Up if You’re Parked on 13th near Euclid


Thanks to a reader this around 5:30pm Saturday (and others who tweeted us the same scene Sunday afternoon):

“Aftermath of a 4 car collision at Euclid and 13th NW. No idea when this happened – 3 cars appear abandoned and the bumper of a 4th car (where is it?) is on the ground.”


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  • maybe that bumper is from the driver that hit-and-ran?

  • This happened early Saturday morning. Police did respond so there should be a police report. The vehicle that hit these cars was towed away around 6 am.

  • I had a driver hit my parked car the other winter, and it sheered the front bumper nearly off like the white car in the picture. Really unfortunate, and of course it was a hit and run. I feel bad for these drivers since they are probably going to discover what happened when they walk up to their vehicles.

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